“Mad Dog” Mattis made an eye popping statement about North Korea

North Korea’s nuclear weapons program has pushed the world to the brink of war.

They are terrorizing the globe with a rogue weapons program under the control of a mad man.


  1. God damn right, F’n crooks. The long list of illegal crap they (Clinton’s) have got away with! Any if us would’ve got the death sentence. Enough is enough. Trump is getting the P.O.S. 1 by 1. Just not fast enough. Make America Great & #1 again!!!

  2. I will enlist!
    I can fly a drone…
    One launch, minimum collateral damage!
    N. Korea is still dark at night on Google Earth, so one strike won’t make that much difference… or would it?

  3. This goes all the way back to peanut farmer Carter, then it was Slick Willie Clinton, then the worse was obnoxious Obama, no wonder ol’Kimmie Boy thinks he can bomb us. Hell he thought we were cowards, guess what, we were.

  4. It was during Gore’s tenure as our vice president that North Korea was not only given $4 billion in cash aid from the United States but was promised “two light-water nuclear reactors.” Also a long line of American cargo ships delivered to North Korea many thousands of tons of free rice and wheat to prevent mass dying from hunger. Those two power plant reactors were delivered thus securing electric power to the regime. They were then modified to produce nuclear bomb materials.
    “This agreement will help achieve a longstanding and vital American objective — an end to the threat of nuclear proliferation on the Korean Peninsula,” said President Bill Clinton in 1994. “This agreement is good for the United States, good for our allies, and good for the safety of the entire world.” Yes, of course – as we all can see now; Kim Jong Un – or whatever the name is of that communist maniac – is now feeling his oats and threatening the US with nuclear annihilation. Thank you so much, comrades Clinton and Gore!

  5. Obama’s supporters were more focused on trinkets he promised to toss down to them for their votes than on the safety and promoting the general welfare of the Nation.

  6. This is why we need to send in the snippers from China, Russia, Japan, Sk and us then the problem would be solved and the people thjere would be spared.

  7. It appears clear now after Hillary’s bungling with the Libyan mess and accepting money from the Saudis that she’d sell the Nation down the river to fill her coffers. And it’s despicable that we have anti-America traitors supporting her highness, the Empress of Treason.

  8. Time for the snippers to go in and remove him. Make sure Russia, China, Japan, SK and our snipers go in as teams and make him go By-By and that way the innocent people thee do not have to be killed for he does nothing for them either. He treats them like poop so I do not think they would be upset to see himm go. Then PEACE be had by all and NO war.

  9. Wells stated Daniel. It would be great and a blessing to mankind if we could
    simply remove all the feculent troublemakers from the face of the earth.

  10. Thus is true! Democrats shouldn’t be able to be involved in any form of foreign policy. They know they are absolutely unqualified, so they just come up with policies that make then look good, but leave the results in the lap of a future president who has to clean up their mess.

  11. I agree! NK has been appeased and bribed to “behave for more than a decade! Un used that time to starve his people while devoting most of their assets to building a nuclear military. That military is in the hands of a certifiable mad man with delusions of untouchable superiority. Much like Hitler he believes no one can oppose let alone defear him. He is not afraid to hit the button that could lead to nuclear holocaust. Thanks BHO, for nothing!

  12. It is about time we had a leader, President Trump, that is for America !!! Now maybe we can get back our ship that they have held captive since about 1967 !!! The Pueblo was captured and accused of spying, the crew got returned but the ship is still being held captive, I believe it is still a commissioned vessel in the navy…

  13. It’s ashamed that the poor brain washed people of North Korea would have to suffer for the actions of a brain dead leader. Just who’s the blame? In My Opinion number one would be the United Nations mainly because Obama and Kerry didn’t a dam and number two China. Finally we have a President that loves and cares about our country and is concerned about the safety of our people.

  14. It is rarely effective to simply rattle our sabres – we must be prepared to unsheathe them and cut off a few heads. Only then will we be taken seriously by the idiots of the world.

  15. Yes, Obama should apologize for fostering the terrorist regimes of ISIS, Iran, and North Korea’s, but he won’t, because he is a Marxist at heart. You Democrats are hardly smart enough to realize the evil this man stood for.

  16. After eight long years of having a “Wimp n Chief”, Obama, we finally have a President who has the courage to stand up to this lunatic. it is about time. Thank God for January 20, 2017, the day that Obama left the Oval Office for the last time and the American’s eight year nightmare under this moron’s failed leadership finally came to an end.

  17. The leader is not able to carry out these threats on his own.
    The whole leadership is on board.
    So sad that the innocent population will suffer immensely from the actions of a few.

  18. OBUMMA WOULD DO NOTHING…Probably not do anything if they nuked Guam…He was a paper tiger.. Now we have someone who does not take their crap and will dish it out… right in his face..and good bye NK..good bye idiot…

  19. Sadly, Bill Clinton gave them the money, computers, technology and tools to do what they are doing. George W Bush couldn’t stop them because the Congress was controlled by the Democrats and we know full well that Obama couldn’t have cared less because his interests were funding ISIS….Now Trump has to clean up the mess… and I’m sure he certainly will one way or the other!!!

  20. Mattis is one who has a hear of gold and a brain of a Titan. Love that man! The NKoa. problem started i the 1950s/early 1960s. Unfortunately, we were involved with the SEATO, (does anyone remember?) and I guess one thought “someone else would take care of this problem”..

  21. The liberal left, which includes those 60 members of Congress who chose write about Trump’s stance and words regarding NK, just got a push back from MDM. Shoving this problem down the road is not going to solve it. I don’t think President Trump and His mad dog will push this down the road. I think they both made that very clear.

  22. Just go in with our Navy Seals and remove both Kim Jung-un and his top generals from the face of this planet! Once this menace is removed the world could go back to business as usual!

  23. It is a shame we waited this long to confront this madman,now that he has the means to really be stupid. Kick the can down the road long enough and it just might blow up in your face. At lease we have someone who will deal with it & not appease him.

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