Mark Levin dropped one brutal fact that left Hillary Clinton trembling in fear

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Fox News host Mark Levin is taking off the gloves.

He tore apart the Democrats’ lawfare against Donald Trump.

And Mark Levin dropped one brutal fact that left Hillary Clinton trembling in fear.

Hillary Clinton was jubilant after the news of former President Donald Trump’s latest indictment in Georgia broke.

She appeared on MSNBC for an interview with Rachel Maddow where she cackled in glee at the news.

Fox News host Mark Levin slammed the two-tiered justice that let Clinton walk and is persecuting Trump on his show Life, Liberty and Levin.

“So what did Hillary Clinton do?” Levin asked. “She walks the country free. She’s giggling all over the place. She’s getting into friendly media. She’s laughing about all these indictments. Hillary Clinton should be in prison for her entire life.”

Levin pointed out that Clinton tried to cover up her illegal private email server that contained classified information by erasing 30,000 emails and having her staff destroy cell phones with diamond-tipped hammers.

“There was no search of her home for any other service or information,” Levin continued. “She did an interview. Her staff was permitted to be there. Her lawyers represented to be there. Her lawyers destroyed this information based on header information, not substantive information and she escaped.”

The major difference between the Clinton and Trump classified document cases is the Presidential Records Acts according to Levin.

“And the Presidential Records Act that applies to Trump, which gives the President authority over documents like no other official in the government, including a Secretary of State or an ex-Secretary of State,” Levin explained. “She didn’t have that defense. She didn’t have that statute. Trump has that. And yet he’s charged with 40 counts and he’s charged with a total of 91 counts from these three prosecutors.”

The FBI investigated Clinton for “gross negligence” under the Espionage Act but declined to press charges.

Trump is being charged for it by Special Counsel Jack Smith in the case involving allegedly classified documents that were found at his Mar-a-Lago home.

The Presidential Records Act gives Trump the authority to maintain control of documents no matter if they’re classified.

A judge ruled in a case involving former President Bill Clinton involving documents in his sock drawer that he had the “sole discretion” to decide what records are personal versus official along with the power to declassify them citing the law.

“Look what they’re doing to Trump,” Levin said. “Look how they’re breaking the Constitution. Look how they’re breaking the law. The law is being used to destroy the law.”

Democrats destroyed the rule of law to keep Donald Trump from ever returning to the White House.

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