Maxine Waters’ plan to impeach Trump got shut down by the last person she expected

Democrat voters turned out in the midterm elections to get revenge on Donald Trump.

They expect the new Congress to investigate the President until they turn up something they can use in impeachment proceedings.

Maxine Waters expected to lead that charge but the last person she ever expected shut down her impeachment efforts.

Waters and other leftists hoped to use the Financial Services Committee to investigate the Trump Organization’s loans from Deutsche Bank.

Liberals promoted a conspiracy theory that Russians used the bank to launder money into the Trump Organization.

But Democrats on the committee don’t want to chase conspiracy theories and alienate suburban voters in the 2020 election.

So they are fighting back against Watters’ fishing expedition.

Politico reports:

Rep. Maxine Waters is running into an unexpected obstacle in her bid to investigate a president who has mocked her as a “low IQ person”: members of the California Democrat’s own party.

Waters, the incoming chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee, has promised to follow the “Trump money trail,” targeting the Trump Organization’s hundreds of millions in loans from Deutsche Bank, the German lender that has been under scrutiny in connection with Russian money laundering. But the committee has a handful of moderates who worry that such aggressive moves will backfire.

“The American people will understand thoughtful, well-grounded investigations,” said Rep. Jim Himes, a Connecticut Democrat. “But they will bridle at investigations that seem overtly political.”

That tension between cautious Democrats and those who want to train their subpoena firepower at the White House is being repeated throughout the House, as establishment veterans face off against progressives out for revenge against President Donald Trump.

Democrats will have plenty of other investigations. Reports indicate the Democrats in the House may launch as many 85 probes trying to dig up dirt on Trump.

But Maxine Waters’ conspiracy theory is a bridge too far, even for Nancy Pelosi.


  1. Let’s go after her tax returns. You can bet that she
    has been involved in some corruption, taxes, campaign finances, etc. She is obviously covering up
    some of her corruption and other Democrats. She acts like she is the only one really moral and honest but that is called projection or better CHA.

  2. I totally agree and opening the tax returns for all politicians will be similar to opening the Epstein’s
    Sex trafficking party list and also the Trump hoax investigation Personally, I agree with doing all of these things because Americans need to know who
    they are supporting. Let the chips fall on them all and prosecute those who are guilty. We should support the truth and not let them cover up or sweep these crimes under the rug.

  3. well i don’t see any reason to be afraid of all those dead democrats going to vote, the only thing that bothers me is why do all dead people join the democ=rat party, i guess the only thing to do is not die. but it is the illegals in Mexifornia and other places that are going to cause most of the problems in the next few years.

  4. They are still looking for that free ride on the welfare train that she keeps telling them she is bringing, they aren’t smart enough to know that she has already stolen all the goodies off the train, so they just keep coming back with their hands out.

  5. The English and Dutch an Germans should never have taken them down out of the trees and put clothes on them.

  6. Rules need to be the same for All politicians. You want to see President Trump’s tax returns, then open all polician’s returns for public review. That would cause havoc. Equality for All-!!! Put up or shut up-!!! No more using different rules.


  8. I worry more about the people who were willing to pull the lever in the voting booth and get her elected. When I watch some of the committee hearings on the tube and see these idiots in action, I am very afraid for America. Right now we have AOC in the headlights. But there are still at least a half dozen of these nut cases who could qualify for full time lodging in the state hospital. I hope this isn’t a sign that the country is running out of resources. Justice and Common Sense.

  9. George please don’t allow “them” to drag you down to their racist level. They win by diverting our attention from the real issues and begin good old fashion identity politics. They are still reeling over 2016. Hillary should have won.They cheated and STILL LOST. In the aftermath of the elections all they can do is create chaos and discontent. They would rather see the country plunged into sewer than allow this elected president a chance to succeed. Simple as that. Maxine is on a short leash. But no one has put her in a cage, yet.

  10. George please don’t allow “them” to drag you down to their rasist level. They win by diverting our attention from the real issues and begin good old fashion identity politics. They are still reeling over 2016. Hillary should have won.They cheated and STILL LOST. In the aftermath of the elections all they can do is create chaos and discontent. They would rather see the country plunged into sewer than allow this elected president a chance to succeed. Simple as that. Maxine is on a short leash. But no one has put her in a cage, yet.

  11. I agree 100% that the students should be taught the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. They shouldn’t just go by what others say, let them learn it for themselves. Don’t let Democrats OR republicans prompt you to believe in their policies until you fully understand then history and working of govt.

  12. People like you sink just as low when you flap your racist mouth. You keep the racist problem alive. It will take a few more generations of your ilk to die off, I guess,before the Civil War is over.

  13. GET OFF THE RACIST CRAP. MAD MAX is the worst kind of racist. She preaches hatred and distrust of rich, dishonest politicians and other than not being white she fits right in. Big mansion then screw and lie to the little guys and gals.

  14. They cheat at election time and they continue to get away with it. It is deplorable and disgusting. They have even inacted laws that protect their voter fraud. It is simply unbelievable !

  15. Gerald,
    Why isn’t Maxine Waters investigated.Why is Trump not telling the American people of all her fraud.Most Americans do not know.

  16. Randy,
    Its because she is black.People are afraid to speak up because as usual she uses the race card.We need to come together and throw this evil woman out of the gov or else we will all suffer.Can’t understand why Trump does not tell the American people all she has done.

  17. Bill?
    Lets not go there.We are all G-Ds children.There are good and evil in all races.Maxine waters is deranged with power she thinks she has.What we have to do is investigate the illegal things she has done and throw her out, in one package with Farrakhan Linda sasour and the 2 arabs newley elected that had a Palestinian flag wrapped around her when sworn in.I was sick when i saw this.By the way there is no such thing as Palestinians.Read the history and you will know the truth.
    Lets investigate her now.

  18. The Constitution does not say that.It does say after the slaves were freed, they could leave America if they wanted too.If they stayed they would be citizens and any children they had or children they would have would be citizens.Read the Constitution
    no illegal having a baby on American soil does not make it a citizen.

  19. THAT, ‘Human’, should be JAILED, for STEALING, from her District, of Very, Poor, Uninformed, Citizens! SHE, hate’s Trump, coz she could be investigated! Stealing from one’s own Constituents, & the Country! EVIL! 5/Mil.$ Mansion, in ‘her district’, that SHE does not dwell? How, did Mad Max, afford her ‘Luxurious,’abode’?

  20. George kehl, We have 30-40% of the black voters voting Republican, the most in history. Please don’t run them away from the Republican party with racist comments. The Democrat party out numbers ours so we need all people of all races in our party, not just for votes but, for humanity. Thank you, George. And yes, I am white.

  21. Bill, the other day I was watching an old Tarzan movie and I thought I saw Mad Max in the movie she was swinging from a vine and it wasn’t Jane or Chita, so it must have been her or one of her other relatives, if you know what I mean…..

  22. Someone needs to shut this big mouth , Waters, up before she pulls the entire democratic party down with her. I agree with Trump on this one she has a big mouth and apparently a very very low IQ.

  23. Why is the Government not investigating this corrupt woman Waters.Again the color of her skin.Same as snipes who was hired over and over again although she was so incompetent .And on top of all Linda Sass-sour a terrorist infiltrates our country talks about womans rights,when her muslim woman have no rights at all.What a joke Her muslim woman are mutilated, killed not to leave the house alone and cannot drive.Again America wake up we are strong enough to throw these woman out of the country.

  24. Thats because Maxine Waters skin color is the reason.People are afraid to speak up.They blame Trump for all the trouble yet it was waters who incited violence. She deserves to go to jail for all her deeds.I think dementa has something to do with it.No one could be so stupid It will catch up to her when we the people who voted for Trump as a majority will push her out of office.This woman is a danger to all of us.

  25. Everyone one of them should be drug tested.
    To hold office. Should also be suspended without
    Pay while any allegations are being investigated.

  26. William, You said that Affirmative Action is a joke? Jokes are supposed to be funny and there’s nothing funny about something that penalizes people for hard work and sucess and encourage laziness, ignorance, ans life long dependance on government assistance.

  27. this is the new congress!they will start sll these stupid investigations then take a vote to impeach.what’s that libs?it has to go thru the senate?what’s that?oh you don’t have control of the hoo get out the crying towels.bunch of losers.except for the loser rhino romney it will never pass.good luck idiots!

  28. Bill, I am a conservative Republican. As you are, I am very upset with M. Waters and all she stands for but, even more upset about these people standing at our southern border demanding to come in, not asking, demanding! Our Country is financially running on overload already from people abusing our welfare system. The only way to fincially support them will be increased taxes our citizens will have to pay because The US has to have taxpayer money to operate. The liberals on this site who are screaming, let them in, are people on welfare themselves, for the most part, so paying more taxes is no skin off their nose, right?
    What I really want to say is, please don’t be too hard on Randy Miller, he lives just north of the border and these people are at his door with their demands so, he is past being beside himself and furious about all of this. He is a very concerned patriot whose concern now is his family, friends and home. I don’t blame him and he is right, the liberals beat us to death with the race card and we don’t need to play into their un-American unpatriotic hands.
    I, for one, am concerned about Randy and what he is facing so please don’t be too hard on him!

  29. Should we white folks be surprised even a little by Maxine Waters hate for our beloved President Trump? No I think not! Waters is a racist, she hates anyone and everyone who is white, that sits in the office of the President including even a democrat; because she laterally hates all white people – PERIOD! What is worse, it has been for a long time a reported fact, Maxine encourages her black supporters to hate all white folks too! The very worst is, neither she nor any other black savage, you can’t really refer to them people, because at best they are just wild animals just now coming down out of the trees! Our Constitution hit the nail on the head when they classified all Negro’s as being 3/5ths of a person, read it if you like, but that is exactly what our founding fathers wrote in the Constitution, so no one would mistake them as a human being or as a person. Maxine is definitely not a person, I think we all can at least agree on that can’t we”?

  30. DT has done more for her race in two years than she has done in her whole life. And she hates DT? does not make sense. But then again she is a hateful self seeking scumbag. She will pay for her evil deeds. our God will see to it.

  31. While I am in agreement with your attitude, Can we PLEASE find a way to get our point across without the racist remarks. Makes the patriots look bad, and gives our advisory another platform to attack.

  32. M –
    We CAN win the House back in 2020, but we WON’T unless we stop looking for “perfect” Republicans and nominate Republicans WHO CAN WIN. Not always the same people, and until we figure that out and stop searching for the best Congressional candidate EVER (we won’t find him/her, anyway), we’re gonna STAY in the minority in the House — and probably lose our control in the Senate in 2020. Republicans have GOT to STOP BEING THE STUPID PARTY, and do it SOON!

  33. Q: What is 63?
    A: The sum total of the I.Q. for all Liberal/Democrats/Progressives in the state of California (not the average, but the sum total).

  34. Mad Max how can you be so old, ugly, stupid cause so many problems run at the mouth your area looks like a war zone and still get elected

  35. DimRats can’t win elections… they steal them. By 2020 stealing elections will be a thing of the past. Bring it on…Trump will smash you again in 2020… Start stocking upon tissue…you snowflakes are going to need it.

  36. she should be drug tested she looks like she is wasted all the time all congress and senators should be given random drug tests because they have our lives in thier hands

  37. President Trump was absolutely right in calling out Maxine and her low IQ but he didn’t go far enough; she has no IQ and is an embarrassment for the country. She must have the dumbest constituents in the country.

  38. Dan T., You are in rare form today! You are as big a fan of moronic Maxine Waters as I am. Somebody needs to set her wig on fire with her under it, just to see how fast she can run from under it. Now is that a sweet mental imagine or what? Oh, and she would say it was DJT’s fault, “impeach fauty fiiiive”. That dingbat will leave this world saying impeach forty five!

  39. Censure and impeach waters she is a racist crook and a traitor to the American people plus she is a moron.

  40. I agree with you ,she is the most corrupt person in politics which is well known and a very ignorant person that should have been in politics

  41. I look forward to Maxine having many brain laps in the future as she is the dumbest person to be leading any committee. I just bet she will be more absent than most since she can’t bring up impeachment. But she will still rants and ask for rioting in the streets. She better hope that whatever she ask for doesn’t turn around and bit her. She is the most ugly person serving in Congress her words and her actions are deplorable.

  42. Absolutely correct. And, the American public is not smart enough to realize that millions are being spent on a fishing expedition simply because of sour grapes. You lost, get over it and stop spending our hard earned money. The media keeps things rolling because it ensures their jobs, since certain rabid attitudes suck up this type of news.

  43. People vote these illogical thinking politicians into office because they promise them something free…. NOTHING IS FREE… It all gets paid for either now or later.
    That’s how Obama got elected two terms… by promising free phones and voter fraud.
    Come on people: Get real… get off your butt, get educated, get a job, manage your money, buy what you need and occasionally buy some fun stuff… that way you owe the government nothing……

  44. I think we should start a campaign for all the schools in the United States to teach the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights. Many people don’t even know who George Washington was, or how this country was founded.

  45. I have been saying this for months. The liberal democrats don’t want anything for the American citizen… it’s all about them. They want total control of everyone’s life and many of the younger generations are giving it to them without realizing the consequences of their actions…. If you ever give up your freedom under the US Constitution (which should have been better taught in schools) you give up your life. You give TOTAL CONTROL to someone other than GOD….. GOD should be the only one to have TOTAL CONTROL of your life not politicians.

  46. Democrats need a better mouse trap.. create an agenda to make everyone in the country happier by putting more money in their pocket; this is what Trump has done in the past 2 years in office as Trump has made it so that there are actually more jobs available than people qualified to fill them.

  47. It does not take much thought to figure out why there has never been 1 United States citizen made a saint or any made pope it is because those people of Europe still live in the past, they certainly have not learned anything from their history of dealing with Moonie Muslimes and the last invasion was thwarted in 1683 at the Battle of Vienna, how soon they forget.

  48. Consider that that Communist scumbag Francis promotes pedophilia, he certainly has not done much to condemn the act.

    As for birth control the popes have always been completely delusional in their nonsense about simply saying no to your natural animal instincts as a means to prevent conception, maybe all Catholics should practice the priest technique of butt plugging.

  49. So the Dem are not planing to do any thing for the people just run their mouths and try to get revenge from Trump. Does not matter that they are wasting the american peoples money

  50. Democrats are not as ruled by fear and anger as are Trumpers, but they clearly do not like the way the country is going and have been awakened. With such issues is how Trump tried to use the DOJ to go after political enemies, Trump is clearly becoming seen as Nixonian or WORSE. Wait until the charges come out – – Trump has never been a person to play by the rules, and Mueller is an excellent investigator.

  51. Yes you can. The Catholic Church always draws lines in the sand but they don’t mean a lot – – like many of my catholic grade school friends have had 3,4,5 divorces. And they are really flexible on pedophilia if it is a clergy member.

  52. But she got a million dollars for her time. She was supposed to seem mentally unstable after 36 years of her suffering. I bet she was jumping up and down when those six GoFundMe ads started to flood with big bucks.. almost a million for her lapse of memory (except one thing she was 100 percent positive of )

  53. Max is INSANE so TYPICAL DEMON RAT!!!!! They should be checking pay for play from CLINTON!!! Worth hundreds of MILLIONS of DOLLARS since she left OFFICE!!

  54. Willie, great question, what is wrong with people who vote these idiots into office? One truly has to wonder just how much election cheating is going on.

  55. Maxine is a disgusting political pig. She can barely walk and talk let alone run a finance committee,! What is wrong with American tax payers voting this racist political pig in office?

  56. The Brainless-Demented-Dems are destined to make their party EXTINCT like the DoDo bird they have become, so why not stand by and watch them do it, but laughing might be considered impolite ????


  58. This old lady should lock herself in the pantry off her kitchen, and NEVER COME OUT!!!
    The only plus that I can think of is that her and Pelosi, and Schumer are tempting the devil at close to 80, and they will HAVE to quit and GO HOME soon, soon, soon!!!!! SSOONER THE BBBBETTER!!! THAT IS ONE ELECTION THEY CANNOT WIN!!!

  59. Exactly she is a freaking thief but before she can impeach anybody she needs to learn how to spell her ignorant name
    They need to watch everyone one that lost appears to have lost was done by the skin of their teeth! We will handle that next time! How by watching the votes more closely!

  60. I think that the democratic party should investigate Maxine Waters who gives her daughter thousands of dollars per year for PR and got the failed banks to return her husbands money from the prime loan scandal when others and tax payers lost their shirts. She must carry a large set to try to investigate anyone else monetary dealings when she is the MOST CORRUPT congresswoman in government today. WTF? Now she has the gavel and wants to seek nothing but revenge, NOT SERVE THE PEOPLE! What a F-ing shame that we must put up with politicians like this. INVESTIGATE HET. LOCK HER UP. PUT HER IN THE MENTAL SECTION OF GITMO.

  61. I agree wholeheartedly!!! The democrats demand this and they demand that, and they threaten this and they threaten that. And they throw up road blocks to anything good being done for this country when their sick minds don’t agree with it. They don’t discuss anything they just decide for themselves and do whatever they decide to do, the hell with what the country wants. Because guess what? The very things that they are fighting against are the things that “WE THE PEOPLE” VOTED FOR. They are not the Majority, and the Majority voted to have Trump do exactly what he is trying to do. Now once again the Democrats have taken over in their TYPICAL COMMUNIST FASHION and are forcing things to be done in their way and fashion or else they will make life miserable for everyone who gets in their way. Miserable is too mild a word for their behavior,because everyone knows they inflict terror, which they deny, because they pay to have someone else do their dirty work. And they will make you disappear and I don’t mean relocate you. I mean permanently, like in dead. The American people, excuse me, we’ve been relabeled as the “Deplorables are sick of the way they have been running rough shod over this Country and every thing it stands for, that why we voted them out. So I say quit talking about it and get something done about it and put some of these thugs in jail where they belong and quit handling them with kid gloves like we’re the ones who are at fault.

  62. Dan T., I have had two comments censored and they had NOTHING that should have caused them to be deleted! First Amendment rights per Constitution Google!
    Yes, Dem wave went away!
    We all need to stay focused on 2020. Hopefully we will have some good new faces for consideration to replace people who need to go home.

  63. Stupid woman only has a few more brain cells than a single celled amoeba. And that’s giving her the benefit of the doubt. And you are right, Dan Tyree. The fear is fading. Let us give the Dem’s just a little more rope.

  64. This woman is so far out in space that she can not possibly make sensible decisions. She needs to take an 0verdo$e an be eliminated. She’s a cancer to our Democracy. Sorry pos that has absolutely NO worth here in the U.S.A.

  65. I find it very intriguing that, as always, the Democrats many times have similar agendas when they become the Part of Decision making. It’s almost like they get a “Reality packet” the moment their voters elect them into power. The Democrats love to do things when it looks like it was their idea. They seem to always do whatever they can when it specifically benefits them in the history books, but will shut everyone else down if they don’t. That’s a perfect example of hypocrisy at it’s best. That’s how Lucifer does his business.

  66. Mike W., Amen to age and term limits! I would gladly vote for new blood and will anytime I feel they can and will do a good job.
    The point you made about the NEW Democrat movement, man some are a scary bunch of folks. They include everything from young ding-bats to some a little better. Truthfully, I don’t know much about some of them, if they haven’t been on camera. They are ALL way too far left, from what I hear, for most of us conservative Republicans.

  67. M I think the dem fear is fading. They failed in the midterms. Taking the house and senate was going to be a walk in the park. Blue wave trickled out.

  68. WHAT! They’re not going to let crazy, mean and evil, Maxine Waters work to impeach DJT? Does that mean we won’t hear her chant “impeach faaaaarty fiiiiive” any more?
    Oh glory, how sweet it is!

  69. Barry, A lot of people feel your pain.
    In this case since the Dems won the majority in the “house”, they will get to decide on investigations the way we, Republicans, do when we hold the majority. We can win it back in 2020, so get ready!
    Speaking of getting a backbone, I was encouraged to see the GOP “buck up” with the GA and FL governors races and the FL senator race that ended up in a recount. We fought 12 days and won them all! Now if we can win this last Senate seat in MS that’s all we can do until 2020! Go Team!

  70. Until we get a Congress that will work for the people and not their ideals of unlimited power we need to just shut down their operation. Get rid of all these cliques and committee groups. One bill one subject only and vote don’t get cozy with each other find out what the people want and do it. We have had Enough of this BS from the whole Congressional arm of the Constitution.

  71. Why do the Democrats ALWAYS seem to have more say so over what the GOVERNMENT is going to do ?? Or is it that the GOP is just a bunch of spineless people that are afraid of the DEMOCRATS. The Dem’S break the law and nothing is done but GOP breaks the law 100 people are investigated and 200 go to jail and MILLIONS OF $ are spent. I AM TIRED OF THIS DOUBLE STANDARD AND WOULD LIKE TO SEE THE GOP GET SOME SPINE

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