Liberals cannot ruin this

As Hurricane Irma approaches Florida, liberals across the country can hardly contain their hate.

They’re openly blaming our President for the acts of Mother Nature and hoping his supporters’ property is destroyed — just like when they claimed Texans “deserved” Hurricane Harvey.

But if you live in Florida — or have loved ones there — please know Renewed Right and our loyal readers have you in our prayers.

In the aftermath of Harvey, we saw what truly makes America great.

Liberals cannot crush that spirit no matter how hard they try.

While the left spews their vitriol about the victims that will be left in Irma’s wake from the comforts of their cushy cosmopolitan condos, true Americans fight together, work together and help each other in time of need.

If you’d like, use the comments below to let our readers from Florida know you’re thinking of them as we await the events of the next several days.

There will certainly be more to follow.



  1. WOW! Blaming Trump is the most innorant comment I have ever heard. All the people in harms way I pray for your safety. To really think our GREAT PRESIDENT caused this hurricane just shows how stupid these people are. They aren’t worth the time to listen to. I bet their parents are real proud of them. How would they feel if people said things like they do to their parents. Stop and think how harmful you people are.

    • “Is there a virus or something that is causing a plague of stupidity in our nation?” Yes Texan, there is a (mental) virus….it’s called Liberalism. Symptoms of that virus are the Democrat party masquerading as progressive democrats, communists of course, and so called left wing liberals who inhabit the east and west (left) coast of this country. Liberalism seeks to avoid the disciplines of the truth. Watch what liberals do and say and you will always see that to be the case.

  2. And these people are “ADULTS”? Do people really believe humans have control over storms??? And the complete stupidity is broadcasted all over, they see it as news worthy, IS IT ME?

  3. Why won’t you post my comment?
    I have very thoughtfully written it twice. I have said nothing offensive.
    I am here in Florida awaiting the storm. I pray for ALL!
    I am a disabled senior who lives alone in my apartment.
    Satan is the author of this storm, not God, not “Mother Nature”
    Every good and perfect gift is from God.
    Irma is not a gift, certainly not good, and not from God.
    I am certain that our President does not have a Hurricane creating
    machine. That is ridiculous!
    How do the liberals know who should be spared?
    Is it the gay community in Orlando?
    Is it the Blacks,Hispanics,Muslim, Immigrants in Miami?
    Who gets to decide? To wish anyone harm is not of God.
    I want ALL who reside here to be safe and unharmed because
    I am of God and have compassion. God bless Texas, Florida the islands
    and All who have suffered already. God bless the USA. my prayers
    are with you all!

  4. I pray for a hedge of protection around the people who are in the path of this hurricane and this hurricanes that are behind this one . Our Lord Jesus Christ will be our comforter in a storm ! Praise God! This is not about politics this is about humanity and love for our fellow people of the world. You know like the bible tells us to be . May God be with you!

  5. Hoping and praying for all the folks affected by these horrific storms…as to the angry liberals…They need to focus their negative energies in to something less hateful. Also praying for the Northwest with all the raging wildfires…Humans have no control over the forces of nature regardless of what deluded sources claim we do !

  6. Liberals WAKE UP!! You need to think straight, your idiotic minds are so corroded that you can not comprehend the real truth. There is no human being that can change what the weather does but our LORD AND MASTER GOD. You need to go to your religious facility and PRAY for YOUR SINS as you will be judged by your God alone. They should apologize to all those effected by the hurricane Harvey and the new one on the east coast = shame on the for being so inhumane. God bless all those being in the direct line of destruction.

  7. If you have not donated $1 million to the rescue efforts, perhaps you should not make bad comments against our U.S. President. America has had some 10 years of no hurricane hitting the Eastern seaboard. America has just had a total eclipse of the sun cross our continent, and now after some 11 years the sun has been quiet. With the sun now throwing off coronal mass ejection in the direction of the Earth, with the northern lights seen above the northern part of the continent, the weather and climate changes is being experienced around the Gulf states and countries.

    Only an idiot would blame this on President Donald Trump.But then, only idiots have visions of controlling people, countries , and the world. It is time for those who do , to step aside and let a real man do what he can only do. Yes, the election is over , and the losers have had their chance to vote … some many times over !

    • It’s usual left wing nut job rhetoric. Remember when Bush also caused Katrina. They are heartless, gutless and brainless scum. They are not decent human beings. I pray for all the victims of Harvey and Irma.

  8. I just returned from a Republican Women’s lunch. We started with a prayer for all the victims and our President, then we sang God Bless America, the I led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance. We sold hats for $20 and sent gift cards to the victims! Please, Texas and Florida, know that we stand with you and will do anything to help you, whether you are a Republican or Democrat and whatever skin. Color you are! We are all Americans and proud of it!

    • Well done, Pamela. We, too, had a fundraiser in our Catholic parish to help out the victims of the Hurricane Harvey. I don’t doubt we will have another one for the victims of Irma. We recognize no party, color or race in giving. I should also mention those people in my parish who took time off from work to travel to Texas to help with the cleanup and rebuilding of some of those homes in Houston.

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