Limousine liberals are rooting against America to spite Donald Trump

Liberal celebrities continue to prove just how out-of-touch they are with the American people.

The economy is thriving under President Trump’s America First policies and it’s driving liberals crazy.

But some of their most recent outbursts have exposed just how deranged their views truly are.

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher admitted he’s hoping for a recession in order to hurt President Trump.

“Because I think one way you get rid of Trump is a crashing economy. So please, bring on the recession,” he said to a smattering of applause. “Sorry if that hurts people, but it’s either root for a recession or you lose your democracy.”

Even MSNBC was forced to cover Maher’s ridiculous comments, with host Stephanie Ruhle admitting, “When you see celebrities say, ‘I hope the economy bottoms out,’ to get rid of Trump, I think that helps Trump.”

But that wasn’t all.

At the Tony Awards, Robert De Niro received a standing ovation from the crowd for twice saying, “F*** Trump.”

CBS scrambled to censor the expletives in the live broadcast here in America, but clips emerged online showing it aired unedited internationally.

That wasn’t De Niro’s only recent bizarre anti-Trump tirade.

Speaking at an awards ceremony for a group of HIGH SCHOOL students, De Niro let lose a stream of obscenities directed toward Trump.

“So what about the truth? What does the truth even mean today? I mean, if you’re Donald Trump it doesn’t mean anything. If you’re cowardly Republican enablers in Congress you don’t let the truth stand in the way of pathetically clinging to power. Our country is led by a president who believes he can make up his own truth. And we have a word for that — bulls***.

“For example, you might say, as have many professionals, that Trump manifests a serious mental illness that renders him psychologically incapable of discharging duties of the President of the United States. That he’s afflicted with a narcissistic personality disorder.

“That he’s a congenital liar. A mean-spirited, soulless, amoral, abusive con-artist son of a b****. F*** Donald Trump. And I say this, cause I am not political, but I am now. You guys are the future.”


He went on to compare Trump to Hitler, and at that point, Breitbart noted, one woman could be heard saying, “Inappropriate. What does this have to do with the kids?”

It’s a fair question.

But for Limousine liberals suffering from severe cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome, their outrageous behavior is all “excused” because in their minds they’re standing athwart the rise of the next Hitler.

“Delusional” barely begins to describe their outlook.

America is thriving under President Trump’s America First policies.

By cutting taxes and regulations and seeking to establish more fair trade policies with our allies, Trump is unleashing America’s entrepreneurial spirit more than any President in recent history.

And because of this, out-of-touch liberals will continue rooting against America — to spite Trump.

Do you think these anti-Trump outbursts will hurt Democrats in the 2018 Midterms?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. I don’t vote for Trump (or not vote) because of what anybody says about Trump! I like what I see and HOW HE ACTS. IF HE DIDN”T DO WHAT I WANT IN MOST THINGS, I WOULD NOT VOTE FOR HIM! Right now he is right down my alley!

  2. All Their acts just add truth to the statement made by Doctor savage: LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER.

  3. Hey BUTCHY, ‘we’ Here, KNOW the diff ‘tween the Real You,
    & the fake. It’s 0bvious. ppl are answering to the new
    paid ‘troll’ in town. Too bad, some here can’t identify
    ‘trolls’, then respond to them. This ‘Bill’ person is
    ‘bad news’, like Dee, Howard, Frances, HAHA HAAA. They
    are ‘smarmy smork dorks’. Actually they are a Good LOL.

  4. Open your eyes and ears Mahr! We are getting OUR DEMOCRACY back under President Trump and not becoming slaves to the Progressive Global takeover Obama and Soros dreamed of and tried to achieve. Thank you President Trump for standing up for America and restoring our values and history.

  5. Do right. This waste of space ignoramus piece of dirt is obviously a traitor lefty who would rather have obama d stroking countries killing and displacing millions which this ignoramus brown tongue idiot cannot see or, hillary who was expected to open the fema camps and start slaughtering Americans with guillotines , obama purchased in their hundreds of thousands and placed them in all fema camps along with millions of plastic coffins ready and waiting. Did he read the NWO book by Kalgeri? His beloved democrats follow to the latter? Perhaps he can research on google or youtube to see them.!!! What a nasty rude evil man? How much did Soros pay him?


  7. Only time will tell who is the con man and who has been lying to our country and they will be rewarded for their evil deed.

  8. Di Niro is a f*^@+*g GAFONE, If you don’t know what a Gafone is ,ask any decent law abiding, hard working Italian/American

  9. It is such a shame for our NEWS WORLD that they rather publish Words that came out from GARBAGE MOUTHS and, HATE FILLED ACTIONS than to print out the TRUTH! That TRUTH is, our President is BRINGING our beloved America back on HER way to be GREAT AGAIN, all are in REALITY! May be the News Media is Envious of OUR President that is why they are avoiding printing the Truth, but they have the time and space to print and gave praise to that Hate Filled Face and Shameful Words! If not, why not print all the good things HE HAS ACCOMPLISHED IN SUCH A SHORT TIME? But, have all the time and space to print All those BASENESS acts and words of Hatred and Destruction toward our President? It is the results of ENVY! The Press is envious of the Success of our President! Too bad that the DNC COULD NOT BRING THEMSELVES to FACE the FACTS that their Destructiveness towards our President is doing themselves and the Country HARM! They are promoting VIOLENCE! We must Bring DECENCY back to our Society! To use Foul Language against one’s neighbor is an violation of that NEIGHBOR’S Personal Dignity~ it is like beating up on him with some kind of a heavy Instrument! It is Verbal Abuse to our President! It is a Violation of His Personhood~ His personal Dignity and Goodness! IT should be punished by LAW! It was an act of Violence upon our President Publicly, they use the photo which they took to proof that moment of action with PRIDE, they were all PROUD OF IT! The Court must looks into this, so to prevent Copy CATS in the Future!

  10. Gerald Ladd, isn’t it sad how many people are nothing more than sheep who are so ignorant they would blindly follow any moron who dishes out false hopes and false promises straight through the gates of hell.

  11. Now people don’t be so hard on little butchy. He probably hasn’t a friend in the world, has most likely been diagnosed with multiple mental issues, he’s nothing more than a wimpy little coward who hides behind a keyboard spewing lies and fairytales in a failing effort to try to get some attention from just one person who would be just as deranged as he is.

  12. Meredith
    Yes, you are correct these wacko’s were born with talent, but they are disturbed, and it seems that’s way with a majority of this type person. Being born gay is just what it means, it is not their fault,as none of us decide our gender,God does that. It is how they distance themselves from the majority of peoples which causes them mental anguish regardless if they are gay, or just far out their like DiNero and Maher who still hasn’t recovered admitting he was Jewish at 22 years old. Both know what they are doing but they made their money, are old men now and don’t care. The other Fops will still hire them as long as they have a big enough Fop audience.


  14. Dinero and Maher are nothing more than entertainers who have ceased to be entertaining. Dinero is a disgusting , foul mouthed, ass who thinks we give a damn what he has to say. Hollywood cheered his foul comments which shows you how truly ignorant most of the liberals are. It turns out that Dinero is like the scum he has played in his roles. His vocabulary appears to be limited to curse words. I would love to knock his teeth out. And Bill Maher is about as worthless as they come. Hollywood and the NFL have a lot in common. A bunch of spoiled, overpaid, foul mouthed,semi ignorant brats who contribute nothing to the country.

  15. Well said. Democrats have proven they aren’t capable of running anything. They have one agenda…well two….take down Trump and dictate to the country. I can’t imagine why any self respecting American would want to be affiliated with the Democratic Party.

  16. Butchy…..tell us HOW he is a con man. You liberals rn iff at the mouth and make up any story that suits you. Have you talked about the proven criminals that Obama and Hillary are ?

  17. You are showing your idiot side ….just shut the F up and nobody will notice how much of a moron you are!!

  18. Billy, wish I could think of some of these post. yours is a good one, and you can see who is buying their goods and trying too resale them.

  19. I am so glad people are talking about communism again. It’s still alive and well Perhaps even amount some so-called republicans They will go anywhere they can gey a foot in the door.

  20. I agree and how anyone can be a democrat is beyond any sense of reality. These people are delusional!!!

  21. Just look at the failed track record of these limo libs over the past 30 years….and look how rediculous dinero and bill Mayer sound….as if they have contributed any effort to solving inner city crimes or the problems around the world….president trump has done more for your average everyday Democrat and Republican in 500 days…than Obama ever did in 8 years…

  22. All of Hollywood stars have closed mine they are only capable of reading a script or having other people telling them what to think. If you would ask them to read a book of facts about our President, they would refuse because they do not want to believe anything other what they seem to think they know. We have been blessed to have Donald Trump as our President.

  23. Based on the obstruction of the Democratic Party has cteated Trump is by far the best President we’ve had since Reagan. In my 83 years I’ve never seen such a pathetic anti- American Democratic party which has ni program to run on and only anti anti. All I can say thamk God gor TRUMP. He us saving our country almost by himself. Even decent Democrats can’t believe how corrupt their party has bevome. Pathetic.!!!

  24. These guys have made a ton a $$ the capitalist way. In their early years they had nothing to say just act and make $$. Now they’re washed up but have enough $$ and need recognition so they now act as if they know anything.

  25. Parroting a left wing lie. Trying to find anything to make you feel good about losing an election that was “in the bag”.

  26. Bill Maher is rooting for a recession or we lose your democracy.” Bill, the US is a constitutional republic “NOT” a democracy. Rule by the omnipotent majority. In a DEMOCRACY, an individual, and any group of individuals composing any minority, have no protection against the unlimited power of the majority. A REPUBLIC is similar to a representative democracy except it has a written constitution of basic rights that protect the minority from being completely unrepresented or overridden by the majority. Billy wants to be in a Democracy so the minority has no say.

    Many liberal “professionals” say that President Trump manifests a serious mental illness according to Bobbie D that renders him psychologically incapable of discharging duties of the President of the United States. That he’s afflicted with a narcissistic personality disorder. It seems to be working well for him, we need someone who speaks his mind, on the other hand, Robbie D. is effected with a serious case of Trump Derangement Syndrome TDS and the mental disorder called Liberalism.

  27. When liberals make statements against the American people that will hurt them doing the midterms and in 2020. The left is their own worst enemy. Let them keep talking.

  28. Using Public Broadcasting allows these attack dogs to avoid legal backlash. If NBC, CNN, ABC, etc. broadcast this junk, they FCC could fine them out of business. This is just another example of laws and regulations being ignored and not enforced. President Trump, use you power to clean up the airwaves. Stop allowing the use of taxpayers’ money to fund this propaganda.

  29. Those people are so Dumb that they do not understand what is called the Natural Law of Balance! That is “As ye sow so shall ye reap!” In other word, it means what goes about comes about! Have yet to see anyone who lives in hatred wished evil onto others lived in PEACE! And how their Off-Springs suffer so to Pay Back? Their pains are in more ways than one!! Very sad stories… Look at the HISTORIES that are with Evil Doing FAMILIES… Never to hate anyone, nor wishing evil onto anyone! Nature does not plays Favoritism to any one race, creed nor LOOKS!

  30. Your so right but you left out that Obama ran the biggest criminal organization in our history that included the IRS,SOS, DOJ, FBI, EPA, Dept. of Energy and committed treason by giving up 20% or our uranium to Russia and we know the Clintons got 140 million and you know Obama would not accept less and now is running a shadow government trying to get rid of Trump because Trump is getting rid of everything Obama did to this country.

  31. It’s despicable that deNiro is allowed to spew such vile hatred and lies and people accept it.
    And in front of high school, students . What a disgrace to every American!
    DeNiro has never read a history book and knows nothing about Hitler. Maybe he can’t read?
    He definitely is afflicted with that mental disease known as liberalism along with Trump derangement syndrome! Yet these same people supported an illegal President obama for his eight years of destruction to the American way of life! God Bless Pres Trump and the summit with Kin Jong. MAGA. Go Trump,2020????????????????????????????????????????

  32. your helping the America turn America a republic bring America back to the People love President Trump you liberal better believe it oor put all of you out of America America don’t need hear at all

  33. You libtards want the lib democrat Nazi communist party to run the country like this fool here!!!You libtards should move out of the country and go to Russia or somewhere else and live with your own kind!ASAP! President Trump and America’s patriots will accommodate you!

  34. Liberals are laying out the best political ads for elections. Americans see liberals as totally anti American and will vote them out of office. Keep up the great work liberals.

  35. Please don’t remind the demoncraps about Mickey. About 2 million of them voted for him in 2012 & 2016. We don’t need them trying that stunt again.

  36. You are correct. I don’t understand why anyone would take any one from Hollyweird’s thoughts period. All they are are overpaid entertainers, dope smoking, addicts that think we should pay attention to everything they say. Nope, don’t think so. You can’t even keep your State out of trouble so don’t tell us anything on how to run a country. Yeah, can you imagine voting for a party with Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Chuck Shumer, the Lee lady from Huston as their leaders. I would rather vote for Mickey Mouse as he would do a better job.

  37. I’ve never really taken anything Hollywood says literally. I’ve always just thought they say anything to get themselves recognized; especially if their careers are lagging. Dumb s!?t like that won’t hurt Trump. I mean has anyone in the movies ever been anyone’s hero, they are all a bunch of f?,.ed up people, who think because they have money they can make difference… that’s what’s BS.

  38. I agree! Furthermore after reading the despicable, disgusting, anti American remarks Robert DeNiro raged, then POS Maher I almost upchucked. They think they are so important people actually swallows their very bigoted, nasty & irresponsible garbage. Celebrity has become a dirty word & it fits!!!

  39. Agree>>>The American people need to come out in the 2018 elections and vote ; then President Trump/Pence can finish up throwing out the trash, Keeping America Great through 2020 ! Copy, share, post to all… not get complacent. Trump 2020!!!

  40. I can only hope that the FCC would act accordingly to punish Hollywood and DeNiro. Suspend the Tony Award public broadcasting privilege next year.

    As you know, you would see the likes of this situation when Obama was the president. How do you justify that? Use the FCC. I would. The liberals control almost every media including social media that helped Trump winning the president. Now FB and Google are trying to change the tide. The next election is coming …

    Trump 2020!

  41. Finally someone at Fox News and Friends not speaking “fake news” The summit of 2 dictators taking place. No truer words spoken!!!!!

  42. What a sad day in America that we have become. President Trump is taking care of all middle and poor Americans and the elite don’t like it because they are not special anymore. Oh Shucks!


  44. Well I have thought for long time that De Niro and Maher are nothing more than Low Life POS…. Every time one of them opens their mouth they just prove it…

  45. Limousine liberals are rooting against America to spite Donald Trump


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