Major Democrat quit over a scandal you won’t believe

Another Democrat just bit the dust.

A Connecticut Congresswoman has quit under a cloud of scandal.

And you won’t believe what forced her from office.

Elizabeth Esty (D CT) announced she won’t seek re-election because she sat on allegations that Tony Baker – her chief of staff – threatened to kill a female staffer in 2016 after she claimed to be mistreated when she worked under Baker.

Baker left Esty’s office three months later and received a letter of recommendation and a severance package.

The Washington Post reports:

“Embattled Rep. Elizabeth Esty (D-Conn.) announced Monday she will not seek reelection this year following reports that her chief of staff kept his job for three months in 2016 after he threatened to kill a former colleague.

Facing calls for her resignation from state Democrats in Connecticut, Esty said in a statement that her decision was “in the best interest of my constituents and my family.”

“Too many women have been harmed by harassment in the workplace,” Esty’s statement read. “In the terrible situation in my office, I could have and should have done better. To the survivor, I want to express my strongest apology for letting you down. … In my final months in Congress, I will use my power to fight for action and meaningful change.”

Esty – like Hillary Clinton – was another in the line of Democrats who empowered and enabled abusers and predators at the expense of their female victims.

The Congresswoman initially stood defiant and claimed she had no plans to quit.

But as political pressure mounted she didn’t really have a choice.

Democrats like to portray themselves as the champions of women’s rights.

That is fake news.

The reality is Democrats mistreat women at an alarming rate and expect to escape accountability because they are the “defenders” of women because they cheerlead for abortion of so-called “equal pay” laws.

The #MeToo movement- which the left thought would help sink Donald Trump – has instead boomeranged on Democrats.

Far more liberals have been taken down as a result of allegations of misconduct of covering up for predators.

Esty’s story is one that Americans have seen play out before on the left.

And it probably won’t be the last time either.


  1. Is she the one from CT that tried to introduce a bill to make it illegal to criticize elected officials. Is she the one that also is married to an executive at Monsanto and she tried to get a bill passed to prevent hobby farms and home gardens? If I remember correctly she was heavily criticized for trying to push Monsanto’s wanting to ban hobby farms and peoples home gardens in favor of chemical farming. When that bill failed and she received criticism she tried to introduce a bill to make criticizing an elected offical illegal. Which would be a violation of the 1st Amendment

  2. I guess they don’t realize you can’t be Democrat and Catholic since the Dems believe in planned parent hood killing babies

  3. Why is it that every time I try to post a comment on this site you come back with “Looks like you have already said that”. When it is the first time and I say nothing rude or hurtful to anyone?

  4. Why did you allow a “mam” , who “THREATENED to kill” another person on staff , to remain for 3 months ? Are you , Ms Esty , that addle brain and that ignorant? Yet , you gave him separation PAY??? Why wasn’t he arrested?
    My bad , liberal , democrat ,communist / marxist ..

  5. You raise an interesting point. Yes ,ANYONE violating the LAW should lose their pensions, their free medical care , etc. Also, that clown that was GIVEN separation pay and recommendation , should PAY BACK the monies , and be arrested

  6. Trump actually assaults women

    He has humiliated his wife so thoroughly that she won’t hold his hand or travel with him.

    He bangs chicks on the side right after she gave birth.

    A person all true conservatives can look upon with pride

  7. The democrats are Hitler want bees. Study how the Nazi gained power and see the parells. Not the message but the mechanics. They are learning from Himmler and Goeberols (sp)

  8. Hmm, it sure looked like a career killer, isn’t it?

    Her own chief of staff “thr[e]w a monkey wrench in the works.” Game’s over. Bye-bye!

    DNC, liberal media, and Hollywood think they are really angels … baawahahahaha!

  9. Isn’t that something….. “we are behind all women across this great nation” bunch of lying, crap liberals. That’s all they are, lying liberals.

  10. She should also lose her Congressional retirement and post retirement benefits.
    Is no one filing an ethics complaint?

  11. Rep. Elizabeth Esty (D-Conn.) another Democrat “advocate for women”. Just like Hillary – Lie-a watha and Pelosi. The doo as I say not as I do crowd.

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