Maxine Waters stood in front of the camera and everyone instantly realized something was wrong

Maxine Waters is set to chair the Financial Services Committee in the House come January.

But questions are swirling around her mental capacity.

That’s because once she stood up in front of the cameras, everyone realized something was terribly wrong.

A reporter approached Waters in the Capitol Hill hallway and began to ask her questions about the “Community Reinvestment Act.”

Waters appeared dazed and confused and had difficulty answering simple questions.

The American Mirror reports:

At one point she slowly closed her eyes, as if to reset her brain amid the verbal calamity.

Moments later, she seemed to toy with the man as he crossed his words.

U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters appeared dazed and amused at the Capitol on Wednesday as a reporter gleefully peppered the 80-year-old career politician with bungled questions about her presumed chairmanship of the House Financial Services Committee.

A reporter with the “Capitol Intel Group” caught up with Waters in a hallway and rode along in an elevator with the congresswoman and an aide while recording the bizarre encounter “using CI Glass,” whatever that is.

You can watch the interview below.

Waters is not the first older Democrat to suffer from bizarre episodes like this.

Nancy Pelosi routinely suffers from what Matt Drudge deems “brain freeze.”

Some Americans wonder if they are past their prime and should not hold important leadership positions in the next Congress.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Must be the air in California. They’re all nuts. She and Nancy and DiFi are poster children for term limits. . . .

  2. I can’t believe The US Govt, is in this bad of shape to put Maxi in charge of anything, The World will fear us,

  3. They are both now elderly and sick. They need to go home and retire. They certainly should have no control over any important matters that involve American Citizens. Why are they hanging on and embarrassing themselves. And why is no one removing them before they do make a big mistake. But I am told that everything they do or plan to do will be approved by the others. We can only hope that the others see with an open mind and see how these women have done their time in office and now need to retire. They both have made fools of themselves in the past year! But somehow they always get back in office. A little more voter fraud?

  4. Someone like waters is not even close to a normal person! She is completely crazy! She should never be allowed around any people at all!

  5. M. You’re so right! When Jimmy Carter formed the Dept. of Education that was the end of our youth. We sold them out to the liberals and Karl Marx, who said give government control of education and they will turn your youth into Marxists and good communists. George Bush vowed to end socialized education but I’ll bet the deep state told him he’d be assassinated if he did so.Thank God for private and Christian schools!

  6. If the DEMS do not remove all who are that are showing real signs of “brain freeze” then they may find they can’t out vote the REP in the HOUSE. The day is slowly approaching that the 2020 will be a total mess for the DEMS. Our President has his game plans and he will use them when the time is right. The DEMS will mess up enough in the 2 years run up to 2020 and then we will have to see how many think they are strong enough to get voters behind them.

  7. Thank youFEDUP365!GOD BLESS YOU.Unfortunetly,there are too many maxies in the Congress now.LOED,take them away!

  8. more lick a brain-fart! pul-pussie is no better, and schillery is falin down lick a ole kow! bernie needs too send sum of his brain food to all of them. gitin ole aint for pussies.

  9. Hi FEDUP365. “Please Lord” IS ‘good’.
    Maxine Will ‘get hers’, In Time, ON HER OWN.
    > i cannot say your ‘remaining ‘words’. but i
    ‘understand’ How you/Many ‘feel’.
    > GOD BLESS PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump. Reviving/
    Caring re USA ‘Spirit’. Thank You, Mr. President.

  10. Please Lord I HOPE she had a stroke and will die very soon. See two can play that game maxie pads swatters. Hope she likes it when people get in her face.

  11. President Trump , please as quick as possible ‘Drain the freakin swamp”, If Obama and the democrats were in office now they would You and the republicans!

  12. Hey Dan, spell me (Realzee) ie zee.
    or zeezee. surnames as well. Do you know ?
    Don’t use Cap Z(ee). Someone Zee
    posts ‘smack’. A Total non Patriot.
    I AM Patriot. that’s rite. Defend To the End.
    >POTUS IS GREAT. Hope you had a good ‘T’ Day.
    Later ‘mon’__

  13. Waters, pelosi, feinstein and the male and female clinton; decades of hate, greed corruption, and evil are taking their toll.

  14. Those brain dead dumocrats speak
    Volumes about the retards that keep putting them back in office
    When they have never done any thing while in office for their people but get rich–<

  15. Waters has concocted kilLIARy’s dead brain disease where her very small brain locks up trying to give a smart answer when nothing smart is there. The entire demoCRAP party suffers from dead brain disease, the smart has died in all of them.The new demoCRAP’s were infected election night.

  16. Monkey — I don’t like to disagree, but I’ve been watching her from afar for all the years she’s been in Congress, and SHE NEVER DID HAVE A BRAIN. It’s not the WIGS; it’s the EMPTY SKULL! 🙂

  17. Well, as chair of the Banking Committee she won’t REALLY be in charge of “our banks and Wall Street.” She will be in charge of the chairman’s gavel which will permit her to exercise SOME control over what the Committee does, but even there she’ll be a LONG way from total control. The House Dems will almost certainly re-enact the Community Reinvestment Act, which was what CAUSED a lot of the bankruptcies among financial institutions offering low-interest mortgages to low-income people (who then couldn’t make their payments). BUT the Republican Senate will have to approve everything this times around, and PRESIDENT TRUMP WILL HAVE TO SIGN ANY LEGISLATION (that’s the real difference: in the 1990s the Dems could rely on Obama to sign ANYTHING they passed: the new Senate won’t DO that!)
    Yeah, she’s a crook and a radical/racist, and she will doubtless have her hand in the till for whatever she can GET, but most banks and Wall Street will survive (and a few banks that fail probably SHOULD fail because they’re badly run). AND Maxine is 80 — she won’t be around MUCH longer. And the second-ranking Dem on the Banking Committee, who presumably will succeed Maxine as Chair, is Carolyn Maloney of New York — she’s LIBERAL, but she’s SANE. And reasonably honest.

  18. Hey M. Dan T. i delivered a Big phatt Turkey Plate
    to a stone-Kold, Racist ‘black'(some Indian) ‘sister’
    Today !!! Ha ha. lol Yeah -that’s rite.
    Hope you had a ‘good T day’. Later, zee (the Realzee)

  19. The term is recalled but YES, that decrepit woman needs to be out of office. 80???????? Age limits sound like an excellent idea.

  20. In a case like this, I would be tempted to say that HER AGE IS TELLING IT ALL, THEN AGAIN, KARMA SPEAKS VOLUMES!!! If they let her take over the finance committee,,,GOD HELP AMERICA!!! She is DUMMER THAN DIRT, and she will financially RUIN America on an EXPRESS TRAIN!!! GOD HELP US! The best thing that I could see would be a train headed out of Washington with FEINSTEIN, SCHUMER, PELOSI and SCHIFF, and COMEY and MCCOMB ALL LOOKING OUT THE BACK WINDOW, WEEPING!!!

  21. Charles O. Domm, (where I grew up your name would be Charles Odom).
    I am of the opinion that most of the problem with young new liberal politicians is not as much low IQ but, children in college are not being taught much other than “Liberalism” all day, every day, by liberal professors. So, when they graduate, they do so as young ignorant liberals who have no clue about their major or the real world but, they are real good at liberalism!

  22. Charles O. Domm, (where I grew up your name would be Charles Odom).
    I am of the opinion that most of the problem with young new liberal politicians is not as much low IQ but, children in college are not being taught much other than “Liberalism” all day, every day, by liberal professors. So, when they graduate, they do so as young ignorant liberals who have no clue about their major or the real world but, they are real good at liberalism!

  23. That is because all those tight WIGS she wears has squeezed that pea brain right out through her ears…………she has no brain left.

  24. THANK YOU DAN, for stating FACT !! The lower intelligence of these newer class of political clowns needs to be stretched to fill the position they plan to inherit. Letting an individual like Cortez with such low intelligence into OUR Congress shows the need to monitor their skills, education of government processes, or WE THE PEOPLE could demand they pass certain tests, exams in order to become eligible for high ranking offices.

  25. Lanie, I am definitely pro-Trump, but this woman needs to be given a wide berth. I wonder how all of you will be doing at 80-something years old? She needs to be removed from office certainly. “She is more to be pitied than scorned”. I think the whole mess will have to be cleaned up, one way or another. However, our legacy to our kids will determine if we did what was warranted or not. Keep the faith, and may God have mercy on our souls.

  26. SO LETS STAND TOGETHER AS ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ And DEMAND These PUBLIC SERVANTS EITHER TAKE THE NECESSARY TESTS TO DETERMINE THEIR MENTAL CAPACITY,STATIS IS IN FACT IN RANGE TO HANDLE THEIR OATH OF OFFICE !! WE THE PEOPLE have become complacent to these politicians that have outlived their abilities to handle such positions within our federal Government. TERM LIMITS is one good answer, but demanding these people undergo yearly physical/mental exams is a must !! Too many of those in Washington, D.C.can’t handle the job, they don’t have the mental clarity to withstand years of decision making, without falling into the D.C. swamp !! Cronyism then becomes the enemy to WE THE PEOPLE !!

  27. My opinion, and this is ONLY my opinion….she seemed like a person who had just been told something awful…not like a death in the family…but more like she was going to be the subject of a very thorough forensic audit that would include family and friends…or maybe a DOJ investigation performed by the likes of Robert Mueller….Maybe it has been discovered that she had some kind of financial ties to the clinton foundation or maybe her own treason behavior caught up with her….like threatening the financial institutions…….just my opinion…but she looked like she had some very bad news and had not quite wrapped her mind around it yet….my guess would be financial news…

  28. waters needs to be censored and impeached for treason and crimes against the American people and she is a racist crook and a moron.


  30. I like many have Indian Blood. Chippewa. Also British, French, and god knows what else. I’d wager if all the hyphenated galoots put dashes between their heraldry, they’d have a string of dashes that would look like the center line on the freeway from LA to SF.


  32. We are proud honkies. My brother had DNA test. Found a little African. Monacan Indians had mixture back in the day, as did several tribes. Google Monacan nation. That explains why I love water melon.

  33. Dan T., Hey redman, I see you writing about that coon! To you from a cracker(me). I am almost a red cracker with my native American blood. I really need to get my DNA analyzed to see what all I am. Won’t find coon but I have European ancestors from several countries. Funny how people got all our “labels”.

  34. ‘Adrenochrome’. Also look up Senomyx list.
    Maxi NOT on marijuana.
    The ‘left’ Totally supports pph for
    such ‘stuff’. ___

  35. I truly believe that senility has set in and / or dementia. She should be removed A.S.A.P. before the economy collapses.

  36. It is the marijuana. This s an extremely dangerous drug that is being sold to our children as snake oil.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  37. Maybe they are all using the same drugs! Wouldn’t surprise me one bit. They all look like they are in a stupor and wild eyed at times and they don’t make any sense.

  38. I didn’t even know chuck Schumer was running this year. I didn’t see him on the ballot or see any TV ads for him. Yet the newspapers are saying he got re elected. How do these democrats get elected when you don’t see any indication they are running including on the ballot.

  39. I didn’t even know chuck Schumer was running this year. I didn’t see him on the ballot or see any TV ads for him. Yet the newspapers are saying he got re elected. How do these democrats get elected when you don’t see any indication they are running including on the ballot.

  40. When one looks at the SHEER idiocy of the hate and violence spurred by people like Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Michael Bloomberg and just now the addled Congress cretin Eric Saltwell demanding or insinuating all who do NOT tirn in weapons to a confiscation law which does not yet exist should be terminated by nuclear weaponry, HE SHOULD BE LOCKED UP FOR SANITY HEARINGS WITH THE REST OF THESE DUMBODOLTS AND SUBJECTED TO COMPETENCY EVALUATIONS AND THEIR DUTIES AS CONGRESS CRETINS SUSPENDED UNTIL EVALUATION PROVES THEN MENTALLY CAPABLE! Pelosi, who not long ago defended MS-13 and their right to exist here and of course Hillary Clinton who looks lost and cannot even speak effectively half the time, strike me as being a danger to themselves and therefore, because of their positions and/or influence on others of their limited capacities are a threat to all of the rest of us! I am a 74 year old vietnam Vety with a 51 year old degree in GOVERNMENT and 2 years in D.C,. on Staff at Walter Reed at the height of that war after servng “In country.” I had a LOT of commerce with Congress cretins demanding and receiving preferential treatment over our Combat traumatic multiple amputees simply because they were Congress Cretins. It is people like THAT, that got us where we are today,! Do we really need more of the same? I THINK NOT; HOW ABOUT YOU IF YOU HAVE A FUNCTIONING BRAIN, A MORAL CONSCIENCE, CAN THINK FOR YOURSELVES AND WOULD LIKE TO SEE THESE CAREER PARASITES LIVE UP TO THEIR OATHS TO DEFEND AND UPHOLD OUR CONSTITUTION, NOT DENIGRATE, DISDAIN AND TRY TO END IT!?

  41. Not swamp creatures they are all part of a toxic cesspool, use Thermite or a Neutron bomb for the purpose of decontamination.

  42. Doc…Klinton has gotten away with so much crime that she literally doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong… A long jail sentence will snap her back into reality

  43. Mentally instability is routine in the Demoncommiecraticshariaideological party, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, and “Mad Maxine” Waters to name a few.

  44. Affirmative action cannot fix senility…even in her prime this ugly person was only semi-literate…her only qualification is/was the color of her skin…

  45. And don’t you know it is racist to question her mental stability? It is also racist to question her financial integrity and racist to question her intellectual capacity. In fact, you are all racist, every single one of you. Especially those who are minorities! (Sarcasm is heavily intended)

  46. Yes Pelosi, Waters & H. Clinton have been talking gibberish, acting dazed, slurred speech etc. They definitely should not be working any longer in our Gov’t. They don’t even make sense at times.
    Dementia is setting in.
    Its a joke she is running a financial committee, R U kidding me. She is one of the most Corrupt Politicians we have, she has NO ethics has been brought up on charges in Congress many times throughout her career. She is insane & untrustworthy.
    “Drain the Swamp Creatures”. They have been in the mud way to long.

  47. This a perfect example for the need for term limits. Three terms for Senate, 4 terms for House of Representatives.

  48. Dud you mean “put out to pasture” where they shoot horses? Because all three definitely are old nags, but more like jackasses, not horses. That’s a gross disservice to all horses! ????

  49. And OLD TOO, Oscar!! Her brain isn’t advancing but stagnating and works at a slower pace because of her age. Half of her loud mouth act is to cover up her slowing brain by being a noisy old broad.

    Yes, she is a Democrat which automatically makes her delusional. But understand that the aging condition of her brain is adding to that exponentially!!

    Time to send her to the Old Folks Home and get someone younger with a vital brain and understanding of how our laws and Constitution works. I think Watters has forgotten all about our U.S. Constitution and Pelosi just doesn’t care what the Constitution says! Both need to be retired and get out of our Federal Govt. ASAP!!

  50. Not only should there be term limits for our Congressmen/women, but also AGE LIMITS!!

    People in their 80’s are no longer reliable to give good thoughtout decisions for our country. Many are definitely beyond their years of sharp processing brains and need to step back and let the sharper, more enthusiastic mentally alert younger adults run our Congress.


    If America wants a well oiled running Federal Govt. machine, we have to get rid of the stagnant gunk that clogs up the machine’s gears. That “gunk” is anyone over 78 years old! Leave running our Country to a younger base of Americans. Get rid of the stagnant old blood!

    As for both Pelosi and Watters, they are experiencing senior brain farts when their brain’s machinery hits a clog of gunk and temporarily takes a break. DOESN’T matter who they are talking to or where they are talking, the brain freezes for a matter of seconds long enough to lose that train of thought. Them being in a position to inact legislation that affects each man, woman, and child in our country and their inability to stay on track with what is happening because of their age, is becoming a dangerous thing for America!

    GO to “The Convention of States” website and state your concern about our Congressmen/women needing not only Term Limits, but also AGE LIMITS of 78 years, no higher, to be a working member of our Congress.

    If we can get this passed, you will see a Congress that works more efficiently and expeditiously! That’s a Win Win for the U.S.!

  51. John Doe has been drinking the “kook aid” again. He can’t find his hat with both hands. He is looking at a picture of Barack O and thinking it is Mr Trump

  52. We need new blood and leadership in the Democratic leadership roles in Congress. Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Shiff, and others need to step aside. The won back the House now they need a new direction with new bloodline.

  53. OH YES IGNORANCE, INCOMPETENCE, STUOIDITY are the ONLY QUALIFICATIONS that the BEAST, MAXI< can bring to the FINANCE COMMITTEE … Yes she needs to Explain how she got a 5 MILLION mansion in a gated White neighborhood after she got RAINES and JOHNSON of Freddie and Fannie to BAIL out her Hubby Mortgage failed BANK during the famous "BAIL OUT " by OBAMA

  54. Her hero is traitor Obama.She is also
    fond of upstanding POS people like
    Hell there is more reason to impeach her
    than Trump.
    I support President Trump 100%.

  55. That would be fine. Should we see if they
    could clone a few more idiot bartenders
    like Cortez…
    There should be classes taken..and tests
    passed BEFORE running for office that
    affect so many people.

  56. agree & she should be investigated for fraud, etc.,etc. Look at the home she lives in!! Look at what her daughter is earning, derived from contributions. What the hell is going on??

  57. looks to me like she was giving the hi hitler solute , i hate to say it but all these politicians are so out of touch with real america , they will never fix it , if gorge washington was alive , he’d take them all out back and hang them for treason

  58. All Democrats suffer from brain malfunctions, some more so than others. Ms. Waters is among the latter. Imagine, this individual is set to become the Chair of a congressional committee dealing with finance. She is also a good indicator of the mentality of the constituents who vote her into office. We do need term limits.


  60. Agree, Maybe a test of some kind should be demanded after a certain age. OR drug test like any other establishment does, for the safty of all others.


  62. Remove her from congress. She is a demented old woman. Additionally, I can’t understand why she is not in jail for advocating violence against government officials. But I guess that’s ok since she’s a democrat. A Republican would have been jailed a long time ago.

  63. Dennis she doesn’t have early signs of Alzheimer disease as you are confusing it with stupidity which is a normal condition for her.

  64. With all the crooked deals they have this thing? She is paying her daughter 750,000 dollars than given her another sum of money just recently how in the HELL does she own 2 HOMES WORTH MILLIOMS she is making 180,000 on government wages something don’t add up with these numbers doesn’t even live in the district she is over??? Now they are giving this crooked no nothing a job over finances what a joke. Thats like giving a alcoholic a case of whiskey. What in the hell is wrong with these idiots we have in our law enforcement rolls let all these things she has done with all the threats all of the money she has all the homes?? She this thing should be serving time not getting rewarded of things she has already stolen from the taxpayers???? B/S

  65. How did she manage to escape Planned Parenthood’s plot to wipe out the blacks? After all, their founder, Margaret Sanger, reiterated the need for black ministers to head up her pet project in a letter to Clarence Gamble in Dec. 1939, arguing that: “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

    She hated blacks, and used Planned Parenthood offices in primarily black neighborhoods (and near college campuses to further her plan to eratdicate idiots) to follow her plan of extermination. And Maxine LOVES them! Talk about liberal irony.

  66. Maxine and Nancy are to old to hold those jobs. Dementia has set in and I have caught both of them several times loosing their train of thought. They need to go they are not capable. And Maxine should not have a job for her retiric telling people to harrass Conservatives and find d out where they live ,get them at restaurants ect.Shes going to get people hut are killed with the way she Carry’s on. She’s pathetic and laws were passed about harrassment and I guess she didn’t study are pass a test to have a job it only applys to people like us. Another reason we see a two tier justice in this country on the left. Harrassment on any job is readon to be disqualified and fired, it should apply to those idiots in Washington too.

  67. Jane, John Doe does not have any brains for critical thinking. He is a Liberal.ignorant fool who hates the Country if he does not realize the President works to bring this train wrecked Country back from the brink Obama has run it into. We are grateful that we have this President who has accomplished more in two years than the previous one in eight.

  68. Add most of these political activist Liberals in Hollywood to your list which I whole heartedly agree with! There are many more but you have touched on the most egregious ones, Thank you!

  69. Being brain dead is a requirement to run as a Democrat. The answer to the question that was asked was not programmed into her brain by the Dems. They are all parrots of the DNC. Polly wanna a Cracker and impeach 45 is all they know.

  70. Maxine is a lot off-bubble. She needs to retire and get help. She might have early symptoms of Alzheimers disease. Both my mom and my aunt, her sister, had these symptoms early on in their disease and got increasingly worse to where they did not know anyone. Maxine is too old to be in politics anyway an should step own, along with Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who is also way overdue to step down

  71. JAMES, Thank you for the great comment. I am amazed at liberals who think DJT supporters are all uneducated and stupid. News flash, some have multiple degrees, imagine that! My granddad told me an education is a wonderful thing but, I should never forget a degree is only as good as the person holding it because the degree was not a substitute for good everyday common sense. He said if he could only have one of them, he would take good common sense! I have seen that play out often, it is such a shame to see a person (usually liberal) with many degrees but, not enough common sense to pour pee out of a boot with “how to” instructions on the heel.
    Trump supporters have it all many many have degrees and all have common sense! We have the best of all scenarios!

  72. So brave of you to come out John Doe. The American people elected Trump to do what he said he would and he is. He just fights back when he knows this country’s principals and constitution have been insulted. Good for him!

  73. That goes for all the gop. They aren’t any better than the Democrats. They just cant lie as well is the only difference between them.
    Every politician is a BS merchant.
    They act as though it our privilege to have them. They call it “serving the people” that’s total BS. They stick around forever. Only people they serve are themselves.
    They make a great living doing very little work.
    Look at Lindsey Graham, hes angling for a new spot at the table.
    Hang them all bring in a new crew.

  74. maxi pad waters is a racist, a liar, a crook, a thief AND has done nothing for her constituents….Over 50% of her constituent do not have high school diplomas!! How does that happen in the US and after as long as she has been in office???

  75. She’s a blithering idiot, and the only “people” who vote for her or support her in ANY way are blithering idiots, who need to be terminated.

  76. After watching this you can see why she was elected to this position. No one is listening to what she says! She’s totally inept and we are in trouble.

  77. Any Politician, holding such important positions, should be subject to “any” mental/physical examination, bi-annually, “or” impeach them, & replace them with a qualifide person!…..This includes the Supreme Court, Federal Court positions, President on down! They are “Public Servants”…..& are “paid by us taxpayers”! { p.s. “Bye, Bye Brenda Snipes”!…..Bye, Bye Hillary! Bye, Bye Comey, Clapper, Rosenstein, McCabe, Gerry brown, Sheila Jackson Lee, Nasty Pelosi, “ET AL’!

  78. They are both ‘has beens’ and she is a true nutcase along with pelosi, the plastic woman..They both need to be put out ot

  79. There is no reason people should spend a lifetime in politics. Term limits must be put on the table right after we fix the border and immigration mess. It’s sad that voters are to lazy to research their candidates and vote these people out. I would guess it’s hard to vote out the people giving you free money, food, medical etc. All you have to do for it is vote for them every few years and keeep producing Dem voters.

  80. John Doe, Well, well, well, another liberal has made an entrance. We’ll observe and decide if this is a “real person” or a pen name for a ghost writer. Several liberals are writing using different names. We will soon know, won’t we?

  81. I think most Americans wonder about an elected official promoting political discourse in the multitudes. It just doesn’t seem wise, we don’t need the country whipped into a civil war.

  82. Not true , where do you get your so called information Trump is the only one with common sense and working for our country and for all American people! We are in big trouble ,.as Democrats will undo all He has done!

  83. It is high time that these dinosaurs,on both sides of the aisle,to retire. Elected office was not meant to be a career,according to the framers of our Constitution. Maybe time for term limits?

  84. President Trump has been condemned for anything he says or does. In view of the fact that he is the most maligned president in history, he has done an exceptional job. He continues to fulfill his promises. NO! I am not an uneducated idiot. I am 79 years of age and have a masters degree. Don’t tell me that President Trump has lied about everything he does. The MSM lies about him every day of his life. CNN needs to have a massive lawsuit brought against them for being an arm of the democrats, along with MSNBC, ABC, NBC and CBS. Idiots like Maxine Waters have railed against him daily. She needs to be sent to the mental ward of the nursing home. She is a crook, criminal and downright despicable dempocrat.

  85. Unfortunately, you are correct. Such blatant incompetence and disregard for American citizens who do not agree with her. She encourages violence and angry confrontations!

  86. There has been something wrong with Maxine for a very long time. People are just noticing it????? Where have they been, she can’t put more than 2 words together and make sense. Dumber than a dooknob.

  87. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell me how to turn a loan of 12 million into 10 BILLION; or to “increase” the aggregate American Corp value by TWELVE TRILLION DOLLARS. I would really, really, really like to be “that unstable”.

  88. Correct!!! However, where were you when the the GOP election people needed support to keep this “sick” woman from getting to this stage
    of congressional “leadership”.

  89. Trump shows the same symptoms of dementia, narcissism, and self agrandisement…He should represent all Americans and not himself…He is President…How sad is that?He won’t win again! Trust me…The American People know that they were conned…When will you learn?

  90. Trump shows the saw symptoms of dementia, narcissism, and self agrandisement…He should represent all Americans and not himself…He is President…How sad is that?He won’t win again! Trust me…The American People know that they were conned…When will you learn?

  91. Trump shows the saw symptoms of dementia, narcissism, and self agrandisement…He should represent all Americans and not himself…He is President…How sad is that?

  92. Sounds like this statement describes the Trump Administration and most republicans… What a joke?…Would be laughable if not so sad for the American people…

  93. To date the only notable accomplishment Maxine Waters has had – was to secure a government bail out for the bankrupt bank her husband sat on the board of.

  94. Come on folks wake the hell up…all democrat’s are there to enrich them selves…period! They are selling there votes to the highest bidder, and the bidders write the law…period! And it goes double fore the RINO’s in the GOP!

  95. You ought to worry about Trump’s mental capacity. He could be accused of the same things you are accusing Walters of. Not only is he corrupt, he’s insane…….NOT a good combination.


  97. Robert, Talk about a sweet dream! If she is still living when DJT is re-elected that would take her on to her date with the devil! Mean and evil person, M. Waters is.

  98. Oh brother! We already knew M. Waters was a criminal, along with the rest of her family, and now we find out she has mental problems also! All the outrageous comments and accusations she has made in the past caused a lot of people to think were caused by insanity but I felt she said those “insane” things because she was mean and evil. But, with this new information it does sound as if she is having mental issues. I hate for her to take the chairman position because no matter how unstable she might become, what would it entail for her to be declared unfit? If she goes completely off the rails, she could do a lot of damage or cause problems long before the Dems would step in. Talk a out a sticky embarrassment for the Dems, this would be one. I hope they are thinking about all this…..what the heck am I saying? I hope she has a total meltdown on national TV and leaves egg all over the Dems faces! Serve them all right!

  99. i don’tcare if you r male ,female or what color or party you r in if you have these things going on you sure as hell should not be in a leadership position

  100. Every evildoer and liar gets there come-up-ance. Those who lie and manipulate and are hypocrites will suffer shame and misery in this life and eternal loss in the next. As you see, so shall you real!!!

  101. What ever happened to the ethics charge brought against her,it concerned her misuse of funds she gave to her husband? She isn’t fit to serve on this important committe when she is a crook. She is also too old for this and should give others a chance. I think we have too many of these old people that are so consumed with power,they are filled with greed and hate for anyone that doesn’t think as they do.

  102. Come on, do you actually think she’s an expert in House Finanical Services Committee? She is going to chair this committee? Just wait till the Senate fix her stupidity.

    She needs to be watched.

    I hope that the Ethics committee are going after her for all the threats she made against the American citizens. She should be in jail.

    Her reputation is equal to a cesspool. She’s no good!

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