Maxine Waters is about to deal with the biggest headache of her career

Maxine Waters made national headlines when she called for liberal rage mobs to terrorize Trump administration officials.

She compounded her problems by declaring that Democrats would impeach both President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

But those scandals pale in comparison to the gigantic headache she just created for herself.

Maxine Waters is the new chair of the House Financial Services Committee.

She now has oversight over banks, Wall Street, and student loans.

The far-left Waters exercising subpoena power over the engines of the U.S. financial system is enough to give millions of Americans nightmares.

But Waters has a different problem on her hand.

A trio of radical leftist freshmen Democrats – headlined by Democrat Socialist Alexandira Ocasio-Cortez – joined he Committee.

Politico reports:

The decision to stack the panel with some of the most outspoken liberal freshmen comes after a failed lobbying campaign waged by party activists to ensure that progressive lawmakers landed spots on a trio of coveted House committees.

The liberal group Justice Democrats publicly pressured Democratic leaders to put Ocasio-Cortez on the tax-writing Ways and Means panel, Tlaib on the Appropriations Committee and Porter on Financial Services. But more senior lawmakers pushed back behind the scenes, arguing that freshmen should not be given spots on the most exclusive committees when other members who have been in Congress for several years have been waiting their turn.

In the end, Financial Services, which was already struggling to fill its sprawling roster, seemed like the right landing spot for the freshmen. And Waters, who is affectionately referred to as “Auntie Maxine” by many on the left, is just the chairwoman to oversee such an eclectic mix of members, other lawmakers said.

“She doesn’t suffer fools. And I would feel quite sorry for anybody who believes they can run over her,” said Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.), a senior member of the committee. “Maxine Waters, to my knowledge, has never been run over in her life. Even trucks would get out of the way.”

These loons are to the left of even Waters.

And they want to turn America into Venezuela.

Democrats want to use the next two years to tee up the 2020 Presidential election.

Pelosi believes Committee chairs like Waters can offer an appealing vision of how united Democrat government might operate.

But with radicals like Ocasio-Cortez yanking the Democrats to the left, that job just became insanely difficult.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. She lives in CA and they write there own rules. I just bet they could live in another state and get away with it.

  2. Richard
    I think it is the latter rather than the former. Pelosi is a puppet, and Schumer pulls the strings. He said in a town hall (where he got stinking drunk) and said” just wait until the democrats take the Senate, then I’ll be in charge of the whole thing” Some statement huh?

  3. Rules and regulations can always be changed if desired by the government bodies. Who made the 60 vote rule for the Senate? Democrats ignore the rules any time they want but a Republican is bound by them–why the difference? Harry Reid did whatever he wanted, lied on the floor of the Senate, schemed to get land in Nevada for him and his son, but he got away with it all, and is now living high in retirement. Our Founding Fathers would be appalled.

  4. No individual (Speaker dumb ass NP) should have the power to do what she is doing and preventing others from going forward.

  5. I’d like to know why she does not have to live in her district! She lives in a $3.5 million house outside of her district, and her constituents are mostly Latino (illegal too) and destitute, all are completely oblivious to governing, and they don’t care!!!!

  6. Posting and reading posts is a waste of time as the left censors usethe Gesttopel tactics ! The censors are more crooked than herr Mueller the big crook !

  7. Just think Americans We send Our Military all over the World to KIll the Likes of Cortez, Watters, Omar and all the Isis muslims in Political Office in America NOW! What a KICK in Our Military’s Teeth! Please Forgive those who are Traitors to You Guys and Gals that are Serving in the USA Military..We are sorry of all this embarrassment to all of You Who Serve…God Bless You all!

  8. The Constitution is NOT the Problem in America it is the Traitors We have to Get Rid of In Our Political Offices that Does NOT Want America Run by Our Constitution and Laws! We have to Clean Out the Problems by Any Means We can Legally do so!

  9. Indeed. Our genius founders did not recognize a permanent politician. Term limits will prevent these 30-50 yrs of living off the taxpayer and amassing a fortune at the same time.

  10. Crazy Maxine will use her to her advantage, to steal from us tax payers, and blame her! After what Maxine did stealing from us to enrich her, her husband and their entire family’s, how does she get this job? Because it trickles down to all the Demonrats that’s why!

  11. Trump needs help in cleaning up the mess in Washington D.C. We did not help him with the 2018 elections. As I see it, he needs more support from Congress and we need to get rid of the democrats and rinos to right our ship of state. Building the wall will be a big step followed by gaining control of the ballot box and insuring only LEGAL citizens vote!

  12. I don’t believe that our Constitution needs to be changed. It has served us well…what does need to be changed are the House and Senate rules and procedures which are not specifically spelled out in the Constitution. Those elected to Congress are not our leaders, they are our representatives and we as a free people have allowed them to assume dictatorial power and gradually strip us of our liberty.

  13. Our government needs to make some serious changes in our constitution. Regardless of political beliefs, no single person,i.e Pelosi, and Schumer should wield so much control over the respective bodies. In addition, our elected officials have become Lemmings!!!

  14. Lest we forget about the Clinton Foundation. The biggest collection of RICO and other criminal activities of all.

  15. What once “should be” has been trown out the window. Keep up. The left has a bunch of new sheriffs in town and they see things quite differently. I can’t wait to see what fools they make of themselves. Will they cozy up to WS or will they piss them off and lose all their financial support. Hmmm. IMO, its all about the money, so WS should be a easy “get what they want.”

  16. I’m a Southerner with Southern roots going back to the 1720’s. The only thing today’s ‘gimme-dats’will get from me is a Dixie cup full of Confederate money!

  17. These committees should be filled equally by both parties and by seniority. Let the freshmen wait their turn.

  18. If you stay home you will be electing Democrats. If you vote for Democrats you are contributing to the problem. Just keep hoping that Republicans will elect someone with guts who will back Trump and send these wackos back to their little ghettos.

  19. LMAO at ‘new Crazy Dems.
    > & LMAO at ‘old Dems’ NOT
    ‘too happy’ W/ crazy ‘new Dems’.
    > Barnum & Bailey. wow ___

  20. Mad Max just may have a nice big surprise indictment sometime after mueller signs off his witch hunt of our President.. Then maybe our FBI and Justice department can get down to business since Trump has drained their swamp. Rumor has it that many indictments will be served and soon. Bill Hillary lois Lerner, and many others will get some very bad news. Then maybe Russia news will be about the Uranium deal and Rosatron, Russia’s nuclear program also there may be some Chinese indictments. Keep watching folks.

  21. What is happening is the communist party took over the dimocrats, commies will lie, cheat and steal to accomplish their goals.

  22. Perhaps the ‘new’ banking committee will instruct the banks to turn over all their deposits to the Democratic Party for safe keeping.

  23. Immediately to name calling thus showing you are a Democrat and as Socrates stated many years ago and will always hold true. “When the opposing side resorts to name calling, they have lost the debate/disagreement as they can not site factual information, only try to win by what they think is demeaning a peron/s or idea to suffice and cover their own inadequacies and lack of information/facts to support their side.”




  25. remember that the State if California is loaded with fruits and nuts lived there only two years couldn’t hardly leave fast enough


  27. Mrs. Waters should be prosecuted for her vicious and threating remarks about her opponents, isn’t that illegal and subject to her removal from office and well as gaol time! If a republican said those things about democrats wouldn’t they immediately be whisked off to prison and be removed from office?

  28. Hey Betty, when the DNC voted to take God out of their platform, Satan filled the void that God left because God can not look on sin. So the democratic party became the Demons Nazis Communist Party.

  29. Marxist/Leninist’s refer to her ilk as ‘useful idiots’. Remember, along with the gravy, there’s also some grease.

  30. Worst of all…… are Emanuel Cleaver and have to put up with the likes of James Brown’s, separated at birth, evil twin Maxine, Shelia Jordan-Lee and Barbara Lee at those Congressional Black Caucasion get togethers!

  31. Pity the poor mavens within the MSM cabal that are going to have to decided which of these moonbats will make prime time and which will be relegated to the late/overnight news cycle. San Fran Nan, Schmuckie Schumer and a host of other lib media hogs will not willingly accept ‘sharing’ their facetime with the newbies and growing list of POTUS wannabe’s. Should be fun to watch this spectacle of buffoonery unfold in the coming weeks and months.

  32. How did a woman whose husband is a major stockholder in a bank get the Chair of the House Committee that oversees banks?

    This is putting a bank lobbiest as the Chairwomen of this important position! Ms. Nancy needs to rethink, if she did think, about this position! Ted Cruz would be a better choice then Ms. Waters.

    This must be challenged. Is this nepotism? It is if Ms. Nancy and Ms. Waters are sisters which it appears that they are.

  33. Nancy the Pig-o-si and Urinary Waters, what a display of brainless b****** for the dumb-o-crap party; YEE HAA!

  34. Now just who was the dude that said Ms. Waters doesn’t suffer fools? What rock has he been hiding under? She is as big a fool as this correspondent has ever seen. BUT, I’m a little short of 69 yrs old, so I may encounter a bigger fool than Mad Max one day. But I won’t hold my breath!!

  35. Would not waste my time with this IDIOT Maxine your are FREAK-EN STUPID WOMAN! you are just wasting with your stupidity GET A LIFE AN MOVE ON!!!!!!

  36. Could you please let me know, why you are not publishing my comments. You are censoring me and you are violating my freedom to voice my opinion and my freedom of the press. Let me know on what I did wrong.

  37. we will be seeing maxine baby / nancy honey/no look you in the eye shumme / slick shiff and the rest of the lying demorats tax papers soon mr lindsey graham and mr nunes are working on that just those 4 are worth over 2 million dollars they say

  38. I want to know how she gets to represent a cong district where she does not live. She lives in a $2.5 million house, not in the ghetto she represents.

  39. Why don’t you climb in a hole with the clintons . Your language sounds uneducated to me! Try trash mouth! Call Clinton he’ll help you clean it up.

  40. How in the world such a thief be in a committee that she has stole much money for her husband do justice to the financial system.

  41. maxine waters are so beautiful when she appears in tv, my pit bull runs out of the room when Cortez appeared on tv, my pit bill jumped & CRASHED THROUGH A WINDOW, I just can not understand my poor pit bull. I wonder if I should call my vet?

  42. This wrinkled old B**CH is the perfect HEAD FREAK to lead the FREAK SHOW with Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib and Porter now on board. Can’t wait to hear the GENIUS IDEAS that these CLOWNS come up with to make our financial system BETTER!!!

  43. Rex, those who failed the true law abiding patriots of this nation start at the top with DJT, the Midterm election was a perfect example of illegal votes being cast yet where was the demand for an in depth and thorough investigation, I waited for 2 weeks to hear that an investigation into corruption of the Midterm election was going to happen but it never did, because no one called for one.

  44. Actually she looks like a lot of those trucks did not veer off course and ran the witch straight over her ugly hate filled face, but they say it is hard to kill a she devil. If young people do not wake up to what they are doing, the left will own them like the matrix in five years or less.

  45. Crazy and old Mad Max has a plan. She needs to remove the President and Vice President in order to put looney & senile Nancy in the White House. Crazy Max could become the speaker and senile Nancy can give speeches and forget her lines but the media will cover for her. Watch our America the Super Seniors are out to change our world.

  46. I thought Maxine Waters biggest problem was finding a brain ? It is quote clear she has neither a brain or any common sense or decency . This Senile old hag needs to be put out to pasture and retired to the nearest mental institution . Appointing these three freshman idiots only makes it easier for the leftists to rob the fund terrorist groups and Rob American taxpayers

  47. To date Maxine Waters only known accomplishments fir ALL of her time in D.C. have been to – arrange a federal bail-out for the belly up bank her husband sat on the board of directors of and owned stock in – get her daughter $750,000 for sending out Mad Max’s campaign flyers – and flying below the radar of the IRS. Maxine Waters claims to have a total net worth of $1,500,000 – yet she lives in a $4,300,000 mansion – NOT in her district – and owns many other properties in the Los Angeles area where she is known as “The Poverty Pimp”.

  48. I agree, there should be a standard set for the voting population, Democrat workers were giving cigarettes and money and getting the homeless population in Los Angeles to sign blank voter forms which they filled up in favor of the Democratic party. Over a million voter forms were filled up by illegal aliens. What are these Democrats doing to this beautiful country just to gain power. Work with integrity and win an election NOT by fraud.

  49. It isn’t any surprise that they will go after Pence if they succeed in impeaching Trump. They want power and they will anything to get it. If they succeed we will be in big trouble. Expect a meltdown in ALL facets of government. Our freedom, and I mean every but of it, will be gone. And all these people who voted for them will be utterly disgusted to find out they will be among thew homeless and jobless. You fools who actually did vote for them will be sorry. You should have listened to God and not to the politicians.



  52. With Mad Max And demented Nancy–what in the world is going on in the H.of Rep. Nancy is demonstrating her delusions of grandeur. Surely there are sane, normal representative who could unseat Nancy and get the business of Government moving to do their jobs. Nancy is a great danger to the USA with her craziness and delusions of grandeur.. She has racked up enough air miles on the taxpayers nickel.. Just think how much a saving to the taxpayers when we do not have to supply Nancy with Grey Goose gin and Dom Perignon on ALL of her international flights.

  53. Libra,
    We the people should put it out there because most people don’t know.She should be investigated now.SHe is a dangerous woman who always plays the race card. People are afraid of whT the black people will do, they already showed how they burn down their own communities when they get mad.

  54. Libra,
    We the people should put it out there because most people don’t know.She should be investigated now.SHe is a dangerous woman who always plays the race card. People are afraid of whT the black people will do, they already showed how they burn down their own communities when they get mad.

  55. Matt,
    We should investigate maxine waters for all the illegal and fraudulent things she and her family has done.She should be thrown out of our govt for inciting violence against Republicans. I call that treason.

  56. If the “NEW” crop of democrats are all they have now this county is in great peril. To be a democrat in today’s world, it is required that you have no brains and can’t think for yourself or even have an original thought. Please GOD give democrats a better brain and not a brain of an retarded flea.

  57. the demorats are self-destructing, with retards like mad max, pelosi, schumer , & now mule-faced cortez, only total retards would vote for a demorat, lol, & don`t forget the indian warren.

  58. I saw a today post saying that Maxine Waters handed in her resignation letter. Not sure if that’s true but it is too good to be true.

  59. Now I am puzzled according to the article Cleaver said Waters won’t suffer fools then how can she stand anyone in her party including herself given she is MAD MORON Maxine.

  60. Well here we go! Demo-rat ethnic voters on the loose! People stupid enough to vote for her are to be pitied. In addition, I feel the people who wrote the constitution and the declaration of independence would be mortified to realize Demo-rat voters in general can’t even get dressed in the morning without help! So unfortunately intelligence cannot be a standard bearer any longer especially in cities like Baltimore, Chicago, and La La Land Los Angeles. You can’t fix stupid!

  61. Mad Max should have been jailed along with her hubby for looting and bankrupting a bank.. She cajoled hank Paulson -to not lock down the bank–just long enough for Max and hubby to sell all their stocks and bonds on that bank–they were both board members of that bank and screwed all of the other stockholders and bondholders.. The House of Reps. never even censured her.. She and hubby should have gone to jail but she will now write bank law. Why was she above the law? She and hubby are criminals. LOCK THEM UP.

  62. “These loons are to the left of even Waters.”

    And the right wingers who drop their nonsense here are to the right of even Attila the Hun.

  63. A decade ago, Maxine Waters was considered the most ‘Corrupt Politician in Congress’ (Then when Hillary was a Senator Maxine was clearly outpaced for this dubious title). Today with the many other Democrats in Congress, Maxine has been relegated to the most ‘Unhinged’ and irrational!

    Who is stupid enough to vote for a loon like Maxine, she is ‘Dumber than a Pet Rock’ — I guess Stupid likes Company!

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