Maxine Waters made one coronavirus demand to Trump that could lead to impeachment

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters is one of Donald Trump’s loudest critics.

Waters spent the last three years working to remove the President from office.

And now Maxine Waters made one coronavirus demand to Trump that could lead to impeachment.

Donald Trump invoked the 1950s-era “Defense Production Act” that allows him to order companies to produce certain products.

Democrats claim the President needs to exercise this power to compel companies to make masks, gowns, gloves, respirators, and other medical equipment needed to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

The President asserted that just by signing the authorization of the act motivated companies like Tesla, Haynes, and General Motors to step up and volunteer to assist in medical supply production.

Trump also pointed out that America is not Venezuela and we do not nationalize industries.

Maxine Waters ripped the President for not caving in to socialist demands to have the government seize companies’ lines of production.

“Our hospitals are out of gloves, masks, gowns, respirators, protective shoe coverings, and basic supplies! What the hell more is Trump waiting for? Hey stupid, this is the worst case scenario!” Waters added.

“Trump is duplicitous & causes confusion every time he opens up his lying mouth! He claimed to invoke the Defense Prod. Act, but later said he was waiting for the ‘worst case scenario.’ How many more people have to get sick or DIE until Trump exercises the full power of the DPA?”

Waters was one of the original ring leaders of the push to impeach President Trump.

Some Trump supporters believe Waters’ demands that the President use the Defense Production Act to force companies to produce medical supplies is merely laying the ground work for a second impeachment push.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Ms. Waters, I’m sorry that someone in your past hurt you so badly that you turned into a miserable, vengeful, and spiteful person. No matter whom you now hate the most, the moment that person left office, you’d find someone else to attack. You must pay people to vote for you because there is nothing in your spirit or attitude that would cause people to like you, much less respect you.

  2. What I want to know is why California keeps electing Waters, Pelosi and Finstein. At their age they can’t make decisions for this Country! That and they are so filled with hate. At their age they need a clear slate.

  3. What I want to know is why California keeps electing Waters, Pelosi and Finstein. At their age they can’t make decisions for this Country! That and they are so filled with hate. At their age they need a clear slate.

  4. Enough of Maxine and her racist Civil War leftovers. Only a leftist media would ever show her face. They will never learn.

  5. Maxine waters is a blow hard Racists Trump Hater and her demands are made up by some one else as she isn’t that smart

  6. Maxine Waters and the rest of the Damn Communist Democratic Resistance party needs to lesve President Trump alone and let him do his job. I’m so tired of these loud mouth,needy, wanting something rather than concerns of what the American people need and want. The Democrats having done NOTHING FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE IN NEARLY 4 YEARS EXCEPT CAUSE TROUBLE. They are nit concerned that We have a pandemic going on and people are sick and dying. If they can’t help America then dont hinder us and just go to another country. The Democrats are nothing but cry babies, whiners, and troublemakers.

  7. I sprinkle a little powdered garlic on my food almost every day and haven’t had a cold or the flu since except one time I got a cold, I went without garlic for about 4 or 5 days, garlic will be depleted out of your body in 3 to 4 days, so you need a little almost every other day to be protected, it kills the cold, and flu viruses, and will kill the corona virus too, a container of powdered garlic should last a family about a year that’s how little you use, had colds and the flu for about 40 years, until I read about garlic, I wished my mom knew about garlic, then I wouldn’t.of had to suffer for so long.


    If you get the coronavirus, get some steaming hot chicken soup almost every day, it dries up your sinuses to help you get over the coronavirus.

  8. Maxine and her gang diffinetly have been in too, too long. Limits need to be set.She’s lost touch with the people that pay her extra large salary she voted for. She and her Gang use OUR tax money for anything of THEIR choosing. Facts or no facts, they write checks because they can. She and her gang don’t care about ‘WE the PEOPLE’.
    The Trump deal should not have happened without solid facts instead hoping to pick some facts up along the way at tax payer expense,always. But Dems continued…with ‘our’ tax $$$$$$$….Again….with the Virus funds…..they held everything up just so they would get MO’ money for their so called ‘more important then the virus’ $ demands.

    Former Democratic

  9. Waters, Feinstein and Pelosi are the most anti-American politicians on the face of the earth along with Schumer

    Poleosi, Feinstein and Boxer are the most anti-American people next to Schumer. What kind of idiots would elect people like this????

  10. Maxine waters is another dispicible democrat who needs to resign and NEVER to be heard ir seen again.


  12. Maxine Waters needs to watch her back she could be next on the dem hit list. put her where she belongs in a padded cell.

  13. Water’s is a realist and she is taking a stand for the people. That idiot baby T is clueless about what has taken place in our world today and those people that voted for him sad, sad… We need help!!! from more of the people that can make a change should back Water’s and get baby T out of office….babies can’t handle this kind of responsibility….. Water’s please give Baby T his pacifier and put him to bed….

  14. Why do californians put up with her?? Seems cal has a trifecta of dumb, dumber and dumbest going on in the house. Between polosi, schiff and waters…..the line their pockets while turning the state into a cesspool that can only be descibed as the biggest dumpster in the country! Time for cal to take back their state!

  15. What is Maxine Wacko Waters sniveling about? Her and her Comrades in the NWO. Created this scenario Pandemic! Boot licking the Commie Chinese with Bill Gates working with them. To create the Corona Virus in the first place! Talk about stupid? Look in the mirror Maxine.


  17. Maxine Waters,Pelosi,AOC and the solicist movement need to be stopped from causeing more problems remove them from Congress by any means available.

  18. That’s all this nitwit does is complain or threaten our President, this is what we pay her for? Why doesn’t she go out and try to get her people to stop going out to the beaches in these times of crisis.

  19. The trump dummy are scare too not wear mask or go to work cowards,lets take their A.C.A AWAY from their family and shipped their asses out of this country.Once the Democrats take our the Congress and President,bills will pass too transfer trump and his allies to prison for TREASON.

  20. Wilma, OBAMA covered up all his own corruption and the pussy media helped him. Its all coming out now, all the crap he did, and Hilary. Now Pelosi (whore) is taking on crap to the Covid19 bill that doesn’t even have anything to do with the virus. All dem leaders like her will burn in hell..

  21. dr 24mar20
    There are still some more swamp creatures in hiding, and have not surfaced they are corrupt, but they too will surface like the others. These creatures are materialistic and love money to feed on, for their thirst is great. Dems must come out so that we can see them all for what they are, the most evil and vile people, with no standard of self respect, still hide behind the scenes, we will get you all eventually to face the law for the 3.5 years of damage you inflicted on this president DJT who is innocent of all you accuse him off, is your own reflection of all you have said and done. Point the finger at yourselves as the guilty party to the wickedness and crimes you committed. Remember dems, you are guilty of, “TREASON SEDITION & SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES under 18 U.S. code CHAPTER 115, WILL BE TRIED AND CONVICTED and more to 18usc.

  22. If ever there was a civil war in this country over the dumb ass Democrats who show just how corrupt and brain dead they are every time they open their corrupt pie holes, she would be one of the first cowards to run and hide in her covey hole. These people would starve to death if we didn’t feed them.

  23. will someone please tell her to get rid of that james brown lookalike’s an insult to the great singer!

  24. I agree. Maxine will soon be gone ! President Trump and The Klan have big plans for her and her kind! We are working closely together to Make America White Again! President Trump will do the right thing and get rid of immigrants and give back our property taken away ! God Bless Us and God Bless Our Saviour President Trump! Vote for Trump and the Klan 2020!

  25. This will get me in trouble but I don’t care anymore! Would someone PLEASE put abullet in that stupid woman’s head.
    There I said it!

  26. Can someone throw water on Maxine let her melt away so we can get rid of her stupidity. Only reason she is in this position is who she is she’s to stupid to have earned it. I feel sorry for the people in California who have to deal with idiots like her in their State

  27. Maxine Water is a walking, talking stereotype, and as ignorant as they come.
    And Wilma Lovelace, you are a total fool if you think she gives a damn about you, or anyone/anything but her personal agenda,stealing as much as she can before people catch on and run her out. And I hope she is stripped of all her ill gotten gains on the way.

  28. To the dried up prune in California. If you were verbally attacking Obama, you would be called out for racism.
    I say to you, why don’t you take care of California and your district.

  29. Mas Maxine is going to do whatever she can to make things as difficult as possible for POTUS.
    Don’t be surprised if she tries to inflame things in her home district to the point that Compton, once again, becomes the ignition point for a massive riot in South Central Los Angeles, and then attempt to blame it on Trump.

  30. Maybe Maxie, Shumar and Pelosi will catch the coronavirus so they can go soak their heads or bury them underground!! Cut their salaries like us deplorables and working people have to do without! If they don’t want to help the American people cut their money out and send them down to their beloved Illegals, I’m sure the Illegals will take care of them!!!

  31. Cousin Wilma Lovelace are you posting to defend sista Maxine? You two must have fallen out of the same tree.

  32. Wilma you are a moron, the corrupt one is Maxine “the pig” Waters and anyone who would agree with this old pig is just as bad. God you liberals are a pathetic bunch of losers.

  33. I know the truth hurts and you can;t stand the truth, Trump is the most corrupt president ever in the history of the United States of America. Amen Maxine keep up
    the good work.

  34. Dan,

    Old Muddy Waters is a bigot POS. In fact, that’s really an insult to the POS I just dropped in the toilet that looked exactly like Julio’s mom. Nonetheless I’d love to see mad max strung up along with Cabron Julio.

  35. This is the latest attempt by the DEMONCRAPS to use the crisis of the Coronavirus to overthrow a legally elected President of the United States of America..! They will say and do anything to gain and hold power…lie…cheat…steal…killpeople…..whatever..!! Instead of bellyaching, that old WITCH need to shut up and get busy changing bedpans at the nearest hospital because God knows, she isn’t doing anything in Congress for the American people..!!

  36. Vicious rumor going round, Aunt Blabby in a car going 80mph , she stuck her head out the window and her lips beat her to death.Actually later they learned she lived but sustained brain damage.

  37. You people are so afraid of these Africans. Call them what they are, she is a primitive baboon! My granddad left his beautiful Scotland to go to her primitive Africa to teach them civilization. My granddad was a medical doctor. He taught them with all of his tools etc. Go to Maxine’s Africa, they are still crying for help. Do you know why? Because they are primitive, and will never learn. When she comes out with her comments, just think about how primitive she is. DUMB BABOON IS WHAT SHE IS.

  38. Old Maxine just exposed what the Democrat Goal for America is. Total Communist Government run by Democrat Commies who want Americans to die in order to achieve their destruction of America.

  39. People of Orange Co., CA really need to unelect this individual. Please! Hey, Mad Max, let’s talk about all the masks that were drained from government stockpiles when Obummer was president during the Ebola “crisis” that were NEVER replaced by his admin!!! Not a single one!

  40. Maxine is an empty headed dummby
    Got rich illegally & sucked with her big lips to get where she is. She has stds, crabs, & lice & herpies in her mouth so stay away from her when she opens those flappy
    Lips. She needs to leave the country.

  41. Maxine Waters is a Trump hater and a Racist Bit0h. She is also lying and doesn’t what the facts are on what she is trying to talk about. She shout go talk to that IDIOT Obama as to why he stopped the resupply of medical equipment and she will never have anything that will impeach Trump

  42. Maxine waters needs to be put in a mental institution and give her a picture of President Trump and watch her head explode all over the walls!!!

  43. It’s cuz of ppl like Maxine waterfalls out of her mouth every time she opens it cuz it’s sounds like blue bulb bulb. She is drowning in her own stupidity. Another paid to play our great president out. Sorry maxi take a deep breath your gonna need it.

  44. How in the world did this stupid big mouth liar thief and uneducated thing ever get where she is. she’s the most corrupt politician in congress.

  45. The only people on earth that could possibly vote for that is an ignorant dependent stupid as a post Democrat.

  46. I’m sure it’s the smog contaminated their brain , nobody is really that stupid ! Or are they ! Waters just looks so miserable she expressed pain ,maybe her hemorrhoids are hanging out ? Or is that her brain .

  47. Maxine is the missing link in Freuds theory of evolution, she never made the it passed the change from APE to human. She needs to be put into a jar with formaldehyde.

  48. Water is another Democrat who rob the federal reserve funds to purchase her 12 million dollars Mansion. It is NOT even in her district! So she need to resign from the seat! Her hate for AMERICA and Trump is going to be her fall from getting into God Paradise! I don’t even see a Democrat making it pass judgement day! Except hearing Jesus Christ tell them TO DEPART FROM ME, I DON’T KNOW YOU! And Satan welcome them in HELL!

  49. The Mad Maxine speaks, the more Ignorance she shows herself to be. Trump is at least trying to help America, what has she EVER DONE TO HELP AMERICA ? OH THAT’S RIGHT….. NOTHING, NOTHING AT ALL

  50. Maxine Waters is a hag, just like Pelosi, Clinton (her husband will certainly agree), and that group of misguided and ever-so-ignorant new AFRO-centric female Demos who are quite simply pathetic.

  51. Maxine Walters and the rest of the Democrats like Nancy pelosi and Chuck scummer and the rest of the Democrats have done absolutely nothing you find money or the virus or to help anybody who’s out of work and they repeatedly vote down any money and three times have noted down any of the help it is time to take their money their jobs and their freedom they are to blame everything is going wrong with this virus the fact that people do not have jobs

  52. Other than flapping her ignorant lips, spewing racism and violating federal election laws, she has done NOTHING for her consituents or the American people. DOJ should indict her and send her back to Compton.

  53. Trump is NOT the one stopping the bill to pass for coronavirus aid. Talk to Piglosi and ask her WHY she is attaching to the bill her own unrelated agendas she childishly wants passed. She is denying Americans much needed help while she sits rich in her mansion, drinking herself into oblivion. This is a Crisis, but Pelossy insists on trying to exercise her control and deny the American people aid in this crisis. She won’t let it pass until she gets her childish way. Waters is quite the id**t and does not understand its her own party holding things up in order to blame Trump. That loudmouth piece of s**t needs to be VOTED OUT!. We also need TERM LIMITS to keep us from getting stuck with the likes of Waters in our government and we can’t get them out.

  54. I’m going to send that communist anti American lying big mule mouth a Keep America Great Again hat and a big box of tissue when President Trump gets 4 more years in November.

  55. Maxine has dementia; leave her alone. Malcolm X once told a Chicago crowd of African-Americans that the Democrats were still the party of slavery, using house slaves to control the field slaves. He said that any field slave that voted democrat was “a chump and a traitor.” He was assasinated a few days later. Now, who do we know has become powerful as a house slave who wants to do the master’s bidding and controls the field slaves?

  56. Mad Maxine is just another unattractive, nasty piece of dog meat. She is irrelevant and useless. The shortages are all due to Obama’s idiocy. Put blame where it is due. President Trump inherited a mess and is doing all he can for this country and our citizens. No thanks to dimwit dems.

  57. I don’t recall Mad Maxine saying opening her very large pie hole as barry lounged in the Oval Office and numerous vacations as 61,000 Americans were infected and 12,500 Americans died during the 2009 Swine Flue outbreak. Just one more example of the Dumbocrats’ many double standards.

  58. If Mad Maxine had the IQ of a toadstool, she would know that Obummer used our stockpile of masks and such and failed to replenish the supply. Additionally, hospitals should have learned from the H1N1 pandemic and had adequate supplies in stock, but they focused on profit and now are paying the price!

  59. …she is a sad and sorry excuse for a human being, much less a Public Servant.
    No Citizen Taxpayer should be required to contribute one cent for her to continue these maniacal rants, YOU’RE FIRED!

  60. when the heck is this old bag who uses her head for a hat rack going to stick her head in the sand and shut her mouth. she should be sitting in a rocking chair

  61. Hey Aunt Blabby, will it be anything like the last impeachment, how did that work out for ya?Oh yeh, then there was that Russia thingy you and your comrades spent quite a bit of time and taxpyaer money on.Dont you morons ever get embarrassed by anything. And speaking of morons, see Julio the foolio is on spreading his wisdom, hes a real blessing. Makes me realize how happy I am not to be him.

  62. Ugghhhh….. she makes my stomach turn…….. nutty dem bully, I meant nasty but nutty also works………..

  63. Waters, Pelosi, Clinton, Omar, Cortez, Tlaib, Warren, Feinstein, Streisand, O’Donnell, Goldberg, Millano, Streep, Swift,Sarandon, and the list goes on….. These same people have used the term “Misogynist” to define millions of us. With this list of arrogant, feckless and mentally ill women supposedly representing the women of this country …. well if I were a woman (and don’t get me wrong, I have a great respect for women in general) I would be a female misogynist. These people are nuts !!!


  65. Mad Maxine is a complete MORON. An Idiot, a Dolt, and an Imbecile. Anything she says is irrelevant and has both no meaning or substance. She should be removed from Congress, and placed into a mental asylum!

  66. Maxine has a rectal sphincter on her face EVERYTHING that comes out is pure SH!T! Get rid of this FUGLY B!TCH NOW!

  67. Why does anyone pay any attention to what this deranged shrew says? Put a collar on her and send her to the pound.

  68. What Mad Maxie proposes is likely illegal and that was backed up by SCOTUS in 1952 when then Pres. Truman ordered the Army to seize control of the steel companies when the steelworkers went on strike. The SCOTUS ruled that the president lacks the powers to do that. Waters needs to brush up a little on US History and the powers granted the president in Article 2 of the US Constitution. But before that happens she should be tried as a traitor and executed when found guilty of treason.

  69. Maxine is demonstrating just another effort to oust President Trump from office. Seems she is getting further “sick” in her proposals. Her example is a huge disservice to the political party she represents and the people who elected her into the office she holds.

  70. Maxine should be made to live in a tent on the sidewalk of her district for about 3 months – with only the clothes on her back and no checkbook.

  71. Maxine shut your big fat mouth. Your the stupid one. They need to dump you your another California useless politician.
    Maybe someone should investigate you and your family that you hire.

  72. MAXINE WATERS IS NOT ONLY UGLY INSIDE AND OUT SHE’S ALSO THE MEANEST AND DUMBEST IN THE HOUSE. She needs to be voted out and never be allowed to be involved in anything involving the country and people.
    She’s ugly as sin and everything that comes out of her mouth is pure evil.

  73. Ben and a Jerry comment in their respective post, without facts that president Trump lies. That is a lie. Chinese communist trolls, illegals, and criminals are the only ones who post such propaganda. I await the day that those that post such comments are taken to court and made to prove or pay up. This is libel and lawsuits are necessary to separate truth from lies. Ben and Jerry are communist Vermont ice cream vendors. Their ice cream sucks, too.

  74. Personally, Waters and Pelosi, and Shumer, and Old Joe, and Biden, their end, might signal time to move ahead. America surely could stand to not have them making life worse for everyone else in the country. It would be nice to see the poverty pimp voted out of office. If only that would come with a gag to keep her mouth shut as well.

  75. Maxine “the mouth” in public, on tape said someone should take the President out, in street talk that is kill him. She has loads of money as does her daughter all from donations fom people who voted for her. She paid her daughter from election funds which was/is a nono. She and Pelosi are sisters exept one was in the sun more. The congress had no qualms voting 40,000.00 for EACH Congress person to renovate their office. That is $40,000 X 100+ yet they do not want to help the people who voted for them. Our government is turning more communist with the way they act. They are suppose to help us, not pad their pockets, and the “Squad” wants to make this a muslim country, and they have no idea what they are getting in to.

  76. Aunt Blabby Maxine is at it again.Whats wrong with people in California when they reelect this ranting old bag.Shes been in office for what, maybe 75 years, and they keep reelecting her.Guess it shows the mentality of California.After all, Hollywoods out there with all the gasbag actors.

  77. Obama used up all the medical masks and then refused to order more for reserves. He also had, according to the CDC, over 10,000 deaths of the H1 N1 virus during his terms in office. The corrupt fake media isn’t telling you this is it?

  78. Waters is stupid. She’s a cop killer advocate, a violence advocate and she and her husband fraudulently conned the federal government to give loans to their failing bank. Axing Waters should be in a federal penitentiary.

  79. Trump needs to enlighten her to the fact that congress and the president in 2009 did not close borders, or do anything to suppress the spread of H1N1, 60,000,000 infected and 24,000 deaths. As a lifer demon-rat congresswoman she was complicit in the non-response.

  80. Maxine: this is the superb example of someone we should all want to vote OUT of office…in fact, I would label her the poster child.

  81. MAXINE WATERS is a disease that needs to be surgically removed from congress!! GET SAVED, MAXINE!! REPENT, and turn your life over to JESUS!! DO NOT TELL ME YOU HAVE, BECAUSE SAVED PEOPLE THAT KNOW JESUS CHRIST, DONT ACT LIKE YOU ARE ACTING LIKE!!!

  82. The truth hurts sometimes President Trump is a Liar almost every time he opens his mouth. People should just accept that and quit trying to defend his actions which by the way are not good for the American public or our allies. His actions in this crisis is going to cost many lives and that is sad..

  83. I would figure that you Maxine would know when it is your time to retire, and go off in the sunset. I wish you would consider it before you make a true ass of yourself ( like Whoopi Goldberg ) does on a daily basis.
    your in it for the pay check and raise you give yourself every year, while the people in your district do without. I would sure be ashamed, and if you had any decency you would. but guess your parents never taught you that or did you forget.

  84. Shut up Waters, you loudmouth violent trouble making witch!! It is you who needs to be tossed out of office, not Pres Trump!! And you leave him alone, he has been though more than enough Hell from you evil demonrat jerks!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Maxine Waters why don’t you shut the F up. You are a disgrace to OUR COUNTRY. TRUMP HAS BEEN DOING A LOT. All you dems. do is block him constantly. WE ARE SICK OF IT. Maxine YOU need to be investigated for giving your daughter tax dollars. This pisses me off. How dare you think you are better then the American people. YOUR NOT. I hope you get ousted out of the house. You are poison to us and OUR country. TRUMP 2020

  86. Hey, Maxine Waters, wake up, we don’t have impeachment now, we have a war with coronavirus – for life – against death! Do not bother us and shut up with your impeachment. When we defeat the coronovirus – then continue your chatter about your idiotic impeachment, no one will take you seriously anyway.

  87. Maxine Watterhead went to have Brain Surgery. They did a Complete catscan to find it and ended up doing Rectal Surgery to operate on it!!!

  88. There are very few people in this world who I would be inclined to wish for an infection, but Maxine Waters is a definite exception. If she gets Coronavirus and dies, the world will improve 1000-fold. In fact, I would hold off on seriously looking for a cure until that happens. Just a suggestion to those pharmaceutical companies looking for one. Thinning of the herd is occasionally necessary and democrats in government definitely deserve to be thinned out.

  89. pelosi and schumer and their ilk are the ones blocking President Trump’s Corona Virus Relief package…this is on them, not President Trump.

  90. There is no class in Maxine Waters. NO dignity in calling the President “stupid”, which he is not, and accusing him of lying every time he opens his mouth. If Biden has her on his short list for VP, he will commit a great gift to Trump in the election, because middle America will not tolerate this kind of person as the next possible president if something happens to Biden. And she has the nerve to say Trump has no class????

  91. There are many more DEMWITTS that need to be IMPEACHED, THROWN IN JAIL, CENSORED, etc starting with PELOSI, SCHUMMER, WATERS, SHIFTLESS, SWALLWELL, AOC, PRESSLEY, TALIB, OMAR, BOOKER, HARRIS and the list just keeps going on and on and on!

  92. She is surely correct in stating that when he opens his mouth he is LYING. I’ll be generous and state MAYBE 1% of time time he may “spew a TINY bit of the truth.

  93. Her District should be mapped out and listed as a “NO GO ZONE FOR FEDERAL WELFARE DOLLARS”!

  94. I suggest that they donate Mad Max’s brain to science (if they can find one in that ignorant skull) and do so immediately.

  95. Maxine,Nancy,Diane and all of the Democrats in both Houses need to be tried as Traitors,swiftly adjudicated as guilty,and then swiftly and publicly hung .

  96. Don’t blame Maxine Waters. She is the symptom, not the problem.
    The problem is too much stupidity among black people.
    Black people are just inherently dumb. They keep voting the same crooks back into office over and over again expecting things to get better, while they’re having to step over needles and feces, looking over their shoulder to make sure they’re not going to get shot.

  97. Maxine is a liar and Thief. She pays her daughter corruptly and built an estate for her family with her illegal gains. Their is no semblance of intelligence in her. She is a national embarrassment.

  98. Maxine Waters and Joe Biden both need to be in the nuthouse then they could wipe each others butts or do they know which end to wipe??

  99. Mad Maxine is going for impeachment again? I haven’t heard that one. I wish that old porch monkey would get the virus. Why does anyone pay attention to the old crack ho?

  100. Why didn’t Maxine Waters run for President?? Is the reason for that is she knows they call her the most corrupt person next to Pelosi and Schiff. She know’s her time is ending an citizens do not want her. They want her NO where close to Congress. She has too many skeletons.

  101. Why is anyone surprised by anything that ignorant fool has to say? Her line got old years ago.

  102. This lady is sick and does not have the best interest of the county in mind. She is pure hate and needs to step aside.

  103. Maxime Waters should devote her energies to get the virus problem under control and not just criticize the President. Perhaps she too should like in the mirror and ask herself what is she constructively doing to solve the problem. Right she and Pelosi plus Schumer are doing nothing but criticizing the Republicans and stalling critical legislation to help the American people financially while they continue to fatten their own wallets. Tell me Maxime how did you and Pelosi accumulate such personal wealth on your House salaries?

  104. I’ll bet when insane Maxine Waters finally dies it will take the undertaker a month to her damned mouth to stop twitching. If only she could say something intelligent every once in a while.Over 30 years in Congress and she has only managed to have 3 meaningless bills passed. An average of ONE MEANINGLESS BILL every 10 years. She has exceeded that with 5 TIMES being named “The Most Corrupt Member of Congress”. She gas also done more to get taxpayer and campaign money to her family than any help to her dustrict where she is known as “The Poverty Pimp”.

  105. The reason our hospitals are lacking basic supplies is because of Obamacare.
    The democrats created the unconstitutional Obamacare disaster and now they want Trump to go full social ist to try and mitigate the damage it caused?

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