Mattis just dropped the big one on NBC’s fake news

NBC News ran a story claiming Trump wanted a tenfold increase in America’s nuclear weapons.

Trump immediately called it fake news.

While NBC doubled-down on their story, “Mad Dog” Mattis just destroyed it and another fake news story with this one statement.

Remember when NBC claimed that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called Trump a “moron”?

“That never happened,” Mattis said.

Regarding the fake news about Trump’s call for an increase in nuclear weapons, Mattis had even more to say.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Mattis said he at first thought his staff was playing a joke when he read the NBC News report Wednesday that Trump had called for the massive increase during a tense Pentagon meeting in July.

“There was no discussion with that tone or that content that I recall in the Pentagon or at any other time,” Mattis told reporters during an impromptu visit to the Pentagon press area. “I will even remove that I recall. I think I would recall a conversation about doubling or ten times the nukes, Okay. I’ve never had that discussion.”

The secretary said such a suggestion by Trump would have required him to follow up. He released a short statement earlier this week denying the report, which said the president pointed to a chart of current nuclear weapons and indicated the level of increase he wanted.

“If I had gotten word like that I surely would have asked for a meeting to go back over and say whether or not I thought it was good idea,” Mattis said.

There you have it.

The fake news media has been determined to spread lies and misinformation about the president to stoke anti-Trump hysteria both at home and abroad.

Thankfully government officials like Mattis are willing to call out the media when they do so.

Mattis just crushed NBC’s fake news stories. Now it’s up to us to get the truth out.

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  1. Wouldnt you think when the score is fake news zero and President Trump 100 and only 2 minutes left in the game they would quit. the answer is no because they work diligently to prove that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different result

  2. The most serious issue relative to fake news is that progressives are not only making their own news but they are buying up the newspapers, TV and radio stations magazines and internet media in order to completely control the message. Fox News and a very few others still give us a reasonably accurate representation of the facts but anchors like Shepherd Smith and Chris Wallace threaten the objective fair and balance trademark responsible for Fox’s industry leadership. Even my local newspaper has been purchased by a liberal/progressive cabal. We are a military town hosting the largest military base in the country. The liberal bias in the Fayetteville Observer includes bylines and opinion Columns by the most progressive flamethrowers found in the New York Times, Washington Post and Boston Globe. So how do we turn this around?

  3. It isn’t even good for the bottom of the bird cages. The birds complain about too much crap already in them. 🙂

  4. ? I was unaware that Trump HAD a news desk!I’m seeing that most of those desks are manned by far-left talking heads. I thought that that was why Trump relied on Twitter so much. You have not convinced me otherwise.

  5. Tried that & got ink on me buttocks.????????????
    I think the newspapers are only good for using:
    1: bottom of birdcages
    2: doggie pads-oh wait…that’s what back yards r4
    Oh well, I’ll refer back to #1

    Semper Fi you Leather necks…HooAhh

  6. General Mattis is a great Marine Officer. All Marines are trained and inbred with the obligation to always speak, tell and act with the truth and especially at the level he operates at. I am glad we have General Matiss and General Kelly advising President Trump in this turbulent period of our country’s life. Semper Fi Sirs.

  7. I cannot remember the last time I watched NBC news! The only time I watched CNN & MSNBC was on a trip to EU, more than 9 years ago, & they were the ONLY English speaking channels available. Blatant anti American news/BS! Someday, they will go out of business. Then, I’ll have a “celebration”!


  9. The only way to beat these idiots in the lame stream media is to stop watching their tv shows and do not buy their newspapers except if you need toilet tissue to wipe your butt because that is all it is good for, and only then will they dry up and disappear like a piece of dog crap, oops sorry doggies.

  10. Unfortunately, the communist news media is hiding behind the first amendment. If we do away with that amendment, they will also have won. It is a catch 22 they have us in. However, news media is in sore need of some ethics! Why can there not be a limit to the percentage of unnamed news sources? Why can the cable news networks not also be licensed; and, all of them be held by a licensing board to a code of ethics?

  11. It does not take much to know that the many who vote DEM are not willing to support TRUMP. they all have the same answer , what they fail to realize is that the world is changing and we need to be the one with the big stick , not the OBAMA TALK IT TO DEATH ALONG WITH GETTING OUR MEN KILLED DUE TO STUPID OBAMA IDEAS.

  12. First let me say, fake media is on it’s way out. Working Americans have already turned away from you and the elitist. President Trumpf truly cares for our Country and all the hard working people. He’s the hardest working President we have ever had. I pray that President Trumpf remains strong against the loser media and elitist. God. Bless the USA.

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