Maxine Waters’ career took a turn that no one could believe

Donald Trump identified Maxine Waters as one of the leaders of the Democrat Party.

She called for liberal goon squads to stalk and terrorize Trump officials.

But now her career could take a turn that no one will believe.

If Democrats win the House on Tuesday, Waters will chair the Financial Services Committee.

The avowed leftist would run a committee whose job it is to oversee Wall Street.

Bloomberg reports:

For months, bank stock watchers have warned Representative Maxine Waters might call for tougher regulations and hold harsh hearings, target penalty-box bank Wells Fargo & Co. and security-breaching Equifax Inc., and go after President Donald Trump’s lenders, if she were to take control of the House Financial Services Committee.

On Wednesday, signs began emerging that Wall Street might be warming up to Waters who, as the ranking member on the committee in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, is the likely committee chair if the Democrats take over the House in next week’s midterm elections. Fox Business Network’s Charles Gasparino sent out a soothing tweet: “People close to Waters say she will have a constructive relationship w banks.” Raymond James analyst Ed Mills wrote that Waters’s potential chairmanship poses “more headline risk than actual negative impact,” even given Waters’s “national profile” and her reputation as a liberal Democrat.

And, for the first time in a decade, the securities and investment industries are spending more on Democrats than Republicans ahead of the Nov. 6 midterm elections.

For all the talk of violent rhetoric recently, Waters really kick started this trend.

She urged liberal thugs to menace Trump officials in public.

Some Americans are appalled at the idea of Waters being rewarded by the voters for helping to plunge America into a political violence crisis.

But Wall Street is hedging their bets.

For the first time since Democrats ran the House, Wall Street donated more money to Democrats than Republicans.

And it could be a sign that Chairwoman Waters is close to becoming a reality.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Maxine is one of the dumbest people I’ve ever had the occasion to encounter, not to mention totally irrational, irritating, and obnoxious. Now that I have said all the nice things I can say about her, I wish that I would never have to see her again or hear any of her retarded ramblings again!!

  2. Mad Max has a degree in Sociology.. A very easy degree to get especially if one is a minority and the University has been ordered to give GRADE INFLATION TO MINORITY GROUPS who probably had PELL GRANTS (FREE)> and Pelousy put MM in charge of banks.. If you readers want an eye opener–go to your search engine and ask for a list of the criminals in the House and Senate.. They are not named but the list is HUGE.. Alcce Hasting –FL Rep. –is a DEFROCKED judge, involved in sexual harassment on the job has been in the House for years.. Wonder how much the taxpayer slush fund paid his victims yet his district just keeps him in office…–known criminality–Same with mad max and over 100 other members of our representatives including candidates like BETO>

  3. Indicative of a totally uninformed politician who believes there is no crisis in spite of the fact that drugs and gangs are entering this country. A country without borders eventually is not a country.

  4. Stolen right out of the Rpublian hands it’s no shame. To dems. It doesn’t matter her votes
    Had this brand of Reagan Republicans would have been a lean sweep of rigeous backers

  5. Stolen right out of the Rpublian hands it’s no shame. To dems. It doesn’t matter her votes
    Had this brand of Reagan Republicans would have been a lean sweep of rigeous backers

  6. Mad max waters is a joke to everybody, pure and simple. Will someone give this ugly black monkery a bananna to shut her the F**K up. The thinking Americans can’t stand the sight or sound of theis worthless balck waste of air and DNA!

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  8. All American’s need to pull their money out of the US banking system….. where to put it, I don’t know, but not in US banking system.

  9. As far as I know, Maxine hasn’t sent her goons to Oklahoma to harass us…. please Maxine keep your goons away from the Oklahoma…. I guarantee you Oklahoman’s will not be so docile like other state residents…. Maxine needs to meet a Redneck Oklahoman.. she will never be the same…..

  10. Trump’s vast corruption, from money laundering of Russian mob money, to obstruction of justice, took him all the way to the presidency!

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