Maxine Waters used three words to describe Impeachment that will have you shell shocked

Maxine Waters made no secret of her desire to impeach President Trump.

Everyone in Washington, D.C. figured it was more fantasy than reality.

But Maxine Waters used three words to describe impeachment that will have you shell shocked.

Appearing on CNN’s “New Day,” Maxine Waters used her national platform to again call for Donald Trump’s impeachment.

That’s not a surprise.

Waters began banging that drum last year.

But what took some viewers off guard was when Waters claimed “impeachment is inevitable.”

Breitbart reports:

Friday on CNN’s “New Day,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said the impeachment of President Donald Trump was “inevitable.”

Waters said, “If we look at Mueller’s report and see where he clearly defines that he’s obstructed justice, people will increasingly come to the conclusion that impeachment is inevitable. This president has done everything that one could even think of to be eligible for impeachment and the Constitution basically gives us the power to deal with someone who has not acted in the best interest of this country. Who is unfit to be president. So I don’t know if Nancy Pelosi is moving closer, but I suspect the information is becoming overwhelming.”

She added, “I’m hopeful the American public will support impeachment.”

Nancy Pelosi and the other Democrats have done their best to slow walk impeachment talk.

Impeachment is not popular and the Democrats will pay a political price for forging down that path.

But as Maxine Waters made clear, the Democrats’ plan from day one was to impeach the President and nothing can knock them off this course.

Pelosi will no longer be able to get away with conning the American people into thinking they don’t want to impeach the President.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. As usual another democrat making accusations without any proof. Saying to look at the Mueller report to see proof is not proof but a worthless accusation. That is the best the democrats can do.

  2. Maxine is a criminal stealing from the people of California and yet she’s calling for Trump’s impeachment. Has FEC cleared her of campaign violations of paying her daughter millions yearly out of campaign funds. She may want to clean around her own back door before she worries about President Trump’s. Just imagine poor Maxine in prison at her age and how it will worry he sat the thought of her daughter spending all of that I’ll gotten money, Maxine’s portion too.

  3. Just shows how stupid Maxine is!!!! Ask her about the fence surrounding her home to protect her. She is dumber than a hat full of aggies.

  4. “…Maxine Waters made clear, the Democrats’ plan from day one was to impeach the President and nothing can knock them off this course…”

    Well, this is a prime example of putting the cart before the horse! She states unequivocally that it was planned too impeach Trump from the time they knew he was going to be President! If that’s not biased or prejudice, I don’t know what is!

    What Maxine and most democrat leftist fail to see is, if they impeach Trump, it won’t get pass the Senate . . . and thus the impeachment will be of no effect!!!

  5. “…Maxine Waters made clear, the Democrats’ plan from day one was to impeach the President and nothing can knock them off this course…”

    This is a prime example of putting the cart before the horse! She states unequivocally that it was planned too impeach Trump from the time they knew he was going to be President! If that’s not biased or prejudice, I don’t know what is!

    What Maxine and most democrat leftist fail to see is, if they impeach Trump, it won’t get pass the Senate . . . and thus the impeachment will be of no effect!!!

  6. I believe that George Soros is bankrolling those brainless troublemakers such as DIANE, The Old Dog and others to try and persuade as to vote for that communist Joe Biden as this will never happen. It’s best to not reply to those cheap shot tweets by them as they will go away eventually when they realise that those comments are in vain and is falling on deaf ears.

  7. Joe: I first thought you were writing about democrat’s mind set until you wrote Trump.Then I realized you are a misguided fool.

  8. Diane The democrats want to legally kill babies, plain and simple. Even the babies that would survive an abortion if the mother decided she didn’t want the baby. There are plenty of couples that would be happy to adopt a child
    Therefore. girls dying in back alleys because they have bled to death trying to abort their baby are murderers and deserve what they get.

  9. Stop the liar needs to go look in the mirror , umm , but that’s above stop the liars IQ , TO DAMN STUPID , STOP THE LIAR REALLY IS THE REAL DEAL

  10. Trump is not a crook and a liar like the whole Democrat party.They have gone insane They are for themselves not for us. In 3 years what have they done but waste our money on baseless investigations.I hope Barr will go after them and put them away with Obama , Comey and the rest of the Communists.Thank God for Trump.This is Good vs Evil.

  11. Denny: You are so damn stupid that I don’t even want to reply to you! I swear I do not think you even know what is going on, you dumb ass!!!

  12. Diane , get off the Crack Pipe , but it’s to late for you , your Cooked Well Done , Crispy Critter

  13. Diane–Who needs to know you. You are known by the libtard remarks you constantly let drool out of your pie hole.

  14. Then the courts should decide on a case by case if an abortion is to be performed. Like the life of the woman,rape or incest. Not to murder a baby just because.

  15. Bo Carr: To begin with, the stories as you say I have told, have been the truth and you really do know that, right? Sure you KNOW it, but would NEVER, ever admit it!!! I have not had the privilege of reading the un-redacted Mueller report, but the Michigan GOP congressman has. Amash wrote, he believes, Bill Barr deliberately misrepresented the findings and he has been the FIRST GOP congressman to accuse Trump in engaging in impeachable conduct. Amash wrote that undoubtedly any person who is not president of the US would be indicted based on such evidence. Amash said Mueller’s report reveals that Trump engaged in specific actions and a pattern of behavior that meet the threshold of impeachment. Impeachment is a special form of indictment that simply requires a finding that an official has engaged in careless, abusive, corrupt, or otherwise dishonorable conduct. Justin Amash has something other republiCON men don’t have…BALLS! I am sure there will be more particulars to come, just tune in to the REAL news (not FOX) and we may finally be enlightened!

  16. Dan: Not so. Dems don’t want abortion, they just don’t want illegal abortion (hemlock and coathangers). We are tired of all the young girls dying in back alleys because they have bled to death! I know you will not understand this post because it makes too much sense!

  17. Diane–I am sure you are a fine person. I know you are also brilliant. Please tell me what crime President Trump committed. No BS please. Just the facts madam. With a tiny bit of proof. Something close to the truth like the many crimes that your lesbian lover hill-kill committed. Not made up stories like you love to quote.

  18. Publish it you damn dumbass, you don’t know what the hell you are talking about! If you think you are threatening me, better think again. Let me make this perfectly clear I could give less than a damn!!!

  19. You still believe CNN don’t you, poor thing. Of course, if you bothered to look at anything but the lying mainstream media, you would see All the positive that Trump has done for America(ns), even you. A lot of Democrats have WalkedAway from all the hate, lies & deceit after they did just a Little Bit of research, sooo – try it!

  20. Dan, they are laughing at your stupidity for believing the lies of the most corrupt administration in the history of the US. When the axe falls on Trump, and it will, I pray that you see the truth and apologize for you vile comments. If you don’t choose to do that maybe you can rot in hell with your hero Trumpty Dumpty.

  21. I cannot count all the words of hatred, violence and not only lies but conspiracy theories spawned in hell, like Trump’s mind. All you right wingers know that you are very prejudiced, just admit and tell you minister what you can do about it.

  22. To put it simply, the old democrat party no longer exists as it has become the 1950’s Communist Party USA!

  23. Glenn: Well, where the hell do you fit, in that equation? Plese don’t leave out crazy, dumb ass YOU!!!

  24. Yeah Glenn, I knew (according to all the extreme republitard’s on this thread) there would be a BS reason he believed asswipe trump (that I would not wipe my ass with) was guilty. I am sure the fact that he reported 10 times that he obstructed justice had nothing to do with it!!! That is laughable! Watch the real news, I am sure Fox hasn’t reported it yet!!!

  25. jw: Obstructed justice more than trump has. Wow, that is an interesting comment from a rightwing rethuglican! At least you have admitted it!!!

  26. They realized thay have no way of winning the presidential seat. So impeachment is the recourse. Let them try and if they succeed, people will riss up and whoever the Republicans put up will definitely win.

    The pool of Republican possible candidates is very strong. Trey Gowdy for one.

  27. Same here! I posted a second re-comment. It wasn’t posted either! This is Commie Censorship Especially. When I didn’t cuss . I stated facts! Obviously. They don’t want anyone knowing the truth? Trump needs to get these guy’s and put them in prison! They are out of line as far as our Constitution. Freedom of Speech! Obama was never a US citizen. He’s never produced s real Birth Certificate. Despite popular belief? Therefore. He was never a legal President! The all his so called Executive Orders or anything he signed into law? Is nullified period! Which means this Censorship Commie garbage is history! Which means anyone practicing this Censorship crap is committing a crime. Defying the Constitution and the Constitution is the Law of the Land!!!

  28. Exactly! They are delusional to think that they speak for the majority of the american people? Oops! They speak for their Own Commie Agenda! For complete power and control. Hiding behind the race card to create division. To brain wash the gullible ignorant people in this country! To also bring in opposition to vote for them by any means necessary! All in the name of boot licking the NWO. It’s their agenda to sell us out by actually thinking we are stupid to agree with that brain dead garbage? Like I will vote to support my own pain and misery , slavery and demise? Oops! Not!

  29. I read the Mueller Report, Vols 1and 2. The President obstructed nothing. He, as an American, has the right to proclaim his innocence. Is that what crazy Maxine finds objectionable? She’s a useless drone. Flapping your lips is not a real skill, Maxine.

  30. Amash has always been more of a Democrat than a republican. I assume he will be changing parties for the next election. He has another republican running against him for the next election that most probably will win against him. so best thing for him to do is take the side of the democrats and change parties.

  31. Pamela I agree with you! I heard a couple of weeks ago, on one of the news stations that Congress was putting in give Congress all RAISES. Haven’t heard no more about that one.

  32. Diane, if you are so sure that our President should be impeached, please let us know what you think he has done or not done to be impeached!!!

    We hear all these threats but not any evidence other that you liberals have done on the collusion, false documents, and colluding with the Russians.
    Our president has only been getting things done and MAGA without the of Congress. It is a crime they are still in office for all the things said and done to Trump.


  33. I agree with you both Obama and Hillary should have already been put in prison. I also think that Biden and his son should also be there.

  34. If anyone should be impeached it is crook Maxine. She spent her time in congress enriching herself and her family. Let’s look into bills she sponsored that benefitted her husband’s bank and money she arranged to benefit her daughter. She’s the crook that needs to go.

  35. Great statement. The won’t be missed, as they don’t do anything useful. Their salaries can then be used elsewhere.

  36. Start with all the dems in the house & #1 is Pelosi then the 7 feminist idiots elected by libtard supporters of bo’s 8 year treason stench !

  37. NO we the Citizens of the United States of America do NOT want our President Donald Trump impeached. He is the best President we have had in a long time. If anyone should be impeached it should be the entire Democratic Party.

  38. Apparently you are the hemerroid on TRUMP,S ASS because you are the only one who has mentioned TRUMP,S ASS HOLE . SO YOU WILL BE THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT TRUMPS ASS.

  39. Maxine Waters is still swinging around up In The trees , now here’s food for thought , just how stupid are the ones who voted her into office really are , as we see very stupid , because a chimp has a higher IQ than Mad Maxine , the state of California as a whole , hasn’t any Common Sense whatsoever , Liberalism at it’s worse

  40. John, I have said this many times, who would select this it as a member to our congress. She seems to be criminally insane. I will be glad when indictments are released. and she is pulled into court.

  41. Maxine one of the most demonic, criminal, insane person who ever set foot in congress. Where did she get all of her information on inauguration day to make accusations against my President. She is a Facebook study for criminal insanity and is full of hate. I look forward to the day when the indictments go out and she goes before the tribunal and faces charges of sedition. No wonder our nation is in such a state after 16 years of Democrat criminal rule

  42. “Maybe someone will remove you. Dickhead.”

    Are you in the habit of making death threats on public media?

  43. Asking Mad Max – what would be the first thing you would do if you were President? She answers – impeach Trump

  44. Diane, you are extremely sick and need a lot of help with your hate. You can’t stand anyone who does not agree with your immorality. You come on here and attack us, but show your ignorance and foolishness. You need the great love that Jesus has for you. Too bad you have rejected Him and have no clue who He is.

  45. You are a dumb ass commy. Get the hell out of this great nation while you can and dobot tary.

  46. Diane, the reason that congressman believes Trump should be Impeached is because he is an idiot. So we do have one of them on the republican side as opposed to the dems have over a hundred idiots and that is not added you in yet. There, I just added you.

  47. Maxie pad big lips is a dumb ass big mouth nut case needs to be in a padded cell. SEMPER FI USMC RETIRED

  48. Maxie pad big lips is a dumb ass big mouth nut case needs to be in a padded cell. SEMPER FI USMC RETIRED

  49. Mickey, typical stupid Trump response threaten with something that you do not have the ability to back up and then grade school name calling. Face it you have been following a felon.

  50. Well, well, well, have you not heard that GOP congressman that also believes trump has committed impeachable acts! I guess he is just another dumb ass or by all the conservative standards on this thread, he has some serious detriment! RIGHT!!! Even SOME conservatives know he is a LYING, CROOKED, SOB!!! There may be an impeachment yet!!! Lovin’ it!!!

  51. Fred, when I see or hear of a decent person on this thread I will remember that! So far, it has just been dumb ass you, and the other republinazis you POS!!!

  52. No, bj it is my country and I will stay and do everything in my power to remove the felon that is the president.

  53. We want all the dummies out of office like Maxine, Nancy P. Ocasio??? Omar, and their ilk. We the people are SO UNHAPPY with these people representing themselves, not us, and their interest in ruining America. Please get them out now.

  54. She has obstructed Justice more than Trump has , mostly by not doing her job , plus she’s a bigger crookthe Martha Stewart!

  55. Amy Cunningham: Well Stated. The best reference I can use to describe what is being done to president Trump and still be polite is “J’Accuse”. It refers to a scathing rebuke of a gross violation of the rule of law and justice, that took up the whole front page of the main Paris newspaper in the 1890s, written by an important writer of the time. The meaning and sense have not changed over time and I think fits very strongly in this (I’ll call) crime against crime against the president. The democrats are fond of saying, that the U.S. Constitution (as law) does not apply any more because times have changed. I say times have not changed, because we still have power happy people, we still have corrupt people, we still have criminals. I think of what is being done to Trump is a punch in the face proof that there still is corruption.

  56. waters is big mouth pos ihat needs to be silenced just another democratic crook;cant do anything constructive, just as stupid as pelosi



  58. Turble is …. how many ILLEGAL votes will be counter. This seems to be the only way the dumbocrats can win anything, and that is why they are pushing for open borders ….. to let all the illegals in and give them voting rights, along with all the other freebees they “deserve”.

  59. How coffect, “SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE” How that dumb woman ever got into Congress is questionable at best. The people of California should look at what she has done for the UNITED STATES and what she Has DONE FOR MAXINE before they send her to Washington DC again.

  60. I don’t know why anyone would listen to any of the vitriol that crazy, loud mouth spews. She is the perfect example of who should never have been elected, and definitely should not be elected again. She has done nothing but push her obsession with getting rid of the President, and she has been fleecing her voters for ages, while giving nothing in return. They need to wake up and get rid of her.

  61. The only reason they are talking impeachment is to distract everyone from all the crimes they have been committing…for years!!! The Democrats are the party of all that is wrong with our country. They illicit the hatred. They are the finger pointers. They are the party of the KKK, they assassinated Lincoln, they started the Civil War because they wanted their slaves as cheap labor. That is why our schools are no longer teaching real history. Wake up America!! Stop believing all your false Gods in Hollywood.

  62. The dem party has come a long way from the party of JFK. Unfortunately, it’s the wrong way. They are the party of hate, obstruction, chaos, confusion, and immorality. JFK would NEVER be allowed in it now, nor would he want to be.

  63. Omar Navarro is running against MAD MAX. Send him you contributions to give him the financial leverage to beat maxie pad!

  64. The Mueller Report absolved Mr. Trump of collusion. In fact, his 2016 campaign was the victim of an illegal spying operation. Maxine Waters is now calling for impeachment just because she doesn’t like him.

    If that is actually done, many Americans, including me, would regard it as a putsch.

  65. I really wonder if these Alzheimer laden congresswomen have actually done any real congressional work?? I truly believe they just coffee clotch it all day and try to think up stupid things to do and say that their idiot constituency might consider relevant.

  66. For some reason Maxine Waters thinks they can impeach President Trump when the very info she is relaying on couldn’t charge him with any crime. I hate to break it to her but you can’t impeach the President just because you don’t like him. Plus it has been proven President Trump did not do anything the Dems are accusing him of by the Muller report! It is actually the other way around since Hillary’s campaign paid Fusion GPS for opposition research on DJT.

  67. We need to allow Waters to rant and rave, all she pleases. Most voters see through these lies and false accustions. Even those old seasoned Democrats know that their unreasonable/untrue attacks on Presidnet Trump will only bring them defeat on elections day(s). Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer are filled with fear for of the possible big DNC Split, which is likely to happen in the Summer or 2020, when the final presidential nominee is selected. As an old experienced float driver for Mardi Gras in Mobile, AL, I have often witnessed actions of disorganized mobs at these wild celebrations. The DNC seems to share the same DISORGANIZATION. When the election votes are counted, November 2020, they will find more FAILURES. So; Maxine continue to spread discord, WE LOVE IT.

  68. Maxie needs to be impeached! She way to corrupt to be in the office and seat that she sits in…..

  69. Max water ! I thought she did raisin commercial ‘s for cal. Farmers ? I think! Or deadly attack on deer ticks? Hope i have the Wright info! And in peach pie ? Never had that ! ????????????

  70. People like Maxine spend too much time talking about impeachment. It would be much better to spend that time practicing her job description. Right now she has no job description, per say. Her and the rest of the demoncrats have done nothing to run the government for over 2 years. Why are they taking up space. Lets send them home where they belong. They also need to re-imberse the taxpayors who they represent.

  71. I totally agree with your comment Judy Stinger. Waters is an absolute hatemonger and many other things that I can’t express. I have always asked the question “WHAT HAS THE DEMORATS DONE THAT IS AN ACCOMPLISHMENT FOR THE AMERICAN TAXPAYING CITZENS? SHE IS COMPLETELY WORTHLESS AND DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW SHE GOT NOMINATED AS SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE. What are her accomplishments for ANY of the other DEMORATS? They sit there and collect their big paychecks from the American taxpayers.

  72. And she is so hot to get Trump impeached is because she knows that she and others are on the line for their own trials . Not only has she probably taken money from our taxes for no reason but she has been caught in fraud more than once and never prosecuted . Just like the last week or so she still giving her daughters huge amounts of money from sources that were meant for political office and her daughter doesn’t do anything . She also was known to have helped her husband funnel money from different groups into his bank . Now I haven’t doublecheck this but I believe he was prosecuted because she was not . When you’re on the slippery slope and there’s someone above you who could be the one to push you you try everything to pull him off the slope first . And as far as America backing her maybe her California idiots and the other liberal lost their minds not sure how to tie their shoes group . But real patriots want nothing to do with her..

  73. why is not this so-called senator, the infamous bigmouthblackass
    Waters not in jail for inducing riots? She is not fit to be in the senate!!

  74. Waters is a hatemonger and racist. Clearly there needs to be an investigation of her. From what has been reported she doesn’t live in the district she was elected to represent but rather lives in a $6,000,000 home elsewhere. It s a requirement for politicians to live in their districts while in office. How on a politicians salary, paid for by working class American’s taxes was she able to purchase a $6,000,000 home. The only thing she has supported in her decades of being in office was the LA riots. From what has been reported she has never introduced and/or created any bills or legislation. What has she ever done for her own constituents. She has clearly had a free ride for decades all on the backs of American taxpayers and that has to stop now.

  75. I don’t like calling people names, but Maxine Waters, like Pelosi and the rest of this “crime filled Mafia” have been gunning for Trump since Day One. All of the 5 investigations have showed No Obstruction, No Collusion and No Conspiracy. But Waters and her gang have run their conspiracy narrative for so long, they have no recourse but to run it into a wall. The American people are tired of this false narrative…this false news. The American people – the ones who count – know what President Trump has accomplished and they are not afraid to say what they know.

  76. Maxine is just the same old black angry broad that she has always been and her stay in congress has an expiration date and it’s sooner than she thinks. You better get all the money your stole from your voters back to the FEC. WE THE PEOPLE will keep everybody up to date


  78. CintiCB – Once the FISA is declassed and all of the reports are released most of Congress will be on the other side of the law, Dems and Rinos. I have heard that the FISA declas could be next week. IG Horowitz’s report has been sent for review and it’ll most likely be released for the public’s viewing, possibly next week. Huber’s report should be ready for review shortly. AG Barr and Durham’s reports will be ready very soon. Durham was already hired by Barr sooner than was thought. It was announced just last week but the investigation had started weeks before. All of these loud mouths will be going down (like a rabid dog) and this is their last hurrah.

  79. Maxine Waters’ record needs to be examined and based on what she did in the banking system to improve her husband’s financial situation, she should be the one impeached.
    After listening to all this nonsense and noise over the last three years, I’ve noticed that the Democrats always accuse someone else of the crimes they themselves have committed. Just look at Schiff and his collusion with Russia on the telephone shown in the video. He was one of the loudest mouths saying he saw the evidence against Trump, and when Trump was exonerated of any Collusion, he should’ve slithered away and closed his lying mouth.

  80. Stop the liar – interesting choice of handles. It’s your idol, Obummer that couldn’t tell the truth. He was selling America to the higher bidder. You can go back and kiss his a$$ before his hanging for treason. I don’t know for sure if they allow visitors at Gitmo though. Gitmo will have a lot of familiar faces soon. You can have your pick. I see you lost your way – you are definitely on the wrong forum.

  81. This old biddy is a viscous racist. You can really see her shine when she gets to interrogate a white male that has a modicum of power in business or government. It is sickening to see the twisted hatred on her face and the slurs and innuendos RE honesty or ethics border on slander. She LOVES the power. The old hag knows as do those in the House that if Trump, Barr and Horowitz are allowed to continue their goose is cooked. Other than being complete idiots the ones that are hollering about the reverse investigations are those that have the most to lose. It is really not hard to figure who the most corrupt are as like Waters they are throwing tantrums. Sadly other than nailing her on criminal charges you will never get rid of this old hide. She is black, female, represents an almost totally black district and comes out of one of the most corrupt states in the U.S. A true example of the damage of political correctness.

  82. Dont forget she gave her allotment of the congressional scholarship fund to family members and paid her daughter 90,000 to stuff envelopes.

  83. On the other hand, there are s ome key players in the democratic party who have indeed committed crimes such as embezzlement, larceny, theft, crimes against the people in that they have and are plotting against not just this president, but against the very people of this country.

  84. I agree! Well said!! She has no room to talk….she is the wolf in the hen house as head of the the Finance Committee…still can’t get over it that they put her in the top spot with her own shady finance dealings.

  85. Don’t forget she’s making her daughter rich from funneling campaign contributions to her daughter that’s also illegal

  86. eml, “Impeachment talk is for the “benefit” of rabid Democrats who still have TDS. The Dem leaders know there is no way to remove Trump from office, but they can and will obstruct everything Trump tries to do, to the best of their ability.

    Abortion and healthcare are the main concerns now of Dems. This is where Repubs have the most “exposure.”

    But Trump has said NUMEROUS TIMES that he favors no “preexisting healthcare exclusions.” Even moderate Dems do not really want abortion after the first Trimester, or so the polls show.

    Biden is the Dem’s best hope. Biden will fail miserably during any attempts at debates, because Biden is now having a hard time holding sentences together. All Biden can do is READ position papers, otherwise he is lost.

    The Dems know this, but they have nobody else. If I were advising the Dems, I would try to find a REASONABLE Dem to “apologize” for trying to coup against the president and act “presidential.” They ain’t got nobody even close to that.

    Now, Deep State will form a circular firing squad. If Trump loses now, it will be his own fault…in particular by starting a war against Iran. I don’t believe he will do that, and I don’t believe the Mullahs are THAT crazy.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  87. Of course there aren’t, but dems think their sick hate is grounds. They have no morals and will get what they want any way they can. They are very dangerous to our freedom

  88. Maxine Waters. You look like a Gorilla Some one should put you back in the ZOO. But that would be an insult to the Gorillas. You should be hung so they could entertain themselves using you as a pinata.

  89. Quick! Switch the Demicrats’tracks! The chuga-chuga pimple-head leader is leading the bubble-heads,followed by the brown noses, and at the end, two unsocial followers. Let their craving impeachment desires lead up into the realm of oblivion.

  90. The one that needs to be removed from office is Maxine waters. Taxes evasion, inciting hate in this country. There are no grounds to impeach President trump but there are for waters.

  91. Someone needs to teach this pathetic ‘joke’ a new word that she can use to try to convince her idiots.
    Just accept your loss, loser Maxine.

  92. Impeachment in one thing – conviction is another. Conviction will never occur in a senate controlled by a party different than the house of representatives. Do the democrats really think they can win by saying they attempted a coup against a legitimately elected president? Worse, the democrats are setting the stage for future political shenanigans by republicans who might try the same tactic. If anyone is interfering in the election process, it is the democrats. The democrats lost because their unqualified candidate ran a lousy campaign. Get over it. Field somebody smarter, and run a smarter campaign next time.

  93. IN order to be impeached you must have committed a crime. Pres. Trump has not done that. There is no reason to impeach him. YOU need a lot of help with your sick hate. Please get it.

  94. Ms Big Mouth will soon be in deep dip. She has been paying daughter $150,00 and more, in regards to campaign funds…This is illegal, she has been doing it for years…she is a lot like many Democrats..think they can say or do anything, they are above the law…But, she is definitely in trouble.. I don’t see why Maxine can’t be investigated as well as Nancy Peloski…both have enormous income, even more than Nancy’s pay check or her husband’s income…WHERE DID IT COME FROM…has to be somewhat illegal..Mega millions?

  95. “…someone who has not acted in the best interest of the country.” Well, I guess all the Democrats are about to be impeached, as they should be.

  96. We have a troll on the site…just here to make trouble and illicit a response, and divert attention from some ugly Dem’s pathetic rhetoric. Just ignore such fools!

  97. I was under the impression that the Mueller report found no evidence of “collusion” and left it up to Congress to determine if the INTENT to “obstruct” was sufficient to bring impeachment proceedings. That no actual OBSTRUCTION took place (due to Trump’s advisors reining him in) is of no consequence to the demi-gods of the House of Representatives. They are willing to break any law if it will get them any closer to starting impeachment proceedings.

    They even held the Attorney General in contempt for NOT breaking the law and giving in to their “demands”.

    It seems the House of Representatives is overly populated with self-centered brats who are determined to do anything EXCEPT the job they were hired to do. I wonder if their disposition would change if some brave soul changed their diapers for them?

  98. Every time this pervert opens her mouth she walks all over her tongue. She’s the one who needs to be impeached. I’m surprised that the dems have allowed her to keep on walking around spouting off all her rhetoric except that they think that everyone will just think that she has a screw loose, which she does, but it’s not funny anymore and she is hitting closer to home. It’s getting more serious and believable now and I’ll lay odds that they’re going to shut her up soon. It’s hard to say which one of those broads are hitting the bottle harder her or Polosei but whichever, it’s a close race and they are both out of control. The whole democrat/communist party is out of control and somebody needs to reign them all in. They are all running scared because they know their number is up and it really is “ONLY A MATTER OF TIME” for all of them before “THEIR IMPEACHMENT IS INEVITABLE”.

  99. I do pray for her silence. It will be funny to watch her if she can’t talk. She might get so frustrated her head will pop. I know she can’t write fast enough.


  101. Just like the rest of the Democrats – Thee more of Maxine Waters CORRUPTION is exposed – the more this old hag screeches about impeaching President Trump. Fix YOUR OWN house “Poverty Pimp”.

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