Lying Al Gore just got called out in the best way for this bogus claim

The most famous global warming alarmist, Al Gore, is out with a sequel to his original 2006 documentary.

Naturally, this earned him a “Town Hall” with Anderson Cooper on the Fake News Network (CNN).


  1. ( … sigh …) HEY, ALGORE! NEWS NUGGET! NEWS NUGGET! MR. EARTH IS A DYNAMIC SYSTEM; NOT STATIC! In college I started out in Psychology but switched my major to Geology/Geophysics. Looking back, if I had envisioned this useful idiot Algore coming on to the scene, I would have stayed with Psychology and made a career out of the village idiot. For those who actually believe ” … WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE! WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!” due to global warming/global freezing, do one thing, PLEASE, do one thing: Google “glaciation glacial periods”. Visit the “.edu” sites. Take a long, hard look at the periods where glaciers covered the continents and then look at the INTERGLACIAL periods. For the drooling turnip left, “interglacial periods” are those WARMING periods between the big freezes. The earth has gone through major periods of glaciation [i.e. ICE AGES] lasting MILLIONS OF YEARS and “mini ice ages” lasting hundreds of years. It works a lot like this: Mr. Sun heats up. Mr. EARTH heats up. Mr. Sun cools down. Mr. EARTH cools down. That’s because we are a DYNAMIC system; we are always CHANGING. If we were a STATIC system, the temperature would remain constant and nothing would change. Algore, Carl Sagan once spoke of alien civilizations light years away searching for intelligent life in the universe. Dr. Sagan used our soap operas and sitcoms as examples of what they find. Paraphrasing the late Carl Sagan: Imagine you are a distant alien race searching the heavens for ‘intelligent life’. You scan the skies with your radio telescopes and you hear the likes of Algore telling people the planet never changes and its inhabitants are causing it to both burn up and freeze at the same time. You would probably say, ‘No intelligent life here. Let’s move on.'” I’m telling you this because even though I really don’t like you, I still feel responsible for my fellow man. In the most technical psychological terms I know, YOUR ARE BAT S**T CRAZY! GET PROFESSIONAL HELP! YOU REALLY, REALLY NEED IT!

  2. Here is the real question that people should be wondering about….why was the Nobel prize awarded to Al Gore for this rhetoric?

    The Nobel Peace Prize 2007 was awarded jointly to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Albert Arnold (Al) Gore Jr. “for their efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change”

    They do NOT have evidence to support their claims!! Enough already!!

    BTW…there is ZERO evidence to support Evolution either but the liberals keep dishing it out like a religion!!!

    Teach you children to research for facts and discern for themselves!!

    God Bless America!!!

    • There was just as much evidence to support Al Gore getting the Nobel Peace Prize as there was when Obama got his, namely they are both well known liberals! Why that has anything to do with peace lies buried in the convoluted thinking of the liberals in charge of distributing said “prizes”.

      • Libtards never “think”; they “feel”. What they felt with Algore and Obozo were “warm fuzzies”. That’s why I call them “snowflakes”. When you insult one it breaks apart due to “hurt ‘feelings'”.

  3. According to the NSA the government’s sweeping surveillance of our most private communications excludes Mosques and Muslim affiliated facilities. Supposedly this is done to protect the sensibilities of innocent Muslims who worship in Mosques, under Obama’s “Outreach Program”.
    Since October 2011, mosques have been off-limits to FBI agents – under President Obama program of Muslim “Outreach”. Surveillance or undercover sting operations are not allowed without high-level approval from a special oversight body at the Justice Department dubbed the Sensitive Operations Review Committee (SORC). Who makes up this body, and under what methodology do they review requests – nobody knows. The names of the chairman, members and staff are kept secret. Why is it necessary to keep the names and titles of the people who decide whether or not to protect the rest of the country from radical Muslims, secret? Oh yes – so these guardians and their families would not be subject to jihadist murders. Makes sense, right. In the meantime, the real purpose of monitoring and recording of our communications is to equip the Democrats election fraud machine with the necessary ammunition. Intelligence quotients of our legislators are generally so low as to seem to be the necessary requirement for successful politicians. How otherwise to explain the presence and longevity of such functional morons and cretins as Kerry, Biden, Markey, Waxman, Jackson, Landrieu, Rangel, Reid, Pelosi, Feinstein, Boehner, McCain… and I am out of breath here. A Republican congressman asked the general in charge of the NSA terrorist surveillance program whether his outfit is collecting and storing the communications of 300 million Americans; the general’s answer was “We do not have that authority”. And that was the end of that inquiry. My follow-up would have been: “General – my question was not whether you have that authority but whether you are doing it?” According to that whistle-blower now hiding in Hong Kong, they have been doing it for years; in the place of that congressman I would have requested Congress to give immunity to that whistle-blower, equip him with the 24-hour protection by a team of retired Navy Seals and Army Rangers, and called him to come back and testify in detail. After that I would call for impeachment of that political general and all his bosses and immediate subordinates, for barefaced lying to both Congress and to the American people.

    • Do some research on the “mosques built in america” during Obama timeframe.

      BTW…Muslims have stated repeatedly they WILL NOT assimulate in America!!

  4. I think perhaps Mr. Gore would be well received in California, it would seem that the folks in Tennessee who know him best don’t like him!

  5. He’s obviously making enough profit off this “climate change” scam to be able to have his home consume vast quantities of power and even enough to feed his enormous bulk. Scams seem to pay well, just ask Bernie Madoff (oops, HE got caught!)

  6. “The former vice president consumed 230,889 kilowatt hours (kWh) at his Nashville residence”
    That fact begs the question; WHERE IS ALL THE GREEN ENERGY AL? Last I knew the sun shines pretty good in Nashville, if PV was such a great idea, why isn’t Algore’s property covered in solar panels and wind turbines?

  7. Now we know why Al has to keep up the facade,he has a lot of energy bills to pay,plus has Al ever really had a job where he had to put out any effort to earn a living,or has he just lived off of the Government tit all of his life,who is it that pays him to push this nonsense.

  8. in 1970 when i was a high school senior we were told that if the population was NOT brought under control the world would be able to be able to feed its self because of over population. democrats have not changed alwats trying to create a disaster

  9. Don’t forget the mentally ill X vice President, said he invented the Internet, so what are you expect from a hustler like mor don’t forget this mentally ill X vice President, said he invented the Internet, so what are you expect from a hustler like Egore!

  10. Gore believes that he is important. His importance, like that of most lying leftist commie progressive liberal card carrying Democrat Party members, is in his own mind. He, like Obama and so many others, is dedicated to the graven image of himself in the mirror.

  11. Al gores motto, Go live in a cave while I live in a mansion!! WALK EVERYWHERE you go while I fly in a smoke spewing plane!! Burn candles while I light up a country mile in my many mansions!!

  12. If the globe is warming it’s from all that hot air coming out of Al Gore. The meteorology society has stated there is absolutely no scientific evidence of global warming of any kind.

  13. Do as I say..not as I do is Big Als motto..he is in it for the money only..he and some pals have a company which deals in carbon credits which he buys and sells for profits..

  14. A long with Obamacare al Gore and climate change are 2 of the biggest lies over the long Obama era. And, it is becoming increasingly clear the dems are the party of LIES, and not ashamed of it. Using the champion of fake news, CNN media,to advance al Gore’s tale of climate change can only lead to a lost of credibility.

  15. Big Al, a pathological liar but wait, that’s the agenda of all leftists. The fact that he had a town hall meeting via CNN verifies this is all fake news. Big Al should be hung out to dry, or hanged.

  16. And that is just his home in Nashville. He has two more. But, gee, I thought he was entitled. I means, he’s special, right?

    Over the years of his scare tactics, polar bears are still alive … in record numbers, by the way. No islands have disappeared, the polar ice caps are still there, no tremendous hurricanes or tornadoes and no inland seas in CA. All things he has predicted would happen before now. The man is just full of it and has somehow figured out a way to lie for a living and make millions doing it. What a deal.

    • According to the record I checked, Al Gore is no scientist. He has only a bachelor degree in some aspect of government. If he had been a serious student of Science 101, he would know that cycles of warming and cooling have been characteristic of this earth for millions of years…..long before the industrial revolution which introduced serious amounts of carbons into the air. The cycles are part of Nature’s plan. Always have been. Man is not going to change what Nature has planned for the globe.

  17. What I don’t understand is why on earth this idiotic fool commands so much media attention. He has nothing of significance to report but wants everyone else to be conservative with their energy use but excuses himself.
    We Americans are the fools to even listen to this jerk.

    • One of the many devastating blows against America that must be stopped by cleaning out the swamp/sewer in DC. The ruling-elite, professional political genius here, is the capturing of the low-information American voters with the idea of entrenching these idiots against reality and the truth. Fabricate an idea to take down America’s industrial complex for something that will never be proven. Russia, Europe, the Middle East and, the Far East all benefit from Gore’s pronouncements.

  18. He’s the biggest blowhard ever, such a hypocrite, but he’s made millions by his misleading movies etc., all the idiot movie stars believe him, but don’t call him out on his carbon footprint!

      • If you don’t remember…It was because he could not keep his hands off other women…And Hillary used him in her campaign to counter the Donald and his words (no actual touching in the Billy Bush prompted event) and let’s not forget Prez Bill….O no a bimbo eruption alert….warning…warning warning will roberson

    • His shit is contributing more to the ecology than anything else! That’s how the rich operate, “Do as I say and not as I do”!

    • He is a liar and the truth is not in him. His lies follow him like the scurrilous dog that he is. They are the only thing that feeds his expensive tastes.

      Al Gore is little more than a Communist dupe that lives as Venezuela’s Maduro. On the backs of his citizens, draining their livelihood and living on their blood.

      • Right on, Uses more Energy than most families use in 1 or 2..
        He is A Straight-Up Deceiving Spirit, Wise not just educated Citizens will see through glasshouse hypocrisy of him and the last Les of that hypocrite

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