Loretta Lynch just supported a coup against Trump

Democrats have launched their “resistance” to Donald Trump.

And that has included government bureaucrats working to thwart his agenda.

Recently, Loretta Lynch made some comments many Americans found disturbing.

After Trump issued his executive orders temporarily pausing travel from seven terrorist hot spots for 90 days and pausing the refugee program for 120 days until proper vetting protocols can be put into place, the Left immediately mobilized in opposition.

Professional protesters and thugs swarmed airports across the nation.

Lawsuits were filed.

And since the Democrats were delaying confirmation of Jeff Sessions to become Attorney General, Sally Yates – an Obama appointee – was acting Attorney General.

She defied Trump’s lawful executive order and directed the Department of Justice not to defend it in court.

Yate gave no legal reasoning behind her decision, she took action because she didn’t like the policy.

Critics pointed out that a political appointee from a previous administration from the opposition party making policy carried the whiff of a coup.

Not Loretta Lynch.

She applauded Yates’ subverting the will of the people.

Loretta Lynch played a major role in the Obama administration leaving office, as possibly the most lawless administration in American history.

She is keeping up the disregard for the rule of law out of office by encouraging this bureaucratic mutiny.


  1. I think “GITMO” is the right place for this BUNCH OF THUGS — TREASON— keep it open and fill it up this is a good start

  2. I agree with most all of you. However, it occurs to me that most of our penitentiaries (federal and state) are overpopulated. Since she openly committed Treason with her support, she is guilty. Why should she receive constitutional protection of right to trial by jury? That costs a lot of money. A firing squad seems much more appropriate to me, is more effective and less expensive. Think about it.

  3. Loretta Lynch should have been prosecuted for not charging the Wall Street boys for all of their illegal handling of the mortgage fiasco. I just cannot understand how these people can believe that they can pick and chose which laws they plan to obey. I do not see the difference if I go out and rob a bank, and what these democrats are trying to pull. It is the same on immigration. How can you have immigration laws, but you have democrats that think it is OK for millions of illegals to remain in this country. They are a constant drain on our funds. They go to the schools to get free meals at a minimum of twice a day. Laws are laws, and they need to be obeyed.

  4. LOWretta and salLIE both need to be arrested for failure to comply with the President’s orders and removed from our government’s dicision making process and any office or job having any say so in our government. Trump needs to bury these two oBOZO has been’s in so much crap and paperwork they won’t see the light of day for the entire time Trump is in office. LOWretta needs to be charged with TREASON !!!!

  5. Despicable leftists. The truth is they never sought compromise. They’re tyrants standing outside howling that their turn at the helm should have been forever. Time to get even with these b*st*rds.

  6. Who in the hell made this comment about Lynch. She was and is far from the person ABC is trying to make her out to be. She is a communist and has come from a long line of communist. Now she is trying to continue with her liberal agenda. Her days are numbered and just like all the other liberals
    still in office, they will not win this battle with Trump. All the liberals are convincing me of is vote a straight republican tiket no matter who is running for office.

  7. This traitor should be first been fired after returning for her (“talk about grandchildren “) with the husband of someone under investigation. The draining of all this garbage is long over due.

  8. If an agency head willfully flouts an executive order, the boss reserves the authority to fire that person. A presidential executive order is the equivalent of a corporate CEO circulating a memo to one or more division heads. To say “I won’t comply” is to dare the boss to say “You’re fired.” And who knows more about saying “You’re fired” than Donald Trump? Nobody, that’s who!

  9. Total Agreement with Mr. King, If they are criminals, lock them up, including Schillary. I’m retired Military, and lived under the Security Laws for over 20 years, Violation meant Fort Worth Federal Prison. LOCK EM UP!

  10. lynch should be disbarred and arrested for her complicity in the disregard for the law during obamas tenure, she should have to do a few years in a federal prison and lose her license to practice law in any courtroom.

  11. All Republicans that I have contact with including sensible Democracts agree that Obama and his following left wing thugs have carried there losses to far and know have split the Nation. Be careful Obama it’s not very nice to Piss off so many people with all of your LIES. Stop trying to change us to believing your stupid idoligy, we are not as stupid as you might think and we are aware of what your trying to accomplish. IT’s NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

  12. This is better know is treason against America. No different that 8 years of this Muslim communist Obama.

  13. Please be careful calling this a coup. We don’t do that in America. It makes me want to go home and lock and load, and report to our militia. We have one here in Texas!

  14. My analogy is that of a patient on drugs going through rehabilitation; they hate everything that is good for them! We are extremely fortunate that the voting public finally saw the light of the Democratic B.S. and voted to correct the situation. We can expect Democratic lawlessness to continue until the patient is cured or dies. Either way, the country wins.

  15. Loretta Lynch Going against a direct order from a Superior, fire her immediately or arrest her for undermining and not following an order for the safety of our Country.Why are people who preach to kill the President of our Country whoever the person maybe not held accountable for their actions or hateful statements or picture on a magazine of the area to shoot the President?

  16. So why do we have a temporary attorney general who doesn’t support the president. I think that all people who vote democratically should take a good look at the idiots they have voted for.
    Not only are these members of Congress acting like a buck of children but their actions are border line treason and should be treated as such. This has gone far above just a difference in politics
    As far as Loretta lynch why isn’t she brought up on charges for violating the oath she took.
    Why isn’t Eric holder in jail because he is in contempt of congress.
    Actually there is a whole list but I think I would run out of space

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