“Mad Dog” Mattis just sent a shot across North Korea’s bow

North Korea’s aggressive testing of a 120-kiloton hydrogen bomb put the world on edge.

President Trump convened a special meeting with his top military officials and cabinet secretaries.

And when Defense Secretary Mattis emerged, he had his strongest warning yet for Kim Jong Un.



  1. I hope nothing comes of this build up of sending our young men and women to war. I have already lost a beloved brother 18 yrs old in the Korean War in 1950 and I certainly don’t want my grandson to have to go off to war. It makes me sick to my stomach just thinking of what could happen to so many of our young men and women.Let this idiot Trump send all of his yellow ass sons to war and let them fight for our country.All they do is set around drinking there cool aid and smoking weed.

  2. President Trump is doing a first class job as President in such a divided country and devisive cabinet. You are either American or unAmerican! America and its Allies must come first and without retribution. There is no proper way to handle the fat little idiot and noko. He is not sane nor is he insane – he is just arrogant and evil, much like Hitler or worse as he has no regard for the life of his own people. There is no sensible way to deal with such a man. Mad Dog Mattis and the other military leaders are the elite and know how to guide our President in such a fragile situation. My prayer is that it doesn’t come to warfare, but someone needs to take that dude out and quickly. . . Do not annouce what plans are in action just do your thing Mr. President and may GOD BLESS THE USA and her allies.

  3. Of course President Trump is handling this noko thing correctly. Threatening a nation with nuclear weapons like the US if ignorant not foolish as some say. It also is not obvious at this time at least what the little fat mans goal is. Although I suspect it is another pay off like what clinton did with them and obama did with Iran. President Trump will not do that. He knows it is impossible to buy ones way to peace. However, if we handle this correctly we may not have to repeat it with Iran. Consequently, it is imperative it is handled so that noko does not profit by their actions. Make no mistake if we do not handle this correctly, we will certainly have to go through this same thing with Iran. Anyone threatening us with such horrific danger should hope we do not preempt them if of course they are smart enough to realize it is not just their life they are risking it is the life of their nation. Along with many thousands of lives in nations surrounding them.

    However, it not just noko that is so foolish China is also if it thinks it will not be effected by war in noko. Especially nuclear war. It I believe will be and detrimentally to China and Russia. As a matter of fact the whole world will suffer is noko is allowed to carry through on these threats.

    In the final analysis however, does noko really intend to strike or is this just an empty threat? That question however, also poses another question. Can any nation, not just America, afford to wait and see when such a threat is made?

  4. DAM – you don’t wait for stupid to make the first move – that’ll be to late.take the basted out NOW.play offense instead of defense.

  5. My personal belief is that Kim should be dealt with immediately in the harshest manner.
    The man is delusional, and he is surrounded by people who fawn over their “Great Leader”. He has come to believe that he really is just like a god. (The lower case “g” is intentional).
    As long as this man breathes, there will be no true peace in the world. I am sure he will be replaced with another one just like him.

  6. I was on an island in the south Pacific getting ready to invade Japan when the two bombs were dropped and it didn’t take very long for the war to end we better do the same thing to North Korea before they do it to us.

  7. being a USMC vet my first response is to blow them out of the water. china limiting response to dialogue means they support N. Korea without saying so. BUT they do not want a US nuke strike on their border so I would expect China to butt in , in the 11th hr. I think the N. Korean president should be removed with all possible prejudice. Either a team of sniper’s or missile strike when riding in his car. Without saying we did it , just have it happen.

  8. Any communist country, not just NK do understand only and ONLY military power which they respect. ANY Political agreement serves to gain time but never adhere to it. That was proven many times in history. In war conflict China will help North Korea, but only marginally. They will never engage USA in all out war.

  9. I agree with most posts here. KJU needs a Tomahawk shoved Right up his FAT ASS..
    If there were ever Rules for not taking out a head of state, this should NOT apply in this instance. This guy is BAD news..
    If not the Tomahawk that has HIS ASS as the target, then, maybe a Few MOAB’s the next time they have a military parade in downtown Pyongpang.

  10. As many of our leaders have said…..crazy people understand only one thing…..punishment that hurts so bad they either stop it or kill themselves.

  11. I agree strength of action is the only thing this man understands for one bully needs another bully to stand down. Let’s see what Kim

  12. Wake up all you idiots democrats and get behind President Trump supporting his noble efforts to keep America Great and safe again. Mr. Mathis do not wait too long to take down this immature NK mental kid.

  13. Who would have guessed in the 1940’s that we’d be selling ‘arms’ to Japan? The ‘world’ has certainly changed!! At the end of the past two wars–it was declared they were the ‘war’ that would ‘end’ all ‘wars’! Wrong again!! As long as we have selfish, greedy, self-serving leaders threatening the welfare of other countries–there will be wars. Then, we have the leaders that ‘kow-tow’ to these aggressors. That never worked either!! The last thing we need is a ‘Kim Jung Un’ on this planet!!

    • yankee maid N Korea is just a side show the feature attraction , thanks to President Obama ,with assists. from Bill Clinton and Geo. Bush Senior Will be in the Middle East.

  14. I stand behind Trump. He has been right with every decision he has made. It’s the RINO that keep putting on the brakes. Grow a backbone Congress, and pass all of Trump’s bills, suggestions, appointments, etc. Mr. Trump has chosen great leaders with generals, judges, and department heads. Now it’s your turn to go to work, stay at work, and complete the job you were elected by the people to do!

  15. Obama & Hillary would be suicide for this great nation. I hope the people of this nation have learned from the past that liberal democrats are welfare tickets and conservative republicans are smart leaders.

  16. Who of the “elite” dems could have handled this crisis better than our fearless leader? Obama, hillary? NO WAY. WE ARE LUCKY TO HAVE THIS MAN AND HIS GENERALS IN PLACE TO KEEP US SAFE.

  17. No matter what side of the political isle you’re on, every American who wants to keep the world safe from tyrannical despots like Kim Jung In, should get behind President Trump and support his efforts to keep America safe…Those Anti-Trumpers who want to get rid of him at all costs, regardless of the consequences for this great country are a dangerous and despicable group….

    • Charles you hit the nail on the head, its time America flexed its muscle ounce again, our fathers did only 72 yrs. ago and now its time we support a MAN that will help us regain some sort of peace in the world for our children and he must not stop with just the fat IDIOT, all of these terrorists need to be gone from the face of the earth, Islam must be stopped. And Soros the Nazi Hitler youth, Clinton gang of thugs and Obumer.

  18. The U.S.has exhausted all attempts to negotiate peacefully with Kim Jong UN. I stand behind President Trump and Defense Secretary Mattis
    on their next move. Kim Jong UN will get what he has been asking for and it is not going to be pretty. Somebody has to put this little ******* in his place.

  19. “Will the U.S. and our regional allies end up in a new Korean War before this is all over?” Of course. There’s no profit in peace.

  20. As we all know, this insane idiot thinks he has the power to start and end a vicious war. I am just a simple individual in this vast world, But I would just kike to say, that I never ran from a fight nor did I ever back down from a threat from a punk. I took a few bruises along the way,but in the end I proved I would not be bullied by someone with out fighting back. Go ahead Mr President, and send Mr mad dog and our elite fighting men to squash that fat little ass of his. I think you have the backing of a lot of people who have had enough of mr. un’s threats. Give em hell Harry would. God bless you Mr President and Mr Mad Dog.

  21. so why don’t you take the humpty dumpty piece of crap out instead of talking him to death or maybe your waiting for him to launch his nukes before you blow hards stop talking and actually do something about this crazy insane bastard

    • I agree with this post. This spoiled kid is grasping the world’s attention by playing with danger. If he doesn’t know what diplomacy is, he needs to be eliminated. Oblunder never did anything about this kid so it’s left to Trump to clean up this kid’s temper tantrums.

  22. Kim Jong UN just wants hush money like he was getting before. He’s trying to provoke an attack so he can go running to mommy China an say Waaaaaaaaaa they hit me first. I say let him make the first move and then drop a blockbuster bomb on his house.

  23. I think Trump is handling it the right way… to confront a “bully”, stand up to them, and do anything necessary to prevent an all-out war. As long as N. Korea is aware of their actions alarming other countries, and prepared to defend itself should Kim Jong Un get heavy handed, we should be aware but undaunted. Stand strong!

    • I think he should put a high price on Kim Jong un’s head and the heads of all his top generals! I’m just waiting to see South Korea’s equivalent to the US Navy seal team 6! Kim Jong un would not see this coming and it would just look like one of his own people assassinated him! The other alternative would be to cut off all economic ties with China until they removed all nuclear threat from Kim Jong un! This would work well as China would stand to lose 6 to 8 trillion dollars in just one year from a US embargo, as Walmart the world over purchases trillions of dollars in goods for all of their stores, and if Trump puts an embargo on China, China can’t sell anything in Walmart anywhere! Walmart main office sits right in the heartland of good old USA!

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