Liz Cheney is going to hate it when the American people find out this terrible truth about her

Liz Cheney is finally out of Congress.

But Cheney is leaving in disgrace.

And Liz Cheney is going to hate it when the American people find out this terrible truth about her.

Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee finally obtained Donald Trump’s tax returns.

And in a massive violation of privacy, the Committee released six years’ worth of personal and business tax returns to the public.

Democrats then voted to pass legislation through the House to mandate that Presidential candidates must make their tax returns public.

Liz Cheney was one of five Republicans to support the bill.

Republicans warned Democrats that this precedent could come back to haunt them.

“While I would recommend it for all, the truth of the matter is at the end of the day this is political targeting,” House Ways and Means Committee Ranking Members Kevin Brady declared.

Conservatives will want to see a Republican majority make the Democrats pay for breaking that norm.

Members of Congress do not reveal their tax returns.

Some in Congress obtain generational wealth while serving.

When Liz Cheney entered Congress, she reported a net worth of $7,000,000.

By the time Cheney left Congress in 2023, her net worth exploded to $44,000,000.

“Since then, Cheney’s net worth has continued to grow–perhaps significantly. According to her 2020 Personal Financial Disclosure form, Cheney declared her net worth was estimated between $10,422,023 and $44,140,000 stemming from assets valued between $10,432,024 and $44,155,000. Cheney reported no earned income, gifts, or transactions. Yet Cheney declared she held three posts, which include a trustee position at the University of Wyoming, a member of a holding company, and what appears to be her family’s trust,” Breitbart reported.

Members of Congress draw a salary of $174,000 per year.

While that provides for a comfortable living, it is not the type of income that makes one fabulously rich.

Cheney only has to file a financial disclosure form.

Now Cheney is demanding Donald Trump make his tax returns public.

But Cheney wants to conceal the sources of her explosion in wealth from the American people.

Cheney’s net worth increasing six fold over six years in Congress represents everything the American people find objectionable about the Swamp.

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