“Mad Dog” Mattis just destroyed the fake news narrative after the NATO summit

The media was in hysterics over President Trump’s meeting with our NATO allies.

One anonymously sourced article claimed “Trump’s withering criticism… rattled European leaders.”

But Defense Secretary Mattis was having none of it and destroyed their narrative with this simple take down.

NBC News reported the Pentagon led a “full-scale ‘damage control’ operation” across Europe to reassure NATO allies that “America will abide by its defense commitments in the region.”

Secretary Mattis eviscerated the notion and called the report out for what it was: fake news.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“That was fascinating. I love reading fiction,” Mattis said of the report, published by NBC. “So it was — it was stimulating to read it. I find out while I’ve been with you with full transparency on the airplane, you watching what’s going on; that I’ve been in damage control.”

“I must tell you, it must have been the most pleasant damage control in the A-5 I ever could have imagined with the level of unity, of purpose that we experienced there,” he added. “So anyway, people are entitled to their own opinion, even if it’s not fact-based.”

Despite negative press coverage of the summit here in America, European leaders were quick to praise the meeting.

Much of President Trump’s criticism of our allies was intended to get them to honor their commitments to the alliance.

Based on the outcome of the summit, it appears Trump’s tough talk had its desired impact.

What are your thoughts?

Let us know in the comments.


  1. There is proof it wasn’t Russia who brought the attention to the American people concerning the DNC, HClinton, Debbie Wasserman Shultz and John Podesta. Seth Rich downloaded information onto a thumb drive. Clinton hitman took him out. Stupid Podesta just fell for the change your password trick. Julian Assange put the proof out, on the hit list now.

  2. Just pay up you NATO slugs. If anyone in this country has a problem with that just pack your -hit and get out of our country

  3. Nancy, You got it right President Trump is doing a great job. I just wish the rest of Washington would get behind him or at least get out of the way.

  4. Ain’t it the truth!! It REALLY has been so long since a president has been FOR THE PEOPLE of the U.S. that, sad to say, it’s shocking to see it done right.

  5. President Trump is protecting the best interest of our country on every level and in every way! He is moving so quickly that the dims are not able to adjust quick enough or come up with a platform or any solutions to help our country! All they do is critique, bellyache, whine, create false narratives and facts to get their point across to those that don’t spend the time to do their homework and find out the truth! There a lot of people in this country that are doing exactly that spending the time and finding out the truth and the Democrats come up extremely short in this regard! God bless president Trump, his family, his cabinet, and all the Congressional members who take their job seriously and are trying to move this country forward to make America great again! I have never seen or heard of a president that works harder than president Trump! He is traveling around the world and covering every state possible to elect or reelect Republicans that care about our country! The Democrats are so befuddled again all they do is chirp and create false news

  6. I’m with you! I couldn’t agree more with Nancy! Our current President is all American and has lived up to his promises!

  7. President Trump Not the Fake President before him were the democrat controlled their terrorist actions and covered for his fake position. Our real President Trump was on the job for our nation and to make the world better so that the world was in less trauma that will save us time money and lives. The President was being a President none one has seen that for so many years they just don’t know what it looks like for a President to do his job.

  8. I would remind everyone that no matter what words POTUS used in talking with members of NATO about paying their fair share, until such time as they do the American taxpayers are paying their shares for them. That means YOU Dem libs and US Rebublicans. I don’t know about you but I want them to pay their share TODAY! And that folks is what POTUS wants as well ! Oh no, there he goes looking out for Democrats, AGAIN ! But will they give him credit, hell NO !

  9. So you know for sure that none of them are paying or that none of them increased their share from the first time when it was agreed upon a few years ago? You know that? You looked up the year by year numbers? They should be available. Why don’t you do that and then come back and back up your answer.

  10. I didn’t argue with that. I actually agree but he is taking credit for something that was agreed upon before he came into office and all parties agreed that it would get there by 2025. If he was arguing to do it sooner, I would like to see where that was what he was doing. He was taking credit for something that he said had never been done before. I was just bringing out the fact that he was provably wrong.

  11. So besides being a Trumpian idiot you want to be an anti Semite? Well on your way. Next time try to wrack your brain to see if you can come up with something to actually say on the subject besides the epithets. Dennis, you are one sad dude. Trump should love you.

  12. You do realize that it’s actually about 3.5% and that’s for everything including some for NATO but by no means all of it. The NATO portion is about 1.8% the last time I saw the numbers.

  13. Very Trumpian of you. Love the name calling. A badge of honor coming from the Trump idiot section. Nothing to add to the conversation, I guess so just go with the epithets. In the words of your savior, SAD.

  14. SPOT ON “jonmark” very well said and “von Potter” God Bless you too for knowing something that is absolutely 100% true!!!!!!!!!!!

    “We Americans” finally have A GREAT AMERICAn POTUS … after the Worse POTUS and Treasonous Muslim “Barack Hussein Obama” who was in The People’s House (White House) for 8 frigging Long Years of “RUINATION” of America by “””””The American Hater including his So called Wife,” too!!!!!!!

    OBAMA’s = PIGS

  15. I agree the news is a fairy tale now. I do not listen to the mainstream media any more. I did not know that NBC even had news anymore.

  16. Bob, Be doggone, I wrote you a comment about my and others comments getting lost and it got lost. I am beginning to wonder about RE !!!

  17. Maybe that’s why Putin doesn’t care maybe he knows something about the democrats his folks did get to buy 20% of Uranium 1 in a deal under Obama and Hillary’s watch. And the Dems keep talking about Russian collusion with Trump.. It was Obama on the hot mic telling Medvedev everything will be better after the election. As Shakespeare said “the lady doth protest too much methinks”.

  18. If the US public was smart and there is no way to say this without sounding racist even though Russia has a tremendous number of different races living there. We should work on making Russia one of our best friends, it would benefit them and us as they are the only other large caucasian group besides western europe on the planet. Communism is all but gone there but growing in the US and Europe and must be stopped. Trump was correct chastising Germany about the gas from Russia if Russia got pissed and cut it off a lot of cold Germans would see the light. If we can get NK to come around and Russia to also the Chinese would be easier to deal with. All these smaller hotbeds of warring factions could be reigned in finally knowing that the super powers are not going to help them kill off part of their nations because they don’t like them.

  19. AMEN TO THAT………..GOD BLESS President Trump and VP Pence…….After 8 years with the worst ILLEGAL MUSLIM DICKTATOR……OUR POTUS is that breath of FRESH AIR……

  20. Reece Hawkins, You tell that commie Dem lib, how things work! What a shame, all they know how to do is complain. Have absolutely no understanding how a da-m thing works and what hard working taxpayers are paying for which is EVERYTHING!!! WE Republicans have to ” ‘splain” stuff to them. Democrats really don’t deserve a free country soooooo, how do we get them to a third world country somewhere, anywhere????

  21. Howard, if only U could get ur head out of ur ass, U might be pleasantly surprised, and realize U (as a tax payer) if U R one, have been paying these peoples share for all these years. Why in hell would U not want them to step up? Saying they would pay has proven to be different than actually doing it, and it needed someone to pull their coattail to make it happen, and till Trump, no one had the balls to do it! GO TRUMP!

  22. Love Trump’s take charge style of leadership! Obama was the worse “leader” America has nad in decades, we need a non-politician who tells it like it is. Trump treats people like adults and expects them to act like adults. Too bad the MSM and all democrats, as well as some republicans, have never grown up. Typical self-serving politicians and ignorant reporters and news commentators.

  23. Truth and Justice, you are right. The only problem is finding WISE elected officials. More and more they seem to be turning out DUMB elected officials. Especially the left. It’s an uphill battle, so we all need to help each other.

  24. Nancy, If elected officials all over the USA are wise they should have staff monitoring the comments on every website. This is the way to get the “real” pulse of the voting people, how we feel,
    and what we are thinking.

  25. Sharon, I agree 100% with you. We need to pray, and I do, everyday for OUR President, Vice President, their families, and any “white hats” that may be left in Washington and their families. The left is being ruled by “the father of lies” and they are gobbling it up. Also, we need to write, call, text, tweet, whatever to ALL of our Reps and let them know how we feel. Even the Demoncraps should be told how we all feel. Maybe, just maybe, some of them will get the idea that it’s not just business as usual because we AMERICANS are FED UP.!!! You can google your state Reps and get a whole list of Rep.and Dem. in your state. Or any state that you want to.

  26. You are absolutely correct. I have posted notes by our community mailboxes telling folks that if they don’t have a ride on voting day, to contact me and I will drive them to the polls. I think most of the ones here, all older, tend to lean to the right like I do, and I want to help them get their votes in. Some may still vote Dem, I can’t change that, but I want to make sure that the votes get in one way or the other.

  27. Excellent comeback to the Dems. They need to crap or get off of the pot. This investigation that’s costing TAX PAYERS big dollars needs to STOP.

  28. It is so sad when so many American patriots believe Vladimir Putin more than our own Intel community. But, there is where we are folks. The American communist party aka Democrat party roots have extended into the FBI, DOJ, CIA, and the Lord only knows where else. As hard as it is for me to say, I understand why POTUS feels he cannot rely on them. That’s the way we feel after all this corruption is out and in the sunshine. Folks, these are proven truths in black and white! Any Dem libs who says it is Republican propaganda is a lair or too low I.Q. to understand truth and facts. (How do the people this function in day to day life?) Folks, our Country is in a sad sad state and we must do all we can to help POTUS move in the direction our wise forefathers intended. MOST IMPORTANT THING WE CAN DO IS INCREASE OUR MAJORITY IN THE MIDTERMS. VOTE STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN. #WALKAWAY we would love some GOOD Republicans if you will join our movement and agenda.

  29. its time for republicans to stand together ,the big problem is there is no moral values anymore , we all now live in democratic gray area were it used to be black and white ,right an wrong , as a result we live in GRAY area causing double standereds in our work our lives an politics , solve the problem dems ,call it Russian investigation not Trump ,Russian investigation , nomatter who it is ,if your falsely acussed of something for year an ahalf so someone can gain there own end at your expense you would be pissed too,tell it like it is , the USA has meddeled in at least half a dozen counties election in the past 5yrs. even our allies Isrial ,weres the BEEF , be honest an get a life

  30. “Get out and vote in November” is an absolute must. We must keep in mind that there is still that “multitude of fools” out there who voted the muslim into the Whitehouse not one time but two(!!) times. A revolution occured in November 2016 so let us keep it going.

  31. I agree. I see no proof whatsoever that Russia did a dam thing. Why would they need to? Hillary’s the one who started all this, with good reason!

  32. Trump is a businessman with leadership abilities. He is used to making decisions and having them carried out. He gets frustrated with Congress (who doesn’t) on the inability to get things done. If there is a problem, Trump want’s it solved and move on. The wheels of Congress move slow like molasses. Molasses is cheaper than Congress.

  33. Seems to me that there is a tremendous amount of Americans who love what President Trump is doing. I am one of them. He has been working hard and fulfilling his campaign promises left and right. No pun intended. But he IS doing right by America, and Americans. That’s why we elected him. We were tired and fed up with political B.S. over and over again. President Trump sees where things need to be done, and he’s working to do that. BUILD THE WALL. He cut taxes for the middle class of which I am one. He told NATO what they could do with their barely paying into the pot. He is a REAL man and not a sissie baby like the former president was and is. You go President Trump A LOT of Americans are rooting for you and have your back. As for the FBI and Comey and the rest, I am more inclined to believe Mr. Putin than those back stabbing traitorous people like Strozk and his “girlfriend”. As for that one, I hope his poor wife sues for divorce and takes him for every penny that she can get. I don’t trust him any farther than I could pick him up and throw him. I’m 71, so it wouldn’t be far. lol

  34. I’m trusting Putin more then “Mueller, FBI, DOJ”! The only thing that he
    lost from the U.S. election in 2016 is “Hillary”. thank God! I BELIEVE HE


  36. The so called news media is no longer a news source, but a platform for the leftist agenda to spread lies. They are obviously shills for the communist left, so transparent that the voters with brains see through them. Since they have been exposed they are now crying, “unfair”. When a so called reporter actually spouts his/her ideology as news they are way out of bounds. They are spreading their views, which is editorializing, and trying to pass it off as news. Any one masquerading as a reporter that knowingly spreads lies and tries to disrupt the distribution of truthful news should be prosecuted for treason.

  37. Randall Hart, That is a seriously good idea! You need to get that idea to a congressman, but you had better find one that will actually work a little and write legislation for it. A law for that will catch every liberal’s hair on fire!! DO IT !

  38. Amen! We must write to Congress! I have written to our Rep and our Senators, and have written to President Trump. Some will say that writing to Congress doesn’t matter, how can those naysayers prove it doesn’t matter?

  39. Fake news has not changed. Just lie lie lie. Trump did just what he should have and it worked. The media needs to pull the covers up over their heads and Soros as they cuddle in their incestous bed together!

  40. We need a new law. If you use anonymous sources and they are lies then the messenger is held accountable.

  41. What agenda? Oh I forgot the agenda to overthrow our country by us being invaded by illegals.

  42. When Obama did it it was worse, 100 kids put in what looks like 10 × 10 cell and no beds just benches.That would be extremely inhumane. Now it looks like individual cells.

  43. The problem is quite simply that the male euroweenies, so long under the thumbs of ignorant, cowardly, traitorous females who’ve given their respective countries away to marauding, murdering, thieving barbarians AND 8 years of an effeminate, fascist, homosexual racist bigot masquerading as an American president, are not used to seeing a REAL MAN who is a REAL AMERICAN and SPEAKS THE TRUTH…this is almost alien behavior to the fascists both in europe and here at home.

  44. The EU and Europeans have taken the US and our support for granted for years and have used us for a free ride for THEIR protection. We finally have a President that lives by the courage of his convictions and the raw courage to hand then their butts. He gave them the kick in the ass that they deserved it….

  45. Absolutely 100% on target. We either get off our asses and cast every vote for Trump’s MAGA, or watch the scumbags like Piglosi and Chuckiecheese take this once great country to its knees. Simple as that!

  46. Richard Bushong, What a great story! I do so wish children were being raised today the way you and I were. The USA would be in a much better place.

  47. Howard I understand you can’t help being stupid. It takes smart people to reject left wing logic. You don’t qualify. You was born stupid and have been losing ground every day.

  48. The DNC more than likely paid for anonymous lies to push them as facts. The DNC follows Josseph Goebbels adage (propaganda minister for Hitler, “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.”

  49. I was about 12 and at dinner one night I said something derogatory about Richard Nixon, my dad a conservative Truman democrat chewed my ass and said he is our president and you have respect for that office. Now I am non affiliated and my dad is spinning in his grave. Respect has been lost in our country and is eating it like a disease.

  50. Just make sure we and all like thinkers get out and vote in November, now is not the time for apathy unless you are on the left.

  51. The NATO scofflaws could up their ante yesterday if they desired to! There is absolutely NO reason for it to take 8 years except to confound President Trump’s demand that these countries fess up. If the president wanted to bring NATO defenses up to par against Russia with full fairness, he would demand these cheaters not only immediately pay the yearly dues they agreed to in the NATO charter but also all the back deficits they have accumulated since the end of WWII.

  52. How much is it costing us 2018 – 2025 in $Bil if we do nothing? Now study your book, and let us know what it is obligating US for that time. You have more NATO countries that pay $ 0.00 and others that pay 1%. We pay 4% all the time now what do you think all NATO countries should do right NOW!!!!!!!!.

  53. Who cares anymore how the leftist MSM frames the FAKE news it spews 24/7. No matter what they think or say, Donald Trump IS the president of ALL America including where they live. So let them eat their hearts out, eat cake, and lose sleep every night living and dreaming in their TRUMP PRESIDENCY nightmare.

  54. Howard you are probably a Nazi, communist demonRAT And you belong in the sewer with the other sewer rats!!

  55. Steven, Totally agree with all that you wrote! When I read posts like
    yours, it makes me think there is hope for America — for the World.

  56. The U.S.A politicians have been kissing our “allies” butts too long. Obama certainly proved “leading from behind” does not work. Leaders of countries understand one thing STRENGTH! President Trump demonstrates that. Bullies who are usually weak back down when attack head on. It the same in the goverment as in the school yard.

    Tell them like it is Mr President

  57. Steven you are so right…..We need to have the Presidents back…Make sure we get out and vote to be sure he wins a second term…If we didn’t do that, can you imagine the alternative…God help us….

  58. They say the Bat Eared obama, is headed back to Kenya, most likely to catch up on all the kick backs he is receiving, since he took the office by fraud. Where is the Attorney General and what is he doing besides nothing. He should be calling out who to investigate and appointing investigators on his own. That craphouse called the FBI is suffering from the leadership and nothing is being done. What is the AG’s job if not to protect the country and the President’s back.

  59. When the press used to lie, or put a spin on a story to fit their agenda. They used to call it propaganda. Now it’s fake news. Why? It’s propaganda!

  60. President Trump is the greatest President since George Washington, bar none. He fights for his country, and fellow citizens on all fronts. This man has unbelievable stamina,but he still needs our support. He can’t do it alone. We need to write our Congressmen, and demand their support of President Trump.

  61. The way the sudden concern about the “separation of the children” went viral with so many people.
    Forget that Obama had done the same thing for 8 years and had gotten a pass from the media.
    The way they instantly took the bait amazed me.
    I would like to sell them a bridge in Brokyln.
    These people are so stupid.

  62. Thank goodness we finally have a true leader as president! As for the fake news,
    they are truly worthless and ignorant. They never ask intelligent questions and as
    stated by others on here, they will never give credit to the president no matter how much good he does. These same people never said a word of criticism about B. Hussein Obama when as president he told Putin “knock it off”; that was after learning of hacking into the DNC. I mean I am sure Putin was trembling right! But their community organizer could never do no wrong in their eyes.

  63. President Trump is the greatest President since George Washington, bar none. He fights for his country, and fellow citizens on all fronts. This man has unbelievable stamina, brass balls, and a heart of gold. He still needs our support. He can’t do it alone. We need to write our Congressmen, and demand their support of President Trump.

  64. The left most assuredly needs mental health care. This has been ignored for far too long. It is time to make all these in government get check by mental health personnel. It is out of control and needs to be fixed soon. We the people are getting very tired of this nonsense if they do not get the help needed we the people will help them out and they will not like what their therapy will be like.

  65. We as conservatives and Republicans are sick and tired of FAKE news. The Demoncrats and the “elitists”…(Republicans) are so out of touch of what our wonderful President is doing…they cannot understand his brilliant decisions that are successful. This bunch of idiots are only concerned about their jobs and not our country. What a disgrace they are to represent the “left” who are losers!!!! What we need to do is to pray for President Trump, Melania & family, Vice President Pence and those appointed by President Trump…and for America. We put up with the corrupt presidency of Obummer for 8 years and he ruined our country. Let’s all join in and pray that President Trump and VP Pence can get us out of the “swamp”.

  66. Let Trump be Trump and wait for the positive results. He is not what we are used to, but since that didn’t work well, his new approach should be given a chance.

  67. God Bless Mad Dog Mattis, These news, I mean propagandists in the media are a joke, what they are to stupid and arrogant to realize or admit is that they are the laughing stock of the world. We all know that they are full of “meadow buns”. They couldn’t tell the truth if their lives depended on it.

  68. it doesn’t matter what trump does or says , the left will complain and lie about it ,it’s all they have left , their agenda doesn’t work

  69. I agree with your comments. They have made themselves weak, but expect ud to be their army and protect them in their foolishness. I will asy, yes, they should bear there fair share, but if a war? better there than here. Don’t you agree?

  70. No matter what President Trump says or does the fake media turns it into a negative. Europe hasn’t paid its part of defense of NATO or even thank you for the Marshall Plan since WW2. If the Presidents statements help them remember their commitment, then I’m with him.

  71. Trump knows exactly what he is doing and political/diplomatic speech be damned because it does not achieve results. So glad for a President who says it as it is and doesn’t muddle around and he gets things done by being direct and honest – PERIOD

  72. Without “anonymous sources” FAKE NEWS and its “Urinalists” would be out of work. Too bad what General Mattis stated will never be read by the Left as that would set their on fire 🙂

  73. EU are worthless. They are being overwhelmed with the mass illegal migration. Crime in Europe are skyrocketing. What’s wrong with Merkel?! Oh, yeah. She is behind Obama agenda.

    NATO countries need to dump Obama goals and take back their national sovereignties.

  74. I am simply amazed at the utter stupidity of so many liberal Democrats who actually think “anonymous sources” is to be believed. These liberal Democrats are grade a MORONS!

  75. I’m beginning to think that all the leftists have are “anonymous sources”. At least it prevents these unknown people from being sued for their lies if you are never allowed to know who they actually are, eh?

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