Liberals were embarrassed when they tried to blame this on Russia

Ever since Hillary’s stunning defeat in 2016, liberals want to blame Russia for everything.

But fake news narratives can’t last forever.

And when two prominent Democrat politicians claimed Russian bots were behind calls to #ReleaseTheMemo, they were quickly embarrassed.

#ReleaseTheMemo has been trending on Twitter since late-last week.

Dianne Feinstein and Adam Schiff tried to pin the blame for it on Russian bots.

But their offices were quickly flooded with phone calls from citizens who proclaimed they were not “Russian bots.”

The Daily Beast reports:

On Tuesday, two Democratic leaders urged Facebook and Twitter to conduct an “in-depth forensic examination” of #ReleaseTheMemo to determine the extent of Russian propaganda promoting the hashtag. They relied on a report from the German Marshall Fund’s Alliance for Securing Democracy claiming that #ReleaseTheMemo was had become the favorite hashtag of Russian-sponsored Twitter accounts. (The report did not make any judgements about such activity on Facebook.)

“If these reports are accurate, we are witnessing an ongoing attack by the Russian government through Kremlin-linked social media actors directly acting to intervene and influence our democratic process,” Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Rep. Adam Schiff, two California Democrats, wrote to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

But a knowledgeable source says that Twitter’s internal analysis has thus far found that authentic American accounts, and not Russian imposters or automated bots, are driving #ReleaseTheMemo. There are no preliminary indications that the Twitter activity either driving the hashtag or engaging with it is either predominantly Russian.

The Democrats see Russia behind everything.

Trey Gowdy has already called out Adam Schiff’s immediate conclusion that Trump colluded with Russia before he found any evidence.

This is just another phony Russia narrative to hang on Adam Schiff’s sad political record.

What do you think about Democrats being so quick to blame Russia?

Does it undermine Trump’s ability to try and repair the relationship between the two countries?

Sound off in the comments below.


  1. Russia must be having a good time watching the Democrat’s soap opera,i don’t think this will harm the relations with them.

  2. When one hears how far left Rep. Schiff is, how brain-washed he is towards only Leftist thoughts, the realization must strike one that Schiff is a poor, thought-poisoned politico who is in dire need of a lobotomy.

  3. I must agree with you. Jerry Brown gave his last speech, thank God he will be out soon. Now if we can get rid of the rest of them maybe CA can become great again. But I doubt it. Too many illegals here voting and killing people.

  4. Every despotic group in history has fixated on some scapegoat to divert attention away from their own shortcomings. That the Democrats have chosen Russia as their scapegoat is to be expected.

  5. The DemocRATs are trying to invent problems that are not there because they want to take the blame off themselves. But it won’twork because we know they are at fault for EVERYTHING!!!

  6. > To D0J etc. Mr. Mueller, FYI: You Remain<<< under the Auspices of the P0TUS – At ALL Times, Until Further Notice…

  7. Well – sometimes sp is a ‘sticky’ old keyboard/ mis-hits etc
    > Cut some ‘slack’ Unless it’s Real 0bvious, per sub-English language…

  8. Please do a grammar/spell check before posting. You do the rest of us a distinct disservice when you do not.

  9. Democrats, Donkey, Dumb!!!!!
    They are liars and who represents them but the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Frederika Wilson, Perez, Maxine Waters, Schiff and others that show just how feckless they really are. They are ignorance personafied loudmouths. I shudder when I hear Maxine Waters speak. What a poor example to represent black women, and another like Frederika Wilson. How these stupid people get in our government is amazing and sickening.

  10. Aren’t we all?? The chances of that happening, though, are about the same as you hitching a ride to the moon on the next shuttle.

  11. Major foe … that’s true. Russia under Putin rule become a major threat. Hillary and Obama are traitors. End of story.

  12. You’re absolutely correct. All this is pure deflection from themselves. Their offense is growing thin with injuries. They have no defense, so the tide is about to swing big time. Can’t wait!!!

  13. Uranium One stands out as a major deal with Russia. When Obama took office, the reset button was supposed to launch a new relationship. Well, by the time Obama left office, Russia became a major foe. What happened? More importantly, it happened while Obama was in office and controlling the relationship. Just another failure on the list of many failures.

  14. They’ve been silenced by their leaders. Most of the rank and file have been doing the job as tasked. Their findings never see light of day as they have to pass the leadership. That is why so much will come out soon about the REAL work they have been doing in the background.

  15. Crime is Crime no matter which party the perpetrators are from. Lock them ALL up. I used to think there were some stand up people in the FBI but where are they and where the hell have they been?

  16. All one has to do to understand Shiffless – Feinstein – Waters – Pelosi and Jerry Brown is look at what a s**thole California has become under their “outstanding” leadership. California truly is Paradise Lost and they are to blame.

  17. We the People must say … “I vote no confidence in Mueller investigation and high level agents of the FBI.”

    It’s bad. Bad as the IRS scandal.

    I’m hoping for honest liberal representatives to join the conservative representatives to form the anti-corruption task force to begin the process of naming those who are suspected of being involved in all the on-going sh-t, starting with the Clinton Foundation that seems to control all the branches (Uranium One, DNC scandal, Iran nuclear deal, etc). Don’t forget to include John McCain. Also, there is a need of indictments against George Soros.

    I am hoping for honest people …

  18. Hey Fungstien and Sniff, all of your claims of Russian intervention are leading me to believe that your strings are the ones being pulled by the Russians.

  19. The dems are doing what they do best “LIE” ABOUT EVERYTHING. While WASTING OUR MONEY. It’s what they do!

  20. The Russian collusion witch hunt has gone on so long without one ounce of evidence that any collusion occurred ; the left can’t quit now ! If they do before the midterms it will show how desperately incompetent the left truly is ! Hell the last administration had plenty of dealings with Russia and noboby seemed concerned about that ! Libtard double standard !

  21. It’s just their continuing effort to point fingers at someone other than who’s REALLY guilty of collusion… Hillary and Obama. We’re talking NUKES here, folks. That’s some really serious business. They have done everything in their power to keep it quiet, and out of the limelight, but it really isn’t a secret anymore. They can’t go on like this forever. Sooner or later, the truth always comes to light.


  23. This nonsense is out of hand. The Democrats are top of their heads deep in fake news and jumping to conclusions that are baseless. If anyone is acting like “stubborn children” it is the Democrats. They have little to actually base anything they say is true, on supporting facts. It is all rumors and propaganda that needs to be tossed in the trash can, and burned. Smart people need to support the Republican party. The foolish, and those seeking to blame others for anything they do not like, will continue to support the democrats

  24. According to the idiots Russia is responsible for almost everything they dont like. Trump causes wildfires, hurricanes. So wh9 do I blame when I dont poop regular. I guess that be next Russia colluded with Trump to control body functions

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