Maxine Waters stood in front of the camera and everyone instantly realized something was wrong

Maxine Waters is set to chair the Financial Services Committee in the House come January.

But questions are swirling around her mental capacity.

That’s because once she stood up in front of the cameras, everyone realized something was terribly wrong.

A reporter approached Waters in the Capitol Hill hallway and began to ask her questions about the “Community Reinvestment Act.”

Waters appeared dazed and confused and had difficulty answering simple questions.

The American Mirror reports:

At one point she slowly closed her eyes, as if to reset her brain amid the verbal calamity.

Moments later, she seemed to toy with the man as he crossed his words.

U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters appeared dazed and amused at the Capitol on Wednesday as a reporter gleefully peppered the 80-year-old career politician with bungled questions about her presumed chairmanship of the House Financial Services Committee.

A reporter with the “Capitol Intel Group” caught up with Waters in a hallway and rode along in an elevator with the congresswoman and an aide while recording the bizarre encounter “using CI Glass,” whatever that is.

You can watch the interview below.

Waters is not the first older Democrat to suffer from bizarre episodes like this.

Nancy Pelosi routinely suffers from what Matt Drudge deems “brain freeze.”

Some Americans wonder if they are past their prime and should not hold important leadership positions in the next Congress.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Must be the air in California. They’re all nuts. She and Nancy and DiFi are poster children for term limits. . . .

  2. I can’t believe The US Govt, is in this bad of shape to put Maxi in charge of anything, The World will fear us,

  3. They are both now elderly and sick. They need to go home and retire. They certainly should have no control over any important matters that involve American Citizens. Why are they hanging on and embarrassing themselves. And why is no one removing them before they do make a big mistake. But I am told that everything they do or plan to do will be approved by the others. We can only hope that the others see with an open mind and see how these women have done their time in office and now need to retire. They both have made fools of themselves in the past year! But somehow they always get back in office. A little more voter fraud?

  4. Someone like waters is not even close to a normal person! She is completely crazy! She should never be allowed around any people at all!

  5. M. You’re so right! When Jimmy Carter formed the Dept. of Education that was the end of our youth. We sold them out to the liberals and Karl Marx, who said give government control of education and they will turn your youth into Marxists and good communists. George Bush vowed to end socialized education but I’ll bet the deep state told him he’d be assassinated if he did so.Thank God for private and Christian schools!

  6. If the DEMS do not remove all who are that are showing real signs of “brain freeze” then they may find they can’t out vote the REP in the HOUSE. The day is slowly approaching that the 2020 will be a total mess for the DEMS. Our President has his game plans and he will use them when the time is right. The DEMS will mess up enough in the 2 years run up to 2020 and then we will have to see how many think they are strong enough to get voters behind them.

  7. Thank youFEDUP365!GOD BLESS YOU.Unfortunetly,there are too many maxies in the Congress now.LOED,take them away!

  8. more lick a brain-fart! pul-pussie is no better, and schillery is falin down lick a ole kow! bernie needs too send sum of his brain food to all of them. gitin ole aint for pussies.

  9. Hi FEDUP365. “Please Lord” IS ‘good’.
    Maxine Will ‘get hers’, In Time, ON HER OWN.
    > i cannot say your ‘remaining ‘words’. but i
    ‘understand’ How you/Many ‘feel’.
    > GOD BLESS PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump. Reviving/
    Caring re USA ‘Spirit’. Thank You, Mr. President.

  10. Please Lord I HOPE she had a stroke and will die very soon. See two can play that game maxie pads swatters. Hope she likes it when people get in her face.

  11. President Trump , please as quick as possible ‘Drain the freakin swamp”, If Obama and the democrats were in office now they would You and the republicans!

  12. Hey Dan, spell me (Realzee) ie zee.
    or zeezee. surnames as well. Do you know ?
    Don’t use Cap Z(ee). Someone Zee
    posts ‘smack’. A Total non Patriot.
    I AM Patriot. that’s rite. Defend To the End.
    >POTUS IS GREAT. Hope you had a good ‘T’ Day.
    Later ‘mon’__

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