This liberal Senator just said something unexpected about gun control

Call it the incumbent re-election plan . . .

Senator Angus King is up for re-election in 2018.

Which is probably why he made a statement about so-called “assault weapons” to MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that left their jaws on the ground.

King is a registered Independent, who spent the last 5 years caucusing with Democrats.

He was a reliable vote on gun control during the Obama administration.

Now that he’s about to face voters, he’s sounding a much more sensible tone that many gun owners would find themselves agreeing with.

The Washington Times reports:

Sen. Angus King said Tuesday that assault weapons are nothing more than semi-automatic hunting rifles “in costume” and therefore shouldn’t be banned.

The Maine independent was asked on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program whether he thinks weapons such as the Ruger AR-556 rifle used by Texas church gunman Devin Patrick Kelley should be outlawed by the government.

“No, I think we’ve got to look at that carefully,” Mr. King said in a clip flagged by the Washington Free Beacon. “I’m from a state where we have one of the highest gun ownership rates in the country, and yet we have one of the lowest rates of gun crime. It’s called an assault weapon, but it’s simply a semi-automatic hunting rifle in costume, with a different type of stock. But the functionality of the weapon is exactly the same as … [ones] used by legitimate hunters.

“So I have a problem with banning a weapon because of its appearance,” he added.

Pro-gun advocates have sometimes sought to rebrand the debate over Dianne Feinstein’s so-called “assault weapons ban” as a “cosmetic features ban.”

Shirts and memes have circulated for years picturing an AR-15 with the caption, “Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Black.”

So what do you all think? Is King’s statement just made to sure up his base before facing swaths of angry, pro-gun Maineiacs in 2018?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. The thing that has changed since the 40’s 50’s and 60’s as far as guns are concerned is that the Progressive liberals have infested this country. Might be time for a Liberal Cockroach “bug bomb” to rid us of the infestation.

  2. this idiot is just worried about his job as an independent senator, but always vote with the demos. don’t believe this jerk.

  3. It also helps if there’s a Mom AND a Dad in the family when the kids are young. That’s the problem today, a lot of kids (especially in the inner cities) are raising themselves. In the summer there should be a 10 pm curfew unless the kid is working and has proof.

  4. Automatic weapons are controlled by the federal government. In order to own an automatic weapon, you have to have a class III firearms permit.

  5. If they’ve been stupid enough to elect Susan Collins to the US Senate, and are stupid enough to allow her to run for Governor of Maine when her voting record on immigration issues clearly reveals she’s been aiding and abetting the illegal alien invasion of our country throughout her time spent in Congress, then you’re right! They will deserve what they get if they re-elect Independent Candidate Angus King in 2018!

  6. True. What we can do if we have the will is to keep guns out of the hands of those who suffer from mental disorders, or those with violent tendencies, such as wife abusers. But we have such bloated bureaucracies filled with incompetent individuals in this country, NOTHING is being done properly to help prevent mass shootings. And each and every time one occurs, the elitists and globalists who wish to impose tyranny upon us start screaming for gun control instead of fixing the problems that exist! To protect our Second Amendment rights, any and all elected officials, at any level, who have been demanding that even law-abiding Americans be disarmed, should be voted out of the office! Once our guns are taken, and we’re no longer able to defend ourselves, or families, or our country, our freedoms will be counted among the casualties!

  7. Well better late then never, the AR-15, and the Ruger Mini-14 are basically the same rifle. They both fire 5.56 mm rounds, using a SEMI-automatic action and are magazine fed. The AR-125 has a black plastic stock, the mini-14 has a traditional wood stock. The appearance is the major difference between the “EVIL” M-16 “ASSAULT RIFLE”, which is a misnomer, an assault rifle has to be able to function as a select fire rifle, that is to at the flip of a switch to go from semi-automatic to fully automatic. The BATF defines any rifle, carbine, or pistol capable of fully automatic fire as a machine gun ans most states will not allow them to be sold legally under any conditions!

  8. That makes entirely too much sense. That’s why the commies in Washington would fight it. They need to disarm us so that they can take over and get rid of the people with sense, just like Stalin and Mao did.

  9. Oh, absolutely! In fact, my own son and daughter BOTH know how to operate a firearm (handgun, no rifles) but they don’t have a license, so they don’t carry. What would happen if they were at the mall or something and a maniac started shooting people? I would LOVE to get them to get a license, but they don’t want to. That’s the trouble with most people these days. Do you go out and PLAN to have an accident? No, of course not… but they happen in the blink of an eye, and there’s very likely one happening as we speak. But with guns, they don’t see the necessity of carrying one as a precaution. “Nothing will happen to me!” seems to be the attitude of most people. Yet, these attacks keep happening. Remember what happened at Fort Hood? Even the soldiers weren’t permitted to carry around a weapon. That’s why it took so long to stop the guy.

    The reason I brought up the license to carry part is that you MUST be a responsible citizen with no record of any offense other than a minor traffic offense in order to QUALIFY for one, and your profile is thoroughly examined by the FBI. Our streets and public buildings would be a lot safer if there were more CC holders out there, huh? However, even those who can’t afford the extra $100 or so that it cost to get one should have the ability to defend themselves if necessary.

  10. Hey………..been doing the talk about mental health for a few years of the former President………who wants to ban guns………why? Hmmm, think about that. Anyway, another talk talk talk and no action with the liberals/progressives. The simple matter is that the system did not work (gee…was that the first time?)…….possibly because just one person did not enter the killers military record in the omnipotent background data base…….not so omnipotent or effective after all……… It remains the person not the gun. CRIME control is way out of focus!

  11. You must have missed the FIRST SENTENCE of what he said: “kotoc, Back in dad’s days, kids carried guns to school and put them in a closet until school was out.”

    Ring a bell?

  12. Two things to REMEMBER. He sided with the liberals for years, got that YEARS.. NEVER RE-ELECT A LONG TERM INCUMBENT, EVER. You will end up like California.

  13. I agree 100% with your comments in fact we are doing a disservice to our children and society by failing to do “proper gun safety training,” an awareness of safety around guns would also drop considerably the amount of accidental shootings, especially where kids are involved and right on up into adult. I agree, with your statement about the crime level, criminals are not all that smart, but they still have a will to survive. What the anti-gun loons seem to forget, EVERYONE, including anti-gun loons, benefit from CCW laws, every state that has enacted CCW has seen a drop in violent crime, without exception. I would add one more thing to what you have said, in every school, give every teacher and administrator the option, not the requirement, some will some won’t, to carry a weapon, pay for their training and pay them for their willingness to take that a stand. I have always found it appalling, that those who make the laws, for the most part are surrounded by armed security, but have no problem telling anyone that they cannot defend themselves. Remember, teachers and administrators are the ones in the shooting gallery, that for the most part, is recognized as a gun free zone, AKA a source of soft targets.

  14. The good senator should realize that re such foolishness as is suggest by the bunch he caucuses with where the fiasco of Gun Control is seemingly their stock no trade, that the only thing that needs to be done is to scuttle such idiotic ideas immediately and permanently.

  15. I don’t recall seeing anything in his post about sending the kids to school “packing” as with left wing loons, you are reading something into this post that does not exist and allowing emotions, the mind set of most liberals, to control your thought. Your thought, “there are good kids and bad kids” is a fact of life, no matter what the age, the point is you CANNOT regulate evil.

  16. I can’t argue with that at all! However, this isn’t a “back in the day” era we’re living in now. And I always try to be realistic about these things.

  17. kotoc, Back in dad’s days, kids carried guns to school and put them in a closet until school was out. Then they got back on the school buses to go home and at their stops, got off and started hunting. In my day, if you had a pickup, you had a rack in the back window with a rifle or shotgun ( or both ) in it. And the trucks were not locked. And that was less than 50 years ago. So if you start them out right, they understand the consequences if they are enforced. And there is where the problem is. Laws are not enforced. Or they are not enforced equally.

  18. This is why they attempted to make it a crime for anyone to provide their voting history to their constituents.

    They want the ability to CLAIM whatever the voters want making them depend on what they say while trying to get reelected instead of the facts about what they have actually done in making the decision of if they will get back in office or replaced.

    Especially after one case where the voting record showed the CANDIDATE trying to get reelected openly lied about voting FOR a bill the people wanted when he actually voted against that bill. When caught in the lie he tried to use the excuse that he did because only someone who voted for it could call for a recount despite never having done so.

  19. I never said I was against teaching children how to operate a gun safely in case of need. And by ALL means, teach them every detail of the seriousness of the weapon. It just seems like a bad idea to send your child to school packing a weapon, that’s all.

  20. I grew up in very small towns and the country were firearms (pistols & rifles were the norm – every one hunted and fished. Kids were schooled by parents with the safe handling of firearms- not to be afraid of them, but respect for the damage they can cause and be careful in handling – this isn’t, like many other things, is not taught at home anymore and that being the case, lets do it at school, along with all the other “should be taught at home” subjects. Pretty much agree with “Old Geezer) above. We really don’t need all these “gun laws”. They won’t cure crazy people !! Incidentally, I didn’t require much rifle training when I was drafted into the military in 1943 ! ! !

  21. Also get rid of the “Dummy buttons” on the voting machines that say straight Dem. or straight Rep. Make these people look up the candidates and what they stand for so they actually have to choose someone.

  22. Is that the same as good or bad military people? They are trained with firearms . Which one is bad. Training at a young age is the best way . Look at the Swiss.

  23. You have to wonder if Republicans or democrats have learned anything from the past when you look at these last election results.
    Republicans have lead in their butt when it comes to getting out to vote or campaigning for their candidate, and democrats have rocks for a brain when it comes to selecting a candidate that believes in what is good for our REPUBLIC, not what it means for their prestige, ego and wallet.

  24. CrustyOldGeezer is correct, you must have an understanding problem he just explained the merits of gun training from childhood. You will forever have those that will abuse gun laws but I would feel safer, if I knew everyone around me were trained in firearms safety and use, if I were caught in a situation of an attack as happened in the Texas Church or any place you can name.

  25. Defining Angus King is a study referred to anslyzing SEPSIS accepted as the Angus Implementation. False positive or False minus. His statement referring to “ false weapons violations”
    Is similar to his false second marriage choice. Duped then dumped his first Christian wife for a Jewish wife. Double Standard from Governor to Senator implementing Angus!

  26. Senator Angus King takes the time to research items that are under constant attack by those thug heads who can’t be bothered to think in a rational manner. He is well aware of Chicago and other places that have tough gun control laws. The victims are not allowed to defend themselves. The thug doesn’t give a damn for anyone’s law. So the murder rates are very high in Chicago and elsewhere. We are very safe here in Maine.

  27. Any democrat or republican will say anything or do anything that their polls tell them to get reelected and then have selective memory when they get reelected case and point John McCain. Hopefully republicans and the smarter democrats have learned from the past promises. The other 3/4 of the democrats there is no hope.

  28. Sounds good in theory, but think of what kind of MATURITY these kids have. You can teach them all the basics of gun ownership and operation, all safety precautions, and moral obligations, but the bottom line is the fact that there are good kids and there are bad kids. Who would stop the BAD kids from getting ahold of a gun? Fact is, you just never know who would be the next one to go off the deep end and start shooting. Good kids, bad kids…

    Otherwise we would have been living in a Utopian world all along. And it’s too risky of a plan to change public opinion.

  29. Vote out all lying dems, libs and rinos, in 2018 and 2020. we have had enough lies these last 30 odd years from the dems, libs and rinos. Vote them all out. M.A.G.A. Drain the swamp already.

  30. Yep…election coming up and King is upholding the Dem mantra-“Hypocrisy is the Vaseline of social intercourse.” After all those years of siding with Dems. Really, Angus?

  31. Why not take ALL of the hyperbole out of the discussion and inject FACT at every level of the discussions?

    As IN:….
    The only NEW GUN LAW that America really needs, and we REALLY DO NEED this one.

    K-12 MANDATORY Gun Safety.
    Beginning in Kindergarten, and continuing through school K-12 I suggest a MANDATORY firearms education class.

    Complete with hands on training and live fire from 4th grade on. The older the student, the larger the caliber.

    With a full and complete knowledge of firearms, what their uses are, and the inherent dangers being well known the number of ‘accidents’ will plummet.

    With the intimate knowledge of safe firearms usage, more people will be likely to carry, either concealed or open.

    It will become the norm, and with a certain knowledge that there will be return fire, the loons that want to shoot up a school for their instant glory in the spotlight of the current news cycle will no longer view schools, movie theaters and shopping malls as a great place to become famous.

    To counter the gun control nuts gnashing of teeth and wailing incessantly, I propose the following:

    Automobiles kill and maim far more people each year than firearms.. AND they offer minimal training in schools.. usually 6 weeks or less.

    In woodshop, the students are taught the dangers of all the power tools, as well as the hand tools, and the safe usage and handling.
    Metal working shop, same thing. Dangers and hazards are demonstrated and explained.

    The student are taught safety and proper handling procedures.
    sexual activity has hazards and inherent dangers, and the school system has taken on the task of educating the children in safe practices. (usually against the parents wishes)

    The list can go on for a very long time.

    The end result is, EDUCATION is the only safe route to minimal firearms accidents, and the gun control lobby is the sole obstacle to keeping Americans of all ages safe from the misuse of firearms.

    They insist that all people, when they see a gun, run away and hide, shrieking with fear all the while.

    They don’t teach the same behavior about cars…. or power tools, or condoms, or lawn mowers, or swimming pools…

    End result is more people knowing , and UNDERSTANDING the Second Amendment.
    After graduation more people will be carrying open and concealed.
    The criminal element will disappear further into the shadows facing odds they do not like.

    The Military gets pre-trained marksmen and sharpshooters.
    Corrupt politicians no longer have control over the People.

  32. do not believe him no one who loves the 2nd amendment and their freedom to own a gun should ever believe this lying democrap scum bag,the one and only reason that he is saying this is to lie to the voters because he is up for re-election and he does not want to be voted out.
    he is a liar and a democrap crook looking to steal your’s and every AMERICANS rights,he needs to go like loretta lynch the clintons the obuma’s all the swamp scum. if you believe his lies and vote for this scum then you are voting for the destruction of AMERICA and the constitution PERIOD.

  33. I have to run with the herd on this one, too. These lying politicians will say whatever they think will get them elected/re-elected…. But then swing a 180* to get back where they really live. I wouldn’t vote for the liberal scum bag !!!

  34. No, I was referring to the Democrat party telling that to the illegals and other “undesirables” flocking to the U.S. Go back and reread… I admit it’s a run-on sentence, so I’m sorry for that.

  35. You all are missing the point. Any candidate who has voted for gun control is a globalist, not worthy of a vote for American office !

  36. Two faced Liberal Rat now he sides with gun owners to get the votes we don’t need lawmakers like this who are two FACED.

  37. ” Be sure to vote the democratic party when you vote” ??????? The demoSCUM/libtards are the problem and I would NOT and will NOT ever vote for a demoSCUM. I’m hoping it was a typo on your part.

  38. Leopards don’t change their spots so I would say he’s trying to pacify his voters. If he voted against guns before he will again. He’s talking a good story now, but come 2019 if he gets re-elected he will be back to his real self. I wouldn’t trust him.


  40. Like all communist liberals and scum bag RINOs, he’s just deceiving the morons who will vote for him. Once he has sheared the sheeple, he will butcher them.


  42. What he said makes sense, really, but he somehow STILL misses the point. The whole thing boils down to gun CONTROL. Our problem isn’t what KIND of gun gets used, it’s the evil person who holds it! With the Democrats saying to Syrian refugees, illegal Mexicans sneaking over the border, or some Muslim with a few wives and children… “Sure, come on in! How can we help you get settled? Be sure to vote the Democrat party when you vote.” What do they expect?? Do they honestly BELIEVE these are good and decent people who just want to better their lives and escape tyranny? Maybe a handful, but how exactly do you know which ones are not dangerous when you let them in? The same with guns. If a person wants one, they will GET one, whether or not there are laws against it. It’s referred to a Black Market, and there’s always been a need for contraband among the ones who disagree with laws like “don’t murder”. So they want to keep all citizens from owning guns? Just how do you think something like that would work, anyway?! It would be exactly like Hell took over the nation overnight!

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