Liz Cheney is going to hate what CNN just said about the January 6 Committee

Liz Cheney had no more loyal ally than CNN in her quest to use the January 6 Committee to bring down Donald Trump.

But Cheney just received some bad news.

And Liz Cheney is going to hate what CNN just said about the January 6 Committee.

CNN contributor Phil Mudd sparred with host Don Lemon over the political impact of the events of January 6 and the Committee’s investigation of it.

Lemon brought Mudd on to discuss the various witch hunts against Donald Trump.

Mudd explained that tens of millions of Americans now view the witch hunts as illegitimate.

As evidence, Mudd cited Liz Cheney’s 37-point loss in the Wyoming Congressional Primary.

Not only did Cheney vote to impeach Trump, but she also sat as the Vice Chair of the January 6 Commission and made it her top priority to see the former President criminally prosecuted.

Mudd told Lemon that Cheney’s historic margin of defeat was Republican voters sending a message to her and the Democrats that they view the January 6 Committee as a sham and that the Left overhyped what happened that day.

Mudd stated:

This story I think is underreported. Let’s put a few pieces together. Did you see how much Liz Cheney lost by? Unprecedented, almost. She lost by almost 40 points. My point is the American people are saying not only they’re angry, they’re saying we don’t like the Jan. 6 commission, you’re overrating what happened on Jan. 6…

…You fast forward to what Republicans said at the time of the raid. They’re saying defund the FBI.

Lemon tried to argue that Wyoming was just one small rural state.

But Mudd wasn’t having it.

Mudd pointed out it was not just Wyoming Republicans who are fed up with all the January 6 witch hunts.

Polls show the vast majority of Republicans are sticking by Donald Trump, and Mudd said that was evidence the entire Party – minus Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger – wanted to move on from January 6.

“Yeah. But if you look at the number of people who think January 6 is illegitimate – the number of people who continue to support [Trump], that’s a large percentage of the population, Don,” Mudd concluded.

Democrats and the media obsessively focus on January 6 because they think it is their last chance to bring criminal charges against Donald Trump and stop him from running in 2024.

Republicans can see that.

And that is why tens of millions of Americans view the January 6 Committee as illegitimate.

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