Maxine Waters is about to cross a line that Donald Trump dared her not to

Maxine Waters has one stated goal for the next two years:

Impeach Donald Trump.

And Waters is about to cross a bright red line to make that a reality.

As Chairwoman of the Financial Services Committee, Waters has subpoena power over banks.

And she intends to use that ability to target Donald Trump’s personal finances.

Politico reports:

House Democrats are planning to cross one of President Donald Trump’s red lines: investigating his personal finances.

With special counsel Robert Mueller expected to wind up his work soon, Democrats are launching an investigation to discover why Deutsche Bank was willing to lend the Trump Organization money when other banks wouldn’t and whether Russia was involved.

The German bank, which has been under scrutiny for its role in Russian money laundering, lent Trump hundreds of millions of dollars over the years for his property development ventures.

The House Financial Services and Intelligence Committees have been staffing up for their probes into the bank and Trump’s Russia ties.
Democrats on the panels say that with Deutsche Bank they are willing to pursue a key area that Mueller may have avoided — crossing what Trump sees as a “red line” into his personal finances.

Democrats are fixated on the idea that Deutsche Bank and the Trump Organization are tied up in a money laundering scheme that possibly involves the Russian government.

Even Robert Mueller – who has most likely seen Trump’s tax returns – passed on this insane conspiracy theory.

But Democrats are going to chase down every rabbit hole possible in order to get Trump.

Even if they find nothing, they can tie the President up for months in a wild goose chase where the fake news media will surely cover this story in the harshest and most negative light possible.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  2. It should be remembered that what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Turnabout is fair play. If Ms. Waters decides to open this Pandora’s Box, President Trump’s legal teams, in and out of the White House, can subpoena the financial records of the Powers That Be in the Democratic Party. Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have all gotten very rich from the hands of their Special Interests Groups through the years. I wonder how many laws they have broken since they first entered the doors onto Capital Hill. Remember this is the whack job who paid her own daughter $250,000 dollars to send mailers out to her constituents. Good Luck, Maxine.

  3. I work in the commercial construction industry and recently had a conversation with a Latino coworker. He told me that there is also a giant movement of Hispanic people who are shifting parties and to supporting our president. I think that is a sign of good things to come as well as an bad Omen for the Dems.

  4. This is a sad sad state of affairs when our President has been so disrespected by the media and the Democrats, I have never in my life seen a President so hated. Other Presidents have done much worse things than Trump and have not been treated like this. The man has a right to be respected just because of the fact that he is our President. Another thing what business is it of the Democrats to have to know what President Trump’s financial statement is, you don’t see any of them coming forth with theirs. I will continue to pray for our President and hope others will also


  6. I am loathe to admit this…but I am wondering more and more if these cretins will push us all into another Civil War! There MUST be a breaking point for decent, honest hard-working Americans for whom Pres Trump stands up. If this craziness does not cease soon…LOCK AND LOAD! Wm. de Seve, LT,USNR (ret)

  7. She and half the dumbocrats owe the IRS big time.and AOC used 1million of campaign monies to use on her New Washington home. That’s a no no, but I guess because she’s on the commie side it’s just peachy. She also talks about money Trump is being paid for being President. NEWS FLASH! he is not taking pay.

  8. Take a look at her district in California. 43% of it is lined with homeless people, that use to own homes, work and were part of the American dream. When asked how she can look at herself in th mirror, she said at least I have a mirror. Also I can’t do anything for my district here I have to back to Washington to work there. When walking with a group of college kids doing the documentary for 4 blocks, they asked her what she thinks of all that she sees when coming home, she said ” what” do you mean? The student said ” all the tents,boxes,tarp and blanket homes on each side of the streets we walked”. She had the nerve to say great”. Horrible Witch.she has a fenced, gated, guarded home. While losing out of both sides of her mouth saying Republicans are for the rich. 189 that I have looked to see where they live, live in suburb subdivisions, cudasacs, or condos. Not like dumbocrats in the gated, high fenced, gun guarded houses.HIPOCRITES.

  9. Now that is what i want to well as their spouses. Maxine got her hubby’s bank a nice size bailout when it was ready to close its doors and she started paying her daughter a 6figure salary to stuff envelopes for her. She is so ashamed of the people in her district..”them being low-life, low or no income and all, that she doesn’t even live in their district with them which i really think is against the law. Wonder how many homes she owns?

  10. Butcheeee. /Dann T. /Real M etc. Always
    Remember – ♥ U V. much
    &&& STFU ARe ‘powerful words’.
    KEEP ON / We MUST.
    STFU !!! Goes a Long Way.

  11. Maxine is a domestic terrorist, along with Piglosi, Schumer, Harris, Omar, Obama, Clinton, etc.etc.etc.


    If they were working in PRIVATE INDUSTRY , they would have been fired and thrown out the door.

  14. I think what you, Maxine Waters and Schummer and Pelosi are very evil un-american.You people are after Trump at every turn. We did not do this to Obama when He became president. We did not know or trust Obama but we gave Him a chance. Bad thing. He sucked and so do you people. I pray you all get the worst karma you never intended to see. i hope is 1000 fold. You deserve all the misery and pain for your evil ways with all your hate and lies you spew. You deserve not but bad time till your trip to hell. I hate you all for ruing and still ruining our country.

  15. Zee Betty don’t know anything but hate. She don’t look at the big picture. Whom would she like better in the whitehouse? Betty tell us if you know.

  16. ps. Dan. Is Betty etc ‘too weak’ to
    come back & see reply comm’s of
    Always hang out’ here for a few days.
    Hey, BUTCHEEEEE !!!

  17. jeb, Eric(granberg) IS IGNORANT re
    International Business Law/Policies, OF
    WHICH DJT (being An International Business
    > A V. Complicated Situation INDEED. To Eric,
    POTUS IS NOT INVOLVED in ‘International Business’
    At This Point, In ‘The 0val 0ffice’.

  18. How about 5,000fps from a .22-250 Ackley Improved with a 35 grain pill? I am NOT recommending or advocating this, only asking if you’ve ever seen a watermelon hit by one of these at 100 yards. Pink Mist. Just the same as a crow, only that disassociation has a halo of little bitty teeny tiny black feather parts around it. I use a watermelon the size of a volleyball, and it’s very instructive to see this it fly in a million directions at once when it gets hit. BUT I DO NOT want any legislator or any politician, crooked as hell though they may be, dealt termination with extreme prejudice. Not good for our political system. Turn us into another Syria or Iran or Russia. No good at all.

  19. Help ‘her’ Sanjosemike. Perhaps U
    can get thru to her damaged ‘soul’.
    (‘G’, her + fam?friends? 0nly know
    ‘condition of her ‘physical’ being.
    > Healing /ComeUppance IS Forever Available

  20. Betty going to get in ‘some trouble’
    soon, if she/surnames do not ‘lighten, up’.
    She Is getting Past ‘free speech’ &
    INTO ‘Slander’. Example:(against 1st Lady)

  21. Walter, HOW can you support Democrats who are welcoming in millions of illegal immigrants who are DILUTING the wages of working Americans?

    Your political party is STABBING you in the back.

    Walter, hundreds of thousands of (previous) Democrats are leaving that party. It’s going on all over the US.

    Harry Truman and Henry Jackson would turn in their graves after seeing what the Democrats have turned into.

    Walter, forget the Dems. They don’t deserve you.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  22. She should be investigated for bank fraud call FBI and check out her finances she what you can find I bet plenty

  23. Betty, I’ve asked you before, but have never gotten an answer: “How can you support Democrats who are welcoming in millions of illegal immigrants who are DILUTING wages of working Americans?”

    YOUR own party is stabbing you in the back.

    Look Betty, I know you DETEST Trump. We who support him understand that he is a very imperfect soul.

    But we understand that he has the best interest of Americans at heart. Even yours.

    If nothing else, his election proves God has a sense of humor. Please examine your OWN soul, Betty. Tens of thousands of (previous) Democrats are LEAVING that political party.

    Remember Betty, it is the DEMOCRATS leaving YOU.

    Harry Truman would turn in his grave to see what has happened to his political party.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  24. You are an ignorant person trying so hard to make a name for yourself — You do not have the intelligence to represent you constituents—- so, you resort to our the only thing you know , streetfighter

  25. Donald Trump’s financial statement is hidden under your full disclosure of your finances Maxine. Glass houses Maxine, glass houses. Just think California that your representative’s soul purpose for the next 2 years is not what is best for the USA but a private vindictive agenda to further her own causes and name. What a wonderful civil servant you are Maxine!

  26. Waters needs to understand is what she does to Donald Trump, He can do write back to her. She better Watch her muffins. She might get them butterd.

  27. Seeing as how Maxine is in trouble with her own financial dealings she shouldn’t even be on that committee. Back off Maxipad. And show your financial dealings.

  28. I would say she better worry about her own butt being put in Jail. Abuse of power is not going to work. Banks have very good lawyers and she will be finding that out very soon. Most American are sick of foul mouth and her call for Civil unrest.

  29. No matter what she says, Maxine has a SERIOUS problem. Polls are coming through to indicate a much larger percentage of black voters will vote for Trump.

    Democrats have utterly taken for granted that blacks will always vote for them. Unfortunately, even a mild to moderate swing of black voters for Trump will ASSURE his re-election.

    All Maxine can do is scream and try for “new investigations” against Trump. In the meantime, everyone KNOWS Mueller has had all of that data for the last two years.

    If there were any “smoking gun” Mueller would already have leaked it.

    Maxine is just screaming in her own dark closet, revealing to everyone that the entire platform of Democrats is jus hate and massive Government take-over.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  30. Since Maxine was promoted to the finance committee, we need to keep broadcasting her filthy mouth. She spewed threats against the GOP leaders and citizens. She is definitely not qualified to lead the finance committee. Amazing.

    By the way, why didn’t the ethics committee indict her?

    Keep broadcasting her true color. Call for the government to prosecute her now!

  31. She has a mouth as big as a mammoth cave. No weapon formed against President Trump shall prosper.What goes around comes around.God put Trump in office and God will be the one to take him out!!!!!!

  32. Truckman, I’m also for that Exec Order to show their tax records 10 years back and each year they are in office!I too would like to know with two residences on their income how they got as rich as they did. Are they tax exempt at all levels, including investments?

  33. Well look at the retards from the Democrat party tossing their hats into the ring in the race for President . Trump may not be ideal as our President , But he dies have our countries interest and those of her citizens at heart . That is more than any Democrat has . The collective clowns wanting to be president have shown no plan or ideas for this country . Only Hate !

  34. that’s a exct.order that Trump needs to sign ASAP that all of congress must show income statements for prior 10 years and every year while in office if the President has to so should the rest and lets see how that goes over and it should be on 2020 ballot as a adamant I am sure the people would like to know how everybody comes out of office a hell of a lot richer than they went in I know I would

  35. Support the Convention of States anf the Article V convention since it will address the problem of politicians via term limits.

  36. George is right about the COS, Convention of States. Article V is the answer to this corrupt politician problem. They have a .com to go to. Get involved and get this mess stopped.

  37. Betty…it’s to bad you have my mothers name because I don’t like her much either. You both have something in common…you are as stupid as a petty rock.

  38. Absolutely. If age thinks she can delve into Trumps private holdings ( which is illegal I would think) then she also be investigated. What’s good for the goose, etc.

  39. We need to do something too these crazy insane dems.maxine waters should be tried for treason.Hang that nut case racist B…..

  40. I agree Greg. We should also INVESTIGATE THE MOTHER-DAUGHTER Collusion and Money Laundering that went on with maxine waters and her daughter. We can’t just sit on our hands on this one!! Lets raise the issue as a symptom of the Cancer she is spreading, by ATTACKING HER, the very one on this Committee that SHOULD be exposed! Of all people, the chairwoman of the finance comittee!!?? Something is wrong! LEts EXPOSE the hell out of it, raise a ruckus, and demand JUSTICE against this evil, greedy woman who is hurting the common people of this country!!!

  41. I agree Greg. We should also INVESTIGATE THE MOTHER-DAUGHTER Collusion and Money Laundering that went on with maxine waters and her daughter. We can’t just sit on our hands on this one!! Lets raise the issue as a symptom of the Cancer she is spreading, by ATTACKING HER, the very one on this Committee that SHOULD be exposed! Of all people, the chairwoman of the finance comittee!!?? Something is wrong! LEts EXPOSE the hell out of it, raise a ruckus, and demand JUSTICE against this evil, greedy woman who is hurting the common people of this country!!!

  42. Maybe they’ll find a rabbit hole so deep they won’t be able to climb out. it would be fun to watch them try. Or run into Hillary on their “Russian” adventure rather than Donald.

  43. From this mans perspective, I honestly believe these mentally sick, homosexual/child molesting, perverse democrats need be indicted from Treason and tried for Treason and found guilty for Treason and forced to pay the penalty for Treason, which is outlined in our U.S. Constitution, i.e., death by hanging. I don’t believe I’m violating any laws by saying this because our Constitution is quite clear regarding this crime and I certainly believe the malignantly mentally twisted, perverts filled with AID’s Juices to their eyeballs, have committed the crime of Treason by doing everything they can possibly do to unseat a duly elected president of the United States of America. They all need to pay for what they’ve done, it is called justice and the American way!

  44. About republicans, what intelligence? After all, look at the republican Retard America now calls it’s president.

  45. About republicans, what intelligence? After all, look at the republican Retard America now calls it’s president.

  46. Hmmm… also Pelosi, Feinstein, Harris, Swalwell, Newsome… too many Democrats/Liberals in CA.. they are ruining what was once a beautiful state everyone wanted to visit… but not anymore…

  47. You are right. Maxine Waters should be investigated. Go back twenty years and look into her dirty dealings.
    I think if she was able to flap her lips 50 times per second, you still could not find the truth. Is her wig too tight?

  48. Republicans use their intelligence to get things done.Thats more than I can say about the dumb demorats.GO TRUMP

  49. Maxine should have the FBI looking into her ties with the Islamic Terrorists who call for the destruction of America and Israel. She sounds just like the Iran Moolahs.

  50. Republicans use their intelligence to get things done.Thats more than I can say about the dumb demorats.GO TRUMP

  51. When mad max was born her mammy rolled her in flour and waited for her to fart to see which end to put the diaper on. Ugly!!!!

  52. It’s time to pick her life apart as she has done to many others. Throw the entire resources of the FBI to investigate her now.

  53. Everyone knows that Deutsche Bank and Donald Trump are linked at the wallet, because nobody else would launder his Moscow money.

  54. They should unfortunately the only ones that can remove this scum is other members of Congress and the voters. These other members of Congress are just as bad or worse than the ones who need to go,and the voters are either too stupid to know any better or they are all on government handouts. We have got to have term limits on these criminals,however they will write bills to say that they want term limits but they just never seem to be brought up for a vote or if they are the required votes never reach to a passing level. Please look into the Article V Convention of States project. We can get term limits and many other needed and necessary laws imposed on congressional members,like public recalls for corrupt or ineffective members and other stuff.

  55. We need to get ride of every goverment official
    and start over we the people by the people for
    The people for America first and if that’s racist
    Then let it be written so let it be Dunn

  56. Maxine cannot help being so ugly and scary looking, God made her that way, but she should try to avoid being constantly on the spotlight. Maybe she thinks she looks better on TV than in person.

  57. Fake news again! What is real is that we have a bunch of loud mouth women trying to antagonize President Trump into saying something about women that they can hold over his head in 2020. Females especially black females are hands off in politics or whatever they say they are and in America and we know it and have to live with it. We all know Maxine, Nancy, Liz, Ocasio-Cortez and a host of other female politicians are, let’s say special. But what about the people in their districts that vote for them?

  58. Maxine Waters what a Freaking Joke she is, Obama was broke when he went into the White House now a multi Millionaire, Clinton’s were so broke that they stole stuff from the White House, Just about everyone of the Politicians did not have a pot to piss in or have a window to throw it out of when they were elected, But look at them now Thanks to the Lobbyists and who ever else paid them off. Time for Term limits No big Pension, Can not come back and run for another Tax paid job for at least 10 years. Time to drain the Swamp.

  59. If Trumps taxes are in fact audited by the IRS each year then how is it possible there would be anything to hide??

  60. ncp – nate,

    Could I get you to stop for just a minute and ask yourself one question?

    Do you believe the fake media news and all the stories they have told over the last few years?

    I’m going to take a shot at this and say NO!

    Then please stop believing all of the read you hear about those of us in Ca., supporting her!


    How did she get elected, and managed to stay in office all of these years?

    The same way they all do through






    No one here wants her here, trust her, has any use for her at all!

    And she like the loud mouth Muslim crack who is doing her best to cause as much trouble as she possibly can, before her scrawny butt is kicked out of office.

    SHE does not live in the district she is supposed to, to be in office!

    Make no mistake, she is not in office because any of us want her there, her, or Kamala, de leon, or any of the other dems that not only are in office, but has been for way yo dam long!

    I didn’t vote for any of them, and would gladly lead the parade to remove her. . .

    From office,
    The city she lives in,
    The county she lives in,
    This state,
    And Ultamently this Country!

    Right beside those HEATHENS in Maryland with there 420 BILL they are trying to get pushed through.

    The 420 BILL, is the worst thing around that could happen to our children.

    If they manage to get this through, I do not even want to imagine all of the backlash to come from it.
    It’s a bill about late term abortions, up to but not only women can give birth the baby can live 3-4 months while organsbare harvested to be sold, at which time when they have removed all viable organs the baby is dead!

    It will also allow not only early teens, but preteens to go into any clinic, without there parents consent to get birth control, as well as an abortion, these same clinics have been caught handing out birth control that is not any good, causing yet even more pregnancies. And if your stomach hasn’t rolled over in disgust yet, it will be a day of celebration for profiles!
    If you go to look for this, and find all kinds of other stuff, by the same or similar name don’t be surprised Maryland is doing all it can to down play what it actually says, and means.
    If you find it, but it doesn’t cover the issues I’ve just stars, they have either taken it down, or have done something to hide it from all of us who gave signed the petition to shut it down.

    I’m not sharing this with you to take the heat off of Calif., my only reason for sharing is to make as many people as possible aware of it, so they can sign the petition, even if you don’t live in Maryland you can still sign it.

  61. Maxine waters is just one of many democraps with there heads so far up there ass that there starving for oxygen. They obviously have no depth perception.

  62. Why do we allow people of her caliber to represent us I the halls of the people. What a shame we have got to this low What are they hiding that has yet to come to surface. The Democratic party is heading down the hole that they wish to see the President down. Never has there been a president treated in this way.

  63. since the presentation of tax returns of presidential candidates is traditional not required and no other candidate has been involved as a presidential candidate or elected president who might have a tax return as involved and complex as president
    Trumps would be. So how can anyone demand to see his tax papers without his consent? Not legal from where I stand !!!

  64. is really no reason he should be getting impeached she’s not legally the president 25 states and their elected representatives which comprises the electoral college committed a federal felony and should not be in office the entire election is a falsity

  65. There are no Red Lines for this vile harpy. She, along with Pencil Neck and The Wadler were supposed to be prime time news regulars by now. Look for the usual over the top statements as she attempts to make up for this lost time, if she can. She simply doesn’t have the financial acumen to make this a consistent topic of interest. Could be funny if she gets one of her James Brown wighats that’s a tad bit too tight.

  66. Maxine Watters wants to stop herself being investigated; for her unethical and criminal act of giving her Husband’s Bank $9 to 12 Million dollars in 2009, when she was over the House Financial Committee under Obama’s first term in office. Never been made clear if her Husband’s bank repaid the taxpayer’s money.

    Understand El Chapo’s Defense Attorneys informed our FBI that not only did El Chapo bribe Mexico’s last President Nieto $100 Million; but was told in a private room off of the NY Court Room; he paid $15 Million Dollar Bribe to Clinton Foundation, and Millions to Eric Holder for the guns sold to his Mexican Cartel, and money to Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Eric Scheff to stop more wall from being built, along our Southern Border.

  67. Rep. Maxine “Big Mouth” Waters since you want to investigate President Trump’s personal finances, I want to investigate yours, starting with the money you arranged for your Husbands Bank! You DAMN CROOK!!!

  68. Especially dig deep into the former day care worker and her banker husband whom she made sure was on Obama’s list for the bailouts. Isn’t how she got her seat to begin with?

  69. That witch lunatic should be in jail right now she is a thief that has stolen millons of dollars she is the worst hipocrate of all fool of hate and evil.

  70. Maxine Waters, why don’t you get a real job. All you want to do is fight. It’s
    about time for Americans to stand up and call you out for who and what you are.

  71. This twisted piece of female garbage is completely out of control, but as long as she garners freebies for the poverty-stricken people in her district (where even she won’t live!), she’ll continue to get re-elected.
    Concerning protecting our country: Absolutely abhor a wall along the Southern border? Elegant solution: Invade Mexico and Points South and “annex” everything from Mexico to the Colombian border. Enable and empower our Federal troops to use deadly force to wipe out the cartels and execute the criminals. Give American citizens the right to own land in those ‘reclaimed’ areas. Immigration solved!
    Of course I’m pulling your leg, you twit!

  72. How about examining the finances of All politicians present and past including the obama’s, bush’s, and clinton’s-!!! And, on the Senate, Congress, and governors, also-!!!

  73. There is one things these Dems are overlooking…we the people voted Trump into office and we can damn be sure to keep him there…

  74. Hired daughter for a quarter of a million to lick stamps. Some licker huh,,,,,,,,, California needs help. What will she do when all the rich people leave……she stays and I’m sure. She will share her wealth along with her husbands. Help California vote her our or I will stop paying my taxes to and move in and buy the whole vacant block and build a wall.

  75. ..but it’s okay for steal 12 million from put in her husband’s bankacct. ThePresidents personal money had nothing to do with anything..what he did before being president is no onees business..

  76. I just hope and pray that she keeps on keeping on. Trump will eat her for lunch, along with a big MAC and coke. The more she spouts, the more votes we get in 2020. The only players that don’t know the downside of their antics are the Democrats/ DNC and Waters and her ilk….Gotta have a few brain cells to figure this out. None of them have 1 cell to work with. Fantastic….RED wave in 2020….can see it coming ala Reagan’s two wins. Trump will end up our hero, with two wins….probably overtake Reagan in our future history books. Love it!

  77. Hey Maxine…takes one to know one….And how is it that you land a job on the Finance Committee…when you have tons of shady financial dealings to clear up yourself!! Like putting a wolf in the hen house!

  78. The Demokrauts are wrong, wrong, wrong. They need to be run out of town with their tails between their legs.

  79. Waistline real tax payers’ money. She is about to unveil her own issues. Too bad for her. She’ll likely be quieted in time.

  80. If Maxine Waters continues on her rant of impeaching the president, she will REGRET being BORN!!! She is a POS (person of stupidity ) !!!

  81. Low IQ , how does such uneducated people like her and the left wing nut in newyoko. Being a bartender can get you elected by the drunks in newyoko, what background did crazy waters have?

  82. waters is a hypocrite and a racist liberal scumbag who is irrelevant to the American people and is a racist crook leftist idiot clown puppet who is a traitor and a lier.

  83. The time is LONG OVERDUE to arrest, try, convict and HANG ALL TREASONOUS TRAITORS like “her” and all the other DEMOCOMMUNISTS/RINOS that are doing all they can to obstruct President Trump’s agenda, and turn this country into a Third-world SH**HOLE. FRAUD OBUNGHOLE and HITLERY need to be the “first” to feel the “rope”.

  84. Does Waters really think a German will let her stick her nose in their books. If they did that they would lose every depositor they have. She is as dim as a 2-watt light bulb.

  85. Maxine Waters, you need professional help! Investigation after investigation, The People of The United States of America are tired of the BS. If your not going to help The Country, get the hell out of the way so those who want to can/will. Your vote for holding office has got to come forth, one of these every two years. The American People need to vote this empty air-head OUT. California state, you need help. She is not your cure. Mr. President, The American People have your back. TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

  86. Just wondering, how will Justice Be SERVED, if after LADY MAXINE WATERS spent all the money, time and energy of the TAX PAYERS’ and find NOTHING to Justify all the espenses?

  87. Mad Maxine is walking right into that trap! The place where MOST RATS end up! This lunatic has NO business heading up ANYTHING that has to do with money! Doesn’t anyone remember what this thief did? She “hired” her daughter to send “mailers” out, for the sum of 250,000.00! Are you kidding me? She should have been thrown out of anything that was political! How dare she accuse anyone of financial corruption, or anything else!!!

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