The liberal media’s latest attempt to mock Americans fell flat on its face

For many hard working Americans $1,000 is a lot of money.

And thanks to the Trump tax cuts, many employees around the country are getting bonuses of that or more!

Now limousine liberals are mocking the plans many excited Americans have for their bonuses, and you won’t believe what they’re saying.

First it was Nancy Pelosi, who described the tax returns and bonuses hard working families are receiving as “crumbs.”

To someone whose net worth is over $29 million and lives on an estate with a vineyard in California, $1,000 might not seem like a lot.

But to the average American worker whose median household income is $56,000 annually? That’s a significant sum.

Now, NBC’s Katy Tur, who was once NBC’s embedded journalist on the Trump campaign, is mocking workers who were describing what they planned to do with that money.

A $1,000 one-time bonus is certainly a good start/addition toward that $5,836…

But that wasn’t all. She continued:

Some were quick to criticize her tone deaf attacks:

What do you think about the way liberals are mocking bonuses and tax cuts for the American workers?

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  1. I like to share my Crumbs story and if anyone knows Pelosi please share it with her.
    Years ago President Bush gave us a tax break. I received $50.00 more on every pay check. The first thing I did, I fulfilled a dream …I purchased a kitchen aid. Walmart had them on sale $195.00 vs. over three hundred. I put my kitchen aid on lay away and paid it off in two month. I bake my own bread ever since, grind my hamburger meat and so much more and I saved thousands of $s. I also make king my own dog food. My loaf of German Bavarian Bread with no chemicals and preservatives comes to $.45 vs. over $3.00 or more in the store. When I slice my bread with my grand mothers hand slicer I have crumbs which I save and use for dressing. You see even crumbs can pay off. I hope I did not bore anyone to tears.

  2. Dims are the obstructionist, resistance, complaining, whining, do-nothing
    party. Why are they even elected? Why do they get a paycheck? They are good
    for nothing, and worthless. We have found that they never smile, sit on their
    hands, and stand for nothing! The only way to get them to stand is “impeach 45”,
    “tears of rage”” I’m gonna take him out”. The only way to get them to run, is to
    chant, “USA< USA< USA". Otherwise, they remain comatose, walking dead biters!

  3. David, I love your comment. Being a S Ca resident, I agree completely. Why people keep voting in the dem party in this state is insane but probably has to due with the the many illegals voting. Anyone continuing to get free handouts will continue to vote for the party giving the handouts.

  4. Ideally Jack if the people from their constituencies had the stones to vote them out for misbehaving as it was originally designed to then it would work great. I used to believe that as well however the people from those constituancies are of same mindset and keep putting them in office. Term limits like no more than 2 per lifetime in the house or senate TOTAL need to be implemented to prevent the formation of bottom feeder barnacles like Nancy Pelosi.

  5. After 8 years of liberal torture by Barry, Killary and their ilk many American people are just relieved it’s over. The bonuses are icing on the cake! The fake liberal nitwit news media are besides themselves as they have never seen true statesmanship until President Trump came along. So they wring their hands and melt down making asses out of themselves on national television. Nancy Pelosi is one of the most arrogant liberal leftovers from the self acclaimed liberal elite scum of DC. Term limits should be one of our most important priorities. Too much power for too many idiots for too much time and you end up with the likes of Nancy Pelosi.

  6. This old hag’s not just an idiot, she’s a liar, thief, traitor to the American people and since she’s from California, the people of California and a whole bunch of other things, want me to go on? People in California: time to get smart and get rid of ALL the ‘dumbocraps’ that’ve trashed this once great, prosperous and affordable state and turned into the laughing stock of the USA and a bum infested SHIYHOLE

  7. This old hag’s not just an idiot, she’s a liar, thief, traitor to the American people and since shhe’s from California, the people of California and a whole bunch of other things, want me to go on? People in California: time to get smart and get rid of ALL the ‘dumbocraps’ that’ve trashed this once great, prosperous and affordable state and turned into the laughing stock of the USA and a bum infested SHIYHOLE

  8. The problem is that through gerrymandering, propagandizing, undermining the educational system and outright voter fraud, the bad ones keep right on getting voted back in.

  9. Jack, you have got it exactly right. There are some good politicians, who quietly do a good job and don’t deserve the sack. The unworthy ones deserve to lose their jobs at the next election. All it needs is for good people to vote. Without representatives we would have a dictatorship, so it is our responsibility to vote wisely.


  11. Truly shows their disconnect with the American people. Has to make you wonder why they even have a job being so out of touch with the majority of the American people.Take their money away and then find out what they think about a $1000.00.

  12. ATTENTION!!! To each and every one of the liberals mouthing off about $1000 being nothing and just a pittance, if you really believe what you are saying, prove it by sending me $1000 personally!!! Otherwise, I will know that you are just full of bullcrap and do not mean a word of your “comparison”. I AM WAITING!!! And I will gratefully acknowledge any monies received !!

  13. I was thinking,,,SINCE BLACK LIVES MATTER, why aren’t they TEARING DOWN THE WALL that is around Maxine Water’s HOME? She wants open borders, right? Oh wait the district she represents is too low for her to live in! She MOVED AWAY..time to TEAR DOWN HER WALL and allow her to open her eyes and see REAL LIFE of those she is supposed to be representing! She and all who run Cali expect to confiscate all the people’s “CRUMBS” and Pelosi is working hard to help too..she needs another face stretch ya know! Tear Down THEIR WALLS! See what they are HIDING BEHIND THEIR WALLS!

  14. Great way for all the Senators, and Congresspeople is to have all of them pay $50,000 to $100,000 into the National DEBT per year..remember, to those who actually WORK HARD to keep their “world” luxurious only got “crumbs” so with their THOUSANDS and MILLIONS they can actually WORK to pay into our National Deficit! You MADE OUR DEFICIT, so this way you can pay your CRUMBS back into it! After all, $50,000 to $100,000 is only CRUMBS to these elected into our Congress and Senate! TIME to made you give your “CRUMBS” BACK TO AMERICA!

  15. Or to congresspeople or Senators pockets! They will be FORCED to cut their spending this way as well! President Trump is AWESOME isn’t he? The refuse to do a budget,k SO President Trump is putting them on a budget himself! Remember him saying for DEMS to pass bill for the wall, no Chain Migration, no lottery visa and he will allow DACA? WELL in order for DACA, he is applying his “MERIT” LEGAL Immigration..his demands for these DACA are stay in school,or have a good job, no tickets, no Government aid like Food stamps that drain out economy. THIS IS MERIT IMMIGRATION! So IF DEMS turn that down, then they are not for DACA and making our country GREAT AGAIN! My husband live on a bit over $2,000 per month..$1,000 would REALLY be BIG for us! We are retired now, and due to a tragedy causing my husband to be disabled, he was forced to claim disability, and I had to care for him. I eventually due to our money situation to retire early. We ended up cutting back big time on as much as we could, and now are comfortable and like I said living off just over $2,000 per month! Simple life is great, really!


  17. Proves what I always said about Dem. legislators ” If you never had a job, ran a company. or owned a small business, you just don’t understand the working American!” As for the “Lame stream media”, get a real job for a month then repor about what a bonus of any size means!
    From a real working American

  18. You have to expect the liberal media to criticize anything president Trump does just to foment discord. Take your money and spend it however you want and to check with them. Those of us who are hard working regular people will take and be grateful for anything we get. I suggest that we all ought to watch less news so we can ignore these liberal idiots.

  19. It’s not that they don’t realize we don’t get the same benefits. They DO. They just don’t care.
    The only “work” they do is campaigning for office.
    Once there, it’s just sporadic posturing to keep up their name recognition.
    This applies to BOTH sides of the aisle.

  20. No talk of term limits. Is Congress serious about anything as a body????? Talk is cheap. Send them all home.
    Problem is that most politicians don’t live as the average America. They think we get raises like they do and have inexpensive but good health insurance and wonderful retirement programs,as they do.
    And,lot of dems think business is bad and government has the answers. Poisoning businesses, losses jobs and kills economy.
    Solution. On the surface, those dems that acted so shamefully during a great speech should be made to declare alliance to America and it’s citizens, promote programs for the same, or resign from office!!! President Trump is NOT the one needing impeached.!!!!

  21. They say giving is better than receiving but I’d rather receive the $1000 than to give another penny to the government what they take isn’t bread crumbs

  22. H K…add your name to the morons you defend. I read your hubris for a laugh. The witch you voted for, would have taken a 1,000 from you and laughed when she told you to eat cake.

  23. That “Measly $20/week adds up to $1040 dollars per year. All those crumbs add up, and I do not personally know anyone who would turn down $1000, even if it is spread out over a year. I used to belong to a “Christmas Club” at my bank, where I saved $20/week, which I withdrew in December and used for gift giving. It always came in handy.

  24. We don’t need new term limits. People just need to VOTE in each and every election and vote to out the current Office holder and elect a new one. The pension issue is obscene, same as the Congressional treatment of Obama Care being paid for all those people. BS!

  25. You have to take care of the people first. California is a prime example of NOT doing that. Where do you want to start. Brown pimping a tax hike for the children. for the schools, when it passed it went into the general fund. F those kids. How about the new increase in gas tax to pay for road repair. Brown already used that one but never used the money to fix the roads. F the people. His bullet train is nothing but a state run Amtrak. It will never reach the speeds of a real bullet train. Now it’s billions over budget and it isn’t even close to being complete. F those tax payers. When Brown is gone I will have a party, it will be bigger than the super toilet bowl. So I say, F Brown, Pelosi and every democrat in this state. Hey Jerry, Take your train and shove it up your tunnel.

  26. You make me laugh. I guess you didn’t listen to what Killary was running on. I heard it loud, and clear. More job killing regulations and more taxes.
    I guess i’d say it was you that wasn’t listening!

  27. bearclaw…..just social security !! politicians don’t pay into that either ! They ALL suck the tit….start to finish……pathetic

  28. You’re not listening which isn’t very surprising since you’re defending a bunch of rich greedy clueless morons. You’re telling people who don’t have a lot money the crumbs they just got is in your eyes and demodumbasses eyes zero. Still clueless and you idiots will stay that way. Hopefully for a very very long time because your “ideas” to “help” aren’t needed or wanted. If they were worth a crap shouldn’t Cali be one o the best states to live right now? They’re now the worst for homeless people. It used to Mississippi until they got smart and went red. Cali Dems figured minnows were more important than people diverting what water was provided to them adding to or actually creating extreme drought conditions. Worst wildfires in history if I’m not mistaken and even if I am it still led to huge fires which led to huge burn scars that allowed massive mudslides that’s going to cost who money? That killed how many people. It sure as hell isn’t going to come from illegal immigrants. Oh and you know when dems say lower taxes won’t last? I remember hearing from a few Republicans about how there’s really only one way that could happen. It was in some article or an interview. Since it didn’t involve insulting Republicans, Trump, veterans, the military, The Constitution, the country or anything else Pro-America I think It’s safe to say that I have faith in what they said would cause such a thing. You wanna know what it is? I’m sure you can already guess what it is. Democrats. Yes Democrats would have to actually vote to stop taxes from staying low. Go figure.

  29. The whole damn Congress needs to go. They’re all on it together, and the only people to blame is us. We need to bring back term limits, AND no damn retirement unil you reached the age, and then just social security

  30. The Media are a bunch of Sheep doing what the Sheepherder tells them and never even caring if it is right or wrong.

  31. 10 year term limits for both sides of the aisle, the Dems are out of touch with the working class, and the Repubs are not in touch with the President. President Trump has done more and made more headlines in 1 year of being in office than any elected Congressman, Senator or earlier President. If it weren’t for the illegals there wouldn’t be a Democratic Party. If it weren’t for the working class there wouldn’t be no President Trump, or Republican Party.

    I don’t know about you? but I’m on the side of the working class!

  32. And do NOT hold MY SSI hostage! Scale BACK immigration! Quit with government hand-outs AKA entitlements! Love what Gen. Kelly said about the overage of alleged DACAs…680,000 on the books versus the 1.8 million Trump is talking about. Either they’re ‘afraid’ to come out or just plain ‘lazy’! I say LAZY…so LEAVE!

  33. $1000 bonus AND a tax break!
    We got Obama-care from the Democrats.
    Gee, it’s so HARD to figure out which one I like better.

  34. I’ll take the $1000! Anything is better than paying more taxes to a government that has a hard time controlling it’s spending. That includes both parties. Too many entitlement benefits. We need to control the free money that is given out to people that have chosen to not work, have multiple babies and/or are illegally invading our country.

  35. Pelosi is a downright idiot!!! She amassed her $$ off the backs of hard working Americans regardless of creed or color. We need to dump her a__ promptly. What’s really stupid is the Dem. party holds onto her antics only to feather their own nests. Wake up Americans,time to drain the swamp!!

  36. $1000 is something to those who have nothing but very few will be getting those bonuses. Most will be getting about $20 a week extra in their paycheck which doesn’t go a long way at all.

    What we are arguing is that what the masses got is peanuts compared to what the already wealthy got. This gift to the wealthy will be paid by raising the debt over $1 trillion dollars. That raises interest rates which negates some of the benefit and it makes it more expensive for the little guy to finance things that are needed.

    So all you deficit hawks that bellyached about the debt going up under Obama just have to realize that the deficit under Trump went up more than it did under Obama’s last year. So don’t be hypocritical about this.

    And also remember, the extra amount you get in your paycheck now might cut into your refund or make your taxes due increase when they are done in 2019.

  37. The Democrats and their familiars lined their pockets with money derived from the government’s “income”. That’s why they are undeservedly rich and WE have a twenty TRILLION dollar debt! From their way of thinking, that $1000 extra per household could have been used to line their much smaller number of SWAMP DWELLERS with a bonus of many THOUSANDS of dollars! Good thing that they voted that NO ONE could ever reduce their pay and that, in their infinite wisdom, they could grant themselves a pay RAISE anytime it struck their fancy eh?

  38. Pelosi swept up HER crumbs into a meaty LOAF with her shady bank legislation that bailed out her shady husband’s shady bank doings. $1,000 IS a crumb…to HER. Doesn’t even go down for shiny PENNIES on dirty sidewalks. Would somebody PLEASE tear down the monument upon which SHE perches???

  39. ” For many hard working Americans $1,000 is a lot of money.” $1000 is a lot of money for anybody I would bet the farm people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett don’t look at $1000 a peanuts – they know exactly what it is worth.

  40. They’re going to scoff at President Trump no matter WHAT he does. And it shows what rich cats think of the “little people”, and how they laugh at how we can be happy with less than what THEY have. Is that sad, or what?? I’ll bet all that money $$ they have will buy them a first class ticket… to HELL. Yes, I know, I shouldn’t judge, but they make me so sick I just want to TELL them where they can shove all that money they stole from us.

  41. They just can’t stand the thought that President Trump did more for the American citizens in one year than they did in the last 10. They’re worried that will figure out all about their empty promises they make at election time only and will move on with someone who keeps his promises.. the only people that they’re fighting for are illegals and muslims.. I think people are starting to Ser the real colors of the democrats and rhinos and they’re moving away from them.. that’s why they want open borders for their democratic votes.

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