Liberal journalist stunned into silence by this defense of Trump’s border policy

The fake news media is losing its mind over Donald Trump’s zero tolerance illegal immigration crack down.

Liberal journalists think they can make this the issue that brings down Donald Trump.

And one left-wing CBS reporter was stunned into silence when she heard this defense of Trump’s policy.

Media outlets are colluding with one another to ramp up the outrage to maximum levels to try and damage the President.

So CBS sent Gayle King to Texas as part of the coordinated media effort to force Trump to accept completely open borders and no restrictions of any kind on immigration.

King interviewed Customs and Border Patrol official Manuel Padilla.

King expected Padilla to dump on Trump and trash his policy of prosecuting adult illegal aliens who enter the country illegally.

But Padilla didn’t blame Trump.

Instead, Padilla said the reason Trump was forced to take action was because previous administration’s refused to enforce the law.


Padilla stated that because past president’s rolled out the welcome mat for illegal aliens to falsely claim to be family units in order to receive a free pass into the United States.

Hot Air reports:

“I know this is complicated for you and your team, but what people are talking about is cruel and inhuman behavior, is how it’s perceived,” said King. “Do you actually agree with this policy?”

“I do agree that we have to do something. We created this situation by not doing anything,” Padilla said. “So what happened with zero tolerance is, we were exempting a population from the law. And what happens when you do that, it creates a draw for a certain group of people that rises to trends that become a crisis.”

“I’m going to give you an example: Because we were releasing family units, May 2, just last month, we had a full-blown MS-13 (gang member) accompanied by his one-year-old child. He thought he was going get released into the community; that was not the case.”

Padilla is exactly right.

The policy known as “catch-and-release” – where illegal aliens were given a court date for a deportation hearing and then released into the public – created a magnet for illegal immigration.

Trump is working to correct this disastrous U.S. policy.

Do you agree with his policy?

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