Loretta Lynch gave one interview that just proved James Comey told one big lie

The rats are turning on one another.

James Comey made waves last June when he testified before Congress that Loretta Lynch asked him to line up his language with campaign talking points.

But Loretta Lynch gave one interview that called Comey’s whole testimony one big lie.

Comey revealed in his testimony that Lynch asked him to refer to the Clinton email investigation as a “matter.”

This was the same language the Clinton campaign was using and Comey said this made him feel uncomfortable.

But Lynch is saying this was a lie.

In an interview with NBC, Obama’s former Attorney General claimed Comey never expressed these sentiments.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Loretta Lynch cast aspersions on James Comey’s congressional testimony, in which he suggested the former attorney general had told the former FBI director to refer to the Hillary Clinton email probe as a “matter, not an investigation.”

“He said it made him feel strange,” NBC’s Lester Holt asked Lynch in an interview first previewed Monday. “He noted it. What did you mean when you said matter instead and not a investigation?”

“My first response was, ‘where, what is the issue here?’ I remember specifically talking with him — as we talked about sensitive things on a number of occasions,” she continued. “We often would have to discuss sensitive matters, sensitive issues, terrorism and the like, law enforcement policy and the like.”

“This was a very sensitive investigation, as everyone knew,” she claimed. “And the issue when he and I sat down at that time, which I think was early in the fall of 2015, was whether or not we were ready as an department to confirm an investigation going on, when we typically do not confirm or deny investigations into anything, with rare exceptions.”

“I can tell you that it was a meeting like any other that we had had, where we talked about the issues,” Lynch added when Holt asked if Comey questioned her “credibility” with regard to the Clinton investigation. “We had a full and open discussion about it.”

Comey has presented him as the last honest man in Washington.

But this could the second time he was caught in a fib during his testimony.

He told Congress he never knew about any anonymous leaks to the press.

But after Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was fired for misleading investigators about leaks he engineered to the press, he claimed it was done with Comey’s knowledge.

These two contradictions lead critics to call into question his claims about President Trump.

We will keep you up to date with any new developments in this one going story.