Maxine Waters issued one threat to Donald Trump that just changed everything

Maxine Waters is the queen of the impeachment movement.

She was the first – and loudest – voice calling for the President to be removed from office.

And now Maxine Waters issued this one threat to Donald Trump that just changed everything.

As Chairwoman of the powerful House Financial Services Committee, Maxine Waters has the power to launch politically motivated fishing expeditions against the President.

And in an interview on MSNBC, Waters made it clear she will continue the Russian collusion witch hunt.

Breitbart reports:

Waters said, “You know, what I don’t bother with? I don’t bother with the speculation about what the Senate will or will not do. We don’t know what unveils. We don’t know whether money laundering becomes very evident. We don’t know whether or not collusion based on even what Mueller has done or whatever other information that we discover will be the deciding factor among Republicans. So I don’t buy the speculation by the talking heads and by the media and others who speculate about what happened with Bill Clinton as opposed to what could happen now with Trump.”

She added, “I just say that number one, this president is unworthy, that he has no respect for the Constitution of the United States of America. I say that the Mueller report gives us a guideline that is indicated in that report basically that he has obstructed justice. I believe that he has also colluded with the Russian government he does not criticize Putin. I think he has been involved with the oligarchs in the Kremlin and I think there is a lot more information that Mr. Manafort has. I looked at all of his allies and long before we got in depth in this discussion. I believe whether we are talking about Manafort and Papadopoulos and all of those people are organized around their relationship with Russia. They all want to lift the sanctions to drill into oil for the Arctic. It’s about money. It’s about everybody making out with this new playground in Russia to make money. I believe that. I will continue to believe that and continue to do my work as the chair of that committee.”

Waters has no evidence to back up her claims.

Robert Mueller – who had unlimited resources and an all-star team of Democrat prosecutors – failed to turn up evidence of collusion.

Waters just wants to harass the President ahead of his re-election campaign.

Keeping this conspiracy theory about Russian collusion alive will allow fake news reporters to churn out sensational headlines to fool people into thinking there are “bombshell” developments in this dead end investigation.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Maxine Waters doesn’t have a clue, but the President has her in his cross hairs, it’s just a matter of time before the DOJ, the FBI, starts to look into her financial records to expose her behind to her dumb ass voters and she should be prosecuted to the fullest, with her other thieving cohort Hillary, it’s just takes time

  2. We all know Mad Max hasn’t any Common Sense , what gets me is the ones who keep voting her back into office , now how can one justify voting for Mad Max , you’d have to be a Idoit to vote for her for anything , undoubtedly there’s lots of Idoits in her district , just saying

  3. Maxine “Mad Max” Waters, you have been found guilty of treason, sedition, subversion and death threats against a sitting President. Your punishment is death. Watch your back, Max. I’m coming for you.

    • Mad Max is delusional and mentally disturbed due to her own hatred of the President as the left is. Just because the 2016 election did not go as intended for Hillary Clinton.

    • You are an absurd satire of a human being, you are the ultimate obstructionist, in the grand scheme of things you’re doing The job of your parties ideology ,not the job you were elected to do ,you hold no sway with any normal thinking Americanbut you are a fly on the on TRUMPIAN windshield … only to be swatted away for a clear vision of the future if you want to be a true leader take all the insipid Kool-Aid drinking leftists And go away with any luck the country will forget people like you

  4. It is very clear what the leftist intentions are continue what they are doing obstruct this nation in every aspect of government and once it is clear they cannot win the election all hell will break loose you must understand they merged with Islam the creator of Islam was Satan.

  5. I’m so far down the list that it’s likely nobody will read this, but it’s appropriate.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson said, in part, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. . .” He went on to elaborate, but I think this says it all about Maxine Waters.

    • The DUMBASSCRATS AND REPOOPLICANS just don’t know when to stop, eh? MR TRUMP will make it in 2020. YOU GO SIR!????

    • I would amend that in Maxine’s case to “a foolish consistency and constituency are the hobgoblins of little minds”

  6. The BIG MOUTH from Hollywood, {even though she represents Compton} in my opinion, which has the same value as hers, is that’s she must either be continually drunk, or suffers from a mental disorder, as none could be this dense, and still function normally!
    If the good people of her district, re-elect her, THEY DESERVE HER, WARTS AND ALL!

  7. I believe if I’m correct, making any type of treat towards the President of the United States is punishable by and jail time. Why aren’t these ass clowns being brought up on charges by the DOJ. I say we all start raising hell towards them when there not doing there job and start demanding impeachment of them. Give them a year in office to get things done that they ran on and if there not doing it we start demanding impeachment.

  8. I read all the above comments, the one fact remains that WE THE PEOPLE AND ONLY THE PEOPLE WANTED A CHANGE FROM THE LIARS IN WASHINGTON. DONALD J. TRUMP WAS THAT PERSON. He’s being maligned because he is not a politician, he’s a BUSINESSMAN, he’s not a lawyer, just a smart BUSINESSMAN!!!! The democraps hate him because what he’s done in 2 shot years is more that what the democraps did in their 16 years under clinton and obuma

    • Maxine – talk and complain all you want because most people believe “what goes around comes around” and yours is overdue. I would be interested in looking at your daily calendar for the last couple of years and see what you’ve done to collect that big salary you get from US…………. – I believe they call that oversight……….

  9. James Brown in drag aka Mad Maxine is one of the dumbest creatures on the planet! Her IQ is less than that of an ameba.

      • Good idea grefox, but our side is quietly getting the facts, proofs & witnesses need to not impeach these loudmouth bastards, but to imprison them! Let the loudmouth scream IMPEACH, while the right does their do diligence, & brings the bastards to their knees.

  10. She lives in a 3 million dollar house in a closed grated community outside her district which I always thought you had to live in the district you are voted in from. I believe she is a criminal right now over her residency but she still gets voted in from a district where she doesn’t live.

  11. Ha and this ignorant idiot on the so-called powerful house financial committee didn’t even realize the federal government took over student loans almost 11 years ago in which she was still in government when they did it.. she hasn’t even gotten four bills passed in almost 30 years.. and yes she paid her daughter $750,000 for “mailers”” I’m ready to start seeing some karma on these demon rats

  12. Those who scream the LOUDEST about others’ supposed crimes are ALWAYS the ones who have to HIDE the MOST….She definitely needs to be INVESTIGATED, I am sure there is a WHOLE lot to find in HER CLOSET, then indict this THUG….!!!!

    • Maxine who? Even the Indians don’t want to claim her, and reparations puleeze. This woman just says whatever garbage comes up in that garbage disposal of a brain that she has and any pieces that come up whole she spits out of her mouth the woman is a nut yes, I’m sure if she were observed and studied by a real psychiatrist they would decide that this person has delusions of grandeur and should never ever be allowed in a public forum. However our new Democratic party is just chock-full of them, what to do? what to do? Just continue to ignore them oh, that works for me.

  13. I say it past time for the DOJ to start investigating, “How these members of congress have been able to become ‘multi-millionaires’ and some of them to become ‘almost billionaires’ on the salary of a senator or representative. Also, how they can afford multiple homes in some of the most ritzy neighborhoods in the country and over seas. I do believe that this is almost impossible to do on an honest persons salary. Even if this all legitimate and on the up and up, then let us know. There is too much done in DC that is kept quiet and hidden. It is time to put most of the dealings under glass so that we can know that it is all legal. But, I doubt that that will never happen. There is just too much corruption going on in DC now for it to survive the light of day.

    • I want to see everyone of crooked dems tax returns and bank statements. That is why we have all of Dems and Rhinos pulling out all of stops on our President they don’t wasn’t their gravy train to stop. TERM LIMITS

    • Michial, both the DemonRATS and many Republicans are corrupt. It seems to me they (government) almost never do what’s in the best interest of the American citizens, they only push and protect their own interests. You’ve heard the saying, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Well it’s absolutely true. The American citizens have little or no say in what the government does anymore. I’m not sure we ever did. We have a great Constitution that our “government” is unwilling to uphold. Our Constitution is the best in the entire world, and the citizens are unwilling to fight for it. What we have now is an out of control, overreaching, oppressive and completely selfish “government” and a population that’s afraid to stand up to them. It all boils down to the fact we have a criminal cartel making laws the rest of us are supposed to live under, and that goes doubly for the corrupt communist “state governments”. There is only one solution now…

      • Mark, I really liked your post. More people need to be raising the alarm about how close we are to losing our precious republic. So many Americans have surrendered their power by going along with “elected officials” at all levels of government. John Adams said “Liberty once lost is lost forever”. I fear we are close. Americans could be facing our “liberty or death” moment if things continue as they are.

    • Why do you think Democrats and Republicans alike were on the “anybody but Trump” Bandwagon in 2016 – 2017 and 2018! That trend is now that fewer and fewer Republicans still subscribe to that silly notion! Now if Trump won against those odds what makes anyone think he cannot win in 2020. This is why Democrats mouths are running wild in dispear!

  14. If you don’t think right wingers are hateful just read the insulting, racist, nasty comments on here. They are a large segment of the Republican Party and almost every Trumper acts like the conservative nut jobs on here.

    • nutty…You have no clue what a right winger even is and have no idea about those who support Pres. Trump. Take a look in your mirror to see hatred. You can’t stand anyone who doesn’t agree with you

    • Nut Sack, I’m not afraid to say what needs to be said. Political correctness is for you communist pussies, but now hatred is what you commies thrive on. Just know Nut Sack, we hate you too.

  15. Sadly, Muddy Waters is on the loose as usual. She is more appropriate to be impeached than POTUS. let’s have a little investigation on Muddy Waters. Full speed ahead, dam the torpedoes !

    • MaxiPad is a huge, stinkin’ hunk of excrement! She doesn’t belong in Congress! She belongs in the monkey house st the Washington DC Zoo!

      • No her ass belongs in jail along with numerous other dems. The whinny ass republicans need to get some backbone. They always cave. Get rid of them and put some new people in who actually want to help our President!!!

  16. Tens of thousands are DROPPING the Democrats. My understanding is that about 7% of AA voted for Trump last time. Now there are some polls indicating that has at least doubled.

    Statistically, if the AA vote for Trump goes over…say 18%, Trump cannot lose.

    Maxine, you are in DEEP trouble and you know it.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  17. Waters is crazy as Hell! All she knows how to do is run her big mouth, and blame white people for her own stupidity.

  18. Since WHEN has Any of those LIB/DEM/COMMIEcrats EVER give a RATS ASS about the Constitution . Only when they Think it’s gonna help them . Just like Religion Which by the way THEY HATE

      • Agreed she made the comment that President Trump is not worthy to be President!! Really Maxine Walters , Nancy Pelosi, Feinstein, and Schumer aren’t not worthy to the constitution of the United States of America. Oh wait a minute they don’t want the United States to be the America it’s always been. And here’s a news flash for them all you won’t stop him, he’s called for this time.

  19. if there was ever a human who needed the LIVING SH__ __ kicked out of them and locked up in a cage and their tongue cut out this one would get my vote. besides being stupid, ignorant, butt ugly and a total loser she is arrogant, obnoxious and putred.

      • Please stop using such language in the name of Conservatives. We are smarter than that, far more mature than that and much more educated than that. By the way She is one of the worst Elected officials in the History of the USA, but, I pretty darn sure that she has a Father somewhere. Whether that Father ever claimed her, I don’t know or care! As for that other descriptive word you use, I won’t argue that case.

        • I have to agree with CONSERVATIVE GUY, it (she?) is one ugly ass ape. I also agree with ray. I’m not politically correct (that’s for the little whiney commie libretards) and I call them as I see them. Apes should not be allowed in politics.

  20. If a republican politician did had done the same things as our good friend Maxy Polluted Waters. He or she would be thrown in gaol with the key thrown away.

  21. To me this all is a backdoor way of financing their election campaign with tax payers. money. Dragging out a failed attempt in order to sway votes with these allegations. Using the citizens money to get free publicity from network and dupe people who post on Facebook, twitter and other public domain media into joining their effort. Two years of investigations from top lawyers and investigators couldn’t find dirt on Trump. If there was any truth to the insinuations of Mueller, Trump would already be gone.


  23. Maxipad has always been a loud mouth and has given thousands of dollars to her daughter that wasn’t hers to give! She is a Crook and Traitor just like the rest of the Demon????????Rats???????? and soaks up the bad things like they do!

    • Mad Maxine is an evil presence on the face of America and is MORE CORRUPT than you could imagine. Maxine Waters will keep stirring until she is voted out of office or arrested and put in solitary confinement in a sound proof 6ftx4ft cell. Mad Maxine is one of those BLACK supposed leaders who is against progress in our society and wishes for a RACE WAR, because she believes that OBAMA has properly organized BLACK FOLKS AND GIVEN THEM ADEQUATE AR-15 AUTOMATIC WEAPONS.

  24. The Dems are going down. I can sense their desperation and they get louder as the days go by. They are scared to death of Donald Trump. Here’s how I feel, Trump 2020

  25. I hope they d impeach and soon. It will allow us to uncover the Obama/Clinton cadre of corruption of Obama’s 8 years. The whole bunch will end up in jail including the corrupt deep state participants in the attempted coup. It will also highlight the corruption in the news media. What I am most afraid of is that they will assassinate Trump because the corruption is so deep seated and powered by big business player who will be implicated in the coup attempt.

  26. The voter’s of her district must be all blind and can not hear. She will put the witche’s out of business for sure. They spend million’s for two years on the subject and not a thing come out yet flea brain wants to keep at it. What a loser.

    • Will, its all they have! They have no one that can run against Trump who can appeal to the people. This country will not elect Clinton, nor Waters, nor Pelosi. They can only hope that the ‘crats will come put and vote Democratic just to stop Trump. Personally, I don’t think this country is that full of idiots. But, I’ve been wrong before. Perhaps they are.

    • I’ll share some numbers with you, about her district.
      15.1% White
      23.6% Black
      12.6% Asian
      46.0% Hispanic
      2.7[2]% other
      Now you can see, when the bulk of her district is populated by some of the dumbest people on the planet. Does this answer your question?

  27. Isn’t there anything in the Hatch act or any law to prevent the harassment of a legally elected President . Trying to remove someone from office because they don’t fit a certain profile.

  28. Same old rhetorical bullshit coming from a tied, old, ugly has been. Only thing coming close to being pretty about this old bitch is the obvious white female caucasian wig she spots about daily. When will America demand she quit spending tax payer money that is not hers to spend ??? Mad ugly Max is a thief that no one will challenge. Put her black butt in jail where she belongs.

  29. This woman is a biased, crazed, delusional person who should never have been given the power she has (but I am sure Nancy saw how much $$$ Maxie was able to accumulate/steal on her congresswoman’s salary and thought she qualified.)

    You notice she keeps says “I don’t think…” will someone please tell her what you think is irrelevant. What you need is Proof – and that Muller in his extensive and exhaustive investigation could not find so he comes out with the BS statement (overturning a 1000 yrs of western jurisprudence) By saying we could not find him Innocent! That is not what he or Mad Maxine have to do, what they have to do is find him Guilty- which they could not because he is not. So now her only hope it to trump up false charges, lies, accusations and hope that it will help one of the 25 losers running for the Dem party to win as their usual cheating was not enough to help Hillary!

    And those in Maxie and Nancy’s circle are terrified of what will come out if Trump and Barr have another 5 years to investigate them. Justice.

    • Well said Izib! And yes, she says “I think” a bit too much….because she just does not think! As you stated…proof is needed to back her claims..and after so many months of investigation, there was big fat nothing burger with a side of Dem Lies!! Now we should be focusing on the REAL crooks. The Deep State!

  30. Clearly the system is broken and no one including the current seating congress or senate will be able to fix it. It doesn’t help that this Maxine Waters has no brains and liberal people of California that voted for her are idiots. Until people wake up and smell how horrible Maxine and rest of those cocksuckers of her democratic party are it will only get worse. Comparing Hilter to Trump, which a freeking asshole Maxine is!

  31. Waters is just like Hillary.
    She screams the loudest in order to take the spotlight off herself and unto President Trump.
    Waters is guilty of corruption, money laundering, theft and most likely, Murder.

    Exactly what Hillary is doing.
    See the similarities?

  32. Why? is this CLOWN max brown still YAPPING like a very UGLY DOG with RABIES, usually they would SHOT a rabid dog.

    • Wylena:
      Unfortunately laws don’t seem to apply to the useless liberals! They break laws left & right, yet NONE of them have been brought up on any charges yet. GOD willing, Mr. Barr will change that.

  33. I really don’t understand how America Citizens’ allow this happened in this Country. When I came to the USA since 1980′, I was have an empty hand and start to go back to school to get my BSEE. After that, I start getting into politician and get to know about American Histories. I has learned that when Democrats take in charges, American having an issues and it getting worse day passed by. I means the voters’ needs to thinking deeply before they go to vote. Bunch of stupid want to be selected to spend Taxpayers’ moneys. This is so wrong and I hope that you should vote for whom that will take care the Country. I learned one thing form a longtime when I in college from my Country and that said:” If you want a country to be strong, you must make your peoples rich; and when their get rich, they should not worry about anything, then when you needs them, you will got them supports”. That the way Trump’s does.

    • The Democraps keep electing these IDIOTS who, I believe, NEVER even read our Constitution, much less understand it. They love to make up laws and ignore U.S. laws/statutes.

      • I truly believe that these Democraps have no knowledge of the Constitution and what it means,damnit how much more taxpayers money they are going to waste???
        Damn what is it going to take to make these liberal Democraps stop this witch Hunt and start thinking about the United States of America and not themselves,and one more thing to worry about is the Islamic presence in our government!!

  34. Ugly ugly ugly inside and outside.Wow waking up in the morning and looking at that face in the mirror would scare the hell out of me.The biggest fraud of them all and nothing is being done.

  35. When you take the advice from a black moron you deserve to be called dumber than a box of rocks…Maxine who has been called out several times in the Congress for her unethical behavior does not seem to give a Rat’s Ass about integrity or honesty. This is an elected lunatic who refuses to live in her Black district of Watts and lives 12 miles outside her district in the luxury community of Hancock Park in a home worth $4.5 million…now just how does a Congresswoman earning $175,000 a year own such a mansion, pay for numerous trips to Washington each month, pay for living quarters in two states…it’s easy you are either hideously corrupt and you steal it. Her husband owns a major interest in a bank…is he also printing money? These black creatures are what give Black American a bad image for sleazy behavior, the use of powerful political offices to scam the system…when 100,000 California citizens live in cardboard boxes and tents on our sidewalks without running water or toilets and our new governor is now going to spend Billions on Medical for illegals it comes as no surprise what these corrupt Democrats will do for future votes…Once we become a SINGLE party country like Russia I wonder what position Maxine will achieve…maybe chairwoman of the Communist Politburo?

    • William you hit that on the head. I want to see her taxes for the last 10 yrs. She spewed nasty words about Pres. Trump before he won the election. I live in Org Cty, Ca. and we have small boats landing on our beaches from San Diego to Long Beach with many ethnicities fleeing when the boat lands. They capture some but not all. I have lived here for 70 yrs and it has turned into a little Mexico. Most jobs are taken by Hispanics. The homelessness is growing larger every day with Newsom, an idiot, just putting $200 million up to give illegals healthcare. We already pay, thru higher taxes than most states, for their existence. We would move but where to move is a question. The Dems. have ruined this state and will continue to bring more illegals so they can keep this once beautiful state blue. I hope that the young adults will open their eyes and see how much Dems lie, cheat, and are hypocrites.

  36. This woman is a moron. She is wasting time and money on something Trump has already been cleared of. It is time for her to go!


  37. Maxine Waters is the Stupidest woman to ever take seat , in the Hall of Congress , now with the company she keeps that’s saying something , because there’s many Liberal Women without a Lick of COMMON Sense in Congress on the DemocRats side , dumb , dumber and dumbest. Get A Rope , there’s lots of Sinners in these parts , that need to be Dangling from the short end of A Good Rope !!

    • Plain and simply put Maxine Watters is a Lunatic! AND has done nothing positive for this Country for years! I wonder if the people who continue voting for her will ever see her for what she is! She’s an opportunist who just like Clinton goes which ever way the wind blows and says whatever she thinks her constituency wants to hear! She’s absolutely nuts! I can’t believe there are so many dumb people who fall for her BS antics and keep on voting for her!

  38. It’s shame to see this fool being the chairperson of this committee. She flapped her lips, scolding everybody but herself. Her Californian voters will keep her in power. ????

    We will get this House back again and bury them.

  39. That old ugly ass communist chimpanzee won’t find anything on President Trump anymore than that commie Jackass Mule head could. She’s just flapping those big liver lips to cover up her own corrupt illegal activities. If anyone knows about money laundering it’s her (and HitLiary Klinton). The whole damn DemonRAT party is made up of NOTHING but criminals. That’s exactly why the DemonRATS don’t want law abiding American citizens to have guns. They want no opposition from true American Patriots against their attempt at a totalitarian takeover and installment of a dictatorship. These rotten power mad demons are the new Nazis and Stalinists. All real Americans know what you should be doing. Be ready…

  40. Joe the dumber plumber, you called president Trump a mobster right?
    Well it takes one to know one by getting support from George Soros and the Demoncrook party Hollywood and of course the communist media which I think your support and your two bit rantings come from

  41. Maxy babe should go to San Francisco and join her friend Nasty Pelosky by going to Fisherman’s Wharf and taking a hot crab bath

  42. Maxine claims that our Pres is unworthy but where was she when the true unworthy was in office? Someone needs to tell her to look in the mirror and she will see another that is truly unworthy.

  43. I am positive that the entire Democratic party can be indicted for Collusion. They can having secret meetings to plan attacks against the President and stropping the development of America. They are Obstructing justice by ignoring the Mueller report, obstructing the performance of the President’s obligation to further improve the America that he has an obligation to perform.

    • Another Donald, that is not collusion. It is however conspiracy. And that is a felony. Mad Maxine had better watch what she says because she is only protected for telling lies while she actually is on the House floor.

  44. I think her punishment should be that she has to live on the streets of LA with all the people on the streets knowing who she is and anybody that helps her will be fined $500,000 even if they go through a middleman. The middleman also fined. Nobody will be allowed to help her. Prison would be to easy for her. Let the people on the streets handle her.

  45. It’s going to be funny as all get out when Mad Max and the rest of the canal of demwits lose their freedom after AG Barr is finished with his investigation. Then maybe, just maybe the snowflakes and other little fascists can be rooted out and disposed of.

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