Maxine Waters revealed the one piece of paper that has Democrats jumping for joy

Maxine Waters made no secret about her desire to impeach Donald Trump.

Things just got deadly serious.

That’s because Maxine Waters revealed the one piece of paper that has every Democrat jumping for joy.

Waters – along with other House committee chairs – sent a letter to Capital One demanding documents about Donald Trump’s business affairs.

Politico reports:

Three powerful House committee chairs asked Capital One for documents last month related to President Donald Trump’s business empire — and the financial giant said it was already preserving documents but needs a subpoena in order to comply, according to letters obtained by POLITICO.

The March 11 request from House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), House Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) comes amid intensifying congressional scrutiny of the president’s financial records and tax returns.

The lawmakers asked Capital One for all documents related to the president’s revocable trust, the Trump Organization and other subsidiaries of his financial empire. Notably, the Democrats asked for documents that might have been turned over to special counsel Robert Mueller.

In a March 21 response to the committee leaders, Capital One executive Brent M. Timberlake said the corporation is “preserving the documents and materials,” but could only turn over the information if the committees issue a subpoena.

Democrats felt energized by the leaks from Mueller’s team about how Attorney General William Barr supposedly “misrepresented” their work.

That provided them a launching point for a new wave of fishing expeditions.

Waters’ hunt for information about Trump’s financial empire is nothing more than looking for nuggets – even if they aren’t illegal – to frame as negative so they can damage Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Ever watch Fred Sanford describing Waters as Godzilla, sure miss your comments junk man Sanford, heee heeee heee

  2. Dead Dems won’t impeach anybody. Come on, fools. Keep pushing us to a civil war you will not survive. America is tired of you, and we are not going to take any more of your crap.

  3. What ever happened to what the American people wanted seems to me it’s what the crOOks democrats want and to he’ll with the taxpayers want.

  4. That blister lip, ape lookin ass stain needs 2B looked into over it’s financial dealings along with the rest of them..
    Takem all down and give the money back 2 the American people!!
    These stains have been stealing long enough!!!????????????????????????????????

  5. Amen . Impeach the rag heads as they hate the USA and all people within that donot think as they do. SEMPER FI

  6. I agree with you. Its called HATE. They are soure lossers abd will lose again big time in 2020 the house and pres. TRUMP ALL THE WAY 2020. SEMPER FI

  7. You are right. Most theives with kick backs and large paments from lobbyest and big corparations. It needs to be stoped it has gone on to long. SEMPER FI

  8. I agree whole heartedly with Michial E. Lawrence if Trump has to put up it should only be when every democratic lunatic who has made a fortune off of us American citizens puts there financial records and tax returns on the the table next to his.

  9. Maxine/E’0ne Needs to Learn a Something.

    Hellooo! re Semantics of ‘color/black/negro etc,
    IT IS ” BROTHERS & SISTERS” (‘brotha.sista’)
    Seriously, i Address ‘brother/sister’ ALL the Time
    W/Beneficial Results. Speak ‘the Language’ & You
    Will SEE. Saying ‘that’ IS GOOD. & ‘Gives Assurance’
    of Non-aggressive (racism – thought). Therefore, Kindness

  10. Hellooo! re Semantics re ‘color/black/negro etc,
    IT IS ” BROTHERS & SISTERS” (‘brotha.sista’)
    Seriously, i Address ‘brother/sister’ ALL the Time
    W/Beneficial Results. Speak ‘the Language’ & You
    Will SEE. Saying ‘that’ IS GOOD. & ‘Gives Assurance’
    of Non-aggressive (racism – thought). Therefore, Kindness

  11. Dan
    You are so right. Old pard was saying other day we’d all be a lot politer to one another if ee were all packin and get along a hell of lot better if we were all Americans first and white, yellow, black or red second.

  12. Waters, was severely injured today when she Stuck her head out the car window to yell at a republican, the car was traveling at 70 mph and at that speed her lips nearly beat her to death. A fast acting student lip massage intern pulled her inside before certain death.

  13. Big Joe
    I ain’t what ya call PC but dang guys, slavery may have given their progeny freedom and a heck of a lot of advantages, but daaammnn it was purdee hell for those that WERE slaves. I make no apologies for it as it was they way of the world including Africa. HOWEVER I can’t justify it either. Just because we “SAVED” their descendants from being lion chow or hippo crap didn’t make it a good thing.


  15. I don’t know about Biden being hilary face having any thing to do with the grabber, his percentage never went up, in fact he could not beat ginsberg in an 3 legged race, he an hiliary are both a disgrace to the Nation, both proved it many times.

  16. I don’t know about Biden being hilary face having any thing to do with the grabber, his percentage never went up, in fact he could not beat ginsberg in an 3 legged race, he an hiliary are both a disgrace to the Nation, both proved it many times.

  17. now is the time for term limits, two terms and out you go, no elaborate pensions, do your two terns, then get a job, pay for your insurance,pension like most Americans do, and make adjustments on those that already retired, adjust pensions, insurance the whole works, lets put this up for vote by the American people, it has to be voted for, because these people in congress will not pass it, but we the people can change it , and look at the dem rats, they lostg the electoral college which has been law for hundreds of years, so now they want to change it, if they had won it, but lost the pop vote never a word would lhave been heard, and look how desperate they are for votes besides illegals , now palosiface wants to change the law and have 16 year old children vote, they want to brain wash them like Adolf Hitler did during the second world war, all they want now is to see tax returns, if nothing shows up, they will still scream like they did with the mueller report NO COLLUSION , time to expose these democrats.

  18. the clinton fund was given 13 billion to go to Hatti over two years for Earthquake relief, they never received one penny of it, the clintons cried poor mouth , only job they ever had was working for US Tax payers , yet they left washington with millions, gave their daughter a 3 million dollar wedding , daughter now worth a bundle, figure it out, same as obuma, applied for student loan, left W.H. with millions and both live in homes worth millions.

    what goes on first you tell me invalid email address, that is my email address, now you tell me it is a duplicate post, neither one is not true, please post

  19. the clinton fund was given 13 billion to go to Hatti over two years for Earthquake relief, they never received one penny of it, the clintons cried poor mouth , only job they ever had was working for US Tax payers , yet they left washington with millions, gave their daughter a 3 million dollar wedding , daughter now worth a bundle, figure it out, same as obuma, applied for student loan, left W.H. with millions and both live in homes worth millions.

    what goes on first you tell me invalid email address, that is my email address, now you tell me it is a duplicate post, neither one is not true, please post

  20. the clinton fund was given 13 billion to go to Hatti over two years for Earthquake relief, they never received one penny of it, the clintons cried poor mouth , only job they ever had was working for US Tax payers , yet they left washington with millions, gave their daughter a 3 million dollar wedding , daughter now worth a bundle, figure it out, same as obuma, applied for student loan, left W.H. with millions and both live in homes worth millions.

  21. I would like to know why and how they get paid almost 200,000 a year in the first place, none of them are worth more than 10 bucks an hour!

  22. PC in such ‘matters’ IS called
    ‘Brothers & Sisters’ 0r
    ‘Brothas & Sistas’ . that’s all.
    Simple. ‘works for me & the brothas.sistas.

  23. Amen to that!!!!!! No other person in the history of this country has been subjected to this and it is uncalled for!!! Enough!!!!

  24. You know Paul, I SERIOUSLY think people in these positions of power should have a mental evaluations before holding such a position in our government. She is suppose to be working for the people that pay the taxes of this country and not a position of convenience. She should act like a professional and NOT A MENTAL CASE TRYING TO IMPEACH A DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT OF OUR COUNTRY and attacking private AMERICAN citizens just because they aren’t DEMORATS. I just cannot believe this worthless & mentally unbalanced person holds such a high position as SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE. I am totally SHOCKED to say the least because I have NEVER seen such unprofessionalism in my 72-years, especially in a government position.

  25. Perhaps it is time the conservatives demanded the financial records of all democrats in Washington DC. After all, how can someone making $170,000 a year afford several homes worth around $1 million dollars all over the country? I would think that they also have some accounting of their own to do. I believe that what is good for President Trump is also good for others. At least we do know how President Trump got to be so rich. What we do not know is how these others got rich on the public dime.

  26. No worries folks. If the Democrats do not find something incredibly substantial, this will backfire on them, BADLY! They have done nothing but scream how bad Trump is, how racist he is, now xenophobic he is, how he lies all the time, how immoral he is and so on and so on and so on. During the past 2 years this is ALL the democrats have done. They have not passed any new laws or even acknowledged the problems in this country. They have shown no intent to improve any ones lives, INCLUDING the middle class, the African-American community and Latino community. They have done NOTHING but ramble on and on about Trump. That is ALL they have done in 2 years.

    Come 2020 election, this will not bode well for the Democrats. Not only will they lose the Presidential election, AGAIN, but I believe that they will also lose the house!

    All good. Keep going, Kameela, AOC, Omar, Talib, Pelosi, Schumer, Booker, Warren and all the others. They are assuring that America will win again and remain a free country. THANK YOU!!

  27. What an absolute Crock! The Clinton Foundation is as corrupt as can be and likely will cause Hillary to go to prison. We have a President who is doing an excellent job and yet the corrupt Left keeps trying to bring him down. That is pure Evil…! President Trump’s business dealings and tax returns are none of their business! Hopefully this nonsense will spell the beginning of the end for the Democrat Party.

  28. You are certainly correct about wondering how all those people who are supposed to work for the people became millionaires, but also they are failing to read the Constitution Article 4 that protects the President’s private papers along with other protects to insure BS like this attack from the Dims can happen.

  29. I think most of America would like to know how all these people become millionaires while in office making less than 200.000 a year should be interesting to learnt

  30. I agree i show you mine you got to show me yours, but I don’t understand what is legal about investigating someone’s whole life to look for a crime when that someone hasn’t done anything to warrant an investigation, I mean if thats legal then everyone is open for investigation right?!

  31. What ever the democrats “demand” of Trump….Trump needs to “demand of them”….they want tax returns…provide their tax returns….they want business info….Trump wants your business info….hey Maxie Pad….how can you afford a 4 million dollar home on a salary of 187,000 a year????

  32. VP Biden is being sabatoged by Hillary Clinton, his percentage was getting to high, Hillary is waiting due to so many running that at the end she will jump in and say “HERE I AM”

  33. So Trump needs to get a subpoena to have Maxine and her hubby hand over all their financial records for the last ten years and see if she is still in such a big hurry to go after Trump!!

  34. Estell, You tell her Estell! Maxine Waters should be serving time in prison instead of trying to get President Trump impeached!

  35. Bishop J, Hillary Clinton is not the only one who has memorized Sol Alinsky’s book on “how to be a good little commie”. “Accuse your enemies of the things of which you, yourself are guilty”. This is exactly where the Malevolent Maxine and the rest of the Dems got their game plan beginning on the day President Trump was elected, right out of a commie teaching book!

  36. Caesar>> Maxine (Muddy) Waters already lives in California. Not in the District she represent, but in California.

    Making her move into the District she represents would be like double jeopardy.

  37. I don’t think Maxine moron Waters has the brains to read and understand those documents if she did get them.
    She hasn’t done anything since being elected except funnel money to her family.

  38. In Nov 2016, chaos happened because Trump didn’t fit the narrative that had been placed in the cultivated minds of today. Everyone can be who they want to be, the weaker the better, anything goes and bam, back to a little accountability and some rules. Civil servants in DC and elected officials had made up there own job descriptions and then along comes Trump and calls the swamp what it is, a swamp that keeps sucking in our tax dollars with no return. So what do you do if you didn’t get your way? You cry and kick and scream until you get the country up in arms attacking any word that is said and it keeps everybody’s eyes off the country’s checkbook just the same. Maxine isn’t going anywhere because she is just like the constituents who keep re-electing her, no expectations just keep the handouts coming. So she’s going to keep flapping her lips because she is black, female and lives in California. She has to be accountable for nothing but they have to keep the insanity going to keep their face at the feeding troth come 2020 elections.

  39. Next will be “non white” since it’s now apparently embarrassing and degrading to be white in America. Someone needs to ask the question as to why most of the natives of Africa are still uncivilized and living in tribes. Not one advancement in science or agriculture has ever come out of the predominantly black countries. Of course I’ll be called “racist” for making that observation but I honestly don’t care. Slavery was one of the best things that ever happened to blacks because of the opportunities they were afforded by whites when slavery ended. They didn’t advance, whites advanced them. And now we’re supposed to feel bad for moving so many of them into the twentieth century? I wish we never did.

  40. Dan Tyree, I never heard my Daddy say that word either. If I had said that word my Mama would have switched me good. And we are from the south.

  41. George, President Trump should tell all the Dems,” I’ll show you mine if you show me yours first.”

  42. The democrats are going to far all they do is
    Investigate trump enough American people had
    Enough when all you do is go after trump
    How about doing something with the 2 terrorist in
    Congress they hate trump they hate Americans
    They hate Jews they hate christiains these terrorists
    Have security clearance you can believe what they
    Know hamas knows

  43. Right Linda. At least I don’t call them what my uncles called them. Which is one word I never heard from my dad.

  44. Hal, If these Dems didn’t waste time and money on trying to get revenge on President Trump for ruining their plans they could harden our power grid to protect our country from an EMP attack. An EMP attack is a probability.

  45. The same way the rest of them do it and that is what they don’t want the American people to see. Miss direction of guilt to hide political corruption is the democraps way how the hell else could you hold office for so long without getting any real legislation done. It’s past time for term limitations to prevent the type of crap we are forced to deal with these days. If a president can only serve the highest office for 8 yrs. Then the house and Senate should follow suit.

  46. Dan Tyree, Be careful. You are not being PC. I think its been changed to a person of color. Over the years it started with being called blacks,then negros,then afro-americans, then african-americans and now it’s a person of color. I wonder what will be next. It’s like with this gender thing. People can’t make up their mind what they want to be. I’m glad that I’m just a plain old AMERICAN FEMALE.

  47. Take away their political careers, by invoking a recall on them now. Limit Congress term to 2 years, with draw their life time benefits, and pay rises have to go before the voters not Congress for the next generation of congressional members.

    Richard Lewis

  48. Start demanding Investigation on members of Congress and anyone even with the smell of corruption recall them from congress arrest them for crimes against America, the Constitution, the American People and those who Served to keep America Strong and Free.

    I want the investigation to start now with all those documented with stonewalling, and falsely accusing our President.

    Richard Lewis


  50. You Democrat’s are disgusting people. You are so corrupt that it is time for a special council to look into you three. Maxine definitely needs to be investigated.Maxine is a disgusting human being. She lies, cheats and steals. Her daughter should be investigated too. Schiff is a wacko. He is a scarly looking insane person.

  51. The President doesn’t have to comply with the liberal lunatics on Tax Returns! Nobody has the right to see Anyone’s Tax Returns it’s Private! So if they want to drag him to court for more investigations let them Pay this time NOT the Taxpayers money! Now if they want to present their own Tax Returns EVERYONE in Both Parties!! Bring it on Democrats!! We would love to see how Nacy Pelosi makes $174,000 a year and is now a multi millionaire along with the rest of the Corrupt Democrats Lets SEE ALL OF YOUR TAX RETURNS!!!

  52. When will it end?
    There should be some law or rule to finally charge these liars and cheaters once and for all.
    There are HIPPA laws in healthcare, why not government overreach.

  53. Maxine Waters and her husband’s tax returns need to be checked for the last ten years. They have become millionaires on a government salary. An investigation may get them some jail time.

  54. Why doesn’t the DoJ declare “shoot on sight” orders to eliminate the seditionist traitors IN America?

  55. Your absolutely right. Those who are making their political goals to bring down the President, are showing the country the truth of what’s most important to them and it’s not the country. Or even the particular state they represent. It’s their own political “ careers “ they care about. Our President is a business giant. Let him go about his business. Your party took eight years to trash and embarrass this proud nation. President Trump has nearly brought us back to an even keel in just two. Imagine if he had received even a wait and see attitude , instead of full blown opposition ?

  56. The Democrats are so scared of Trump because they are part of the Swamp that Trump is going to drain. They have all become millionaires off tax payers money and making crooked deals. Can you imagine what would happen to President Trump if he pulled just one crooked deal like Hillary did many times? They have set up there living high at Taxpayers expense and have accomplished one thing for our country. Maybe people will wake up before the next election and vote every one out,Democrats, Republicans and all others that has refused to work with the President. Enough paid for no return.

  57. no they don’t care at all if they cant have total control the wont to take us all to hell with them

  58. I want her investagated, I need to know how she can afford the $million house she lives in on her salary.

  59. I agree…and they are just trying to wear him down. I am praying for him…for strength, wisdom and to stay the course in making America Great!! Also to stay close to the Lord as he makes his decisions for our nation. I also pray for the safety of he and his family and administration and their families.

  60. This shows you the demonic criminality that lies within the Democratic Party. Maxine, known as one of the most dishonest person in Congress is pure evil. This woman actually knows very little about the president, has spoken about impeachment the day of the inauguration of our President. All the confusion these devils put our country thru the last two and one half years has not only affected he President but the citizens of our nation and our allies because of the criminal fools. Maxine has sucked the nation dry with her deeds as well as the criminal Cummings and Schiff. The congressional members of these committees should all be audited before taken over because of their past histories of corruption.

  61. It’s just a paper with brown stuff on it showing she finally learned to clean her rear but still wears depends just in case.

  62. Don’t tell us, we know it already. Contact your Senators and Reps. Look up their .gov Webb site and pick the link. It’s quick, direct, free, just give them a piece of your mind just exactly like your boss would do to you if you screwed up at work. You are the boss (We The People) and they work for you. Give it to them with out KY jell or vasoline just like your boss does!

  63. Yes, going thru maxipad taxes would benefit congress and Americans better as we dig into her crooked methods of stealing money and covering up her antics with her husbands business. She will go to jail sooner than she thought. Go after her races, Trump.

  64. Dan Tyrew
    Problem with that is monkeys in cages can still throw their crap at people and then teach other monkeys to do the same. Better to send her off to some medical research facility that is doing research on the brains of crap throwing monkeys and genetic research into the genetics of other apes that elect them to represent their specie.

  65. If the Democrats spent as much time and energy in improving this country instead of beating up on Donald Trump, this country would be on a path to prosperity and unity. I don’t hear very many items they talk about except hate that they have for Trump.

  66. Gimmi a minute, gimmi a minute. Trying to figure out who goes 1st and such. Takes time ya know. Na, just kiddin. Or is he?

  67. This all goes back to Republican Voters not voting in the last Mid Terms. The only thing Trump ever asks from us is to vote.

  68. Trump should go after old MAD MAXI-PADS TAXES. She is the most crooked politician there is. She should be in PRISON along wITh the other most CROOKED Politician KILLARY Clinton, they could both be cell mate’s…Yeah, if any one needs a TAX AUDIT , It’s old MAD MAX-PAD WATTERS..

  69. Nancy, Chuck, Maxine and Schiff are fixing to unleach the worst war they think on Our President, when in fact what will happen is all their undoing and the evidence will be found to make them once again look like fools. DEMS are a class of people that exist to work real hard doing nothing and this will be a case of be sure of what your doing or it will bite you into the butt. The DEMS are a stupid class of morons and they never can be sure of what their doing is in fact going to fall against them. Time will tell and every one just needs to sit back and let it all just happen. This is the kind of game President Trump love and they never know what will hit them till its to late.

  70. I agree with you and also think a move to impeach Waters and a few more Hate mongering Democrats as well. People who live in glass house….!

  71. I am so sick of pelisi and her demorats. Why waste all this time looking for a needle in a haystack while our country needs the house to do thier job. I hope everyone will vote for someone who will take the job seriously and do what they are supposed to do. Dont they realuse how much they are limiting pres. Trumps ability to negotiate with other countries, or dont they care? I am confused.

  72. These idiots were hired to do the work of their country, NOT the work of their party! If they are not willing to do what they are Constitutionally required to do, they should resign A SAP!

  73. Mad Max should spend more time cleaning up her own financial misdeeds,(and those of her party) before going after anyone else.When will the democrat party ever finally receive the label they are working so hard to achieve….the label of being a designated hate group?

  74. Maxine Waters spreads hate and violence wherever she goes. Will she be running for President on the Demoncrat ticket? She’s the ideal Demoncrat candidate!

  75. Ugly Wa-Wa Waters actually puts a fresh face on Wa-Wa Barbara Walters. Both has been have turned into low life vermin, and extermination suits both said

  76. I think we should subpoena every Democrat representative’s six years of financial documents. I would wager a bet that some of them may come up with some interesting dirt. Yep.

    Let the game begin!

  77. Can you say lets violate the 4th amendment and kick everybody’s door in because we are the Nazi(Waters) Democrats.

  78. She is another stupid person seeking immortality. She is the most disengenious person in Congress. She is another one that needs to be shipped off to California.

  79. Yea, you go Maxine. This reminds me of when Rachel Madcow came on television moving her arms left then right with Donald Trumps tax form(s), 2 pages. It indicated how much in taxes he had paid and charities he had contributed to. Madcow may as well poked herself in the eye. The great Maxine Waters may get her wish and if it resembles anything like the past?, It will come back around and nip her squarely in the brain she sits on.

  80. The Senate should subpoena some of her financial records. She has some fancy ones. If they think they’re going to find illegal stuff after the way the IRS has probably gone over Trump’s records for decades they don’t know the IRS.

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