Loretta Lynch just supported a coup against Trump

Democrats have launched their “resistance” to Donald Trump.

And that has included government bureaucrats working to thwart his agenda.

Recently, Loretta Lynch made some comments many Americans found disturbing.

After Trump issued his executive orders temporarily pausing travel from seven terrorist hot spots for 90 days and pausing the refugee program for 120 days until proper vetting protocols can be put into place, the Left immediately mobilized in opposition.

Professional protesters and thugs swarmed airports across the nation.

Lawsuits were filed.

And since the Democrats were delaying confirmation of Jeff Sessions to become Attorney General, Sally Yates – an Obama appointee – was acting Attorney General.

She defied Trump’s lawful executive order and directed the Department of Justice not to defend it in court.

Yate gave no legal reasoning behind her decision, she took action because she didn’t like the policy.

Critics pointed out that a political appointee from a previous administration from the opposition party making policy carried the whiff of a coup.

Not Loretta Lynch.

She applauded Yates’ subverting the will of the people.

Loretta Lynch played a major role in the Obama administration leaving office, as possibly the most lawless administration in American history.

She is keeping up the disregard for the rule of law out of office by encouraging this bureaucratic mutiny.