Liberal journalist stunned into silence by this defense of Trump’s border policy

The fake news media is losing its mind over Donald Trump’s zero tolerance illegal immigration crack down.

Liberal journalists think they can make this the issue that brings down Donald Trump.

And one left-wing CBS reporter was stunned into silence when she heard this defense of Trump’s policy.

Media outlets are colluding with one another to ramp up the outrage to maximum levels to try and damage the President.

So CBS sent Gayle King to Texas as part of the coordinated media effort to force Trump to accept completely open borders and no restrictions of any kind on immigration.

King interviewed Customs and Border Patrol official Manuel Padilla.

King expected Padilla to dump on Trump and trash his policy of prosecuting adult illegal aliens who enter the country illegally.

But Padilla didn’t blame Trump.

Instead, Padilla said the reason Trump was forced to take action was because previous administration’s refused to enforce the law.


Padilla stated that because past president’s rolled out the welcome mat for illegal aliens to falsely claim to be family units in order to receive a free pass into the United States.

Hot Air reports:

“I know this is complicated for you and your team, but what people are talking about is cruel and inhuman behavior, is how it’s perceived,” said King. “Do you actually agree with this policy?”

“I do agree that we have to do something. We created this situation by not doing anything,” Padilla said. “So what happened with zero tolerance is, we were exempting a population from the law. And what happens when you do that, it creates a draw for a certain group of people that rises to trends that become a crisis.”

“I’m going to give you an example: Because we were releasing family units, May 2, just last month, we had a full-blown MS-13 (gang member) accompanied by his one-year-old child. He thought he was going get released into the community; that was not the case.”

Padilla is exactly right.

The policy known as “catch-and-release” – where illegal aliens were given a court date for a deportation hearing and then released into the public – created a magnet for illegal immigration.

Trump is working to correct this disastrous U.S. policy.

Do you agree with his policy?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.




  2. Why wouldn’t anyone support the policy that the POTUS wants enforced. We are not the worlds orphanage. We have enough problems of our own to solve before we create more by letting every Tom, Dick, and Harry enter our great nation. Seal the border, arrest those who enter illegally and send the scumbags back to wherever they come from. If they want to come to America,then let them get in line and go through the process of legal immigration. All dems want to let them in and let them vote because they figure they will be good democrats. They hate voter ID laws because they would have a tough time winning a legit election. We know fraud is going on,especially in the blue states. How many times do you read post from blue state residents that are embarrassed about their reps. That’s because the democommies get control and encourage more illegal behavior to keep them in power. We don’t need anymore of this crap,put America and Americans first! I’m surprised they even ran the comments that were stated by the border patrol officer. MAGA!

    • Mistake. These people are not immigrants. Illegal, or not. They are foreign invaders. As such, they are not subject to Constitutional Law. They are subject to Military Law. Martial Law. As President, and Commander In Chief of the military. President Trump has the authority to declare Martial Law at the border. This would allow for the use of the military to apprehend, and detain these “invaders.”
      I. C. E.,and the Border Patrol needs this to happen. A drastic solution to a drastic problem. MARTIAL LAW!!!

  3. Trump, like most of America, is sick of being manipulated by the righteous Democratic government. They’ve broken laws, stolen from The People, made enemies all over the world, embarrassed the United States, caused everyone to lose respect for officials, and the list goes on and on. Now they are all running to cover their asses, but Trump is not going to let them. He poses a threat to their cushy positions, not to mention their freedom.

  4. Our boarders have been to open for to long a time and need to be closedfor good. If people want to come into rhis country they need to do it leaggly


  5. They ALL are ILLEGALS….and should be sent back immediately. No waisting time and taxpayers money. They should come to the USA by legal means like so many of our good Americans did. It is unfair to those who went through the LEAGAL process to see theses trying to be above the law and get away with it.SEND THEM ALL BACK UNTIL THEY CAN COME BY LEGAL MEANS !


    • Amen to that……..It will stop 80% of the killings, raping, and robberies…..The gangs that are already here should be scooped up and deported……DOGS have a tag injected into them…….This should also be done with those illegals……They would easily be recognized the minute they would try to RE-ENTER THE USA……

      • Good idea – tagging illegals upon deportation. Remove the tag when /if they reenter LEGALLY through a regular port of entry.
        Simple and cost effective.

    • I wonder if the liberal left would allow anyone to take up residence in their homes? Of course not, our borders define our “home” and we have every right to imediately return the illegals that atempt to cross the border to where they belong. We need to mirror Mexico’s policy on their southern border, collect them and kick them out ASAP.

  6. This is why Chuck Schumer and his party keeps the fake news and attention focused on President Trump. The Democratic Party is not the party of the people of the USA. It is the Globalist party of the New World Order. They want open borders so they can stay in control.
    Without borders we will have no country. I don’t want that, do you?

    • I absolutely do not want that for America. She has been crying for way too long. I totally agree with your statement.

  7. If the evil liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party traitors to America continue to go unpunished (RINOs too)! They’ll continue their treasonous ways! Enough is enough with this Deep State BS! Drain the rat infested swamp, ASAP! President Trump!

  8. Unfortunately, Kenneth Williams, some states are openly registering illegals to vote while others are doing it and hoping nobody finds out, check it out. So, the days of citizenship being a requirement to vote are gone unless states clean up their voting rolls.

  9. Yes, Trump is trying to change it, with no cooperation from the brain dead alzheimered democrats or RINO TRAITORS OR LAZY congress people……..

    • I am in complete agreement with President Trump’s efforts, but he is being hindered by Dims(Dems) and Rinos. In Nov 2018, VOTE OUT Dims and recognized
      Rinos. To identify Rinos, listen very carefully to what Republicans in your
      voting districts say and vote accordingly. They, (Rinos), may difficult to spot at campaign stops so ask questions (and insist on answers) to weed out
      Voting is no longer merely punching a button or marking a paper ballot. Informed voters now must make an effort to become informed.

    • Great idea, Michael. I’m for sending every last one of those BRAINLESS dumocrats to Mexico so they can give THEIR money to support these leeches. Or maybe send them to Syria, Iran, or anywhere but the USA!

  10. If the evil liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party traitors to America continue to go unpunished! They’ll continue their treasonous ways! Enough is enough with this Deep State BS! Drain the rat infested swamp, ASAP! President Trump!

  11. The only reason Democrats want criminal illegals to come en masse is for their votes. They don’t truly care about people. Just power over the people. Like true communists.

    • Mike, You speak the truth. Please continue to spread it far and wide. EVERYBODY PLEASE VOTE “R” (GOP) CONSERVATIVES (WATCH OUT FOR “RINO”). WISH RINO WOULD ALL JUST CHANGE TO DEM LIB PARTY.

    • Mike When did illegals get the right to vote. I thought you had to be a citizen or naturized citizen to have the right to vote and to the rights of this country.

    • Mike – You words are so true. The Dems are done with the American people because we can see right through their tactics. Come this November we had better be ready to fight back against some of these elections because many are going to be rigged to go Democract, whether it is true or not.

  12. My brother broke the law and in jail for 40-80 years he has 5 children they can’t be in jail with him. For him there were people that could take care of them. These illegals broke the law and deserve to be arrested. The children with made them think they would get a pass into the USA. Who are going to pay to take care of all these women and children? This country is already broke and if we don’t enforce the law we will be overrun with economics migrants looking to be support by the American people. Donald is right, deport whole families back to their place of origin and let them the build there own country

      • You are absolutely correct. These illegals are living off the American taxpayers. They have no intention of paying taxes but they want Welfare, Food Stamps and our Social Security checks. Well, if this keeps up and the United States is overrun by illegals who eventually become the majority of the population the American taxpayer will eventually die off and their Cash Cow will dry up. Then who are they going to live off? This should have been stopped years ago.

  13. The Democrats don’t care weather these illegal immigrants are citizens and the Democrats don’t care that they aren’t registered to vote in any election. Every Democrat in office only cares about one thing, and that is, they only care about being re-elected into office, knowing DAMN well, they aren’t doing any good for every full-blooded American in their States.

    Democrats only care about themselves and that is the bottom line. They don’t care whether every American is able to supply for their families. Democrats only want to be in office, so that they can just cause all of the pain and obstruction for President Trump and his administration.

    Where were they when Obama was in office. The Democrats didn’t cause as much trouble for Obama like they are President Trump and his administration. Democrats were happy to have Obama in office so that they could control his actions, whether those actions were any good or not. Also, the Democrats were happy to be able to agree with everything that Obama wanted to pass for a new rule , whether they liked it or not. Democrats want to be able to control everything in Washington, D.C. Every Democrat believes they own everything that happens in Washington, D.C.

    This midterm election, every Democrat needs to be voted out of office, and replaced with some new blood to help President Trump get his agenda passed through.

  14. The Demoncrats want more of the south of the border immigrants because they know that these immigrants will vote for the Demoncrats! They aren’t doing it out of the milk of human kindness!

  15. This entire Subject is Nothing more than a distraction from the IG Report, to distract that the FBI and DOJ are CORRUPT to the core. and do not want people to hear about the Criminals running the FBI and DOJ and probably the entire list of alphabet agency’s are corrupt. It is taking Trump to show the corruption in the Obama regime.

    • These kids ARE NOT living in cages. in fact they are living better than alot of American kids. They have an old Walmart Store that they have reconditioned (bet they love the air conditioning, eat 3 times a day and have a snack when they want. They are sleeping in beds and doing great. They shouldnt be here (Thanks Obama) to begin with and I think their parents should have the choice of going to jail for child abuse or take those kids home–where they came from. Jesus said that we will always have the poor with us. We cannot take care of the world. Vet them and send that all home. And they should have blood tests to prove that the people they are with are relitives. ENOUGH! I dont want to hear another word how this is President Trumps fault. He is trying his best to fix this. Which Obama never did. He just kept bringing them in for that golden vote and then forgot about them.

  16. the fact that the OBAMA ADMINSTRATION was doing this for EIGHT years and NOT A SINGLE DEMOCRAT said a word, SHOWS you exactly how big the hypocritical pieces of trash they truly are.

  17. Did everyone notice how the border children issue became top headlines when the IG report came out?
    Where was the outrage in the last 10 years? This has nothing to do with the children.
    I believe the American voters see straight through this. Make sure to vote this year. This midterm election is VERY important.

  18. They are illegals they broke the law we American citizens break the law we get locked up and separated form our children so get over it you left wing ass holes

  19. Keep going, Mr. President. Stop the child trafficking cling . Stop the illegal entries into our country. In the meantime, find a way to provide proper, compassionate care for these kids that the Democrats and media are using as pawns in their “resistance.”


      • Keep shining the light on these lying Democrats. The truth shall make you free…and liberals hate personal freedom or liberty. You have my vote.

      • My sentiments exactly, send corrupt politicians packing. Elect those who will work for the good of our Country.

  20. Hey LIBERAL/DEMOCRATS, I have a few great solutions for this problem:1) Tell them if they want to stay united with “their children” then QUIT TRYING TO ENTER THIS COUNTRY ILLEGALLY! 2) Send them back immediately with no detention! 3) Why don’t you seem to care about American children as much as you care about illegals who don’t even belong here?

    • Tell them Lanie ! America can’t even take care of it’s own! The deficit is out of control and our veterans who deserve the best care from us are not getting what they need. The list goes on and the tax payers are expected to pick up the tab for illegals- Get real Democrats- This is why Trump is President. Americans are no longer tolerating the abuse of our country !

  21. I have Hispanic people in my church and in a prison prayer group and they are not sympathetic to what is going on. They say it facilitates human trafficking and child labor and agree that many children come from Central America without their real parents.

  22. I 100% agree with President Trump’. Democrats want this as a weapon for the midterm elections. I just watched Laura Ingram, and only 2000 kids are housed alone and the reason is because they didn’t come in with a parent. Do you want them to be abused by strangers who did bring them in ? They are treated more humanly than they were in their own country. And won’t be inducted into MS 13 gangs. Democrats vote with republicans to fix this. You’re going to loose this fight!!!!

  23. Trump is doing the right thing. You loons do know that Mexicans are not the only group trying to sneak in. Terrorists are crossing in,MS13 gang members are crossing in, no I have no sympathy for any of them.

  24. Why didn’t the Dems with Obama fix this problem when they had control of the House and Senate. They had 8 yrs. to pass an immigration bill instead they sat on their butts & did nothing. Now they want to blame Trump. They don’t give a damn about the kids they want to use them for political reasons and grandstanding. To bad they don’t show this much concern for American kids that are suffering or homeless Veterans.

    • Absolutely agree. But there is nothing in it for the democrats if they advocate for American children. So, sad that liberals care more about a vote then then do American children

        • The idiots are the ones who don’t realize this law was put in place for a reason but Obozo did nothing like always. I’ll be glad when these corrupt idiots and their brainless followers start following the law of our nation.

          • This Immigration Law was passed and signed into law by Bill Clinton. It was enforced by Clinton for two terms, enforced by Bush for two terms and enforced by Obama for 2 terms. That’s 24 years!! Why it it only a problem now?? Because the media and Democrats need something to be a distraction from what is really happening to uncovering all of their corrupt officials!!

        • Whaddaya know. Another liberal troll… You just keep trying to distract from the facts because they show what these “liberals” really are: communists. The leaders of the “democrat” party and all that just tuck their tail and follows those leaders

  25. Trump’s enforcement of the Southern border has done an amazing thing.
    Because there are fewer unskilled laborers all along the border states, the scarcity of this labor class has raised the unskilled wages 30%.
    Obama would prefer to have them on food stamps and increase the debt.

  26. I agree with The President on his Policies, the past Administrations caused the problem, and now it’s up to President Trump to fix it. The only way to fix it is to get tough. If anyone thinks after arresting an Illegal person, turning them loose, and expect them to show up for Court is Insane. It is stupid to think a system like that would work!!!

  27. If the illegals are so great why do individuals like Hilary, Nancy P., Chuck S, Obama, go around with 6 and 8 ARMED BODYGUARDS? I live by the Mexico/New Mexico Border and see the damage, the financial drain that these people are on our welfare system. Tell a border patrol agent’s family who was shot 3 times last week and is in critical condition how non-violent these people are. I have buried neighbors who tried to prevent them from stealing from them. Enforce the existing laws. We need the wall and border security against the cartels who bring the illegals here.

  28. What has to be realized is the radical left which owns the Demorat Party, the media, academia, the bureaucracy, and much of the judiciary has a vested interest in seeing open borders and as many undocumented aliens as possible. This isn’t just for the potential Demorat voting block they represent. There are two other equally important considerations! The more uneducated and illiterate illegals the more the standard of living overall is suppressed. The lower the standard of living the more dependency on government which translates into more dependency on the Demorat Part. The more uneducated and illiterate illegals the more pressure is exerted to transform this nation from a representative republic into a permanent single party marxist government. That goal is almost reached.

  29. The Liberals and Antifa believe that they are some sort of radical revolutionaries. They have forgotten the rule for revolutionaries: “When the revolution is over, kill the revolutionaries!”

    The problem is that the law-abiding citizens will have to suffer for the transgressions of the revolutionaries. Well, that is what the Second Amendment is for. The Second Amendment activates when the Liberals come to take our weapons. Czechoslovakia repeated; this time on American soil.

  30. Enforce the law and build the wall. Liberals don’t care about the children in this country that don’t have families. Let’s work on them first.

  31. I back president Trump 100% in his fight to restore this country.Zero tolerance is enforcing our laws and Trump is doing the job he was elected to do!

  32. Maybe it’s time for the US to have a travel ban to Mexico just temporary until the Mexican government gets a handle on the people from other CA countries that cut through Mexico to get here maybe get a handle on the mid easterners and Asians coming through Mexico also. If their money gets cut off they will find a way to right things, the resorts in Mexico bring in a lot of money and the businesses will speak up.

    • I am too. Sick of the bleeding heart liberals trying to force an open border. What about the illegals putting their children in danger when they know they will be separated. The parents are breaking the law and lawbreakers do get separated from their parents. Time to put the blame where it belongs with the illegals many of whom are using the children as pawns to gain entry into this country. Illegals need to be stopped.

  33. I agree with Trump and will never change my mind. The LAME STREAM MEDIA & DEMOCRATS come up every week with a new NARRATIVE that they hope and pray will cause the same hatred they have for him & they’r to God dang ignorant to realize they’r making his support even stronger..
    This is FAKE OUTRAGE & 10,000 of the 12,000 kids arrived with no parent. Then half of the 2,000 is LYING about that they are the parents. The 10,000 unaccompanied kids were sent knowing once their kids get in, then they will later on down the road.
    Deport them all.
    Consider any of them that have COLLEGE DEGREES. THEY’RE COMING TO SUCK THE LIFE OUT OF OUR WELFARE SYSTEM. They want to live and eat free off the backs of ppl who already struggle from paycheck to paycheck. I have no pity now. NONE. F the MSM & DEMOCRATS.

  34. I agree 100% with Trumps zero tolerance. The wall needs to be built to keep illegals out. The wall would keep illegal families from getting n the country and children wouldn’t be seperated from their parents. Hold and releasing illegals is not keeping them out. It is only giving them a way into the country. Deport them back to their own countries with their children and problem solved.

    • We are living in a world of hypocrites, no state ad the United Nations it’s critical of all the states that send their children unguarded in America and special Mexico where their rotten government does these bad criminal act over they subjects.

  35. I am with Trump and the building the wall and enforceing the law and when adults are arrested you do not leave children not for Americans or illagels they are taking care of by the goverment or retalves in the case of illagels they have to prove they are legal resadents

    • They drug there own children accused a desert with lo life merderous gangs like MS13 wlithout food and water with absalutely no shelter .Wen the make it to the border they are Illegals ILLEGAIS That big word no one wants to understand they are taken inte custody witch makes them prisonears .Only then are the children taken from them.The poor children are fed then TOUGHT HOW to use a toilet and how to take a shower. Then they get a bed.It may be on the floor but it is probably the first time they have a mattress they don’t have to share They are inside with heat and air conditioneing.we should be ashamed of ourselves. Don’t know bout you but I am a PROUD AMERICAN

    • I believe the children are getting better care than they have ever had. If the libtards want they can become foster parents to these children and support them without our tax dollars. Dig into your own pockets for a change.

  36. Yes, President Trump IS doing the right thing. Yes, it looks and is very ugly, thanks mostly to President Trumps predecessors (of BOTH political parties) who failed to do the right thing.


    Good enough for drawings, poptarts and finger guns in schools, then it’s good enough for the Borders of this Nation!

    • Fopreigners stealing residence in USA by walking across the border is not new. President Eisenhower found it necessry to conduct operation Wet Back, sending Mexicans back across the southern border. The previous 3 Presidents failed to enforce the laws of USA, in these matters and it has gotten out of control. We hear many argumentes from businesses wanting cheap labor to the secret mission of the DNC to bring in new minorities, who are obligated to vote democrat, as a way of building their voters. The token enforcement by previous Presidents used much the same techniques of removing children and at times they did the Catch and Release Building a wall, in more critical spots first and soon the entire land border with Mexico seem the best solution. Until this is constructed, Zero Tolerance is necessary to enforce our laws. Yes we are divided over this issue. However, I does not appear to have the necessary traction to favor a DNC mid term election. I honostly see little the Democrats have to offer this time around. I do hope Rep Peloci will continue to make her public remarks, as well as many others that seem out of touch with reality. There is no weave of Democrats, with glowing resumes to take back congress. The spot inquiries of opinions seem to favor enforcing our borders. Democrates in congress may be an exception. Those senior Supreme Court Justices will also soon make way for replacements, who follow the original Constitution. Children’s needs are met and they are not jailed with their criminal parents. The ball is in the halls of Congress to adjust our laws, as necessary. But, laws must be obeyed.

  38. we had Debbie w and bill n head down to homestead detention center to try and get a photo op with the children and you just know that if one child was crying that would be the picture on the news for the next week.

  39. Time to invade the Mexican government. It is obviously biased against their own people. Michael Fox, a Harvard graduate and former Mexican president lamented over Trump’s closed border policies. He whined over the deportation issues. Hell, Mexico don’t even want their people back.

    Absolutely disgusting for the Mexican government to see us babysitting their people for them. Our budgets drained bad.

    Approximately 75 percent of their country are considered ungovernable. I guess that the tourists visiting their country are not safe.

    I guess it’s their politicians that don’t give a crap. Corruption.

    Trump 2020!

    • Yes I do. But I still think when they show up at the border you don’t let them in PERIOD. If you catch them sneaking across the border, you put them in a bus and take them back to where they came from, in this case, Mexico, it now becomes their problem.

      • Hey Michael O’Connor, Your solution to illegals sneaking across the border is what I have preached for years! Now if we are smart enough to figure it out why can’t the powers that be do what is needed legally (if anything is needed) and just make it happen? This children thing the Dem libs and MSM is trying to beat us to death with would just disappear. How sweet would that be !!!

      • I agree why aren’t they sent back right away? Why are they holding the gate open for them to one in?
        These so called parents, if they are their parents are putting their children in harms way. I think ms-13 gangs are using the children to get in. Why would any parent put their child through this? Take the path of legal citizenship. The democrats are using this to distract everyone from the crimes of the FBI because it’s getting too close to the Clintons and their partners in crime. The democrats don’t give a dam about children or they wouldn’t be protecting abortionists who slaughter babies and rip them out of their mothers womb. Now their holding up bibles? Demoncrats are disgusting! The yellow journalists want to ruin our country, why?? Is Soros paying that much to sell their souls?

  40. First it is NOT Trump’s ‘zero-tolerance’ policy, it’s been on the books since George Bush signed it into law, the fact the Obama choose to ignore it doesn’t change the fact that it is the law..anyone coming here illegaly will have their children removed from them until they complete the judicial process, if you go to a port of entry you are not separated because you have not committed a crime…I 100% absolutely think the border patrol is doing what they are supposed to do, and the Democrats are pumping up moral outrage, an outrage BTW they didn’t have under Clinton, Bush or Obama while this was being done…they are using it for political gain, they don’t care about the children or they would pressure Congress to FIX THE LOOPHOLES and stop this from happening…

  41. they want to accuse trump of using the kids, but what do you call them using pictures and the media to exploit the kids , and by the pictures most of the kids are young adults , more left wing propaganda

    • The liberal garbage still donn’t understand.
      The election of Donald Trump almost certainly prevented civil war. If He leaves the white house for any reason other than losigs an election the civil war will start , that day.
      There will be no armistices, no treaties and no cease fires, when it starts, we will leave no liberal garbage to restart

      • Amen! My sentiments exactly! The liberal garbage
        will not win the war. Their stupidity astounds me.
        All illiterate communists bastards!

  42. It is the parent’s responsibility to take care of their own kids – The kids did not bring their parents here. So if parents do not want to take the chance something like this happening then, they should take their children and go home. We do not welcome or want people in this country that do not want to follow our laws. We can not selectively pick which laws to enforce.

    • Common sense thinking. The finger is being pointed at the wrong people. Most of us have no problem with LEGAL immigration, but expecting us to embrace ILLEGAL behavior is insane. Those who are breaking laws should be blamed and held accountable.

  43. There is NO question when LOGIC is applied. It would be nice if everyone had a million dollars — unfortunately MANY don’t. It would be nice if people stopped robbing banks — unfortunately many still do. It would be nice if people obeyed the law — unfortunately many do not. It would be nice if CRIMINALS didn’t use children to assist them in breaking the law — unfortunately many are still trying and THERE ARE MANY FOOLS WHO DON’T REALIZE JUST WHAT IS GOING ON !!!!

  44. I cannot wrap my head around the fact that so many military people have died, suffered terrible pain defending this nation and now these idiots in DC, the news media and others around the country want to give it all away for votes and made-up ideology. If you want to be with them so much move to their country.

  45. Anyone who truly thinks that illegals who are released into society with a court date and zero monitoring is delusional if they think the illegals will return for a court date.

    • I agree with President Trump. The parents of these kids did this and it is no ones fault but their own! What kind of parent would allow her child go with someone , not a family member on a trek like this. This just shows the mentality of these fools and so send them all back familys and all.

  46. I totally agree with Mr. Trump. We can not treat our citizens this way. We have add always a legal way to enter the United States. It is just to separate the children from the on loan parents until they are vetted. And then only if they are not legal participants. God-bless America and Mr. Trump.

  47. I totally agree with the President and Ihope he does not give in to these zealots. They overlooked this policy when Obama was in office so let them kiss the rearend of this President while he solves the problem.

    • I completely agree!!! What BS on the part of the DemWits. Where were they for 8 years under the worst president of the U.S??? All he did was kick the can down the road. Now it’s on President Trump. He’s definitely not a do nothing President like Obama was. Hope they know WE THE PEOPLE see right through this bad acting on their parts! Wish they’d try crossing China’s borders without a passport and see where it gets them. What a joke!!

    • Hey Martha Vincent, I agree also! I participated in a poll yesterday and 90% polled agree with us. POTUS needs to hold the line and continue working hard to get legislature passed on conservative immigration policies. The Dem libs and MSM are trying to make it appear that everybody is against his zero tolerance. It is all a big fat lie !!! Congress had better get their “stuff” together, both parties, and get immigration done or some folks are going to be looking for a job very soon.

      • Absolutely, if criminals bring there kids when they committed the crime, you would let them go, Hope they go to ur house when they do it

      • BINGO!!! Maxine Tisdale….. The liberal’s are hurting bad…. Hence all the hoop la!!!They have nothing going for trhemselves… We have a great President now doing what Obama neglected!!!!

      • Absolutely spot on! The most important thing is that we all must get out and vote these democlowns and RINO’s that don’t support the law out of office. It’s time to take our country back and hold those that violate our laws accountable.

        Agent Padilla was also spot on when he told this Oprah Whineyfry puppet that if LEGAL U.S. citizens are arrested, they too are separated from their children.

  48. We MUST have secure borders. We are not like Hitler…nobody is killing & dumping bodies, except drug cartels. Without secure borders, they can do the same on this side, too. And, this isn’t like WWII Japanese…they were here legally. BIG difference!
    American citizens, if sent to prison, are separated from their kids; but, illegals shouldn’t be? EVERY OTHER COUNTRY TRIES TO DEFEND THEIR BORDERS. When they can’t, all he’ll breaks loose. As for me, I’d like to make the USA as safe as possible. That starts with SECURE borders.

    • Well Said ,Now that the POPE condemned Abortion and said it was bad as Nazi Germany ,Since Abortiion started 40,000,000 million have been killled , And Democratics won’t stop funding Plan Parent hood ????????????

      • The Pope is nothing but a wrinkled up old man that needs a savior just like everyone else does. Even Mary the mother of Jesus needed Salvation and she was saved. The Pope is into this New World Order crap and evil to the core. Satan’s helper.

    • I agree with you except some other countries do not defend their borders. germany as an example. further the EU has very lax border control among member nations. they are paying the price for this and we are observing some backlash from citizens since Trump is showing the way. the UN is comprised of a large amount of small third world countries so they try to encourage open borders for the civilized nations.

      • This is why Chuck Schumer and his party keeps the fake news and attention focused on President Trump. The Democratic Party is not the party of the people of the USA. It is the Globalist party of the New World Order. They want open borders so they can stay in control.
        Without borders we will have no country. I don’t want that, do you?

  49. It is apparent that the media does not support the law being enforced. Arrested parents are temporarily separated from their children as proper and reunited when they have served their time.

  50. I just can’t understand why the news media can not just tell the truth. They make it a point to go after good news people, but Media Matters only goes after them. Although, we know why we should have something on the same order to hold them accountable. We should be going after their sponsors also.

    • The news and media have a different agenda then the rest of law abiding Americans. They agree with liberal Democrats that the borders in America should be open to everyone including MS 13 gang members, Latin American criminals and those illegals who can not and do not have any other reason to be in America then to sponge off the government for free stuff!

      • Yes he was, only he put muslims into the mix. When the blacks realized they had been used by the dems, Obama brought in the Mexicans and his brother and sisters of Islam.They are looking for that golden vote and will do or say whatever they will and dump you like a dog after. He was the worst President in history.

  51. If a legal citizen were accused of a crime, it has been the long-standing policy to incarcerate the individual leaving their children “parentless”. In the past, contrary to existing law, an illegal immigrant has been given a date for their “deportation hearing” and released into the population, which date, of course, they most likely ignored.

    Now, with “zero tolerance”, the illegal immigrant is incarcerated until their “deportation hearing” date. Would you prefer that the children of these alledged law-breakers accompany their elders to jail?

    What the current situation does is identify even more of the DEEP STATE, open borders vermin. That children have to suffer as a result is regrettable.

    • It would be nice if these elite demoncrats took these children into their homes till they could be reunited with their parents.
      The big mouth Hollywood stars have nice big homes. Pelosi loves MS-13 gangs. She could foster them. Since Clinton and Obama created this problem, they could take these nice young men into their homes also. Let’s not forget the alphabet media, how nice would it be if they helped foster them?! It would be heartwarming! Problem solved

  52. I am proud of how President Trump is handling this situation that was left for him by former President Obama. If Obama had done his job right dealing with the illegal aliens coming across our border, then President Trump wouldn’t be having to fix this whole situation that was left from Obama’s administration. Obama was to free hearted for his own good. He wasn’t worried for his families safety, because they were living in the White House and they had protection all during the night and during the day.

    I am proud of what President Trump is doing with securing our borders. Congress needs to approve the funding for President Trump’s border wall for every ones safety in the United States of America.

    • Amen Barbara-he was one traitor and he hated America! He had no business being in the White House. Where are all the paperwork that every single American has that follows them around. He had NONE. Send him back to Kenya -his birthplace!

      • Amen to that Sharon Nye!! I said from the beginning of his run for Pres that he was a fake, not a US citizen, not for the USA. His wife was as bad as he was. Worst people in the White House ever!!

  53. If the Dems don’t help stop illegal immigration, there will be a citizen uprising that will stop it. Won’t be pretty!

  54. The people will come out again when needed. The msm said hillary was going to win too. The people have spoken. Fake news will find themselfs a faint memory in the eyes of the Trump supporters some day. Vote out all dems, libs and rinos in 2018.

  55. Illegal is the one true statement…by rewarding illegal activity you create no respect for borders, law, or DEMOCRACY. CITIZENS are respectful of the law…and expect the same from illegal or legally accepted alien immigrants. But by entering a country illegally is not even accepted by the UNITED NATIONS.

  56. Yes, I completely agree with the border agents view. Honest people have to admit that the globalist want open borders to bring in votes so they can remain in power. They create a problem to fix the problem. Obama and Holden are anti-American, anti-christs people. Jesus is coming soon. Figure it out. Repent or perish.

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