“Mad Dog” Mattis made a jaw dropping announcement about North Korea

North Korea has finally done it.

Their latest missile test just crossed a big red line.

And Secretary of Defense “Mad Dog” Mattis just made a jaw dropping announcement.

North Korea test fired an ICBM that landed just hundreds of miles off the coast of Japan.

The missile flew for 50 minutes and traveled 4,500 KM high, which essentially put the missile in space.

It traveled over Japan for 14 minutes and the Japanese government demanded an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council.

But the strongest reaction was from Secretary of Defense Mattis.

He made the bone chilling announcement that this test meant North Korea could strike anywhere in the world.

CNN reports:

“The Pentagon confirmed earlier Tuesday that North Korea launched what the US military believes to be an intercontinental ballistic missile.

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis told reporters that the North Korean missile test went “higher, frankly, than any previous shot they have taken.”

Mattis made remarks as he sat in on a meeting with Trump, House Speaker Ryan and Senate Majority Leader McConnell. The defense secretary added that North Korea has the ability to hit “everywhere in the world basically.”

Pentagon spokesperson Col. Rob Manning told reporters that the missile was “launched from Sain Ni, North Korea, and traveled about 1,000 kilometers before splashing down in the Sea of Japan, within Japan’s Economic Exclusion Zone.”

This test is a frightening development.

By sacrificing distance for height, North Korea was testing the re-entry capability of their arsenal.

They only have to perfect the ability to miniaturize a hydrogen bomb warhead and the world will be at the brink of global thermonuclear war.

Donald Trump has said the United States will take care of North Korea’s launch.

Will this lead to war?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Milo,
    . . . . Actually this isn’t true. The EMP would would turn off the lights for China, Japan, South Korea, and possibly Australia, Guam, the Philippines, India, and the rest of SE Asia. Not good!
    America: Love It or Leave It!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  2. Amen to your Statement – SO BE IT!, I would not be surprised if North Korea’s leader is already grave yard dead by the time you read this! VIA Revelation From Almighty God I hereby deliver North Korea’s Leader To The Adversary (The Devil) In The Life Saving Name Of Jesus Christ!

  3. Look guys, if the USA has such good anti-missile defenses, just say thanks to rocket man for providing targets and start intercepting them – over international waters of course. Or are we scared of someone seeing a failure?

  4. What has me puzzled is: Does China really want a nuclear war on their border? I really gave them credit for having more intelligence than that.

  5. H. Truman’s greatest mistake was letting the U.N. set the rules of war in NK. Our loss of life there was horrendous and nothing was accomplished. George Bush delayed invading Iraq waiting for U.N. approval until all mass destruction weapons could be hidden. Reagan shut up Kadafhi with a single raid and he didn’t ask permission from the world. Go,Trump. Go, Mad Dog.

  6. NK is a police state and any one who is not Korean would stand out like a sore thumb. The little crazy fat man is like Saddam Insane he moves around a lot. The only way to deal with him is to take out all his nuclear capability in one fell swoop. The Chicoms who only pretend to want to help would probably start a war.

  7. I don’t unerstand why we have Seal Teams & Delta Force….certainly their expertise could be put to solve this problem and eliminate the chopstick kid once and for all. One click ….over

  8. I don’t think we can trust China or Russia to be of any help in this situation. What are we going to do when that NK idiot drops the big one on our shores…add more sanctions? It’s time for us to tell China to eliminate that NK POS NOW or we will.

  9. This entire situation was caused by every Congress that’s abrogated its responsibility to declare a legitimate war. It has not done this since 1942 against Romania. Consequently, there have been no formal surrenders since Japan’s in 1945 and nothing is ever resolved. MacArthur wanted to use nuclear weapons against North Korea and China when it came their defense. He was fired for wanting to win the conflict knowing it would eventually lead to this and it has. He could not understand the progressive mindset of not winning after Roosevelt.

  10. Pay top dollar for Funny Hair Cut Rocket Man to meet a sudden death.
    Keep AF & Navy on the alert (NOT LIKE THE McCAIN) just incase some NK idiot does some thing really stupid.

  11. Bout time we put a stop to this craziness. Also help save all the north korean people from their bad life.

  12. This Kim ‘too young’ dictator is just as mentally ill as Hitler was, and worse because Hitler didn’t have nuclear capability at the time. Now IS THE TIME to take care of this crazed dictator, and President Trump and American Military can do it. It doesn’t matter how it’s done, just do it! Of course President Trump will be blamed for everything, but if nothing gets done, then there won’t be any more voices to complain any where any way, all will be disseminated by death, even the Liberals against President Trump. America will be gone, which is what Liberals wanted all along anyway. Just go in and get this crazed dictator, as a covert operation and don’t let anyone know, just go sneak in and get this crazy guy. Wouldn’t it be nice to have America conquer North Korea anyway? Then we can send all Liberals there as their own peninsula as a new US territory and let them try and get along with one another. Then even if Liberals somehow lie their way into an impeachment against President Trump, at least N.K. will be dealt with and no longer a danger.

  13. N. Korea leader is taunting us to drop a bomb on them and then claim to the world, we fired the first shot. We need to get the UN, Russia and China on our side before we take visible force action against N Korea. Any action we take must be entirely secret and then we can disclaim any action/ force against them. Kim off N Korea is not stupid and they represent a good income of needed items for Russia and China including probably Iran. We need to shoot down any and all missiles they fire, and then explain we did not know where there were going and just trying to protect ourselves and allies.

  14. That was very well said & very well thought out. Thank you for posting this & giving everyone some very important points to think about. I do agree with you. We have to do this with all of the Nations so we don’t look like the bully. That is what he wants in NK.

  15. The U.S has made many rules of engagement that put us at a distinct disadvantage, If we continue to tie the hands of our military, and refuse to use our best weapons against N Korea, the “Little Fat Man” will start a nucular war because he can!

  16. Well said and very thought provoking! Thank you for writing about your own experiences in the Navy. It make me think of thinks from another viewpoint !

  17. Prior to WWI Neville Chamberlain, of British (let’s give MSR Hitler anything he wants) fame, said the same thing. When he resigned, prior to Winston Churchill, he said that he could not believe that such evil existed in the world.
    History NEVER repeats; however, historical situations do. Eighty years later, the world is again faced with another situation. I have myself within 100 ms. of a militarily significant target. At least I won’t have to live through the aftermath of a Nuclear War.

  18. Personally, I think the little fat kid is full of schit. If he launches anything towards us or our allies with a war head on it his country will be reduced to a baron waste land in just a matter of hours. His people will go down applauding him as they always do. Like robots….

  19. I wouldn’t trust any of them. They are on their side. I am concerned about S Korea. I’ve asked before, why can’t the seals sneak in and do away with him? Seems that would be a good answer.

  20. So just WHAT did Barack HUSSEIN Obama do? If the missile stayed in air 50 minutes, Why don’t we shot them down?

  21. As I read all these post about going to war with North Korea makes me want to go to the casino and put it all on red….Peace everyone….

  22. I am a Navy Veteran of the Vietnam Era. I never served in the Vietnam War. But, we (the US) were still very much involved in the Cold War with Russia. During my 46 months of active serving 30 months on the USS Guadalcanal LPH-7 and 8 months on the USS Terre Bone Parrish LST-1156 My ships were harassed by the Russia fleet trying to get us to engage them in battle. None of these incidents were answered even though many were very serious. The Russians tried their best to try make our forces to engage them but it would have looked like we (the US ) started things. Had we done so I have no doubt that things would have lead to an all out nuclear engagement. To answer this North Korean Goof Ball with an act of war is exactly what he wants. To do so would look like we are the bully and NK the poor little weakling. Which would pull both China and Russia into action against us. Nuclear war is something nobody gains by. Both China and Russia know this. If we can gain the support of the Nuclear Counsel to deal with NK with out the use of nuclear weapons unless NK uses them against us first, then we may be able to gain support of China and Russia. The same goes for Iran. I believe that at some point in time the world will come to a full nuclear engagement but not over the likes of either NK or Iran. NK wants us to believe that he will strike us, but NK knows that they do not stand a chance unless they get the backing from China and Russia. It is China and Russia that must deal with NK or be faced with bringing the world to a nuclear engagement. That is what we must present to the UN and the Nuclear Counsel. Nobody wants to be the country responsible for beginning a nuclear war, because nobody can be declared the winner. It would be nice if we could get all of the Nuclear Counsel together and face NK down to a favorable outcome for us all. All of that being said you can only but so much before retaliation is enacted. The world must understand this.

  23. As a Veteran of the USAF, (SAC). We SHOULD have settled NK’s hash decades ago. But our oh-so-smart politicos wouldn’t allow it. Now, 60 years later, we have the same communist dictatorship to deal with, and the sooner this punk is dealt with, the better.

  24. War is never a wanted solution to a growing threat but sometime a nesessary step to maintain piece in the world. The threat needs to be eliminated before its to late.

  25. I agree with you! It’s time we put notice in to both China and Russia, should any of NK’s artillery land on either allies territory, or any commercial ships, we would cease any and all commercial trade with them! Then we will go in and take out Kim Jong Un ourselves! Either one of them even so much as lifts a finger to help NK, and all sanctions will be enforced to the fullest!

  26. As a Veteran of the USAF, (SAC). Enough is enough. Cease all trade with Chine, even the goods at our ports of entry. Sent them back. Nothing imported from China or Russia until they crush the little fat rat.

  27. Whatever we do to him is too good for this rat and he needs to be permanantly eliminated for the good of the whole world !!

  28. If they don’t want to glow and be incinerated regardless of what I call secondary items in wake of this instance, better wake up.

  29. No send obammy, hildabeast,pelosi,waters,schumer,and megan kelly over ,they will take care of it,they like to run there mouth like a sick chicken`s ass. Then take `em all out.

  30. Obviously action is needed for our national security. And in this case it’ll be better to ask for forgiveness than to seek permission.

  31. I was thinking of Obama-appointed military leadership. Will they listen to Trump? Trump tried to ban transgender sex change, but the military is not 100% behind Trump.

    Will the US military support Trump 100% when it comes to NK conflict issue?

  32. The time has come to take out the N.K. once and for all or allow them a first strike. How many hundreds of millions must die at the hands of the NK dictator.


  34. Regrettably, it seems more and more likely that the military option will have to be invoked. Leaving NK to its own means will not only allow them to pose a grave risk to this nation but also to its neighbors. When you couple in Iran … another despotic/terrorist state … one with even more advanced missile technology in some areas … it is imperative to strike hard, strike fast and strike with massive over kill. All wars lead to deaths of innocents and non combatants but in this scenario we are now faced with correcting for the cowardice, stupidity and ignorance of previous U.S administrations. Every former president who paid NK’s blackmail demands … purportedly so they wouldn’t develop this nuclear arsenal is to blame. The greatest share of the blame of course fall on a former democratic president, Harry S. Truman who forced MaCarthur’s hand and ended the war that has never really ended. Both Republican and Democratic administrations can share equally in the blood that will be shed now which will be much greater and with far greater ramifications than if the first Korean war had been successfully terminated in the 1950’s instead of the armistice. Obama, Bush 2, Clinton, Bush 1, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy, Eisenhower and most ignominiously, Truman will forever have the blood that will soon be shed upon their hands – forever. Isn’t that just like politicians … put off an essential but dangerous task to someone else and hope for the best? Guess what? Now, it is time to “pay” the piper.

  35. I believe you are operating on the mistaken assumption that everything which has occurred has not happened without Chinese complicity.

  36. Look at Iran. Same thing is happening there, except only further advanced than NK. Iran is already exerting pressure on neighbors, will likely have direct association with Syria and Iraq and then only a matter of time before they spread further into the region.


  38. We must be wise and careful how we handle this situation.We must remember we have rogue elements in the whitehouse left over from Obama and Hillary.They are undermining every move Mr Trump makes.Obama and Hillary may have furnished the uranium needed to complete North Korea’s plan.Iran is also their backdrop.Even if we are able to knock out the rockets it will still explode in the atmosphere causing world wide devestation.It must be stopped before a launch.

  39. To protect ourselves and the world, a couple of well placed bombs will correct the situation. To wait until we are attacked with a NUCLEAR bomb, the fallout of which it will take generations to recover if ever, it is time to eradicate the insane leader and all his generals and military. Unfortunately with this method there will be collateral innocent victitims. The other option is to remove the insane, narcissistic dictator. Either will work; but one NEEDS to be chosen and carried out.

  40. We can’t wait until NK has the bomb that will fly on the ICBM. It has to be done now

    or the USA and our allies will suffer even more.

    LET’S DO IT!

  41. China must offer free passage for any N. Korean that defects. Japan is doing a “radio free Europe” type of propaganda into N.K.. Tell the military to quit and go the China before they get killed along with Un. Un will not attack China. If China refuses, we need to stop all trade with China until they take care of N.K.

  42. He’s nothing but the mouse that roared. Squash the little SOB
    before it’s too late. All is fair as it is still a declared war as stated
    above so cut off the head of the snake before we get bit on the
    behind folks!

  43. The world stood by and watched Hitler grow stronger and did nothing as he invaded his neighbors. His intentions had already been clearly stated in his book, Mein Kampf, but England only tried to negotiate with him. It would have been far better to stop him at the begining of his actions. Have we learned nothing from World War 2? Strike down NK leadership now, and save many lives!

  44. I agree. It would be easy for us to go off half cocked, but if China would remove him from power, jail or kill him, the world would be a much safer place. Trump stated we would take care of Kim, and I believe him. Trump has surprised us before with his reasonableness and I think now is the time to move against Kim with China or without her.

  45. I Think we should go ahead and confront North Korea before they figure out how to miniaturize nuclear bombs to mount on missiles.

  46. No I am not sure they can just because if you watched that person getting out of North Korea then it would not be easy to get into North Korea either but one thing China can do it replace him! It is up to China unless the want a war next to there country? People in general will not take this anymore!!! We have had it with this KIM. China get rid of him for you are the only one who can or we will get rid of him.

  47. The moment they “crossed the red line” it was like a declaration of war. What’s it gonna take before someone FINALLY puts the world’s mind at ease and offs this power-hungry little dictator? He should have been dead BEFORE he sent that missile!! Is it going to take the deaths of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands… or millions… before someone FINALLY does something about this roly poly, self important little a-hole?

  48. How long r we going to allow this to go on?R we going to what till an accident happens and many r killed,miscalculations happen and then how can a bankrupt immoral country be punished.lives lost Bring down the porker like we brought down Hussein Gadaffi other despots

  49. We have to respond now or face a North Korea with fully developed nuclear capabilities! The appeasement of these rogue nations is too dangerous to continue!

  50. The big question. How far will N.K keep moving there missile launch to either Guam,Japan,even in International waters close to the U.S.? How close is close? When does the U.S.level N.K.?

  51. Time for RocketMan to be targeted. Not a nuke: the citizens of the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea (can a name get any MORE opposite of what the country really is?) have suffered hell on earth already. A bunker-buster or a sniper bullet is sufficient, to be immediately followed with lots of food and medical supplies, and pamphlets telling the NK military brass that standing down, then merging with SK under SK’s government is their best bet for continued breathing…

    For the “let’s negotiate” crowd, kindly remember that the Korean War is STILL GOING ON. It “paused” with a cease-fire, NOT a treaty, surrender, etc. We ARE STILL AT WAR.

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