Liz Cheney made demand of Republicans that ended in one jaw-dropping result

RINO Congresswoman Liz Cheney was feeling tremendous pressure.

Cheney betrayed her voters and fellow House Republicans by voting to impeach Donald Trump.

And then Liz Cheney made demand of Republicans that ended in one jaw-dropping result.

On Wednesday, Republicans held a four hour long caucus meeting in large part to decide Liz Cheney’s fate as the number three ranking Republican in the House of Representatives.

Trump supporting Congressman Matt Rosendale and Matt Gaetz began circulating a petition to support removing Cheney from leadership.

At the meeting, Cheney refused to apologize for her vote or her harsh words, which Democrats used to defend their sham impeachment of Donald Trump.

“I think it is truly important that we not become the party that outlaws conscience,” Cheney declared during the meeting. “Several members have asked me to apologize for the vote, they’ve asked my colleagues who also voted to impeach to apologize for the vote. I owe you honesty, I owe you the truth, I cannot do that. It was a vote of conscience. It was a vote of principle—a principle on which I stand and still believe. Some people have said I should apologize for my statement or for the timing or for the content of it, and I tell you again, I cannot do that. I believe that my oath, I believe that all of our oaths, is more important than politics or partisanship or political pressure.”

Cheney then demanded Republican leadership allow a vote on removing her.

The vote was held by secret ballot – which played to Cheney’s strength in the Washington, D.C. Swamp – and she emerged victorious 145-61.

While Cheney won a victory on her home turf in Washington, D.C., but back in Wyoming polls showed Cheney with a 73 percent disapproval rating among Republicans and trailing a primary challenger by 30 points.

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