Mattis just made a promise to our enemies that will leave them shaking

Defense Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis is reshaping the image of America’s military.

He’s ditched Obama’s portrayal of the military as the world’s peacekeeper and International referee.

Instead, with statements like this one, Mattis is making it clear that our military is ready and able to strike in defense of our nation.

To appease his anti-war base, President Obama spent eight years downplaying the American military as a portrayal of American strength.

Now, “Mad Dog” Mattis is changing all that.

The Free Beacon reports:

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on Tuesday delivered a stern warning to any country or non-state actor that might threaten the United States.

“Those who would threaten America’s experiment in democracy must know if you threaten us, it will be your longest and worst day,” Mattis told the House Armed Services Committee in congressional testimony.

Mattis was on Capitol Hill to brief lawmakers on the Trump administration’s recently released National Defense Strategy and Nuclear Posture Review. The Pentagon chief said that his priority is to make the military more lethal…

“Our first line of effort emphasizes that everything we do must contribute to the lethality of our military,” Mattis said. “In war, an enemy will attack a perceived weakness; therefore, we cannot adopt a single preclusive form of warfare. Rather, we must be able to fight across the spectrum of combat. This means the size and composition of our force matters.”

Mattis emphasized the importance of the U.S. military investing in new technological advances, noting that “we cannot expect success fighting tomorrow’s conflicts with yesterday’s weapons and equipment.

“If you threaten us, it will be your longest and worst day.”

Mattis is making it clear to our enemies that America means business.

One Daily Caller editor called it “another contender for ‘The Most Mad Dog Quote Of All Time.'”

What do you think of Mattis’ statement?

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  2. You don’t go to war to tie or lose. You use all the resources at your disposal to win decisively and quickly. The vanquished are dead or surrendered. No other outcome is acceptable.

  3. My thoughts exactly! We now, HAVE A REAL MAN as Commander and Chief! Not this old ‘flaming puss’, who kissed everybody’s ass (not only figuratively )and apologized for USA, making himself the laughing stock of the world!

  4. ps. Don’t ‘play’ around here ‘gillyanne baker’ …
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  6. > 0k gillyannne – you said ‘blocked 14x , work in WH . here ya go
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    >W/All Due Respect to Sec. of Defense, James Norman Mattis, Ret. USMC General… & E’0ne heretofore…
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    >You ‘may’ have Known Then & CERTAINLY NOW – H0W You ‘KNOW’ Pres. Gen. Eisenhower’s Departing Speech re
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    > Now, FIX IT, Damn it… Save USA.
    > an Aside: what re EU German ‘military Force’ for Poland/Hungary etc To Take Unwanted Refugees …

  7. Strong Defense = Strong Country Doesn’t mean we have to use it, but glad to know it is there when we need it. Thank You to all servicemen/women and God Bless the U.S.A. Thank You President Trump and Defense Sec. Mattis.

  8. Finally our Military has a voice once again & what a voice it is. I’m a Marine Corp brat. My Grandson was in the Marines. Thank God for Gen. Mattis. Our United States will be Great Again!


  10. I’m an old swabbie and I say “OOOOOORAH” to Secretary Mattis. He’s like that WWII General that when asked to surrender replied: “NUTS” or something more colorful is likely. It’s great to have a backbone in our military again that will be backed by a Commander In Chief who is not a foreign sympathizer and apologist.

  11. Time to give ALL the Islamist idiots what they are begging us for — their DEATH. They have long since set themselves outside of moral behavior and Humanity in general, and their loose breeding practices have been wiping out any intelligence that they may have once had — time to give them peace. May they Rest in Peace, the only way that they are capable.

  12. With the caveat of following the Constitution rigorously — do NOT take on the commie mantra of “the ends justify the means”.

  13. Just pray that the Rep’s win more seat’s in the mid term election.If not and the public flips to the commie scoal dem death party.If they gain power Trump is impeached. Open borders. Hundreds maybe more. Will flood the border.Laws of the country are gone.All the laws of the land will be replaced with new laws.You can only guess the bad laws that the commie party will pass.

  14. Thank ALL you retired and active service members for your patriotism and sacrifice! My father was a retired Colonel U.S. Army (now deceased) of The Greatest Generation and I am a Charter Member of the National WWII Museum in ‘Nawlins. God bless the US????????A!

  15. As a vet, It is such a shame we had to put up with a person who detest our protectors .
    I pray never again we accept anyone to lead us who is not 100% behind our men and women in the service. God Bless Trump for picking Mattis. He is the real deal for all of us to rally around.
    Thanks , MR MATTIS.

  16. A 12 year veteran of the USMC, once out well I better not talk about that. In Afghanistan, we had plastic canteens. Almost everything was bare bones. The first thing I told my people to do was take the enemy’s weapons, half the time ours either jammed or just wouldn’t fire. To me, almost anyone who wore a uniform is a brother or sister. This retired Lt. echoes Jack’s sentiments. We’re finally proud and the fighting animals we wanted to be, but Barry wanted bad reports.

  17. Finally, after 8 years of appeasement we see a military man in charge and not a sociologist. Tell our enemies how it is, General Mattis

  18. All I can say is, You don’t see Russia sitting on the sidelines when someone attacks them. Go Mattis Go. You get em Big Dog.

  19. It’s been a long time coming to hear words of Victory, Winning and above all Pride! and I don’t mean Gay Pride! I feel a lot safer with Trump and Mathis at the helm. Deport the Gang Banging illegals, Build up our Military, and Flex it loudly, Build the Wall and fix our infrastructure.

    Retired Navy! S.C.P.O.⚓️

  20. What eight years of panty laced leadership proved, was a larger opening for aggressors to try and bring this great country to its knees, thanks to the doper that was elected by the Left. His red lines in the sand, proved his cowardice causing American deaths through out the world. obama was not a president, he was the Prince of Darkness and allowed these United States to become nothing more than a third world country in the eyes of his friends the Muslim enemy. Mattis, calls it like it is, take no prisoners.

  21. It’s about time we end 8 years of cowardice and show the world they better not threaten or attack us. I support Mad Dog.

  22. I say without our military and a wall we have No country when I was in school we were taught history and patriotism Obama tried to rip our nation apart by using racism let’s put it back together with patriotism God bless America!

  23. As a retired Chief Petty officer i totally agree with “mad dog” a strong military is a great deterrent against all enemies of the U.S including liberal democrats.


  25. Like any good leader, he has read The Art of War, 48 Laws of Power and probably every book on effective leadership! Even nature shows us that the weakest will be attacked and taken out “of the game”. And like any TRUE warrior, he won’t start a fight, but will for sure not back down. As the saying goes, “if you want peace, prepare for war”.

  26. We are in the process of restoring our government to one that functions under the rule of law. WE are in the process of restoring our Military to one that is once more superior to all others. America IS the greatest nation on the face of the Earth and WE will not apologize for that. We do not say this to put any other country down but to show them what can be achieved through Democracy and Capitalism.

  27. Feel like he is the best of the best. I really think weare going to need him and others like him in the very near future. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND OUR SERVICE MEN & WOMEN

  28. Thomas Jefferson said “the price of liberty is eternal vigilance”. We should always negotiate from a position of strength. It is about time we had a military leader as Secretary of Defense.

  29. We need a strong military. Period. Teddy Roosevelt said it very well – “Walk softly but carry a big stick”. Exactly what we need for America. Perhaps obama had ulterior motives while dismantling our military, and not good motives!

  30. As a former Marine, I am proud of the way that General Mattis wages war, he is the best of the best, is taking no prisoners. You, our enemies out there be careful where you tread as Mad Dog is right behind you waiting to take you out.

  31. Obama was the worst form of wuss we could heve ever had in the oval office. He did everything he could to reduce the effectiveness of our forces and reputation abroad. He and John Kerry should never be heard from again!

  32. We should choose one of these enemy countries to use as a testing ground for both the new hardware and for the new strategies we develop as a warning to the rest of them.

  33. This means that American Patriots can finally rise up and exterminate the globalist scum that are in our Country and hiding in America’s Government. We should use WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY to find out their plans and then take out these traitors and the ones whom they care about.

  34. We are so THRILLED the way President Trump is getting the BEST OF THE BEST to be in his cabinet and the way he is running this country! Love the way he gets the perfect man or woman for the job! NOT political favors!! We will show the world that AMERICA IS BACK and STRONGER THAN EVER!!!

  35. His men didn’t call him Mad Dog for nothing! Roll over for belly rubs and you’re gonna get stomped. Rules of engagement are BACK! GITMO lit up its VACANCY sign! DON’T MESS WITH THE ????????USofA????????! Could not be PROUDER!

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