Maxine Waters is going to live to regret giving this TV interview

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters won’t let go of her dreams to impeach Donald Trump.

And that is leading her to make serious political mistakes.

The latest error happened when Maxine Waters gave this one TV interview she will live to regret.

Waters – as well as other Democrats – were furious that Attorney General William Barr would hold a press conference before releasing the Mueller report.

This hysterical reaction arose because Democrats – as well as the Fake News Media – were going to have to confront the fact that Mueller found no evidence of collusion and they needed to spin that fact to keep their impeachment dreams alive.

Breitbart reports:

On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” House Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) said Attorney General William Barr “is basically a lackey and a sycophant” for President Trump, and that there’s no way to deal with Trump “except impeachment.”

Waters said that Barr “is basically a lackey and a sycophant for the president of the United States of America, and that’s all he’s going to be. This report is going to be overly redacted, and I don’t know if we’re going to get anything new or important out of that. I just wish that the Mueller team would come forward, and I hope that Mueller will come before the committee and have a chance to tell his side of what he has done, and have the questions given to him by the members of the Judiciary Committee that will help us to get at the truth about this president. I mean, this president and his minions are absolutely ridiculous and they disrespect the members of Congress, and we know that they have been involved with each other, his lawyers and his aides, etc., talking with the White House about what’s in the report already, and they are going to push back. … And there is no answer to how we should be dealing with him except impeachment.”

Americans can expect more ferocious spin such as this in the coming days.

Mueller found no collusion and did not charge the President with obstruction.

That clears President Trump on both fronts.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



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  3. It’s the Democrat members of Congress who disrespect the President, not the other way around. They’ve been invited to actually legislate solutions, and they don’t come to the table. Example: Pelosi saying NO WALL, PERIOD — no discussion, no compromises, no communication. Just dig in your heels and expect to have your way. Ridiculous how these “adults” are acting like spoiled children.

    • I agree completely. I have never seen a President treated this badly by members of Congress. They are rude, disrespectful, belligerent, and are blatantly antagonistic. Then have the gall to fight everything he is trying to do to protect America and keep the American people safe. They are disgraceful, and anti american. All of them should be removed from office, and held accountable for the damage they have done, and are still doing.They are subversive at the very least.


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  7. RedMan; Are you a relative of waters? do you look like her? I think so, that’s why you stand up for her. Maybe your her slave & she insists you go after “white people” because you’re both jealous your BLACK and not white. Not our choice who our parents chill out & grow up.

  8. Maxi waters has ,not enough sense to feel regret. If she did , she’d stay away from limelight. Dems has been on ever media show, that will accept their dirty money. As for mueller, he’s a coward, a liar and thief. He came up with nothing in his report and straddle the line. Dems is killing American rights, and until voters accepts this and makes cleans up the house, it will just get worse. Trump 100% For daily American citizens. Continue to make AMERICA GREAT.

  9. Just wait until Mueller comes forward, & tells the left the same thing Barr has told them. They will be calling him, the same names, they are calling Barr or worst. These people are so corrupt, they think anyone, & everyone, is just like them. They do not recognize, the truth, when they hear it, because they never tell the truth.

  10. This is not going to stop until we get serious and start investigations and criminal charges against the likes of killary and barry comey and the rest of the crap.

  11. I’m sick of Maxine Waters and I’m sick of the Democrats. They act like whiny little babies.
    Donald Trump is my President
    Donald Trump is our President
    Donald Trump is “The President”
    They need to just get over it and start acting like adults.

  12. “Mad” Maxine calls AG Bill Barr a minion of President Trump. What about AG Eric Holder? Wasn’t it AG Holder who told his attorneys to back off and drop all charges against some members of the NBPP for voter intimidation? Eric Holder was most likely acting on the behalf of President Obama on that. Wasn’t it also Eric Holder who unleashed the guns to the drug cartels in Mexico? This was also done on what most people believe to be President Obama’s say so. And what about the hundreds of e-mails that Hillary refused to turn over to Congress. Which she lied to Congress about, and got away with. These are the true minions of President Obama, not President Trump. There has been more criminal activity from the false accusers than from the accused. Perhaps it is time the DNC and the other liberals should be investigated for all the lies they have perpetuated on the public.

        • Redman, she’s right. Black people are slaves to the Democrats. They live in the big cities run by Democrats, collect food stamps, welfare, ADC, and any other handouts. They live in subsidized housing. They have no jobs. They have no self respect. They deal and use drugs all day. They shoot each other. Their children fail in school because they have no fathers in their families. The children drop out of school and join a gang. They start on drugs and get shot in gang wars. And you call me a terrorist. Black people terrorize themselves with drugs and alcohol. You are your own worst enemy. You do it to yourselves. You can blame white people all you want, but you are lying to yourself, and you know it. You claim to be a man, but you won’t help yourself.And that’s a shame.

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        • Rickey, the Commies will probably elect her even after she dies. Dead people regularly vote for Commies. Just ask California.

  13. Maxine will stay in power as long as her constituents permit her. If her constituents like her snappy mouth, this is it for her to be around in national politics for a long time.

    What I don’t understand is that the congressional ethics committee did not act to remove her for inciting the riots. She encouraged liberal zombies without the moral conscience to chase after the GOP elected officials and those who wear red hats.

    Too bad that we lost the House of Reps. We need it back in 2020 so that Maxine can sit in the back again.

  14. Good old Maxine is the congress woman who asked a group of bankers about what they were going to do about the student loan program… she forgot the Federal Government took complete control of that program several years ago… the banks have NOTHING TO DO with student loans. This dimwit is in charge of oversight of the US Banking system folks. She is a disgrace, hate filled and deranged democrat without the power to reason or think rationally. Very dangerous combination, Nadler, Schiff, and all the rest of the democrats as well as Romney are unfit for their positions and should be removed from office as soon as possible.

  15. The reason she wins re-election is all the ballots are kept in her garage. You ever notice those democrats from the “land of fruits, and nuts” are all just plain brain washed. If you might say that for democrats in general. They can’t vote, that’s why uncle Chuck and aunt nancy, tells them how to vote.

    • I agree most are “NUTS” that belong in a NUT house –not even NEAR the White house and they even have the Gall to make it appear they are “normal” !

        • The shame, RedMan, is that you’re a pathetic loser and don’t even realize it. Nobody laughs at your comments. We’re all embarrassed for you. You need to get some help.

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    • As long as she follows Nancy Pelosi’s directions and votes as she is told, the DNC will support her reelection against all primary election challengers. She is a disgrace to black citizens by her actions and speeches. She must be from a black majority district, and they obediently vote Democrat even though the politicians never solve the problems they said they would fix.

  16. I wouldn’t trust Maxine with car keys. Does she go to the bathroom alone, or does someone go with her to make sure she doesn’t drown? How could anybody that stupid possibly get elected? How could anybody be stupid enough to vote for her? Is her congressional district a home for retarded people? That’s not a knock on retarded people, I’ve met some, and they’re some of the nicest people you could imagine. But Maxine’s intellect could be outshined by a defective lightning bug.

    • This Crazy A$$ broad doesn’t even live in the district she represents!!! This woman is crazy as a loon at midday in the middle of a busy intersection and rich because of who she does favors for all day long!!

    • i have to agree with you she is one wasted M.F. Bitch It is so hard we pay some one that kind of to just run around hauling in-peach 45 like she belongs there .if she belongs there any one can be there what a joke That just goes to show you we need the electrol college because if that is example of the people Ca. puts in office god help us with the popular out there.

  17. I’m glad I’m not around her. I’d hate to go to jail for hitting an old broad in the mouth with a board. God, these people really don’t know when to stop. Barr did the right thing, not for Trump but to protect himself so the Dems couldn’t come up with pre-emptive horse manure. “Too bad” he killed their plans.

  18. Redman you are showing your ignorance and prejudice every time you comment. You are also extremely vulgar. Take some time and really do some educated reading and look at the big picture. Don’t put yourself in a cozy corner and spew your hate to everyone you don’t agree with

  19. That the Muller Report found No proof of Collusion between Russia & d.trump doesn’t mean that such collusion ever existed even the tiniest bit! CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump is Nothing but a SICK JOKE, both as a President & as a Human Being!

  20. “Trump doesn’t respect congress”?

    Neither does any of the other 325 million people in this country.
    And worldwide, STILL DAMNED FEW find anything to ‘respect’ from the last 10 congresses.

  21. If Maxine Waters had a brain, she’d be dangerous! All she does in the government is take up space, and ride ‘high on the hog’ on our tax dollars! She doesn’t even live in the area that she represents, and certainly has never done anything to help the people she represents.

  22. Please she is as dumb as a stump, she got into Congress being married to daddy warbucks. Did anyone catch the word sickopat that’s how she said sycophant, So moronic

  23. Maxine just loves terrorists. She, along with other Democrats, love nation of Islam leadership. Yes, I know I didn’t capitalize those words. Pieces of crap aren’t worth raising your voice or your blood pressure. Live to Vote.

  24. The RedMan~ You must be multitalented! Didn’t realize you can type with Michael Obama’s homewrecker down your throat! Bravo!!!

  25. To Chief Horse Dung, who calls himself Redman, your tribe wasnt responsible in times past for killing members of other indian tribes or stealing their land, were you?.By the way do you live on a reservation. Lot of proud indians do.

  26. Maxine Waters is a big part of racism in this country. I can’t believe there is a non-black human being in the United States who doesn’t loathe her. I also believe there are a lot of middle-class black people who wish she would pipe down and let the world get along with creating equality for everyone.

  27. I’m not sure who was voting for Maxine W. in Cal, probably brainwashed millennials, but a sharp tongue does not mean she has a keen mind. She think since she is in congress that she is superior yet I don’t think she can think her way out of a paper bag if she tried!!


      • You are so right Mark. Maxi Pad Waters is a true moron. Can’t believe she made a big fool out of herself (which isn’t hard for that idiot) in front of all the Bank people inquiring about student loans. Would’t you think that POS would know that the Federal Gov. took over student loan and that idiot is over the Finance Committee. DemoCRAPS are in big trouble. Maxi Pad Waters paid her ignorant daughter (must run in the family) $120K to stuff envelopes out of campaign money. Isn’t that against the law. But please keep putting that moron along with AOC, and Muslim OMAR in front of the cameras. They are only helping the Republicans.

  28. Everyone ignore “The RedMan” it is neither red or a man, just a demolemming troll. Not smart enough to do anything else except repeat what they are pumping in its orifices.

  29. I just want all the evil in the demoncrat party to come out and everyone of them to be indicted!! I’m eliminating any site that asks if Trump should be impeached!. The brainwashed need to hear the truth about the rotten demoncrats! Every candidate is a communist!

  30. She is senile and needs to resign. Going after Trump because she doesn’t like him, because he is a Republican and they know no Democrat can beat him.That is why they are going after him.Plus, he has God on his side.

  31. Maxine (Impeach 45) is just too ugly and stupid to be a Congresswoman and should be impeached for being too ugly and stupid to be a Congresswoman!

  32. Trump is disrespecting Congress! Where was Waters when Obama sent Kerry to the United Nations to sign the United States in as supporting the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, without consult or consent of Congress?

    What did Waters have to say when Obama signed the “Nuclear Deal” with Iran, lifting years of warranted sanctions against Iran, giving them access to nuclear materials, and billions of dollars to spend as they saw fit again, without consult or consent of Congress? Both were in direct violation of the Constitution of the United States of America, yet no liberal saw fit to oppose Obama’s actions. Hypocrites, one-and-all!

    What glorious condemnation against Clinton came from Waters, Pelosi, Schumer, and Feinstein when President Bill Clinton was having illicit sex while still the President and married to the First Lady?

        • Isn’t it strange that the California democraps are pushing the impeachment BS? If I was a resident of that state, I’d be spitting mad that my representatives are doing nothing for me. The Dems have held the H.O.R. now for 100 days, and no meaningful legislation has been published, except IMPEACH THE PRESIDENT!! I can’t wait for a term limit referendum

      • I hate race and prejudice being pushed into political topics. In particular when talking as you are. Authoritative can speak to Hitler and Stalin. It also speaks to Obama and Bush. Your terms are improper.

      • Let’s ask a catholic teenager from Kentucky about that what di you think about the fake Vietnam veteran that tried to get a reaction…..go pound the peyote pipe dumbass

    • President Trump is not disrespecting Congress. Congress is disrespecting him and have been since he took office. Get over the fact that that HILLARY LOST.
      President Trump won fair and square and he is the legally elected President!

        • I say they need to impeach her and several others in congress. We are paying their salaries via taxes and they do nothing but bitch, whine and try to find something to disrespect our country and our POTUS. Someone needs to put some legislation that gives the citizens a means to impeach and prosecute these traitors.

    • RESPECT I has to be earnd.I am a retired Master gunny sgt of the USMC with 30 years of service to this great nation. I have no respect fo congress or big lips no brain maxipad. Our country has gone to hell because o f power and hate in the treason the commie democrat party.We need to check their bank and find where their funds came from as I am sure it is not from the 177, 000 wage.Sweep around your around you on steps first. Love this great country or get the hell out my area. SEMPER FI

  33. She and Monkey Michelle Obama should open a circus act that has a Merry-go round of slave dolls and whip-masters and chains-rattling on the Washington Monument concourse, and they should charge progressive liberals $5.00 to ride. The main act should be ‘whipping Hillary and Bill in effigy’ for creating the 2-horse plow they lead with a lovely sign around their necks:”Welcome to the Democrat Southern Plantation of the 21st Century”.

  34. What’s amazing to me is Maxine Waters didn’t just acquire stupidity, she’s been this way a long, long time. How is she able to retain her seat? Republicans certainly don’t mind her being there. They all know she’s nuts and of no threat no matter how load she screams “IMPEACH HIM, IMPEACH 45”. Yet, no one runs against her in California, or if someone does? There that bad at campaigning that they loose? Or is this the best California has democratically to offer? It’s also amazing, she has followers. Those followers must be just as nutty as she if not more.

  35. I cannot understand why there is so much upset about Ms Waters and her mouth.
    Since when does anyone expect the truth from the mouth of a devout Communist?
    Or does anyone actually believe there is one true Democrat within the Democratic Party. If you do then I have some extremely good farm land just a few miles East of Bermuda, ideal for all year crops.

  36. This never-ending attempt by Maxy and the dumbellcrat party’s futile attempts to oust Donald Trump from the White House will likely cause them to loose many elections including the presidential election as people are sick and tired of their evil rhetoric and their attempts to ram Hellary down our throats.

  37. Totally agree with everyone saying she should be recalled, but instead of jail, sign her to SNL. So much funnier than anything they’ve had for years. What a clown!

  38. Sorry Maxipad… No charges means no laws broken and therefore no impeachment. For her to have “regret” over saying something would imply that she has some sense of morality or an understanding of right and wrong. None of those will ever apply to someone that has repeatedly been deemed the most corrupt member of Congress.

  39. There is not a day that goes by that I do not regret Maxine Waters. Known in her district – where she does not live – as “The Poverty Pimp”. Maxine Waters ahas been in D.C. for almost 30 years in all that time her biggest accomplishments have been to have 3 meaningless bills passed – an average of 1 meaningless bill every 10 years. To get a TARP – federal bail-out for the belly up bank her husband sat on the board of and owned stock in. Then most recently she was able to pay her daughter (with campaign contribution funds) $350,000-$750,000 – the actual amount is in dispute by Maxine – but either way that is a hell of a lot of money to pay someone for a few months of licking stamps and sending out Maxine’s campaign fliers huh? Maxine Waters has been named “The Most Corrupt Person in Congress – 5 Times – in her miserable – self serving career. It is time for the people in the L.A. area to pull their heads out of their asses and send Waters – Harris – Schiff and Swalwell home permanently or keep “living in the squaller that these people hav turned your city into.

  40. It is obvious that Maxine Waters is trying to cover up her illegal money activities by taking the heat off of her and her entrouge of money schemers, including her daughter and concentrating on her drive to impeach our President Trump. She is digging herself a deeper hole to a one-way ticket to Hades. She is a disgraceful and dishonest person and deserves to be rid of her seat in Congress.

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