“Mad Dog” Mattis unleashed fire and fury on ISIS and you won’t believe what happened

For eight years Barack Obama dithered as ISIS gained in strength.

That all changed when Donald Trump took office and appointed James “Mad Dog” Mattis as Secretary of Defense.

Mattis unleashed fire and fury on ISIS and no one could believe the results.

In just 11 months, ISIS is on the run.

Their caliphate has been shattered and territory they boasted about conquering has been returned to local control.

That’s due in large part to the strategy put in place by Secretary Mattis.

Fox News reports:

“Just over a year later, ISIS has been routed from Iraq and Syria with an ease and speed that’s surprised even the men and women who carried out the mission. Experts say it’s a prime example of a campaign promise kept. President Trump scrapped his predecessor’s rules of engagement, which critics say hamstrung the military, and let battlefield decisions be made by the generals in the theater, and not bureaucrats in Washington.

At its peak, ISIS held land in Iraq and Syria that equaled the size of West Virginia, ruled over as many as 8 million people, controlled oilfields and refineries, agriculture, smuggling routes and vast arsenals. It ran a brutal, oppressive government, even printing its own currency.

The terror organization now controls just 3 percent of Iraq and less than 5 percent of Syria. Its self-styled “caliph,” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is believed to be injured and holed up somewhere along the lawless border of Syria and Iraq.

ISIS remains a danger, as members who once ruled cities and villages like a quasi-government now live secretly among civilian populations in the region, in Europe and possibly in the U.S. These cells will likely present a terrorist threat for years. In addition, the terrorist organization is attempting to regroup in places such as the Philippines, Libya and the Sinai Peninsula.

But the military’s job — to take back the land ISIS claimed as its caliphate and liberate cities like Mosul, in Iraq, and Raqqa, in Syria, as well as countless smaller cities and villages, is largely done. And it has taken less than a year.”

Barack Obama’s ISIS strategy consisted of weakness and failure.

Hillary Clinton campaigned on his third term and the American people took a pass.

They chose Trump because he pledged to defeat radical Islamic terrorism.

And he is making good on his word.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in the fight against ISIS.


  1. So glad to read Gen. Mattis’ approach to reality. It’s time that the top brass kicked-ass or they must be the first to exit the military. Further, General’s Dunbar and Mattis recently commented that the Army would become “Land Marines.” This should happen and SOON!

    Action needed; ObUma the Alien/Muslim/Marxist/Gay/Coward/Racist/Traitor & Enemy deliberately screwed with the US military to decimate our fighting ability. He should be the first to be arrested, judged, and executed by a military tribunal. Yes, it’s time our CIC introduced ‘martial law’ and terminate the many thousands cloaked in the ‘deep state,’ whose objective is the destruction of DT and conservative/patriotic America. Military Service: spent six years active duty with the U.S. Army.

  2. True-also–the black are now racist and against the white –even though they are only 11 % of the population– also, I can not understand why the black are in the Leftist pocket–when the Republicans are the ones who freed them in the civil war.

  3. Madonna, making statements like killing a person does not speak for all Christians. Please don’t make statements like that. If Obama has broken any worldly laws, he should be tried and punished if found
    guilty. God will take care of any punishment if His Law has been broken. Vengeance is Mine says our God.

  4. You hit the nail on the head. If we want to keep the momentum going, we can’t have any more Republicans sitting out elections. Shame on you! You voted for MAGA, Then you sit at home and let People who voted against Judge Moore because of his morality and his stand on abortion. According to Jones, the morality he supports is abortion up to and including full birth abortion. All politicians better make more of an effort to remember that our laws are based Innocence until Proven Guilty, and keep in mind that their careers could be ruined with one phone call to an editor or reporter with a grudge against them. They helped to set the rules.

  5. It has come down to exactly that and it is time for citizens of every country in the world to realize it has come to exactly that “them or us” and act accordingly. You must take the enemy at his word and their words are death to all who are not them. Every day they are out there chipping away at everyone of us. What will it take to convince the general public that the trenches are at your door step and you are the last line of defense.

  6. That is what it took to catch the attention of a lot of citizens who had not been paying any attention to what was really going on in D.C. for a very long time. Hope they will continue to pay close attention from now on realizing that everything hinges on continued due diligence and every single LEGAL vote.

  7. The ex president who was illegitimate on many fronts from birth to faux election deserves a nuke by drone. That would make for a Very Merry Christmas for all Christians.

  8. Well, why not just go a little further with all the fun stuff? Film it all with a Merry Christmas theme in the background. Sing some carols, like “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” and finish it off with “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and start off with, “♪♫ On the first day of Christmas, the U.S. gives to thee… a bullet in each knee. On the second day of Christmas, the U.S. gives to thee… two black eyes and a couple more bullets in each knee… ♫♪”

  9. The blacks support him because all they are capable of is identity politics. The globalist-liberals support him because of some kind of sick guilt because he’s black.

  10. I like the pig blood thing but I would use a .22 cal. LR in sub-sonic, then shoot him in many places that are not lethal over a period of say, a couple of hours, for maximum pain effect (so he has time to think about how all his victims suffered). Then just let him die of blood loss.

  11. the real irony, Camille, is the GM got him a s/s card from a dead soul in Connecticut, a location he had never been in before!!

  12. The Big Zero ( 0 ) is out after 8 years of pushing MuSlime terror and anti-Americanism….now it is time to deport all the MuSlime Sharia lovin fruitcakes…..if any are Judges they should be sent to a prison. We are one nation under GOD, we respect & thank our TROOPS and we say MERRY CHRISTMAS……if it offends you LEAVE ! !

  13. The ex president is saying if we do it the way President Trump wants we are like Nazi. It is about time for the DOJ cleaned house, and get rid of carry overs from holder, and lynch. Those people that have broke the law be arrested, and put in jail. After due process of the law send them to Getmo, and Let them kept those people they wanted to turn loose company.

  14. What Mattis has done in Iraq and Syria has been great! This is the way you fight a war, to win!! We should never go into a war again unless we are going to go to win, it is not fair to our men and women to come home all messed up because it wasn’t done fought the right way.

  15. Obama wasn’t just a sympathizer, he believes what they believe, so he was willing to totally sell us down the drain. i agree he should be imprisoned in Gitmo, he was never American born. They just never made him prove it. his Grandmother got him his SS#, when a gentleman died over in Hawaii, so they never sent the # back to the mainland, it is one of the #’s she gave him. He also came to the mainland for college as an Indoesian citizen so he could go for free.

  16. Scorched earth policy for ISIS and everyone associated with it. While that seems to have been the theme, so far, it is not over. It is over when all of them are dead, and anyone who might want to do as they have done is to afraid to think about it, for fear of being caught, and shot.

  17. I wish Trump would go after Obama, the same way as obama is going after Trump. Obama is not president any longer but he has created his shadow government to try and take Trump down. But it appears that the way things are going, that Trump is going to let Obama and Hillary get off the hook.

  18. Trump has pretty much got rid of the media by calling them what they are ” Fake Media “. I think only the liberals pay any attention to the alphabet media any longer.

  19. This 89 year old Marine would follow Mad Dog Mattis through Hell and back. Some day, not too far away, people will thank Donald Trump for what he has done, against all odds, to save this country.

  20. A lot of those vote were as illegitimate as he was an illegitimate President, he was never a United States citizen, just as a lot of those votes were place by a lot dead people that were registered by Democrats illegally and by illegal immigrants that voted multiple times. That’s why Hillary was so astonished by her loss to Trump, because she was just so sure that she would win by the same illegal process. And she claimed that she had the popular vote, yeah maybe in California, so good let her go and be the president of California, their a bunch of no good Democrats that we can do workout.

  21. And take away all his cigarettes because you know he is a chain smoker and the media the lying media never showed that to the American people ….only once I saw him smoke ….his skin it’s YELLOW and black from this puke addicted smoking ….

  22. I believe you because I’m 81 has seen it all what happened to our great country but now we have Donald J Trump military trained at the New York military academy and going to mess around….. he’ll get the job done believe me as soon as we get rid of that evil democratic commie media…..

  23. Trump knew what he was doing when he put Mad Dog in charge. There is a lot of stuff going on in these battles we are not hearing about, YET!! Trump is keeping it low keyed for now. Good thing.


  25. Obama ran a policy of “don’t hurt the enemy! They knew it and acted accordingly!
    Obama is as big an enemy as any on the battlefield against us! He still is! He, Hillary and Bill ought to be jailed in the same cell at Leavenworth!

  26. ISIS wants to play “badass?” The U.S. Marines invented that game. And General Mattis is an expert at playing it!

  27. The complete over throw of ISIS is another reason why the Military should be put in control of all Global conflicts. Onlly when they complete their job, then the politicians can practice their so called peaceful ways. But only after the threat is gone. Obama gave his fellow Muslim Brotherhood Everything from amnesty to total protection from any adverse actions from the U.S. Armed Forces. Including permission after being fired on, to fire back which took more than enough time for the damage to already happen. Obama was nothing more than a sympathizer for the enemy of the United States of America. He should be imprisoned in Guantanamo. Hillary would have done the same thing as he did and even worse, they would’ve had total amnesty here in the United States.

  28. War has always been a matter best left to Military Men not politicians. Career Military Men are not worried about polls and getting re-elected. True career Military Men only seek to honor the oath they took and the faith the American People put in them. Politicians could take some lessons from Career Military Men. Thank God for Men like Mad dog.

  29. You must know this fact of life. But I must tell. Barack Obama studied Communism in Chicago before he was President. Chicago at that time was a hot bed of Communists studying the overthrow of our great nation. Do the research if you do not believe me.

  30. If the Vietnam war was fought the Mr. Trump is fighting the war against terrorism, we would have won like a military power should. Mr. Obama will go down as the worst president this country has ever faced.

  31. I do think Obama should be tried for war crimes like any other shoulder he was the commander in chief and is under the same oath And military laws as any other soldiers and we were or wha and military laws and any other soldier and we were at war with Terrorism, I believe as president Obama killed more Americans in any war has ever fail Obama killed more Americans in any war has ever killed, with his New Medicare rules for seniors and starving people in our country, and And murdering our Veterans by not giving them the care they needed but instead supporting Muslim countries who tried to kill our vets

  32. Wanna add insult to injury? Capture one of their members and start a nice little video to send to the rest of them… and what you do with your captive is tie him up in a room where he is forced to witness blood being drawn from a pig with a big syringe. Then, the blood is used to “baptize” him and also the four bullets that will be used for his execution. Video him knowing his last moments are preparing him for HELL, then shoot him in each kneecap. (That’s two bullets…) Then shoot him in the groin. (That’s the third bullet…) And wait a couple of minutes before putting that last one between his eyes. Then send that video to his “people” and watch them writhe. Well, they show videos of themselves beheading people and pushing gay men off of tall buildings… let’s fight fire with fire.

  33. YES, O’NIGGA should be put in Guantanamo in a DARK DUNGEON for his Cell. Bread and Water only! Such a Piece of Garbage!

  34. I still say Obama ,is a traitor, he has broken so many laws in this country,he should be put away for life,the corruption that he has done ,would get you shot ,in any country,but for some reason, they just turn the heads in this one! Until these people, are bought up on charges,of corruption,and treason, we can never say, that no ne is above the law, because it sure looks like it! I hope the justice department , goe’s after these people,and make them pat for there crimes,an there plenty of them !!

  35. ISIS was Obama’s baby. He even referred to them as ISIL, which included the lands of Israel.
    Obama was Muslim through and through, and the media and Washington supported that, as If it were a quality for an American president.

  36. HOOAH !!! Remember what, after 8 years of what’s his name (O) stated, ” If it would come down between America and Muslims, he would side with the Muslims ! His words , not mine.

  37. Well, it’s certainly clear WHY Obama did little or nothing to stop ISIS during his two terms, and that’s because of his Muslim heritage. (One can’t go against one’s own, can one?) In fact, I’ve heard that Obama actually ASSISTED many of the third world countries with arms and finances. Now, tell me… doesn’t that sound like a traitor to you? Back in the day, traitors were SHOT for treason. This makes Trump look like a hero, and Obama look like a traitor. This is proof, and it would be very hard to convince me otherwise.

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