Maxine Waters’ end game was exposed when she threatened to do this to Mike Pence

Maxine Waters can’t seem to get off the topic of impeachment.

She and her Democrat allies keep trying to devise new ways to overturn the 2016 election.

And at a recent event in Los Angeles, her end game was exposed when she threatened to do this to Mike Pence.

Rep. Waters was accepting an award from a club for Young Democrats.

During her speech she recalled a conversation she had with someone at the event.

Waters said:

“I had a conversation here today when someone asked ‘Well, what about Pence? If you were able to impeach [referring to Trump], Pence would be worse!’”

That’s when she exposed her true end game by saying:

“Look. One at a time. You knock one down. One at a time… We will be ready for Pence. We’ll get him too. We cannot be intimidated. We cannot be made to fear anybody who would undermine our ability to have a decent quality of life.”

It is unclear how Congresswoman Waters intends to impeach Vice President Pence, or even President Trump for that matter.

However, it is clear that Rep. Waters is obsessed with impeachment as a means to overturn the results of the 2016 elections.

Democrats like Rep. Waters willfully ignore that since Donald Trump has been President the economy has seen great strides.

Unemployment is at its lowest point in 50 years at just 3.9%, the stock market is up 27% since Trump has taken office, and the GDP expanded by 4.2% in the last quarter just to name a few.

Many Americans are enjoying better than a “decent quality of life” under Trump’s presidency.

Maxine Waters just can’t stand that Donald Trump is still her President, and that the country is on the upside for the first time in years.

She and others like her will stop at nothing to try and put another Democrat in the White House.

Let us know what you think about her comments below.


  1. Maxine Waters is a racist, she is responsible for the Los Angeles riots after the Rodney king verdict. She should be removed from office, has done NOTHING to help her district except spread hatred.

    I have no respect for the witch.

  2. Maxine .you do not know anything about the law in USA history …get lost and go and hug your liberals friends, because 2020 will be our President Trump again and all of you liberals will get crazy ……

  3. Why can’t we deport these A-Holes and treat them like the traitors they are. In the countries these idiots whose people they are allowing to walk right in and get more for doing nothing than the poor people in their own districts, they would be put in prison or killed for treason. The overthrowJay of the government in South America is healthy Maxine.

  4. As is quite obvious, regardless of her political views, Maxine is a rare African- American beauty, and, I suspect, is a secret member of MENSA. She would make a great candidate for the Democrat nomination along with the Dem’s outstanding Adam Schiff as her VP nominee.

  5. The Great I AM will take care of M Waters and SOROS and all of them, that by the way they speak and behave are serving thes serpent saitan and all his demons.
    If they are good people and care about the Poor, let all these barking dogs, build houses for the poor, so that they do not have to immigrate and leave their families and culture behind. The Lord have mercy on the Democrats they are no good human being, neither they care about anyone but themselves. God is watching them, very closest. Lord have Mercy

  6. You’re just delusional with racist hate, like the rest of your brown supremacist La Raza group.
    And if your Democrats actually cared about brown people, other than their votes, they would support securing the border and stop enticing them to risk their lives, and those of their children, to come here with the false promises of getting everything “free” when they get here.
    The suffering at the border, and the deaths that have happened, lies directly at the feet of the Democrats.
    So don’t give us the faux outrage just to rationalize your racism and bigotry.

  7. Congress makes a salary of $174,000.00. If they do public talking they get paid and for some reason they all wind up rich? Can stand the dumb b#$ch. The swamp needs draining big time!!!!

  8. then she is stealing from the tax payers because the money that the government uses to run our country is our money that they took from us via taxes…not their money.


  10. Jesus-Hey, you just showed your ignorance of history because the KKK was started by Democrats! NOT REPUBLICANS!
    No amount of your lying to yourself nor name calling can change that fact.

  11. Waters has shown to be part of the left wing activists in the party using hate and more moronic comments which only leads to a narrow mind in her methods. In the end , she simply does not matter, but doesn,t have the intellect to catch up,and talks over people because she thinks she has real power, but is more of a fairy tale!

  12. Maxine Waters is corrupt, ignorant, and stupid and how she was ever elected to office is beyond me??? When she makes a public comment most of it is incomprehensible and sounds like she’s drunk. As a US Representative she is an embarrassment to our country. Can you imagine what other nations think about us when they hear her speak??? She’s not alone though, there’s also Cortez who makes little sense with her sentence construction. Our government officials are supposed to be the top 1% of our intellectuals!!! Anybody else shaking their heads??? We need upstanding citizens to stand up and run for office so we can drain this swamp of corrupt lying incumbent politicians. Until then our tax dollars with be stolen and misused paying off foreign governments and others, God please help us???

  13. Maxine Waters is obviously a racist, liar, thief and out of her mind. Her and her ilk are hell bent on POWER … The word of we the people means nothing to these evil government people.

  14. I can’t believe Californians are so ignorant to allow a 80 year old raving woman to represent them with only a B.S. degree? Yes I will pray! They can’t stop the hate. GOD BLESS and keep us****.

  15. Jesus wept for he loved His family. The family of man. His love contains no hypocrisy. He is the LIGHT,THE MOST HIGH, THE ONLY WAY TO THE FATHER. SPREAD NOT JUDGMENT ON OTHERS, FOR THEY ARE OUR BROTHERS

  16. hey jesus, it sounds to me you would like living in Venezuela better, so get out of my country , you and your Marxist Che Guevara Bolshevik ILK are not wanted here. as a True Latin person, you disgust me to my inner being, you are nothing more then a useful idiot commie moron. It’s a shame with a name like jesus you are not like our lord Christ and mimic his way of life and a person of God, and not like a child of the devil. I would really concern myself with my soul jesus, because if you continue in your communist degeneracy you will find yourself deep trouble with God and you might even find yourself heading into the pits of Hades at some point, especially if you were to die for some unknown reasons only known to God. jesus, Repent and ask God for forgiveness. you only get one warning from me and that’s it, the rest is with you and God. Jesus, you have been warned and you are now without any excuse.

  17. Waters does not live in the district she represents. She has a mansion with high walls and guards too. How does she afford a 10 million dollar mansion?
    Oh yeah, she is stealing from this government with both hands.

  18. Amen absolutely enough of this hatred for Our President Trump and his family Vice Pence. God Bless The USA

  19. How do these people (congressmen) make 140,000 a year, wind up living in million dollar homes. Are they all corrupt?

  20. Yes, but I think it goes beyond money. I think it’s power: that’s what they really want. Max Wastewater wants to be known in history as “the woman who took down Donald Trump and his administration”. What’s disturbing is she’s the chairman of the House Finance Committee (right?) Anyway, she’s going around spouting, “We control all the banks…we have all of Wall Street”. How can they put a senile 80-year old woman in such a responsible position? She doesn’t have a law degree, an MBA, or an accounting degree.
    She has a BS in Sociology from a California public college! She is not qualified! She went up the career ladder from Head Start with help from Civil Rights politician friends. This is NOT about her race or color, it’s about her qualifications, her abilities, mental status, and her age (80). Why don’t these people ever retire? Trump says she has a low IQ. Maybe, but she is corrupt, and those people are devious, sly, and treacherous with no moral compass at all. I would take an honest person with an IQ of 100 any day instead of someone like her.
    Merridee: I can’t believe they got the House. We must pray for God to intervene and stop them from devastating our country.

  21. Waters is a no good liar.. if brains were dynamite she wouldn’t have enuff to blow her big ass nose..stupid butch belongs in shackles

  22. Maxine Waters is an evil woman who should be locked up for life! She’s just another money hungry person who saw a chance to get her hands on money!

  23. You know what…? Thank You for your enlightenment.

    No truer words have been written thus far. The lesser said, The less remembered.

    I thank you for having put that out on the I-net.


  24. I sure hope that Justice Bret Kavanaugh of the Supremes, does not let us down and, make us look bad.

    He does seem to be a person with a good sense.

  25. No, No, No. We need all able bodies to make their Vote count. If you allow yourself to get arrested, they win and, we looooose.

    Unfortunately, we need and, should play the game by their own rules and, at their own turf.

    Lets look at it as a Baseball game…Many a time, the home team has lost the game at their own turf by sooo much that it could actually be dubbed a….S M E A R. So, lets smear their game at their own turf.

  26. Could not have put it better myself.

    I am a Cuban born American bread, naturalized citizen.

    I can tell you this Negra, has communist/Dictator traits written all
    over her. Actually, almost all Demo`s are leftists and, would love to
    bring this great nation of ours down on it knees.

    My fellow Americans, I strongly suggest that every Freedom loving citizen, arm yourself because, everyday that passes by, these demonic Democrats, want to bring America and all its children to their knees.

    Remember the old saying…..When the going gets tough, the tough get going..? well, its time to get our asses into high speed overdrive gear.

    If you are at a polling place and someone approaches you to try and convince you to change your vote, tell a poll worker and, they will be ejected and, maybe even arrested.
    G o d Bless…… A m e r i c a.

  27. I am waiting for the mobs to show up at the polls and try to intimidate voters.If some show up at where I vote, I will see you all from the jail most likely. Remember when the New Black Panthers were at the poll in Philadelphia scaring voters? It will happen again with Antifa, BLM, and just plain mobs.

  28. Maxine Waters is a first class Corruption monster and is committing treason, and should be arrested. take a look at how corrupt the Democratic Party is… each and every democrat has evil and corruption attached to them and treason in their file and yet they still are in office, WHY??? they should be facing the firing squad, and should not be wasting more tax payers money on bogus investigations on honest people like Judge Kavanaugh. May God have Mercy on the USA and may be Bless his children whos live according to his word, and may justice be served on the evil corrupt democrat party, the accusers, the judiciary committee and crooked attorneys who took money when they said they’d went pro boron, also Sheila congresswoman who gave the envelope. IT IS TIME FOR JUSTICE TO BE SERVED AGAINST THESE EVIL PEOPLE. AMERICA GET OUT DIN NOVEMEMBER AND VOTE THESE FLAKES OTU OF OFFICE, LETS HAVE A RED TITLE WAVE THAT WILL SEND THEM OUT TO SEA TO NEVER TOUCH OUR SHORES AGAIN AND IF THEY DO LET THEM SINK IN ATHEIR SEPETIC TANK OF CRAMP THEN PUT A LID ON IT.

  29. The fact that this woman has incited people to “GET IN THEIR FACE, AND DON’T LET UP! FOLLOW THEM INTO RESTAURANTS, GAS STATIONS AND DON’T LET UP! I suggest that this person is evil and needs to be investigated by the FBI and the IRS!!! Her activities are VERY SUSPECT, and deserve the highest scrutiny!!!

  30. waters is a low IQ racist crook leftist idiot and should be censored and impeached for incitement of violence against Republicans.

  31. Please take a name like: Maxine Waters Corruption/Treason and Google it, to see what a mess the Democratic Party is…all I Googled had some sort of corruption/treason in their file…sad state of America…God Bless us all…Chuck Schumer made me so sad for the 16 year old…see for yourself…

  32. Maxine has on her side the DEVIL itself. Where as Mike Pence has Our Lord and Savior and I think when push come to shove she will go down and she will never get up. Her day of reckoning is coming and then we just wait. Maybe she loses her voice or her eye site becomes so bad she can got out alone. But she and her husband could very well lose everything that they stole or lied about. They have their hands in so many peoples pockets time is running out for them. All the EVIL she says and does means she is also a resident EVIL living in the HOUSE of SATAN. We just have to let us keep with the faith and repose that God has given us. I truly believe that if you keep yourself on the right pathway, God will bring you through.

  33. Mad MORON Maxine needs to get back on her meds. Even if Democraps took power in the mid terms and got rid of every Republican in the line under Pence for President Hitlery still would NEVER get the Oval Office job. Why you asked simple No Democrap would make Hitlery their VP then resign. If they got in Hitlery would be tossed under the biggest fastest moving bus they could find ASAP. Which means Mad MORON Maxine can spew her brand of IGNORANCE all she wants because they will not retake power which means they won’t Impeach anyone. Now the Republicans might impeach Rosenstein and SHOULD DO SO for his IGNORANCE in picking that HONORLESS SLEAZEBAG Mueller as Special Counsel.

  34. Hmmm. Here’s an idea: Plant information that all of these Democrat morons like Maxine, Chuck, Nancy, etc. are going to expose the Clinton crimes and maybe they’ll all have fatal “accidents”, or die in “robberies”.

  35. Unfortunately, she goes nowhere without armed security who keep anyone away from her! There also was a story about how she carries a concealed weapon, (even though she claims to be so anti-gun!) but I can’t verify that. Anyone gets in her face and her ghetto squad will become violent. Democrats are allowed (according to them!) to do whatever they want, violent or not. Republicans have morals and follow a philosophy of non-violent protest, which Democrats physically attack at every opportunity and then blame the violence on the Republicans.IE: Republicans stage an impromptu anti-max protest, (which is morally wrong, even though she richly deserves it)her “security” will respond with violence and the liberal controlled MSM will blame Republicans for “attacking” her.

  36. Maxine is the gutter swamp representative and she is worthless to anyone and the DEMS better figure that out before she sinks the ship they are all on. She has spent so much time with the DEVIL on the way to SATAN’s house that no one can help her. I wonder if she has nightmares about herself. I know I go to GOD’s house and I find solace and know I can live my faith everyday of my life. Our society is missing something and that is why the Maxines of this world exist.

  37. I hope people start following Maxine all over and getting in her face like she is telling people to do to republicans.

  38. We cannot be made to fear anybody who would undermine our ability to have a decent quality of life.”

    This is why we must stop the democrats.

  39. Hit them where it hurts…. the pocketbook…. They don’t stand to respect the flag walk out of the stadium in multitudes and watch the change.

  40. Ryan is to retire in January, so why doesn’t he step down as Speaker now and let congress appoint another speaker….. It’s called step down and slide into retirement…. I’m not a fan of Ryan.

  41. Where is Sessions? If this was Obama being threatened, do you think the FBI would let them get away with such rhetoric? NO…

  42. Laurel : your an intelligent lady: don’t even think of generalization of women politicians. what does that say about the women that aren’t politicians? doesn’t that make the woman putting these people in office look dumb. That only the politician woman is the smart one. after the people elect who can help them the best with, good conscience of the vote then it up to the elected politician. Only that person can rule as they campained on or kiss butt. Most seem to forget how to think and instead of becoming leaders become followers or sheeple. they like to kiss butt and let someone else do the dastardly deed of messing things up and then staunchly stand behind the good work. these women in my belief is Maxine watter. Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris, who only wants the power, glory and greed of bein their on the top of trouble makers list. can’t remember other names. but susan collins, claire mccatskillof mo.lisa murkkowski.

  43. Amen to that my brothers!!
    As a USMC vet ’71, these illiterate, knuckle draggers can dine on a healthy scoop of my feces with some of the southeast Asian sauce I ate!!
    F them ALL!!

  44. Hey Dan, remember ‘uncle fester’ from Addams family Tv crap.
    Well, McMaster WAS & LOOKED like ‘uncle fester’.LOL
    0nly thought of that b/cuz ‘Ester’ rhymes w/ fester.

  45. You know, if I were Donald Trump or Mike Pence, I would, after the midterm elections, start playing Maxine’s most revolting comments over and over again with comments about how Maxine should get professional help. It would be priceless…

  46. Mad MORON Maxine proved just how STUPID all the Democraps are. Even if they got rid of every Republican who would get in office before a Democrap that Democrap would NEVER make Hitlery their VP and then resign so she would get the office. In FACT they would do everything to ensure she was no where in the line of succession because those in the way of a Clinton getting something tend to die in suspicious manners.


  48. I am blessed without question, I thank my lord and savior daily for those blessings, I pray the he grants our leaders wisdom and compassion to govern fairly for all people. I reiterate history will tell if he was worth a damn. He was elected to govern , he is halfway through his first term and everyone thinks (most especially himself) he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Way too early to say he’s the greatest ever. I thank God for many things, but thanking the lord for Trump specifically I’ll pass on that one.

  49. MAD MAX. Let TRUMP play a round of golf for one day. Let her do the JOB TRUMP is doing. She has KNOW clue how to run a country. only how to run her mouth.

  50. Maxine Waters, is an EXTREMELY RACIST, person, whom knows how too push the right buttons, so to ensight those WHOM are GUTTLESS to fight BACK, as always , too create a RIOT these days, all’s it take is a RADICAL PERSON too get hold of a megaphone, than ITS ON, only NOT too forget!, MAXINE that, WE THE PEOPLE, are not as “STUPID “, as you think, HANG IN THERE MAXINE, your day is fastly approcing!. People of COLOR, need to stand clear of MAXINES fallout!. GOD WILL BLESS AMERICA.

  51. The major problem today is why won’t Some GUTTLESS, Republican step up & create A VOTE in Congress too replace The COWARDLY SPEAKER, at least get him GONE. So the HOUSE, could do it’s job. Mr RYAN, why not do YOUR?, Country A hug favor, give your job to a real LEADER!, GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  52. Maxine Waters is without a doubt mentally ill and should be sent to Bellevue hospital in New York where she should be seriously evaluated.

  53. President Trump,”Democracy is two wolves (democrats) and a lamb (republican) voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote.”

  54. President Trump bashing,It is something a silly adolescent male-female does when feebly striking back at someone superior to him,LIBERALISM Is It Mental Illness or Demonic Oppression?

  55. Mark, Mostly I agree that these recent accusations get nowhere and leave a path of destruction.But as a woman I take exception to the generalization of women politicians ruining things. There ARE real stinkers to be sure, and THEY should be relieved of power. But fools will continue to support them. While on the topic of generalization, I must disagree any generalizations as people everywhere have both good and bad representatives.

  56. THAT is EXACTLY why they should NEVER “win” ANYTHING anymore…VIOLENCE is NOT the answer….NEVER was, as even Martin Luther King knew THAT….!!!! BUT this “old hag” just DOESN’T get it and just “thinks” to be in the right…..WRONG….!!!!

  57. Get a ROPE for EACH one of THEM…..So, we NEED a lot of ROPES……!!!! hillary said it long time ago: “If Trump wins, we will all HANG”…..!!! AND that is why CRAZY maxine is SCREAMING her heart out, hope she makes her heart STOP beating, would SAFE us a ROPE….!!!!!

  58. If a conservative ever talked or acted like Waters, first it would be all over the mainstream media non stop,they would be called on to resign, and there would definitely be calls for their arrest from the loony left.Don`t say just ignore it and let it roll off your back. That never flies on the republican side from either side of the isle.

  59. You mean arrested for inciting violence against a certain group of people. Maybe if Jeff Sessions ever finds a set of balls, he will do his job.

  60. Linda- you need to get off the gender bandwagon. Between people pulling out the gender card and race card, they lose credibility. The general public is getting sick and tired of all of that.I`ts just like the #me too baloney. One woman has an axe to grind with some guy and she claims harassment, and ruins the guy`s career, life and marriage. People are starting to ignore them. Why do they wait twenty or thirty years to say something? Now when you hear these stories come out on the news, you will see a lot of eye rolling going on. Enough is enough!

  61. She should be arrested for insighting riot. Telling people to attack and abuse republicans. When the Dems were in office did you see Republicans running around like ANIMALS NO. only the Democrats run around like ANIMALS and a bunch of little spoiled brats that can’t have there way. Someone took there lollipops away from them awwww. The Democrats are setting a fine example for there kids and there party it’s disgusting.

  62. Maxie the brown cow, is too brain-dead to be “intimidated”; when she’s finally caged and looking out between the bars, she still won’t even understand what has happened.

  63. It is impossible to impeach anyone in office without a legal basis. What legal basis does Waters have? Does Schumer have? They all sound stupid to the first magnitude.

  64. Getting close Butchy, dr jd (new name) gets 0ff on
    the thang. i might ‘ditch’ this site soon.
    – getting to be a ‘chi-com’ sweat shop. hmm.
    > Remember months ago, when the talk here was Way Better,
    (well, remember Howard ??? LOL.)

  65. Maxine Waters has a ‘Serious Personal Political’ ISSUE,
    that she is ‘projecting’ Upon Society. She needs
    to be ‘reigned in’ regarding her ‘treasonous’ type
    Spew. Too many ‘cowards’ sit back. The Communist Party
    knows how to take a Country ‘down’ From Within.
    > & Then, let the ‘trolls’ jump in.

  66. Butchy, THNX for ‘knowing’ the truth re this TOTAL BS
    dr jd. Some ARE getting ‘sucked in’ & that’s
    ‘the Plan’. Not me, NO WAY,JOSE.

  67. Anyone in there right mind understands the depravity of “Maxine” and those who follow her. There must be push back on what comes out of her mouth. By doing nothing, America is in great danger.

  68. Mad Max is really mad, like out of her mind. The Democratic party has turned EVIL, someone needs to set them straight, and a few belong in prison. GITMO would be good because then they would have trouble getting visits from their families. This is the only way to get even.

  69. What we don’t need is for a conservative (are you?) to make remarks about female politicians like you just did. That makes us as conservatives look bad and gives democrats ammunition against us. There are a few females and males alike who are as bad as she is, or close behind. Generalizing in a negative way about females is not helpful.

  70. Maxine water is another demoncRATs with only BIG MOUTH and no brain. What a waste of American Taxpayers money paying for these hungry of power and money, disgrace, corrupt, crooked, pathological serial liar, shameless, clueless, brainless,lawless demoncRATs in collaboration with failed barack obama & Michele Obama & hitlery Clinton clan, who supports illegal aliens and criminals. They all have a special place in hell.


  72. Mad Maxy is the gift that keeps on giving. The more she talks, the greater the support for the President. She is the “poster child” for the left. They used to have JFK. Now it’s Mad Maxy and ANTIFA. Red tsunami in November ang 46 states in 2020. USA! USA! MAGA! MAGA! All THE WAY!

  73. You don’t get it, Dan, why would the Dems call her out, it does not bother us, we have other strange cases besides just just black people. You guys are upset with her, and this can be shown in these posts. Your party gets horribly upset with anyone, even another Republican that disagrees with you . . . you are predominantly producers of venom – – look at all the horrible things you do to each other. It’s kind of like a weird uncle who shows up for Thanksgiving and drinks too much and acts badly sometimes, but everyone learns to adjust to him.

    Because you all are so intense about all that you see as “wrong” about us, you don’t understand us at all, and many of the things you guys write here are so off target. In some ways Maxine is a lion and most of you appreciate lions who have some strength. But you know who will calm Maxine down? Other black Democrats who take her aside and say “we appreciate what you have said, but . . . .” and then will explain it to her where and how she is wrong in talking up violence. Some aspects of political correctness make sense (not all, of course) — but why hit someone else in the nose if you want to change their point of view? THE best way to change some of this is to NOT disrespect them as you do by calling them names, but showing a certain amount of respect to them and guiding them to more of a reasonable position. Kind of like the Japanese solve problems best – – by allowing the other party to save a certain amount of “face” (what the Japanese call it).

  74. Mad Max is proof that female politicians do not have to have brains……Guess she is pointing that fact out as the only word she is acquainted with is “IMPEACHMENT”….
    All Calif. politicians are corrupt & EVIL and that goes for all the other females that are in politics and don’t know their rump from a hole in the ground.

  75. She needs to be arrested She should move to a country that she would be able to govern. Take the rest with her.
    She needs to be investigated. Where did she get all her money?

  76. Dr. F–k education. It doesn’t creat common sense. I must be winning. You have resorted to insults. Define smarter. There is no smartness in Marxism.

  77. If the crooked and compliant Mueller has anything on Trump, we will have it BEFORE the Nov. elections. If he doesn’t have anything, we will not hear a peep out of Mueller. That’s the dumocrats plan and Mueller is one of their puppets. Mueller is a loser!

  78. You misunderstand; we don’t worship PDJT, we give thanks to God that he came along when he did. Surely even you can understand the difference.

  79. As long as the crooked and corrupt Democrats like MAD MAXINE WATERS has someone in the White House like former Obama, then they are as happy as thieves. Maxine Waters thinks that as long as they can win the midterm elections and take back the House, then they will be able to start making harder for every American citizen to be able to make a decent living to be able to support their families in the manner that every American citizen is being able to right now with President Trump’s Jobs and Tax Cuts that he signed into order at the last of December or the first of January of this year.

    Maxine Waters doesn’t know how to be happy for anybody except for herself. As long as she is able to help with keeping Americans needing the Governments help, whether it is with Food Stamps, or Health Care, she expects the American citizens to come crawling and crying back to the Government for help.

    Maxine Waters, along with all of the rest of the crooked and corrupt Democrats, don’t like to see every American citizen having more of their paychecks to take home for their families to be able to live a happy and prosperous life. She and all of these crooked and corrupt Democrats, don’t like to see others happy or prosperous at all.

    I am praying like HELL, that she and all of the rest of the crooked and corrupt Democrats lose their re-election to these offices. There needs to be some NEW BLOOD in these offices to work with President Trump and his whole administration to continue with fulfilling his agendas that he has been trying to get fulfilled since every American citizen that voted for candidate Trump, now President Trump, to be able to fulfill his agenda.

    Maxine Waters doesn’t want to see President Trump’s agenda to be fulfilled on his promises that he campaigned on.

    I support President Trump and his whole administration 2,000,000%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. With your lack of knowledge about them, it might be to you “poles” instead of “polls.” How do you know what Mueller has or has not investigated. Besides, not matter what the evidence, you won’t be able grasp the meaning or believe the results. And, you especially should not be calling people stupid, especially those who are better educated and smarter than you.

  81. great and honest post, Donnell. But actually Trump said it was a million dollars Daddy loaned him, but it was greater than $10 million plus his backing. Actually, even though I think his success in business most often works against him as president because Trump has NO respect for the balance of powers and how nations work, but Trump lost almost all his money on foolishly taking on the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City and several of his businesses went bankrupt. But most of Trump’s money (and expert believes he continually lies and exaggerates about it) came from money laundering of Russian mob money. He also cheats people out of contracts and violates laws like what he did with the Trump “Foundation.” His Trump “university” is a proven scam, and he is most often a con man.

  82. reducing or eliminating sanctions against Russia, that had just attacked us in the 2016 election; giving up joint military exercised with South Korea and getting nothing in return; claiming Russia should have Crimea because “they both speak Russian”; attacking our allies in G-7 and otherwise; taking troops out of South Korea (Trump said it would save money); assassination of Assad (stopped on that and it was illegal too — could have opened up a conflict with Russia and Syrians). Trying to scuttle NAFTA without anything to replace it. Many of the tariffs Trump arbitrarily imposes. Thats a start.

  83. Actually, Maxine is in serious trouble. Black support for President Trump is RISING precipitously. Some polls rate Black support for Republicans at as much as 31%.

    This is a CATASTROPHE for Democrats. Worse, once those votes are lost, they are gone forever.

    You can HEAR the desperation in her screams.

    She reads the polls. She hears blacks on YOUTUBE.
    At no time in her entire wasted career has she EVER been in more trouble.
    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  84. I think you mistakenly have misjudged Trump in some arenas. Trump likes to bully people when he can, perhaps in that way you are alike. But take a look at how he kowtows to Putin, bows and scrapes and does whatever Putin wants. Trump was not at all as tough as he should be with Kim Jong Un, and basically capitulated on each point, getting nothing more than what he had before from North Korea and we gave up the thing Un wanted – – the joint military exercises with South Korea. Did you know Trump even pushed his people to give up our troops in South Korea also and they resisted him (comes from insiders). They said our troops (@20,000) in South Korea were there for us, because it puts us able to detect aggression and defense quicker and better than from Alaska? Trump kept talking about how much cheaper it would be, money saved AS IF it were a private corporation. Trump has terrible foreign instincts and lack of knowledge. Trump has let Putin have his way in almost every instance, he is a lackey to Putin.

  85. I wish I was young enough to go to California and harass the hell out of Maxine Waters…I hope you are young enough to do it.

  86. There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between a million Dollars and a billion dollars! Very few millionaires have been able to parlay their fortune into a Billion dollars… Have you????

  87. I heard Maxine speak in Detroit in 1996 and
    She was so racist that it was embarrassing
    She is bad news and should be impeached

  88. Dead wrong? You must be a Liberal because our brains can’t go there. Of all the Liars in Politics Mr. Trump is the least of them and he does not incite riots like your ugly Democrat Haters. Hateful people like that should be tossed out of Washington and never be heard from again. Why would anyone give credibility to Woodward and the rest of these Fiction writers? Why is it always anonymous sources? Why? If you have something to say, stop being a coward and own up it it!!

  89. Time to start harassing the hell out of Maxine All Wet Waters! Let her know what you think. No class 3 cursewords! Class 2 okay! Time for her to get the heat!!!

  90. I agreed with everything you said till you said we were blessed to have him, that’s a bit much. He is a duly elected public servant of the people , not someone worthy of worship. You got a little carried away with the praise. Only time will tell if he is a good president, not two years of ridiculous tweets cause his overblown ego got dinged, he’s supposed to be a full grown man not some butthurt whiner. I don’t do hero worship.

  91. Remember the old commercial of frying an egg on hot pavement? Followed by, “your brain on drugs”. Well, that came to mind as mad max spews her ignorance. This piece of unamerican garbage needs to be booted out of Congress for her many calls of intimidation & bullying towards all Present Trump supporters & cabinet members.
    She proudly touts her words of hate, easy to do when she’s surrounded by her thugs posing as security or when she’s in a group of her like-minded leftist trolls. I beg her to get in my face & open her mouth, please give me that honor. No threats, I’m too far above her mental capacity for that. There are so many other ways of making a point, one needs not resort to violence or stooping to the lows she has on a consistent basis!

  92. So true. Max is completely filled with hate and is irrational most of the time. She should be indicted for promoting violence against President Trump and his supporters. She does nothing for her supporters. They need to realize it’s time to vote for someone who cares more about others than themselves. It’s not Waters.

  93. As you know, Rudy Peters, a GOP candidate in California, almost got stabbed … by a liberal.

    Maxine Waters did this. She encouraged violence against the conservatives.

    Where the hell is the congressional ethics committee? If they are not going to do anything about it, it ain’t going to be pretty.

    We have the social media giants censoring the conservatives. We have the liberal killer wannabes following the conservative reps around and hounding them in the restaurants and theaters. Well, the libs even came to conservatives’ private properties. They threatened their children. They shot up the baseball field. Etc etc

    Maxine encouraged it and claimed that it was the conservatives’ fault. Sigh.

    We must win the election. We must drain the swamp in order to bring back our freedom of speech. Obama still owns D.C.


  94. and don’t forget Kep, Trump is an actual, natural, native born AMERICAN that does not have to seal his birth certificate or college works! Go figure!

  95. Howard fear and smear is the commiecrat way. But we are not going to be subjected to fear and smear any longer. Most of us are ready to stand and fight.

  96. Maxine is a racist pig as you say and I agree.She is a scum bag and a demented pig like Pelosi and her friend Hillary. Nothing is too low for the democrats she belongs in jail with the rest of the pigs someone put lipstick on but at the end of the day are still pigs that eat at the bottom of the swamp.

  97. Donnell thank you for your service. I say lynch her and others whom think like her at the ballot box. And I’ve never had anything to do with the kkk.

  98. Another commie troll paid by Democracy Matters? The Kenyan communist interloper and his regime were the most anti-American proMuslim, corrupt and unethical, CRIMINAL Communist that ever darkened our country.

  99. Not the Democratic Party any longer. LIBERALS hijacked the Democratic Party. It IS now the New Amerikan Communist Party run by liberal communists. They pay creatures to come onto right leaning websites to try to tear down anyone that supports President Trump.

  100. I’m with you brother. RA16897089 12/66-12/68. Although I do think a lot of all the races have been lynched around the world, especially by the NAZI’s. Man’s ways of executing each other seem to be endless.
    The one that got to me is being tied to two stakes in spread eagle position upside down and then being sawed in half long ways starting in the crotch! Ouch!!


  102. If Ms. Waters were white, she would have been impeached and asked to resign. Tell me there is no double-standard. If she had been a Republican and made the comments she has made she would have been ousted as well. There is no room in politics for people who only hate someone because their team lost.

  103. I’m a black man in America, I also think Maxine is past her usefulness as with most all elected officials, none of them think about anything except but making more for them and their donors not constituents richer. That would include our current POTUS and his administration. TERM LIMITS!!!!!!Stone her, firing squad or whatever but the lynching comment is straight racist commentary, tread lightly. I spent 22 yrs carrying a rifle to preserve that 1st amendment you threw out ,that comment is BS. You and any other of your fellow Confederate sympathizers can take a flying leap. Evident you keep your Klan dues current .

  104. Like other left-wingers who think like Waters, they are all consumed by HATE…hatred of Trump, his policies, himself personally, his cabinet, ANYONE associated or supportive of him. But that’s the tragic thing about obsessive hatred…it tends to eat up a person’s mind and soul, which eventually affects physical health. I worked in health care for nearly 25 years, and came across many patients who did not die of their physical ills, but eventually succumbed to the effects of consistent hatred, ill-will and negative thinking. Hate is nothing more than a metastatic cancer of the mind and soul.

  105. Mad Max is still mad max only getting worse. Impeach Impeach is the only words in her vocabulary. No one has called her smart but has been told of her low IQ, and it has not got any better think it is now at 45 because she says Impeach 45 that is all she knows. That awful face and huge mouth is really out there, don’t ya think? It compares with Cortez’s.

  106. And just when do you consider that he has been “dead wrong”?

    it seems to me, that he is most often, “dead right”!

  107. Well that’s all I needed to hear to begin to be afraid of Mike Pence. If you liberals will tolerate him then he’s not far enough to the right for me.

    What ignorant fools like you don’t understand is that we have wanted someone for years to stand up to our allies who were not paying their fair share for NATO defense. We have wanted somebody who was willing to secure our border no matter what. We have wanted somebody who is willing to kick the illegal aliens out. Illegal aliens have no right to be here. I don’t care about the plight that they face in their countries. We once faced those types of plights here. We had a Revolutionary War and a Civil War to make this country the greatest country in the history of the world. What we do not need other people coming here from failed countries who want to bring their culture here which was obviously a failed culture. Because if their culture were a superior culture, it would have produced a superior society. The fact that it has not produced a superior society, indicates that it is an inferior culture.

    If they want to help in overthrowing bad people, I would be willing to do that. But they need to stay and fight to make their country better, not come here and take our jobs, lower our wages, and attempt To change our culture and our way of life by bringing their failed culture here.

  108. Ugly Max is a racist dude. She has inflamed 2 white organizations.

    She is as crazy as they get. Ask her if they should lynch Trump and Pence?

    Lynching is exactly what the doctor ordered for her.

    I invoke my 1st Amendment Rights.

  109. Maxine Waters is low life and her radical moves makes things harder for the blacks that live in this country and her political outburst is a terroristic threat and she should be immediately removed and federal charges be applied!

  110. when is this dumb a hole black whore going to be arrested for inciting violence, this dumb low IQ rep. must be removed from her job and put in front of a grand jury for threatening the life of republican leaders. and where is that puke face dimwit ryan not opening up his crappy lying mouth to shut her up along with pelosi the communist, these are all communists now, there are no democrats any longer none of them stand up for anything that is right and for thr rule of law, these are ll lawless maggot pond scum dirt bags.

  111. When Maxine threatens to kill a person, that should be the end of her. She apparently thinks that because she is black she can get away with threatening to kill white people. Maybe that’s what she has been doing most of her life, but it’s not going to fly this time.

  112. It is ironic that the Trumpettes listen more to Maxine than the Democrats. We just let it roll off of us, like water off a duck’s back, and say “that’s just Maxine” and don’t take it very seriously.

    I will tell you also among other blogs,what I am reading and hearing is that virtually few of these problems like the resistance would be happening if Pence were president. Pence knows when to keep his mouth shut and isn’t sending out 48 nasty tweets on a Saturday. Pence is seen as kind of white bread, but as an honest and experienced man who understands foreign necessities better than Trump.

  113. Titus 3:9-11 speaks of such people in the end times;
    “But avoid foolish controversies, genealogies, dissensions, and quarrels about the law, for they are unprofitable and worthless. As for a person who stirs up division, after warning him once and then twice, have nothing more to do with him, knowing that such a person is WARPED and SINFUL; he is SELF-CODEMED.

  114. Crazy Max, the President runs the country and all indicators show record setting progress. You, in contrast have been voted the most corrupt elected official and your fiefdom is a small area in Los Angeles which you dont live in because it scares you. So shut your ever running pie hole.

  115. Howard, you are so right about the negative personal characteristics of Trump. Don’t forget all his criminal behaviors also. All his aids, of those who have left and those who have not (interviewed by not only Woodward but others) are saying consistent things: Trump in an idiot or a moron,they are concerned about his erratic nature, his ignorance combined with his refusal to listen even to his cabinet or even family, his inability to learn, and many of his dangerous views — that when his people ask “where did you get those ideas?”, Trump answers “I have had them for 30 years.” He won’t listen even when dead wrong.

  116. If they impeach Trump. Pence will just name a vpof his choice. That will continue no matter the number of impeachment’s. But trump will stay in office. This is the only lame platform dems have. Impeachment ????

  117. She is a seditious swamp dwelling career pundit and parasite; a thiving lying, n’eer do well who SHOULD be removed from office and WOULD be if we had not a totally corrupted DOJ with first Holder, then Lynch and now an ineffective incompetent who will not DO the job and HOLD people like this constitutionally responsible and accountable to their Consttuents; not threaten them with physical or other violence because they support a diffrent candidate or duly elected President. One day, she will hit the WRONG veteran to accost with such BS and if he or she is victimized by PTSD from HONORABLE service; something few in career politics even have a faint concept of; he or she will take this Bimbo down permanently and I for one, will not shed a tear as America will be far better off ;WITHOUT HER AND ALL LIKE HER

  118. Maxine Waters is a disgrace. To think America would have someone that bitter, that
    hateful ( may I add dumb) representing anyone is a sad reflection as to where this country has been. Trump is a true light for this nation. They just can’t accept it.
    Do you honestly think any one in either party could do the great job that Donald Trump is doing. Do you? Name one. Just name one. We are blessed to have Trump as our president. Go one.

  119. HEY OL BIG LIPS! You can not go around making threats against OUR PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT! YOUR GOING TI PISS THE WRONG PERSON OFF, AND HAVE THAT FREAK face of yours shoved so far UP YOUR BUTT YOUR BOWELS WON’T KNOW WHICH Way to move!!

  120. You clearly have a problem with disrespecting woman by using degrading and disgusting terminology. Can’t you talk about women without using vulgarities like you do in making fun of minorities? You know, some Democrats through around terms of “racist” and “sexist” but you are the only one in the hundreds of posts on these blogs that I truly consider a racist and a sexist. it is no wonder the female vote is so strongly against Trump and people like you.

    You do not have the majority. Of course, you like to PRETEND you are gaining in popularity despite all the evidence to the contrary. Brand new national poll I saw today which showed Mueller is view favorably 50% to Trump’s 30%. With each conviction of a Trump campaign aid, Trump is losing credibility, and the more the public sees of his erratic, ignorant ways, the more it convinces people that there needs to be a balancing power to a president who is what all his aids say he is — a terrible leader who won’t listen even to his own people.

  121. I agree a million percent. If we don’t get out and vote we lose everything we’ve gained with Trump. He’s been incredible done what he promised, except a few things that we knew would be tough without help from his own party. We need to vote vote vote.

  122. rich………waste Waters brain function ???……..since when she had a brain ???
    ….the only thing in her scull is a roll of foul smelling toilet paper.

  123. I agree with you Dan,these idiots don’t have a clue what riots and violence is like. Let them impeach President Trump and I’m sure they will find out quickly! If anyone needs to be impeached,I’ve got a list to start with, how bout these Waters,Pelosi,Warren,Booker,Flake and Corker. Start there and work your way down! MAGA OR ELSE!!!!!!

  124. I think that the Democratic Party has been trying to impeach President Trump from the day he was elected and then they want VP Pence out as well so Nancy Pelosi will be in line for the Presidency. Isn’t that a scary thought!!!! WE HAVE TO GET REPUBLICANS TO VOTE IN THIS MIDTERM FOR REPUBLICANS TO SAVE WHAT PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS ACCOMPLISHED SO FAR OR IT WILL ALL BE LOST!!!!

  125. The Republican moderates need to get this lesson. Yes they are attacking Trump. But equally they would have attacked Bush, or Rubio, or Cruz or any other republican. Memories are short, but George Bush was actually rather moderate and didn’t have any of the negative personal characteristics of Trump. But they burned and hanged him in effigy, called him a facist etc. It was also done to Bush’s father. It started with Nixon, and grew with Ronald Reagan. You can’t respond to it or placate it, you can only fight it. The conduct can best be viewed as the ultimate tantrum of the coddled flower children of the late sixties. But if you believe in Hegelian philosopy, if the dems are going to behave that way, then the only effective response will be from someone like Trump.Hopefully, they will soon be gone.

  126. This woman and others like her give credibility TO THE OTHERWISE INDEFENSIBLE AND UNSUPORTABLE PROPOSITION (Please, please consider and understand the capitalized phrase) that women should have never been given the right to vote

  127. Hopefully someone will shut her big mouth for her before she winds up getting somebody killed. If she is up for re-election I prey to God she doesn’t get 10 votes. With what she is saying she is the one who should be impeached right out of the senate and immediately arrested for treason against the United States. That will shut up her big black ugly mouth.

  128. Impeach. Motor máxime and give her a one way ticket to one of the coutries that do not let females express an opinión. I am under the opinión the votes votes gor Trump. Hydemocrat got beat.

  129. she has losther mind if she ever had one she needs to be put in a srraight jacket and sent to nut house with the rest of those who think the same way they make me sick they are a bunch of money hungry idiots along with most of the media

  130. Few in Washington as dumb as M. Waters! The other 4’s stupidity (also dumbocrats) that come to mind were on display at the hearings for Judge K last week. They all come from the same caustic culture!

  131. She is a bitter POS, she is over the hill and a has been political hack, she needs to be force out of office an then investigated for fraud, and harrassed in pubhlic, like she is telling the public to do to TRUMP ADMIN.people, you do not see her doing it do you. She wants someone to do the dirty work, riske jail, and she won,t lft a finger to help you,

  132. Waters has out lived her brain function. She spews nonsense
    and promotes violence against the Right.
    Her time in office is far too long. She’s the one who needs
    to be impeached!
    As one has mentioned earlier she is 2 steps below slime ball

  133. Welcome aboard Ed. Glad to have you on our side. And you are right, this isn’t your daddy’s democratic party! It is long gone and never coming back.Hope many more follow you,we need as many true hard working patriots that we can get to vote red so the democommies can’t succeed in making us a banana republic and slaves to the NWO!!!!

  134. waters is a liberal scumbag clown who is a racist crook and a traitor to the American people. Lock her up.

  135. That woman is not only a nut she is also inciting others to create
    crimes such as getting in Republicans faces and throw drinks on them. I don’t understand why the victims don’t press charges for assault. I know I sure would. Democrats are totally out of control. Here’s hoping many of them are voted out of office.

  136. Mad/ghetto max is a riot! Lol! She’s missed her calling as a hollyweird! She wants so MUCH attention that she’s LOWERED herself & her dignity to the level of a pile of “you know what”! LOL!!


  138. The goal of this madwoman and her retinue of marxists, mohammedans and mongrels is clearly to kill the President, the Vice President and as many of their supporters as possible as part of a leninist revolution that will establish a Soros-funded Chicom-controlled peoples republic. They are now clearly moving into the phase of open violence, which will culminate in a bloody racial civil war, which the cucks, kooks and communists have planned since November, 2016 and that Nazi kapo Soros has paid for. Any normal and patriot who is not prepared to fight and win a civil war should not be surprised to end up dead or in a re-education camp.

  139. She should be tested!!! I think she should have the “waters” turned on her! Harrass her any time she goes somewhere!!!


  141. Maxine is an embarrassment to the United States. How she ended up in this position is pathetic. She should be behind bars. I do not care to hear anything that comes out of her mouth.

  142. Every time maxie opens her big black mouth, she proves just how demented she is. When she talks, her mouth moves like a nutcracker.

  143. Mad Maxine is driving Democrats to become Republicans !!! YEEEEHAAAAW!!! Keep it up Mad Maxine !!! Soon you will be voted out of office by your own constituents. Who knows, maybe you will get to own an orange jumpsuit for treason and inciting deadly violence before it is all over…Jailbird Maxine has a nice ring to it!!!

  144. Minimum has muddy water for a brain. The DumboRATS are the most wonderful PATRIOTIC AMERICAN PARTY ON EARTH. Shudder, there for a second I think that the DumboRATS SOMHOW GOT INTO MY MIND. Watching some of the local state political TV spots really makes me wonder IF they are really thinking that the AMERICAN PEOPLE are that stupid. One DumboRAT is saying that she will lower taxes. Another one says that President Trump is some kind of a idiot and is responsible for the need for the DumboRATS to think the way that they think.

  145. This is not the same Democratic party of JFK, when I joined, so to rectify that I am changing parties. Maybe that’s their new goal, create more decent Republicans in America.It is totally beyond my wildest thoughts that anyone person let alone an entire group of folks, Democrats, be so far off base from our Constitution. I guess they have been taking the same stupid pill.

  146. The only “quality of life” that she is interested in, is HER OWN !!!!!! Don’t be deceived, this one couldn’t care less about anyone else but he own greedy, grasping, self.

  147. It is time the Democratic party gets some new blood The people should take a real close look at what is going on here. These old people are set in their ways. They don’t want change. They don’t want to help the people with a better way of life. They just want more money. As Truman said The only way for a politician to become rich, is if he’s a crook to begin with.
    Her own words,When we left the white house we were not only broke but,dead broke. Now look. Theirs worth 1 or 2 Billion. Just ask Hillary she’ll tell you.

  148. Maxine Waters is a Slime Bucket and should be deported
    with all the Illegal Aliens to a Country where she would be
    Happy like North Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Iran, South
    Africa, or the Bronx Zoo where she will fit in with all the other Animals

  149. MAXIE BABY! Your problem of DIAREA of the Mouth is incredible, you have to take care of some urgent things, 1st Get clean with the IRS, time to pay up.
    Why do you have that wall around your house, are you trying to keep illegals out? 2nd, When will you move into the district that you were elected to? MAXIE, THERE ARE SO MANY PROBLEMS THAT ARE GOING ON WITH YOU AND YOUR SUBVERSIVE MIND, THAT WE WORRY ABOUT YOU! YOU MUST START CLEANING UP YOUR MOUTH, IT HAS BECOME DISGUSTING. REMEMBER CONTACT THE IRS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

  150. How many think that if the Dems can get control of both houses and impeach the current Administration perhaps they could somehow return Obama to be the appointed president. Why do you think Obama is still running around the Washington DC area? There are enough RINO persons that would come out of the shadows to make that happen.

  151. You are absolutely correct! When the Trump administration tried to get into the voter rolls to look for fraud, the leftists stopped the examination. If they had nothing to hide, they would clean up the voter rolls. Let’s not forget Pres Obama’s Acorn group. That was how he was going to take over the elections in this country so only Democrats would be able to win like in Chicago & Cook County, Illinois. It will work, unless we clean this up. He used illegals during his 8 yr regime to fill the voting rolls in blue states.

  152. The Democrats are still wild eyed about Hillary’s loss considering she had 3 million extra illegal voters on her side. The electoral college is a partial check against voter fraud so Democrats want it removed.

    Democrats also believe they can overturn the 2016 election thru violence. Just yesterday a name attacked a Republican candidate with a knife in California.

    2016 was supposed to be the Democrats time, when they would wash away the “stain” of freedom and capitalism and replace it with the political purity of communism. We saw things differently……

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