Maxine Waters’ end game was exposed when she threatened to do this to Mike Pence

Maxine Waters can’t seem to get off the topic of impeachment.

She and her Democrat allies keep trying to devise new ways to overturn the 2016 election.

And at a recent event in Los Angeles, her end game was exposed when she threatened to do this to Mike Pence.

Rep. Waters was accepting an award from a club for Young Democrats.

During her speech she recalled a conversation she had with someone at the event.

Waters said:

“I had a conversation here today when someone asked ‘Well, what about Pence? If you were able to impeach [referring to Trump], Pence would be worse!’”

That’s when she exposed her true end game by saying:

“Look. One at a time. You knock one down. One at a time… We will be ready for Pence. We’ll get him too. We cannot be intimidated. We cannot be made to fear anybody who would undermine our ability to have a decent quality of life.”

It is unclear how Congresswoman Waters intends to impeach Vice President Pence, or even President Trump for that matter.

However, it is clear that Rep. Waters is obsessed with impeachment as a means to overturn the results of the 2016 elections.

Democrats like Rep. Waters willfully ignore that since Donald Trump has been President the economy has seen great strides.

Unemployment is at its lowest point in 50 years at just 3.9%, the stock market is up 27% since Trump has taken office, and the GDP expanded by 4.2% in the last quarter just to name a few.

Many Americans are enjoying better than a “decent quality of life” under Trump’s presidency.

Maxine Waters just can’t stand that Donald Trump is still her President, and that the country is on the upside for the first time in years.

She and others like her will stop at nothing to try and put another Democrat in the White House.

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  1. Maxine Waters is a racist, she is responsible for the Los Angeles riots after the Rodney king verdict. She should be removed from office, has done NOTHING to help her district except spread hatred.

    I have no respect for the witch.

  2. Maxine .you do not know anything about the law in USA history …get lost and go and hug your liberals friends, because 2020 will be our President Trump again and all of you liberals will get crazy ……

  3. Why can’t we deport these A-Holes and treat them like the traitors they are. In the countries these idiots whose people they are allowing to walk right in and get more for doing nothing than the poor people in their own districts, they would be put in prison or killed for treason. The overthrowJay of the government in South America is healthy Maxine.

  4. As is quite obvious, regardless of her political views, Maxine is a rare African- American beauty, and, I suspect, is a secret member of MENSA. She would make a great candidate for the Democrat nomination along with the Dem’s outstanding Adam Schiff as her VP nominee.

  5. The Great I AM will take care of M Waters and SOROS and all of them, that by the way they speak and behave are serving thes serpent saitan and all his demons.
    If they are good people and care about the Poor, let all these barking dogs, build houses for the poor, so that they do not have to immigrate and leave their families and culture behind. The Lord have mercy on the Democrats they are no good human being, neither they care about anyone but themselves. God is watching them, very closest. Lord have Mercy

  6. You’re just delusional with racist hate, like the rest of your brown supremacist La Raza group.
    And if your Democrats actually cared about brown people, other than their votes, they would support securing the border and stop enticing them to risk their lives, and those of their children, to come here with the false promises of getting everything “free” when they get here.
    The suffering at the border, and the deaths that have happened, lies directly at the feet of the Democrats.
    So don’t give us the faux outrage just to rationalize your racism and bigotry.

  7. Congress makes a salary of $174,000.00. If they do public talking they get paid and for some reason they all wind up rich? Can stand the dumb b#$ch. The swamp needs draining big time!!!!

  8. then she is stealing from the tax payers because the money that the government uses to run our country is our money that they took from us via taxes…not their money.

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