The fake news media is spreading this lie about DACA

There’s no denying the mainstream media wants to control what Americans think about current events.

By silencing critics, they can make a position appear so one-sided that it’s as if no one in their right mind could hold an opposite view.

But new analysis shows just how ridiculously slanted their reaction was to Trump’s decision to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

The Media Research Center is reporting the “Big Three Networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) spent 99 percent of their evening broadcasts railing against it with scant coverage of those who supported the move.”

The report continues:

In all, the networks spent 17 minutes and 44 seconds of air time lambasting Trump and his decision while only giving 11 seconds to those who supported him or thought he didn’t go far enough. The time totals don’t include commercials or network teasers for the stories.

CBS Evening News spent the most air time reporting on DACA’s rescindment with nine minutes and nine seconds dedicated to the pro-DACA side. That time was spread over four stories and none of their coverage shared the opinion of Trump’s supporters or any other opponents to DACA. They led the evening off with it and pushed back their coverage of Hurricane Irma, which was approaching Florida.

When teasing the story, CBS anchor Anthony Mason described the situation as “shattered dreams,” playing off the term “Dreamers” the phrase used to describe those who receive DACA protections. “A promise kept by President Trump is a dream lost for thousands of undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children,” he bemoaned.

Watch some of the highlights:

Trump’s decision to end DACA in six months was portrayed by the White House as the only decent way to end a program that was on shaky constitutional ground.

Even Dianne Feinstein was forced to admit that in an interview with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd.

Despite Obama criticizing Trump’s action as “cruel, wrong and self-defeating,” in 2012 he called his executive order a “temporary stop-gap measure.”

Trump has called on Congress to come up with a fix, and his supporters in Congress believe whatever that is should include proposals for Trump’s border wall.

What are your thoughts about Trump’s decision to rescind DACA?

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  1. All the points you have mentioned are very true. Also, the main ages of
    this group, are between 22-32 years old !! From them, we have witnessed
    pictures with their giving Americans the “Finger”, among other nasty reactions. Yes, there are a few who have actually made something of themselves, those will have something to take back home with them to help make their own countries better,i.e., doctors, lawyers, and good general
    workers with better education at our expense.
    NOW, the most important issue: they broke our law by coming in the
    illegal path, again, when they stay against our laws. We are having to
    take money out of our pretty stiff budget with all that has happened. The main issue is they cannot break the law of our land and keep expecting us to be the “Golden Cow”. There are good reasons for our laws.
    It is not good to see our Laws taken lightly, and shines a very bad
    image upon we as a country to have an air that it is okay to break those
    laws some times, which IT IS NOT !
    We do have good laws in place for those who will obey the Laws, and
    have even made a place for a proper time and amount of people who will
    be allowed to come in and do things according to our laws. I feel they
    are a bit to generous in allowing these to come in, with things being as
    they are. We have sacrificed innocent lives and loss of property at the
    hands of some of the foreigners coming in, (from different countries, as
    well, other than the ones we know to look out for.

    Thankfully, we now have a president who keeps our laws. The Laws are good, and have a good and right reason for having been made.

  2. “Personal Responsibility” is ANATHEMA to the LEFT. That includes everybody who is in this country illegally, & wants US to give them Citizenship Fee FREE, with NO fines or back taxes! JUST look at the CIR bill that the “Gang of 8” put together, and it was a MASSIVE GIFT to every illegal alien in this country, plus for an additional 20-40 MILLION aliens that were supposed to be brought over HERE, for “family reunification”! WE are NOT obligated to take in EVERY impoverished, poorly educated, unskilled person in the WORLD, who’d like to live HERE, in the “Lifestyle in which they’d like to become accustomed”, courtesy of the American Tax Payers funded WELFARE systems!

  3. BEING in this country ILLEGALLY precludes becoming a citizen! Other illegal aliens are required to LEAVE the USA, file for a visa/citizenship. What the MSM NEVER admits that the “DREAMers” are in this situation because of WHAT their families did, NOT because of the USA or our laws!

  4. Probably because they are having a higher standard of living being illegal aliens than they would have if they were mere citizens.

  5. All of this is Obama’s fault. He is the one that stated over and over, how he did not have the legal authority to do it it and then he turned around and did it.
    It wouldn’t have been so devastating for these young people if they were sent back right away. They can do what every other legal immigrant has done, go back home and apply the correct way and wait your turn.

  6. Golly,I truley feel sorry for all the DACA young people. Somehow they were off protesting when the term “Deferred” happen to come up in school. All three of my dictionaries have the same definition of the term. Were these the same people that pulled down the American flag at school and ran up the Mexican flag a few years ago; or made some kid remove his tee shirt as it had an American flag on it?? I think every one of them should thank us for their education, as I doubt they will pay back the cost (about $132K American). Nor will they repay any criminal cost associated with their other illegal activities. Golly, don’t they have schools in Mexico?? Paid for by the government?? Return and make your country like ours, not the other way around. And do not tell me you do not speak Spanish/Mexican.

  7. Here’s a vid of Hillary on YouTube expounding on her view that children who enter the US illegally shouldn’t be allowed to stay here.

    Education statistics for CA indicate the average cost to educate a child through high school is over $11,000.00 per year. It might be free to the illegal but it costs Californians and the Feds billions every year. Do the math; if there are 400,000 so-called Dreamers in CA then it costs …..

  8. It really is a shamne. All of the hate speech from the lefties. Maybe if “they” would be more kind hearted and not so hateful maybe it would not portray the spanish people in such a negative light. But it seems we will always have the likes of warren and Gutierrez and kasich and the rest of the self righteous.

  9. The MSN, and all the DREAMER supporters would give the idea that all of them were brought to the border as small children, and then told “adios, ninos, vaya con Dios” and shoved across into the United States to fend for themselves. Where are the parents now of all these DREAMERS? Will they also be sent back, or are they simply going to be allowed to remain? Their part in the equation seems to have been totally ignored, in order to increase the “sympathy factor”.
    Maybe the DREAMERS ought to hang their problem on their own parents, instead of Trump, or anyone else who believes our laws and sovereignty should be respected and defended.

  10. What else can we expect of the media these days? Watched a commentator last night refuse to admit that DACA was created unconstitutionally and is illegal. He actually claimed that Obama’s (dictatorial) act was demonstration of leadership. He dismissed the legality of DACA and kept appealing to an emotional response for Obama’s victims. It is true that some compassion should be shown to these victims and their status should be reviewed on a case by case basis. Perhaps something can be made for those who have not committed any additional lawlessness. But the illegal program had to end to prevent any more victims being added to the list. DACA refers to delayed action. Exactly what action was being deferred and for how long? There was one comment that it was to be a temporary program. That begs the question: How temporary?

  11. Ohbummer, knew very well what he was doing…planting a time bomb for the next President to deal with and to start a race war because of this. I hope that the useless Congress will look out for AMERICANS which they are part of or have a banana republic down the road. Your bunkers will not help you to stay save. If you can’t help the Americans….get out and write a book and give speeches I would not read or listened to. Your outdated law degree will not get you a job either. My suggestion get a clean bill for the people in Texas and possible Florida!!!!!! Get a tax deduction bill that helps America or you will have a mass exit of American companies again and millions on government assistance again. Get a medical plan that works for all people I understand that Elizabeth Warren has a plan, WOW I never thought I would tell you this..I am a died hard Republican WHAT IN THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU ALL??? This is for McCain…I hope you are happy with what you did. I guess you are a closet Liberal! Thank you for reading my comments and letting me sound off.

  12. Sharri, you mention pension. The majority go to work with nothing in their pockets and leave being millionaires they should not even get a pension. Also they should have to deal with the Obama care with no supplements. Additionally, TERM LIMITS!!!! I am very disappointed in what the Republicans, promised, and did not do a darn thing. 2018 will be a very interesting year… promised, you lied….go back to your roots!

  13. It’s the Liberal/Progressive’s playbook to attack everything the Right does and lie, lie, lie!. And the Elites like George Soros and other disciples of Satan are at the top of it all.

  14. Regardless of lamestream media propaganda machine’s moanings and groanings, DACA was “unconstitutional AND illegal” to begin with and now, a “real” President wants to end it. A large majority of these so-called “children” were between the ages of 17 years and 30 years and were well aware that what they were doing was illegal and that, eventually, they might be “caught and sent back”, so it’s hypocritical to piss and moan about having to “pay the piper” now.

    B. Just another proof of the media’s bias when Obama can call DACA a stop-gap measure and admit it isn’t legal and that is all well and good but then Trump calls for it to be cancelled and the media goes nuts calling g him mean and heartless.
    C. Why do Americans and our elected officials not understand ILLEGAL?

  16. Give us a break! The three libtard media companies are nothing but chumps for the illegal invasion of undocumented scoundrels living here and scarfing up our tax dollars for themselves. The Democrats are stupid! These people know they are illegal and have no standing. Tell the upset people to take some medicine because this should stand. Send them home..get that…home! Where they are supposed to be!

  17. Amen!! It’s why we need term limits and someone with the balls to send these beauracratic edits back to the states. The only welfare people will get is that which the citizens of their own states want. Power will never go back to the people unless we restrict to almost nothing the federal government and give the power back to the states. It will never happen unless we get a politician with the balls to do it as POTUS.

  18. Term limits is needed big time. People serve on minimum salary no retirement or perks . All they do is make themselves rich at our expense . I wish Trump would start moving these bloated federal agencies back to the states where they belong. That way we wouid only need members in congress a couple sessions a year and more only if it is a national emergency. No welfare , no food stamps, no healthcare, no dept of education, HHS at federal level. All goes back to the states and let the states elect those who will make all these decisions made at federal level. No more bailing states out with people’s money who don’t even live in those states. Refreshing to have basically 2 departments . Commerce and defense which would include maybe 2 intelligence orgs , not 17. Secretary of State. Very few staff members . No trillion dollar budgets. We can do less with much less. Wouldn’t it be great to have any of our tax money to go to national defense and commerce. Any money needed for national disasters will be the only area we will bring in additional taxes.

  19. The whole daca thing is illegal form the get go !!! There is no grounds to sue onto begin with do I hear more FAKE NEWS!!! These people are illegal that’s the end of it . They have had plenty time to try to get legal, if they chose not to then they need to be gone .Besides they are not YOUNG children any way ,,,

  20. THEY are already taking the homes of the vets in ny delbasmyass said we want a very very very big government to run our everyday lives and private ownership is dead to his communist state. TRY and get help in ny for any white citizen issue . they never show

  21. Daca started with an illegal executive order by Obama that was unlawful. So Daca people are standing on unlawful grounds. ONLY Congress and the Pres signing a bill can make law. Not an unlawful executive order. So DACA tell your lawmakers what to do. As for me. Do not separate families. Do not let anyone else in. Let the DACA people stay BUT they are last to get School placement behind Veterans, Last behind Vets to get anything. And they have to if and when allowed become citizens and until then they can not vote.

  22. Agreed! We no longer need Congress, they have showed us they are not worth the money nor the trust we put in them. We do not need them, they need us for their big ass salaries and pensions as well as the money they get from the lobbyists. Time to get rid of them.

  23. Ask Congress to actually DO something? Who does Trump think he is? I am sure Congress’ response will be to create ANOTHER “department” and overpopulate it with unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats to “handle the matter”! Congress has delegated its legislative authority over the years to so many “departments” that there is now NO REASON for their continued existence! Who else in the country has such a cushy job with such extended vacations to recover from the exhausting “job” of doing NOTHING? Can’t think of anybody, can you?

  24. Of Course the MSM will not be fair!! There are several facts that the WORLD has noticed!! 1) MSM LIE continually 2) They are ALl Libturd Demonrats 3) They have to have Russia in every sentence 3)They all have one battle cry of WAAA WAAA WAAA TRUMP!!!

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