Maxine Waters admitted something that will surprise you

Maxine Waters is leading the Democrats’ charge to impeach President.

The California Congresswoman thought her push to remove Donald Trump from office was gaining steam.

But Maxine Waters just admitted to something that will surprise you.

In an interview with the media outlet Cheddar, Waters confessed that few Americans supported her impeachment push.

Breitbart reports:

“I do believe that our country is a bit unsettled because we have the president — the likes we’ve never seen before. We have people coming from all different directions in our society saying something is wrong, and members of the California society want members of Congress to do something about it,” Waters told Cheddar in an interview outside the California Democratic Convention over the week…

…And so it’s not reflected yet in the way that it should be reflected in the polls, but I’m confident that as each day goes by, that as people learn more and more, and the Mueller report has helped an awful lot. People understanding things they’ve never heard before,” the California Democrat said.

“Many people will never read that report, but as we go through our constitutional responsibility of oversight and investigation in the six committees that have that responsibility with this investigation, people are going to learn more and I’m confident the support for impeachment will grow,” she added.

Polls show overwhelming majorities oppose impeachment.

And it is not for a lack of effort on the part of the Democrats or the Fake News Media.

They relentlessly hyped every development in the Mueller investigation as well as the findings in his report in an effort to get rid of Trump.

But the American people saw through all the fake news, hoaxes, and lies and stayed focus on the central finding of the Mueller Report: there was no criminal conspiracy with Russia and Mueller declined to bring an obstruction of justice case.

That is why most Americans are ready to move on.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. She should be out of the govt office she’s not working hard all she did is wants to let Trump out & the president is work for free he contributed his salary to the veterans & to other community needs help they don’t appreciate the president doing his jobs all they did is to criticize.

  2. Mad Max suffers from the Zackleys. What comes out of her mouth sounds zackley like what comes out of rectum. She truly is a 100% sociopath.

  3. I couldn’t agree more!!
    Mad Max-ipad Waters is the most corrupt, lying, outhouse ugly, brown clown HO in Congress.
    Mueller needs to investigate how she owns a $4 Million dollar home miles outside her 3rd world ghetto district on a salary of $175,000 ???
    And I love her James Brown wig and glade teeth.

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