Loretta Lynch found out some bad news that will turn her life upside down

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch was at the center of the Obama administration’s “spygate” scandal.

As the head of the Justice Department, Lynch supervised the FBI’s Russia investigation.

And now Loretta Lynch is about to get some bad news that will turn her life upside down.

Former FBI officials like disgraced director James Comey and his lackey former general counsel James Baker, made the media rounds in advance of Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on FBI FISA abuses during the 2016 election.

They are clearly nervous about what Horowitz will find and are trying to spin the story in their favor before the report comes out in order to shape the news coverage.

But Baker’s appearance on CNN betrayed his unease.

He said he expected the Inspector General to find the FBI made mistakes.

Breitbart reports:

Former FBI General Counsel James Baker conceded that the Department of Justice inspector general will find that the bureau made “mistakes” during its counter investigation into now-debunked collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 presidential election.

“The inspector general is looking at everything we did,” Baker told CNN, per the Washington Examiner. “If the IG usually finds mistakes that we made, so I expect him to find mistakes this time.”

The former FBI official’s remarks come as Inspector General Michael Horowitz is expected to complete his review of alleged surveillance abuses committed by the Justice Department and FBI related to Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court applications regarding former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page. Attorney General William Barr has stated the probe could wrap up by May or June. Meanwhile, Barr has assigned U.S. Attorney for the District of Connecticut John Durham to look into the origins of the FBI’s investigation into the Trump campaign, the New York Times reported Monday.

If the FBI made any mistakes, they ultimately fall in the lap of Loretta Lynch.

As Attorney General, Lynch allowed the FBI to target the Trump campaign with a politically motivated spying operation in order to disrupt Trump’s chances of winning the 2016 election.

Many Americans believe it is high time for Congress to haul Lynch in for questioning.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Do you think LYNCH will be the one that Democrats throw under the bus or is it too
    late and BARR wants all their hides?

  2. We the American people need to demand justice. They need to be put on the witness stand and questioned under oath for all the American people to see.

  3. crucifi every last one of them and if 1 of them is a muslim hang pigs head with them Obama will scream while he is hanging on the cross

  4. I look forward to the day these bastards are at Gitmo or better yet executed for treason and sedition. The liberals will go crazy because they are pathetic useful idiots. Hollywood will be cleaned out too and a lot of the rich and powerful will be jailed for crimes against humanity for their pedophilia, sex trafficking, etc. America truly will be Great Again with these low life criminals gone!!!

  5. Think there gonna put all these corrupt democraps in Green since they like go green deals so much, it will fit in with the Gitmo Green Mile taking there choice of hanging, firing squad, or taking the easy way out getting the needle! George Soros, Obama, and Hillary definitely dont deserve an easy way out from what theyve done to America! I think they should harvest the Organs and give them to someone who needs them more! See if they live without them! Take what’s left and make fertilizer out of it! Hopefully it dont poison the ground!

    • I think the public use of an old mafia style execution would be good, seeing them squirm around for 2 or 3 days while hanging from a meat hook would be a very good deterrent for others with the wrong ideas.

  6. I’m waiting for the perp walks, and mug shots. I think they would all look good in orange jumpsuits with DOC on the back. I’ve been waiting since 2008.

  7. I would seriously like a responce from all to this question:
    How would the failure to convict those repsonsible for Trump-Gate affect you and our nation? This is just my curiosity, so please be honest but short.

    • Failure to convict would be a travesty of Justice. You would have just arrived from MARS to not understand that Obama, Clinton, and their Stooges are going to go down. That’s also the prayer of the DEPLORABLE ONES.

  8. Really. This was about as much of mistake as throwing a bucket of gasoline on a controled burn. These bastards knew EXACTLY what they were doing. Every damn one involved knew they were committing treason, subversion and conspiracy. They were all working in a conjoined effort, knew which part each was to perform and aware of each other’s actions. From Hussein Obama to Hillary to the lowest law clerks AT DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, Congress who had a part in this disgusting crime THEY ALL KNEW. They had to or it would never have worked as far as it did. There can only be one penalty for the above crimes which attempted to subvert one of our most cherished rights of a fair election, abuse of the federal court system, use of damn near every federal law enforcement agencies and work them as a private Gestapo to achieve the unseating of an acting president and damage an individual’s reputation and all who associated with him, knowingly using and designating known false information obtained from a known foreign agents and paid for by one of the world’s most corrupt persons. This calls for the death penalty and for the lesser criminals life to twenty years in a hardened federal penitentiary. There can be no “mercy” as this is the most terrible crimes against our country and her people. “Mizz” Lynch was a key component in the the whole sickening affair and she obviously deserves a capital penalty. I can live with this.

  9. She’ll sit her big fat ass down in front of congress and say “I don’t recall” a few hundred times and nothing will be done to this criminal liar

  10. Eccl. 1;9 “There’s nothing new under the sun, that which was,shall be again, there’s no new thing under the sun”
    Now the the Dem’s “{SHIP” is taking on water, just look for all the “RATS”, to leave the ship, and begin pointing fingers at the others!
    Sadly, they all think the Bible is a dead book!But look at who is dying, at the Polls?

  11. I was wondering how long it would take the democrats to spin this. They are trying to change the word Treason to mistake. They will say we weren’t sure if the dossier was fake, or not, so we started the investigation and now we see we just made a mistake.

    • Regrettably I believe you are right. The left knows how to spin the truth into a lie. They always have, they are masters at it.

      • This is only because they have a mob of sycophants following them and they will believe anything these leftists feed them.

  12. Clean up the entire government. Kick their asses out. We, the American Taxpayer, have been enslaved by the political class and it is time to throw off the chains.
    They take our money, in taxes, they try, continuously to take our guns, because they don’t trust us(?). Well, I don’t trust them and they need to go.

  13. Put her on the stand so we can her more coincidental bullshit. Hillary didn’t know what a new intern would know about communications security. Slick Willie and Lynch encounter wasn’t obstruction? Comey was ordered down by Obama. He didn’t filter through all of the evidence turned over on freak congressman’s computer in 3 days. He saved Hillary’s chance at the election by criminal conspiracy, not hurt her. Questioning Trump about obstruction on saying, “I wish they would leave him alone”, referring to Gen. Flynn. Trump knew how many crybaby politicians were in DC and knew with their trickery how they could ruin someone like Flynn, which they did. Flynn couldn’t recall a specific date and was tagged with perjury. I wish Trump wouldn’t run for President next time. Let the progressives collapse us real fast, we’ll kill them all and start fresh with a little bit of morality.

  14. am waiting for the 5AM raids on the homes, and the swat teams in full force, and the perp walks, you know just like Mueller did for people he went after.

    And might have to do that considering the funds that these people have and the passports and access to travel.

  15. Foreign collusion into American elections is nothing new as this is been going on for years. If Russia colluded in the 2016 presidential election, they couldve done it without Trump’s help. Regardless if Trump did it or not, the results of that election would have been the same as Hellary lost that election with preaching that left wing white male hating communist open borders shit that turned many voters off which made her loose it.

  16. Loretta Lynch is a criminal. She should know the laws and protect the human rights, but she didn’t …

    She needs to be subpoenaed now.

    • LIKE
      “””SHIT IS GOING
      TO HIT THE

  17. Wait for Loretta Lynch and other Obama Administration officials to fight against Barr indictments by using their tried and true “R” cards, Race and Religion! AG Barr will be tarred as racist and a disciple of the Devil!

  18. I think that we should all pray for a successful investigation by Barr and Horowitz and done as quickly as possible before the 2020 elections. let them call a spade a spade as there are a lot of spades waiting to be dealt with in the demonic-rat party to be dealt with and then lets move on.

  19. this crook can die nobody care one more high leader immoral, we had better to put hem in jail for the rest of her life.


    • The entire odummy gang is guilty. Every last one. That Kenyan Muslim really pulled the wool over the dumbocraps eyes didn’t he. All should be hung for treason. Including the Clinton’s.

  20. You right wingers are so ignorant you don’t know who she is even. Certainly more honest than anyone Trump has ever selected.

    • u r a pos…all of u snowflakes need to be put in a container with holes in it and be thrown into the ocean..you could be put out of our misery as well as yours..the obama was one of the most crooked bunches that we’ve ever had in office

    • Joe the DUMBER Plumber, my plumber says you have to know 3 things to be a plumber: hot is on the left, cold is on the right, and $HIT rolls downhill. That is a for you, considering you are at the bottom of the $HIT HOLE.

    • Joe the Plumber I believe you’re showing the “Crack” in your armor. I bet you believe the innocent “Tarmac Meeting” was a discussion of grandkids. Keep pumping that plunger your colon is stuffed with all that shit CNN, MSNBC keeps feeding you. What a DimWit

    • joe, like they say in the us Army .Pull your head out your #@&* and see that you know nothing about nothing . Did you pass first grade in school? You have the right to remain SILENT. USE IT.

    • It appears like you have the same value and meaning of corruption and thereby must be a Democrat. no matter what they do it is okay based on their version of greater good which is great only for them and their lust for power.

    • I am ignoring this twit JOE THE DUMBER PLUMBER. He is a punk adolescent who lives in his parents basement. Just a LIBTARD!!!!!

  21. If I get into a bad mood during the next few months, I will turn on the computer or TV and watch them TURN AGAINST each other to try to avoid prosecution.

    If any of them have any brains, they would instruct their attorneys to confess completely to the attempted Coup and turn the other “players” in.

    During conspiracy prosecutions, the best “deal” goes to the conspirator who turns evidence first.

    If I were their defense attorney, I would advise all of them to shut up and give no more interviews or public comments.

    Above all, I cannot believe how stupid they are. There was a time they believed Hillary Clinton could prevent their prosecution.

    Betting against Donald Trump has never been a good idea.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  22. Just “talk” and MORE “talk”….00’bozo and his minions are LAUGHING their heads off about us all….!!! BUT, on the other hand, 00’bozo is spending a whole lot of time abroad….WAITING for the hammer to come down..??? Well, I am sure CERTAIN countries who DON’T have an extradition policy with the USA are WAITING for his arrival too, as well as the clintons…!!!!

  23. We. Will. Observe. …… the. People. Close. To. Obama. While. In. Office, those. That. “Covered”. For. Him. Just. May. Be. Exposed. … then. What????

  24. We. Will. Observe. …… the. People. Close. To. Obama. While. In. Office, those. That. “Covered”. For. Him. Just. May. Be. Exposed. … then. What????

    • Well, they had a big fat nothing burger with Trump…but, this one is loaded and with fries on the side!! Hoping justice will prevail and french fry them all!!

      • Exactly and they can take their time like the Dumb Silly Stupid Moron Democrats wasting all our tax money as they believe their own lies, COLLUSION, FOOLS ALL. Democrats come to be with all lies as they teach that to Illegals to Lie to get in, lots and lots of lies. So they are original lies the Democrats.

  25. It’s Detective 101, find someone high on the left guilty offer a plea and get the real truth. Find someone under Loretta Lynch because she belongs in jail. Then we’ll see how high up it goes !!!

  26. It’s Detective 101, find someone high on the left guilty offer a plea and get the real truth. Find someone under Loretta Lynch because she belongs in jail. Then we’ll see how high up it goes !!!

    • Loretta Lynch and Obama and Clinton all deserves to be in jail for treasonous acts against America and the America people including selling our uranium to Russian!!!

  27. I think the survival of our democratic republic hangs on AG Barr getting to the bottom of the crimes committed by the Muslim usurper and all the scum bags who had anything to do with his fraud of a “Presidency”. They all need to be busted and hanged for treason. Then we should turn to CONgress and start indicting all who have betrayed their Oath of Office.

  28. There may be more Clinton, Inc. fingerprints on this than POTUS Barry’s. POTUS BJ is the one who appointed Loretta in the first place. She’s indebted to the Clinton’s, big time. Unless Barr can uncover irrefutable evidence and get people to talk, the ‘Swamp’ will circle the wagons and protect their own. Remember Sandy Berger’s, aka ‘Burgler’, pilfering documents from the archives, then claiming it was an inadvertent mistake?!!! He skated. Look at Mueller, a life long member of the silk panty, legal beagle community. His job was to gather evidence and present it to the AG. Though not legally changed to rendered his opinion, if he had any stones he could have and the Dems plus the MSM would have backed him 100%. Instead, he submits these findings then whines about AG Barr’s interpretation. Can you say, “Profiles of Wussdom”?

  29. Look, just arrest them all from the Obama administration and sent them all to GITMO for the Military Tribunal for High Treason and then hanged by the neck. We also need Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Nadler to be arrested and sent to GITMO along with all three Radical Islamic So-Called Congresswomen. So they are taking God out of America now and replace God’s Christianity with Islam and the pervert child molester Mohammed?

    • TheMadMan: Let’s not forget to include Schiff and Schumer and Waters (for inciting violence if nothing else. Too bad there’s no law against being perpetually stupid.) Then there’s the head of the gang of opposition, liars and thieves, the Clinton Cartel; they’re up to their eyeballs in all of this. I’m sure the Divider-in-Chief, Liar-in-Chief and his VP, now presidential candidate, “Uncle” Joe. They had to know what was going on, in detail, chapter and verse. If NObama had any morals or was an honorable man, he’d have roped them all in and put a stop to it.

  30. I want to see Barr get to the bottom of all the corrupt activity of the past adm. I’m sick to death of what has taken place inside the beltway. Our POTUS is right, It’s Time to Drain the Swamp. The far left commie leaning demonRats have to be stopped and Americans deserve to know what their government has been doing. God Bless America.
    MAGA 2020

  31. They are ALL corupt and should be arrested and executed for their treasonous behavior. They must all FORFEIT their penison benefits.

    • Absolutely they are NOT entitled to any money for such a horrendous thing that they did to a citizen of the United States that running for the highest office to serve the people and be so horribly treated by people that also served in some of the most prestigious offices we have. They make me ashamed to have to say I know of them. President Trump is a outstanding man to deal with such atrocities as he has done!!

  32. No Joe the Painter they all need to rot in HELL including the Clintons. Don’t act like this is a toddler peeing in his pants. This is a crime and if a Republican did this you can bet your undies they would be prosecuted. Open your eyes man and realize that DemoRATS were going after Trump and failed. They did everything they could think off to throw him out of office even spying on him!!

    • If the Russians in any way influenced the outcome of the 2016 election and President Vladimir Put was in any way involved, then we owe the Russian government and Putin a debt of gratitude. otherwise we might be stuck with Lying crooked Hillary. To use someones elses remark, Russia didn’t make me vote for Trump, Hillary did. The thieving scumbag

    • Marcia: They weren’t just trying to fix an election. After inauguration, they were trying to pull off a coup, removing a duly elected sitting President. That is the very definition of treason.

      • President Trump was out for a walk when he found an albino goose. He took the goose home, fed it, put a red hat on its head, and put it in a cage. The next morning he checked on it and noticed the goose had laid a golden egg. Here are the top ten responses to this story from liberal democrats:
        10) President Trump should be investigated for lying to the American people. He said it’s a goose and we’re pretty sure it’s a duck.
        9) President Trump should not be allowed to keep the goose without the approval of Congress.
        8) President Trump should be impeached because he conspired with Russia to hide the goose from the Democrats.
        7) President Trump is a racist because he only found a white goose.
        6) Donald Trump jr. should be investigated because we think he gave the goose water to drink.
        5) President Trump needs to show ten years of his tax returns so Democrats can investigate where he bought the feed that produced the golden egg.
        4) President Trump should be charged with obstruction of justice. Every time we ask him if it’s a duck, he says, “If it walks like a goose and quacks like a goose it probably has webbed feet”.
        3) President Trump is unAmerican because he put the goose in a cage.
        2) President Trump hates women because he wouldn’t let the goose abort the golden egg.
        1) President Trump is a Nazis because he put a red hat on the goose.

        For more great humor watch your favorite liberal news station, they report stories just as unbelievable and hilarious on a daily basis.

    • Lynch, comey, brennan, clapper (hopefully it will go up/down to obamba) and other incompetent “crooked and leaders” in the Alphabet Agency’s are sweating bullets.

      Guys, we’re in for a treat as each one rolls over on the other in an attempt to save their own hides. 😊

      The DNC’s Primary-Clown-Show will be the icing on the cake!

  33. Anyone with dreams of a Clinton Obama Cabal member getting even mildly criticized let alone prosecuted will be severely disappointed. Other than Trump, Tom Fitton and Jim Jordan, no one in Washington DC has the courage to prosecute any Cabal member.

  34. They drug the republicans thru the mud now its the democrats turn and this time there is plenty of dirt to find

  35. When HSBC bank of England was busted for laundering billions of dollars worth of drug cartel and terrorist money – Loretta Lynch tried that case – she let the defendants go with a slap on thr wrist. Mueller and Comey were also involved in this case and Eric Holder was the Attorney General. The Clintons “received” $85,000,000 from HSBC account holders and Loretta Lynch became Attorney General. The way that HSBC laundered that money was to run it through “dummy accounts” set up with the information form former legitimate account holders – so who knows where that money the Clintons got really came from. Should be looked at. Then you have the emails released that showed the infamous meeting on the tarmac was about Bill Clinton offering Loretta Lynch a seat on the Supreme Court if she could make the investigations and nay charges against Hillary go away. The seat Clinton was offering was Justice Antonin Scalia’s. Many people think Scalia died under mysterious conditions – that too is being looked at again. How deep does this stuff go?

  36. THis black bitchhhh needs long prison time along with Obama, Holder and all the other crimianl democrats we know who they are oh don’t forget comey, so many more spygate can and should never happen again there must be a example made of these criminal democrats stiff prison time is the only way. The other way to add is Term limits Term limits Term limits.

      • No Joe the Painter they all need to rot in HELL including the Clintons. Don’t act like this is a toddler peeing in his pants. This is a crime and if a Republican did this you can bet your undies they would be prosecuted. Open your eyes man and realize that DemoRATS were going after Trump and failed. They did everything they could think off to throw him out of office even spying on him!!

      • Instead of saying what you think Christ would say, quote someone you have a personal relationship with (satin).

    • Agree they have committed treason to America and the American people and we the people need to over thro this corrupt government of ours it’s time !! They don’t listen to constitution unless it benifits them!!! It says they are supposed to a buy to every law they make us do like social security and Obama care and all they don’t cause they have changed constitution to benefit them!!! We the people need to ride up before it’s to late!!! This is why our for fathers put this stuff in constitution so law makers would make good laws!!!???!!! Cause they would have to follow them too!!! Wake up Americans!!!

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