Matt Gaetz called out Google for this scheme to rig the election against Trump

Congress hauled in the heads of Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook to testify on Wednesday.

No one could believe what happened in the hearing.

And that’s because Matt Gaetz called out Google for this scheme to rig the election against Trump.

Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz grilled Google CEO Sundar Pichai about Google manually manipulating its search algorithm to suppress conservative news sites.

Gaetz pressed Pichai to explain why conservative sites ended up on Google’s blacklist.

“You said something today different than you did with Ms. Lofgren, you confessed that there is a manual component to the way in which you blacklist content. It seems to be no coincidence that sites like Gateway Pundit, the Western Journal, American Spectator, Daily Caller, and Breitbart that receive the ire or the negative treatment as a consequence of your manual tooling. And it also seems noteworthy that whistleblowers at your own company have spoken out. You said that one of the reasons you maintain this manual tool is to stop election interference, I believe it is in fact your company that is engaging in election interference,” Gaetz declared.

Gaetz accused Pichai of “using your market dominance in search to accomplish that election interference.”

Pichai denied this was the case.

But there is already plenty of on the record evidence of Google using its market dominance to interfere in the election.

After Donald Trump won in 2016, Google’s head of multicultural marketing wrote an email expressing dismay that Google’s efforts to boost the Latino vote did not result in Hillary Clinton’s victory.

“We worked very hard. Many people did. We pushed to get out the Latino vote with our features, our partners, and our voices. We kept our Googley efforts non-partisan and followed our company’s protocols for the elections strategy,” the email stated. “We emphasized our mission to give Latinos access to information so they can make an informed decision at the polls, and we feel very grateful for all the support to do this important work.”

In the email, the Google executive admitted the company undertook this effort fully expecting it to benefit the Democrats.

“Ultimately, after all was said and one [sic], the Latino community did come out to vote, and completely surprised us. We never anticipated that 29% of Latinos would vote for Trump. No one did,” the executive claimed.

Social media companies are censoring conservatives in 2020 because executives believe if the Left can control the flow of information to the people, the Left can control the outcome of the election.

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