Maxine Waters admitted something that will surprise you

Maxine Waters is leading the Democrats’ charge to impeach President.

The California Congresswoman thought her push to remove Donald Trump from office was gaining steam.

But Maxine Waters just admitted to something that will surprise you.

In an interview with the media outlet Cheddar, Waters confessed that few Americans supported her impeachment push.

Breitbart reports:

“I do believe that our country is a bit unsettled because we have the president — the likes we’ve never seen before. We have people coming from all different directions in our society saying something is wrong, and members of the California society want members of Congress to do something about it,” Waters told Cheddar in an interview outside the California Democratic Convention over the week…

…And so it’s not reflected yet in the way that it should be reflected in the polls, but I’m confident that as each day goes by, that as people learn more and more, and the Mueller report has helped an awful lot. People understanding things they’ve never heard before,” the California Democrat said.

“Many people will never read that report, but as we go through our constitutional responsibility of oversight and investigation in the six committees that have that responsibility with this investigation, people are going to learn more and I’m confident the support for impeachment will grow,” she added.

Polls show overwhelming majorities oppose impeachment.

And it is not for a lack of effort on the part of the Democrats or the Fake News Media.

They relentlessly hyped every development in the Mueller investigation as well as the findings in his report in an effort to get rid of Trump.

But the American people saw through all the fake news, hoaxes, and lies and stayed focus on the central finding of the Mueller Report: there was no criminal conspiracy with Russia and Mueller declined to bring an obstruction of justice case.

That is why most Americans are ready to move on.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Old Maxipad is getting ready to vote herself a nice big fat raise along with the rest of the trash in the House. Whatsa matter? You can’t make it on 177 thou a year plus clothing, meal, housing, haircuts, discount travel AND the best medical coverage in the world for free? They really need to be drug out of the Capitol and horse whipped the full length of the national mall before being having their citizenship revoked and banished from the nation. So sad. So corrupt. So out of touch. So evil. Just one more nail in the platform for secession and war.

      • She should be out of the govt office she’s not working hard all she did is wants to let Trump out & the president is work for free he contributed his salary to the veterans & to other community needs help they don’t appreciate the president doing his jobs all they did is to criticize.

    • I couldn’t agree more!!
      Mad Max-ipad Waters is the most corrupt, lying, outhouse ugly, brown clown HO in Congress.
      Mueller needs to investigate how she owns a $4 Million dollar home miles outside her 3rd world ghetto district on a salary of $175,000 ???
      And I love her James Brown wig and glade teeth.

  2. Maxy babe along with all the rhinos and the Democrooks on capital hill should be held for contempt of America.

  3. Los Angeles just reported one case of typhoid fever and more than likely a second case in the ranks of the police Dept. Downtown L.A. looks just as bad as San Fran, Portland and Seattle all strongholds of the democratic party. Garbage hasn’t been weeks, homeless and drug addicts camped out, human feces and urine all over the streets, sidewalks and buildings. Major population centers in California are not just becoming, but ARE third world countries just by the sheer size of the population. Diseases that were extinct in our nation such as cholera, typhus, measles and rodent and insect bourn illness are now making a comeback thanks to the unsanitary and largely ignored conditions that now exist. This is the home of the liberal party bosses like Granny Waters. This is how they represent, govern and plan for their state. The same plan they have for the nation.

    • Yes Yes Yes…….Don’t buy grapes from California….Maybe it will turn into one of those horror movie shows….The Army will fly in and quarantine the whole state.

      MaxiAss and Nancassy will have to stay home in their screwed up State!!

    • Blue Iron, California is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING and I don’t understand how such a beautiful state could become a third world country. You can thank the DEMORATS for their amazing agenda. Glad we don’t have to live there.

  4. And Seth Moulton says: “A poll by National Security Action recently found that voters are deeply concerned by Trump’s handling of national security and foreign policy. ‘The polling captures what we’ve long suspected to be true,’ said a director at National Security Action, ‘Americans are increasingly alarmed at Trump’s failed foreign policy and impulsive behavior as commander in chief. Democrats have an opportunity to offer an affirmative vision in stark contrast with Trump’s reckless and erratic record.’ … under Donald Trump, (we’re) turning our backs on our allies and cozying up to dictators.”

    • Hey man pass the pipe because I want some of that $hit you’re smoking. It must be some good $hit or both your brain cells just rolled out of your A$$.

    • WTF are you talking about?? Do ya have any documentation so all of us could understand what your trying to say. Trump is not an ass kisser as the previous muslim token prez. was along with his v.p. stooge.

    • VASU MURTI, What a bunch of shit. What kind of drugs are you on anyway? Our country is in the best shape it has been in with this President in years despite all the DEMORAT shit he has to put up with and the lack of support from Congress that gets paid mighty HEFTY and GENEROUS for doing absolutely NOTHING for the American Tax Paying citizens of this GD country. All they have done is to OBSTRUCT and have accomplished absolutely nothing for the American tax paying citizens since the President has been elected. Hope they ALL rot in HEll for all the shit they have caused since Trump was elected. This should have been directed to the GUILTY ONES, HILLARY R. CLINTON, and her rotten to the core PACK OF DEMORATS.

  5. When the ‘movie’ fools moved to California that was when the state changed from hard working Americans to a communist collection of fools called Ca-lee-a-for-knee-ians. A jerk by any other name is still a JERK.

  6. I have a rotting turnip in my vegetable bin that has an IQ orders of magnitude higher than Jame Brown in drag aka Mad Maxine.

  7. Things are very bad in Southern California right now. We need the federal government to take over. Serious. The only thing the CA Democrats are worried about is assisting with the invasion of Central America into our states, stealing tax payer money, and brainwashing American women to kill their babies. We really need help over here. I’d leave if I didn’t have a good enough job to keep me grounded. That’s the only thing keeping me and my family here.

    • I so agree with you. I k now everybody thinks all Californians are idiots but there are still many conservatives in this state. But our voices are drowned out by the screaming radical liberal nut job. The illegal votes are keeping the give a way free shit politicians in power. CA is lost, there is no way back but the rest of the country needs to protect themselves from any and all Democrats. They are all evil. If Texas is going blue now than this entire country will be gone.

  8. Term limits! This idiot helped make her district look like a third world dump. How many years has this numb skull been in office and only has three bills passed. She’s the most corrupt politician in Los Angeles besides Mayor Eric Garcetti and ex-mayor Villarigosa. Thanks to this current crop of loser Dems we now have typhoid fever in LA County and the possibility for the Bubonic Plague is very real now. These politicians should be in jail.

  9. Hey Maxine , anyone with half a brain is already figured out there was never any collusion there was never any crime committed and that this witchhunt was nothing but a Clinton and Obama induced hate festival and your racist cronies were chomping at the bit to try and get rid of him even before he took office . Hopefully your days are numbered . You are one of the most hypocritical hateful excuses for a human being ever to be in Congress .

    • Let Barr continue with his investigation and let the truth fall where it may, no opinions no emotion just facts. Shine the light of day on this entire collusion issue. If Trump is guilty o collusion he should be punished, if not, All those carrying the false allegations should be punished. If the FBI, Comey and Obama are pure and clean, let the record show it. Let the issue be decided by the law and truth, not politics. Quit playing politics with the peoples business paying the bill. Let the law decide the outcome, not emotion opinion and false charges. If there is evidence one way or the other, bring it forward put it on the table and deal with it. No Evidence proving innocents, is not a legal concept. Lets deal with the law as it is not as we wish it to be. Opinion is not evidence, emotion is not evidence.

        • Maxine W said something is wrong in this country…guess what…whole mess is the Democrats and Fake Media telling lies…many people do not know what to believe, I have heard outrageous comments against Trump…so the Fake Media is alive and well. Why they hate Trump so much is one thing I cannot understand, except the Media and the Hollywood Snowflakes encourage and add support to the hate….as for me, I do not respect nor would ever use the advise ANY of these weirdos seem to give, and the Fake News/aka: CNN, MSNBC, NYTimes, ABC, CBH and others ALL are at it…Only 1 or 2 honest stations in this country, except local…

  10. Maxine Waters is a big mouth and her comments didn’t surprise me in the least. She was stating that the people of CA wanted her to get him out of office and she used the Mueller report as her source which we now know was used to continue the Demwits battle cry.

  11. They can say impeachment to the cows come home they have not a thing to impeach President Trump. but put President Trump in jail. These democrats are just scared of what else will come out and hope the Truth will come and this bull can bE put to rest

  12. The word intelligence and the name Maxine Waters should NEVER be used in the same sentence together…unless the conjunction between them is ‘lacks’.

  13. The voters pole has been out for two years, and where has she
    been?….really! I guess anything that turns attention away from California issues with the regulations, taxes, that drove buss. Out…..,California is a shithole, and she is part of that.
    She needs to come clean, and admit she hasn’t the ability
    to do her job, and stop chasing impeachment dream world.

    • You are right. She is a detriment to our country. I think she is reading the country all wrong. They live in the land of nuts, fruits and flakes.

      • Her only defense is to play the race card. Whoever opposes her she calls a racist and that’s how she has gotten away with her corruption for decades. In Congress she has done nothing for her constituents; however, what she has done is enrich herself, her husband and her daughter. She’s a disgrace. But we must have pity. She has to live with that face.

      • I would like to see her financial records too – she got very very wealthy since she has been in office and of course in California too. There was an article a while back about her and her husband making a lot of money in something she was involved in (go figure) and I would like her investigated too along with the Obama administration

  14. Isn’t it ironic that Maxine and husband were never prosecuted for driving a CA bank into bankruptcy but with insider help she and hubby sold off all of their stock before the bust and the stocks became worthless.. Nancy the demented made Maxine the head of the banking dept. She only understand robbing banks not helping banks. She is incredibly stupid and greedy and has done nothing in congress in all the many years of looting as much money as she could steal –she has never been censured as the Black Communist caucus would be up in arms over one of their own getting caught with her hand in the till.

  15. This ugly women needs to pay attention to her district that is infested with drugs and homeless . She is one of the most corrupt politicians in congress and has stolen enough to make her rich along with her daughter!! Why the hell don’t the spineless republicans bring charges against this ugly creature. She got the nerve to bad mouth our president. When the likes of her was president she was drooling all over the House and raking in all the monies knowing her beloved president will turn a blind eye because he is in the same cult!!

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