Mad Dog Mattis destroyed the NFL anthem protesters with four devastating words

The NFL’s anti-American protest consumed the country in 2017.

Spoiled athletes wiped their feet on the memory of America’s heroes by kneeling during the national anthem.

James “Mad Dog” Mattis was asked about the protests and he wrecked the crybaby millionaires with just four words.

After Donald Trump spoke for the majority of Americans and ripped the anti-American NFL protesters, over 150 players knelt during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner.

It was a disgraceful scene that pleased the liberal sports media, but alienated the league fans – who showed their disapproval by showering team with boos at multiple stadiums across the league.

The media did their best to try and pull other members of the Trump administration into the controversy in the hopes that one would break ranks with the President and defend the anti-American protesters.

One reporter hounded Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis for an answer but Mattis swatted away the question – and the protesters – with one four word answer.

Mattis dropped a truth bomb on the players and the media by simply stating “we defend the country.”

When Mattis said “we defend the country” he reminded everyone that the men and women in uniform put their lives on the line so deluded millionaires have the freedom to disrespect their sacrifice.

What were your thoughts on the anthem protests?

Will the NFL put an end to them in 2018?

Let us know in the comment section.



  1. No Kathy, THIS site is about a bunch of UNAMERICAN PHSYCO PEOPLE who are unwilling to see anything other than their TWISTED VIEWS!! I simply showed some examples of people who have protested using their venues who were ostracized, ridiculed, called ALL of the things that these athletes have been called!!! Only to have HISTORY SHINE ON THEM BY THEIR PROTESTS BECOMING VESSELS OF GREAT CHANGE IN THIS GREAT COUNTRY OF OURS!! And is it NOT so that some of the sick assed people who dwell here say that First Lady Michelle Obama is truly a MAN and many sick asses fall for it!!! SUCH LANGUAGE CAN BE AND IS DANGEROUS JUST LIKE PIZZA GATE!!!

  2. What in the hell Kelton does all that crap have to do with the NFL and their misbehavior? This site is about them not about the president(s) past and present nor their wives. Grow up.

  3. And let’s NOT ever forget that our military is SORELY UNDERPAID,
    NOT overpaid millionaire athletes.

  4. I don’t judge all by the actions of a few. The NFL is and will suffer the consequenches of their actions by lost revenue, so go for it losers.
    If I actively protested publicly on company time, I would be fired, period. I also believe there are other respectful young men who would be willing to play.

  5. As soon as they are effected by money they will quit this, but we must quit watching them to effect their money. It is called a good and a service. Are they providing the service we want? NO then don’t watch them they have gotten to big for their britches after all. Too much at once spoils the child and they get sidetracked on something else not football. Enough said of these spoiled brats!

  6. As Long as these Un-American Liberals Continue this Disgrace of our Flag, Anthem, and our Country,and Dishonor the Men and Women in our Military who Defend our Country and Die and or become Disabled. No One in my Family will even look at a Football Game,let alone go to any Stadium. As far as we are concerned we are done with Football and any others that would Disrespect our Country and or our Military.

    Remember Our Military keeps a protective Umbrella over our Country 24/7 365 Days a year, every Year of our Lives, and we need to Honor them always, Disrespecting them is Completely Un-American and Unacceptable. These Soldiers are our Family, Relatives, Friends, Neighbors, Disrespecting them is an Affront to all True Americans.

  7. The National Felons ARE NOT going to end the protests because they are getting attention. I never watch them.

  8. Jonathan, Jonathan, guess what neither one of the people you mentioned are THE PRESIDENT OF OUR UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!! HELL AT LEAST THEY WENT, YOU THINK REPORTERS DON’T GET KILLED IN WARZONES??? Why do you guys continue to kick this man’s boots when all he does is lie, Rob us of our MONEY(MARO LAGO)and such, he’s STOOD with White Supremacists ( Good people on both sides) and has no concern for people less fortunate than his rich friends!! Just told them you guys are going to make a lot of money after signing tax ripoff!!!

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