Maxine Waters’ new call for impeachment was her craziest move yet

Maxine Waters has led the impeachment bandwagon since last year.

Her mission in Congress is to get rid of Donald Trump.

But she raised eyebrows with this bizarre claim about impeachment.

Maxine Waters reacted in predictable fashion to the fake bombshell that Robert Mueller disagreed with the context of William Barr’s summary of his findings.

Mueller did not dispute the accuracy of anything Barr reported – no collusion and no determination of obstruction of justice – but Mueller was upset with the news coverage of Barr’s announcement.

That was like waiving a red cape in front of a bull for Maxine Waters.

The California Congresswoman went on MSNBC and thundered that Barr should resign or Congress should impeach him.

Breitbart reports:

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “All In,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said in light of the of The Washington Post report that special counsel Robert Mueller told Attorney General William Barr his summary “did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance” of the probe, Barr should resign or be impeached.

Waters said, “I think that Barr should resign. If he does not resign, he should be facing impeachment proceedings also. He has abdicated on his responsibility. He’s lied. He has used the very words coming right out of the president’s mouth, ‘no collusion, no collusion, no collusion.’ And made a decision that despite what the counsel put into that report about obstruction of justice, he said he made the decision that he had not obstructed justice. It is outrageous, and he needs to go.”

All of Barr’s statements were truthful and accurate.

Not even Robert Mueller disputes that.

But this leak was designed to breathe new life into the dying push by Democrats to impeach the President.

And Maxine Waters’ reaction was exactly what Mueller hoped it would be.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Maxine is nothing but a nut job I just wonder how in the hell did she get elected to her position anyway, I am not saying this to be mean I am just saying what my ears tell me when I listen to her she is stupid
    she has the education of about a 9th grader in the way she handles herself. She also seems like a very angry violent women, I mean any women that would stand there in front of a crowd and preach for other people to strike out and hurt other people, something is rally wrong with this crazy nut job women. Why has she not been impeached is my question ?

  2. And you are an asswipe for not having anything to back up every claim you just made. Where is all the evidence you claim you know about fool? If you Idiot Democrats don’t stop with all the false claims, the heat will only get hotter for you all, and it won’t be the fake Climate change burning the Democrats.

  3. Flappy Turkey neck skin Crapsine Waters needs to stretch her nasty skin over her face and sew her trap shut…be a great improvement!

  4. James: I agree with you 100%! Democrats keep proving there’s no viable brain cells in the lot of them, because if there was, they’d realize just how bad the democrats’ position is for the continuation of our country! Wanting non-citizens and children to be allowed to vote, is a sure guarantee our country will collapse. All foreigners and teens want is free everything, with no thought to where the money is going to come from. Having never paid taxes, seen their paychecks shrink, all they know is these democrats keep promising things, so they must be possible.

  5. I believe that all elections for federal office should have recall elections halfway through their terms. As that will insure that those politicians hold the line and do what they said they’d do in the first place.

  6. Joe the plumber, Unfortunately the truth hurts so badly that those with whom cannot think logically or abstractly for that matter, tend to only believe what they are fed. Waters claims Barr Lied and muellar intended for the DOJ to find Trump obstructed justice. Unfortunately, had you watched the hearing, Mr. Barr stated that Mr. Muellsar understood the obstruction charge decission was left up to the DOJ to determine, Although he stated he could not find sufficient evidence to charge him, he could not find sufficient evidence to exonerate him. When asked if Muellar was informed regarding the final decission of “NO OBSTRUCTION”, he stated yes, however he also declined to read the summary provided by DOJ. When Barr was asked if he was aware of concerns the Muellar or his team had regarding the decission, he stated no. Obviously, the Democrates were informed of the letter that Mullar sent requesting 19 pages to be realeased with a concern of contextual issues. When asked during the hearing why he claimed Muellar did not have a problem, he stated he spoke directly to Muellar as special counsel regarding the letter, Muellar stated he did not have issues with the summary as provided by the DOJ. He was not required to discuss anything with the Liberal attorney’s and corrupt FBI members on the team and did not speak with them. ONLY SPECIAL COUNSEL MUELLAR. And Muellar did not have an issue. unless you watched the hearing, all you would hear from the liberal news media is the same BS from the democrat congressional idiots.

  7. Joe,you’re exactly what the Dumbocrats count on.People too naive to see through their BS with those blue colored sunglasses.Medicare for all,the New Green Con and open borders.This is what you want and are willing to pay for it?Your party has been able to avoid legislating by chasing butterflies for 2% of a report that didn’t give them what they wanted.People like you are ruining this country with you stupidity.At least if you get your way that plumber’s crack will disappear because you won’t be able to eat as well as you do now…DUMBASS

  8. Of course, since Maxine can’t read, she listens to people who read but can’t understand.
    She’s a mess!

  9. Joe the dumber plumber, you definitely are brain dead moron. All the BS you’re leveling at President Trump is exactly what virtually ALL the demonRATS are guilty of, especially O’Sambo and HitLiary. Moronic, intellectually stunted and mentally ill jackasses like you should be in a padded cell. Could you be any more stupid? Keep posting and let’s find out.

  10. Trump is ruining the country. He is a dictator wannabe, a serial sexual assaulter, a thief, a liar, a braggart and whiner. He is the most dangerous person on the planet. You aren’t only brainwashed, you’re now brain dead.

  11. This old woman earned the “most corrupt member of congress” award! She is just plain crazy!

  12. All this from the woman voted most corrupt member of Congress. This woman is mentally disturbed anod should be locked away in a padded room for her own safety.

  13. Pelosi/daughter Claims SHE IS tuff etc
    (did u see that article of what ‘daughter’
    Said. Well U should.
    > Anyway, Max Keeps ‘slapping Nancy’ re
    ‘impeach’. WHEN HS SAID NO &”0FF the Table”…
    & Nancy ‘takes the Slap’. LOL HAHA.gak
    What’s up W/’THAT’ Nancy. SHE 0UT of ‘CONTROL’
    of Dem House. Enough said. good nite.

  14. They’re coming for waters for all her corruption
    And she’ll do anything to keep up this charade.

  15. So, just what are you saying? Stop beating around the bush and say what you truly feel.

    That was sarcasm by the way

  16. Dem party has Big INTERNAL fighting.
    Pelosi/Max/Feinstein/ Schumer/Durbin (0ld dems)
    Sanders/Biden etc ARE V. Upset
    that ‘newbies’ ie Tlaib/Omar/Aoc ARE
    TOTALLY EXPOSING ‘the PLAN’ IN An ‘unseemly’ Way.
    Biden/Sanders ARE LYING re ‘saving’ USA.
    TRUMP has Already Done ‘that’. Temporarily. Good.


  18. I think a recall is a more likely option than impeachment My understanding is in the decades she has been in office includes almost no legislative action — no bills passed or laws put in place. Can’t ask for anything more from a Democrat.

  19. Muddy Waters is right on target with all this holier than thou Halo performance,she reminds me of the volcano in Hawaii,continually spouting but not contributing much to mankind !

  20. Maxine IS the one who Has ‘ABDICATED”
    Her “Responsibility”.
    She a Racist& a Bigot.. Coming from the 60’s.
    Manty ppl are not racist anymore. Just
    the ones that watch msm junk.

  21. Impeach Maxine for lying while in Congress.
    She’s as useless as the rest of the baby killing democrats!

  22. Sorry! My Bad.Mad Max has accomplished 1 thing in Congress.She’s become a VERY Rich woman…

  23. YAAAAWWWNNNN. She’s a clown.I read the articles about her for quick laugh.She’s irrelevant.She hasn’t accomplished a single thing in Congress and her district is a cesspool.

  24. I think this old hide and a lot of others are afraid of our new AG. They found out real quick he can’t be intimidated. In fact, he almost looked like he was just waiting for stupid statements to respond to during his testimony last week. I kinda think being a good lawyer he has sort of a combative personality he keeps in check. Waters and others of her ilk know they either have to get rid of him or find a way to discredit him so he has no standing. They are scared this guy is going to come after them for all the lies, conspiracy, theft and graft they have been committing the last almost eleven years. They are probably right. I hope so. At last perhaps we have someone else in the Federal government with integrity, a sad commodity lacking in the House.

  25. Liver Lips Maxine Waters!
    There will be another (4) years for President Trump!
    Did you hear the new economy numbers and WEEP!!!!

    Who in the hell votes for this strange creature
    who steals her campaign money!!!!

  26. Unbelievable that she is not prosecuted on graft or corruption charges. Why is the American justice system so ineffective?

  27. Mad Maxie has diarrhea of the mouth. She is a leftist demented Democrat who owns three mansions while serving one of the most taxpayer dependent districts in America.

    She will claim she is an old grandmother, she misspoke or she will roll over on other conspirators when she is prosecuted.

  28. Watch as the walls close in on Mad Max Waters and her endless ratting out of others to save herself from prison!
    She’d sellout her own mother, father, husband and children to stay out of prison!
    People like her are the first in line looking for immunity deals as they stick the knife deep into the backs of their own…

  29. Absolutely! She has a serious speech defect, also. There is only one word she is able to cough out – impeachment! Agree with you, she is a joke!

  30. If a Republican had done what she has been doing, that person would have been given a lengthy prison sentence thanks to the Democrook party, Hollywood, the media, and of course George Soros.

  31. AG Barr told the truth. He did not lie. He summarized Mueller’s 448 page investigation into 4 words: NO COLLUSION. NO OBSTRUCTION. Maxine Waters, Pelosi, the 21 possible Democrats running for President in 2020 all jumped on the same bandwagon. They hitched their wagons to this statement: Mueller did not dispute the accuracy of anything Barr reported – no collusion and no determination of obstruction of justice – but Mueller was upset with the news coverage of Barr’s announcement. The Dems are not interested in FACTS. They are only interested in hearing themselves babble and sputter.

  32. She’ll have to wait her turn, she’ll be ompeChed soon e ough when her part in the Democrat-Ukrainian collusion coup will be revealed.

  33. That’s what happens when a constituency with an IQ of 40 elects a blithering idiot with an equally challenged brain as they!

  34. All these Demonrats that want President Trump gone must have their ass so far up Obama’s ass and his fake ass Russia hoax against Trump that they are scared. I hope they all get what they deserve………

  35. Maxine has 10s of thousands of homeless people living in the streets in her district. It’s the poorest district in the state of California. . It’s so bad she won’t live there. But it’s ok if you do.

  36. LOL Amen! I couldn’t have said it better. Here is a woman that is just plain mean and bitter and it shows on her face. When she can’t get her way, which is most of the time, she screams for impeachment. It doesn’t matter who it is; she just seems to want to impeach someone and be a big shot.

  37. That is one holiday I would net celebrate as she deserves nothing but prison for sedition against the United States.

  38. Not one thing done by the Democrats but lose when Trump got in office. They are wasteing our good tax money against the American People and trying to take our votes away from us by impeaching everyone who don’t agree with.

  39. What is amusing is she actually thinks anyone cares what she thinks, this nut job gets about as many death threats as AOC and Omar and with her long list of stealing from taxpayers and giving it to her family will soon get her a one way ticket to jail.Soon Worthless Waters will get so excited while ranting and raving she will have a heart attack and America will have itself another holiday.

  40. I don’t understand the Democrats. When you need help, and someone is trying to help you, you don’t start calling them every vulgar name in the book, call them a liar and anything else you can think of, and do every thing you can to stop them from helping you.
    The Democrats are getting the benefits of what President Trump is doing just like everybody else. This is the way they show their gratitude for all he is doing for them?
    I can’t believe it. Nobody is that stupid.

  41. I think Maxi and 90% of the democrat’s ought to resign. Can’t believe the hatred they show as a public official.

  42. Mad Mad is a broken record, just keeps saying the same thing. More she says it the less anyone listens.

  43. Please auntie Maxine retire do American one of the biggest favors you can do for us. Stupid woman, bigoted woman, dangerous woman. I think that might be enough said

  44. Democrats took charge of the House with speeches of taking back America and undoing the harm caused by that mean ole GOP. Since that day, the only thing coming from a Democrat-controlled House is “Impeach Trump”! Not one bill to satisfy their campaign promises has surfaced. Not one Representative has moved in the direction each promised while campaigning for their seat in The House.

  45. Maxine … don’t bother to reason with her. Her mind is completely warped with full of TDS. Her sanity is gone. Zero .

    Her people are perverting the nation. The most recent news mentioned of a new bill introducing pronography to Minnesota elementary education. The innocence of all young kids will be gone. How? Their parents are already warped, too. So warped that they even elected a foreign Muslim to trash talk our elected president. A foreigner!

  46. Jeez! Does this ugly baboon ever have anything else on her tiny simian brainless besides IMPEACH TRUMP?! How and when did we decide it was a good idea to elect monkeys and muslims to ANY position in our government. Why in Sam Hell isn’t the “sane” part of our government jailing and deporting these muslim terrorists and commie chimps?? They’re plainly against freedom, the Constitution, our national sovereignty and all sane intelligent Americans. We need to get rid of these communist cretins by ANY means necessary.

  47. After this crap Democrats are pulling to waste time/money towards President Trump comes to an end. Then the real investigation can begin implementing so many Democrats that Maxine herself should just retire, resign, get layed by a turtle, I don’t care ,just leave!

  48. No need to impeach members of Congress, charge and arrest them for sedition and treason, once convicted give them life without parole in sunny Guantanimo bay, or a swift date in front of a firing squad.

  49. Impeachment should also be applied to the senate and house as the president already is. If that was the case I’m sure that Maxy would’ve have been “Impeached” along time ago.

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