Maxine Waters went on TV and instantly regretted making this humiliating mistake

Maxine Waters was one of the Democrat Party’s original impeachment ringleaders.

And it looks like Waters is on the verge of getting her wish.

But Maxine Waters went on TV and instantly regretted making this humiliating mistake.

Even as Democrats are about to impeach Donald Trump and fulfill Maxine Waters long ago promise, Waters is still not happy.

In an interview with fake news CNN, Waters falsely claimed Donald Trump struck a secret deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin to rig the 2016 Presidential Election.

Waters admitted she had no proof to back up this baseless claim, but she made it nonetheless.

Breitbart reports:

On Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “OutFront,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said she believed Russian President Vladimir Putin made a secret deal with Donald Trump to get him elected in exchange for Trump lifting U.S. sanctions on Russia.

Waters pointed out she has no facts to back up her belief…

…Because I believe, even though I don’t have the facts to prove it, I believe that Putin wanted to lift the sanctions. He’s always wanted to lift these sanctions that were placed on him because of his interfering and incursion into Crimea. So I believe that they wanted to elect President Trump. And Trump, I believe, agreed. I will always believe this, that he agreed that if he got elected, he would lift those sanctions. He would like to do it. He’s not been able to do it.”

She continued, “When they talk about we’re just making things up, and he talks about this as a witch hunt, there are too many facts. This president will not condemn Putin for hacking into the Democratic National Committee. Will not condemn him for hacking into our election system. These are facts. Seventeen of our intelligence agencies have said this.

Waters clinging to the debunked Russian collusion conspiracy theory is just further proof this impeachment is not a serious exercise.

It’s nothing more than partisans like Waters airing their grievances over Donald Trump winning the 2016 election.

Democrats like Waters can’t accept it and they are constantly scheming to overturn the will of the American people.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Better to be thought of as an IDIOT, than to open mouth and remove all doubt. Thats our dumbocRATS party these days

  2. The Democrats voted her in. Blame them. Maybe all demon rats are not stupid, just the ones in the government.

  3. Past time for term limits. Maxine is long over due for retirement. Refresher course long over due for the constitution and oath of office.

  4. That old battle axe Waters is dumber than dirt. Bet she barely finished high school. Amazing the stupid people taking up seats in the House and the Senate. Especially despise the RINOS…..Susan Collins, Mitt Romney…….

  5. Star Chamber, the democrats USE blacks for their votes every 4 years, and every 4 yrs the blacks fall for it. If we asked a black person which party freed the slaves, bet 99.9% would say the democrats.


  7. Maxine. Why is it that every time you say something,instead of pulling your head out of your rectum you push it further in. If you keep going, pretty soon you will turn yourself inside out.

  8. Old Maxine sure does suffer from Hoof and Mouth or Mad Cow. I love the way she represents the Democrat Party. Keep up the good work on reveling her ignorance. I’m sure the Democrats are really proud of the way she represents the Democrat Party along with Adam Shift

  9. Bogus headline. I don’t believe Mad Max is intelligent enough to regret ANYTHING that spews from her nasty mouth. But that’s just my opinion.

  10. Let it be clear. If Donald Trump wants a Trump tower in Russia, he risks that property being seized by the Russian federal government in the event of his failure to assist the civil servants of Russia in any way that he humanly can.

  11. More than mad, Maxine Waters is simpleminded. What she did not too long ago, calling on the American public to persecute members of the Trump administration and their party faithful went all too badly for her. Like Pelosi this individual provides a lot of entertainment on the one hand. On the other hand they are true ‘s..t stirrers and quite often dig holes for themselves.

  12. Dumber than Mad Max/ Muddy WAters , auh , that’s the part that worries myself . There’s actually that many mental SIMPLETONS that vote for Mad Maxine each election . You can bet your rear end that there is . I’ll be keeping my 2 amendment rights , no matter what the government says . I’ve got faith in our CONSITUTION and Bill of Rights . Not the Communist liberals , that’s a Fact !!!

  13. Your so right and being from Calif her district is a hell hole. The homeless is out of control. The health concerns are really bad, the human waste is building. While Crazy Maxine lives in a upscale neighborhood out side her district she is a nut case.

  14. Maxine is just one of the most disgusting. Don’t forget PISSalocie, Adam SH*T, Chuck Schumer and the rest of the DUMPACRAPS !

  15. Amen! Amen! William you are right on. I can’t imagine a majority of people stupid enough to elect this woman. To make a statement like this and then to think she could be President..

  16. I hear the Demorat party has pictures of Maxine in BED with Putin,and once the lights were on, he screamed and ran out of the room! It HAS to be true, because EVERYTHING the Demorats hear is true!! Just ask them!!!!

  17. I saw slappy Maxies speech last night. She sounds like a mimic of Schiff, Pelost and fat Nadler when it comes to the fake narrative of the left. She never gives credit to the President for trying to improve the black communities and workers, as well as reforming the prison reform. Nothing like the good old days eh Maxie? RVN 68-69

  18. No doubt, maxi-pad is an unhinged liar. But, I am starting to think she has a thing for President Putin. Even though the collusion delusion is long ago debunked, she just keeps pushing that fiction. It’s all so she can just keep saying Putin. In her mind, there is a gap between the t and the i. Just sayin’.

  19. Maxine Waters is like her collegue Sheila Jackson Lee, they’re both publicity hounds and tends to open mouth insert foot. I just don’t see how they conned their constituents so long? They’re both worthless in anything except lying with a straight face like Adam Schiff. It’s time their constituents wake up and kick these GRAVY TRAIN riders off!

  20. I’d like to agree with you, the problem is she just isn’t smart enough to regret anything she does. And neither is anyone that would vote for her.

  21. And look at how things are going in California maybe Democrats think it’s all good ? It’s a preview of things to come ! Maybe they should be taking care of the people,they have the worst state in the country. Proofs in the pudding

  22. so many dems are entirely to old to be our so called “leaders” Any clear thinking person can see the minds of these ancient liberals are not fit to be holding a position in congress

  23. I agree. How can she and all the other dems make these false statements about our president with no accountability EVER? If you are a demorat you can get by with anything. Like Waters inciting riots and harm to Trump supporters Just one of many horrific crimes. We know all the GOOD Trump has done for the USA. We also know he did it with no help al all from democrats.

  24. “Fools’ names and fools’ faces always appear in public places’ sure made the ‘Perfect Storm’ for it in California. Moonbeam Brown, Schifty Adam, Nasty Pedosi, and here Maxine Waters cancels out the VERY important ‘Vote Fraud’ programming hearings featuring Clinton Curtiss, who made the 2000 general election vote fraud program for Florida Governor Jeb Bush and his Lieutenant Governor Feeney. Resting on one’s laurels is usually a bad mistake..

  25. I think we should vote to impeach all the Democrats in polital offices everywhere in our country. And send them back to their states and let their people I their districts tell them exactly what they think about them.and we should investigate the whole Obama administration which was nothing but crooked people in them.nobody is above the law. Les lock up those people. Well


  27. All of you: no need for the racist comments and dispersions on ole auntie Max.: makes us look dumb and her a genius. She is a BHO follower who was like the hang of cummunitie organizers. His followers Are being led now by the illustrious, brilliant, street educated, self ordained Rev. Al “Stone fraud” Sharpton. He is BHOs legacy: even went to the White House 58 times to learn how to spell Community Organizer from the brilliant former President who loved to bow to all foreigners and show his buttocks to the world with the message “kiss this Americans”, or if you ride a bicycle you can park it here. And then his wife Michael decided she “like love her country now we been snacking on them 100 dollar steaks for a while now”. So, aunty ax is jis playin her race cards all the time!

  28. I think Mad Maxie, along with other Dims in Congress, are actually agents of China, using Trump and Russia for deflection.They were likely instrumental in getting China’s Thousand Talents Program into our research universities, to give them our technology.

  29. What about the rumors of her husband having problems or doing something wrong in a back that he was working,[some money problem or similar]this woman has been living politically out of the black vote exploiting black voters and using them as other black politicians they don’t care ABOUT THE BLACK PEOPLE ONLY TO GET BENEFITS OUT OF THEM THEN THEY FORGET THEM.CHECK EVERY BIG CITY CONTROLL BY DEMS AND SEE HOW THEY ARE IN PIECES AND FULL OF TRASH.

  30. This should prove to all of us who have common sense just how stupid and hypocritical the dems really are. The very fact that she has no proof about the president and Russia but she ‘believes’ that there is a connection between the president and Putin is just delusional. This is all the left has done for the past three years, speak by assumption and presumption and to them, it is a legal predicate for an impeachment. Can we not wise up and remove these idiots from DC now?

  31. Democrats ruin everything they touch. I noticed how Mad Maxine kept saying she thought or she believed…but had no facts. And why isn’t Mad Maxine expelled from Congress for inciting violence and assault?

  32. Because most black people are ignorant and stupid.
    I know that sounds racist but it’s the truth.
    That’s why democrats love black people.

  33. amen, maxine needs to go back to california and stay she has done so much for her constituantes i can’t believe she gets reelected time after time. you folka in her district need to wake up and put someone in her place that will do something for you folks. she needs to be prosecuted for herlie an takingall the perks she gets yet she does nothing for the american people. franplyr808303

  34. Worthless Waters has drove more voters to Trump than many other Dems and it never stops to amaze me Dems let this hag spit at the cameras. She knows she is on the list and as soon as one of the many investigations on her comes out, will hopefully be in jail. Any elected official who started in goverment and ended up rich must be investigated to find out how. This has been going on far too long.

  35. As ignorant as Maxine is I wonder how she got in congress. The woman is just plain stupid. Hope she knocked out in elections, however she should be tried and impeached.

  36. why is it that every major city in the US is in poverty and over run by illegals drugs and crime think hard pls… its because they are being run by a Democrat /Liberal. The people aren’t being taken care of but they sure are their pockets are getting fuller and the PEOPLE there are getting screwed.. and yet the people in that area keep electing those idiots.. so sad… wake up America racism comes from Democrats/Liberals look at California once a beautiful state now infested.. sad…..

  37. James Riordan, I have a couple of serious questions for you. Just exactly how did Russia/Putin “win” the election for DJT? If it is a “proven fact” why did you genius Democrats not use that to immediately overturn the election? If DJT and Putin are such great friends why has DJT worked so hard to help countries being mistreated by Russia, Ukraine being one of them? Why did the messiah Barak Obama state many times on TV, there was NO WAY Russia or any other country could have an impact on our national elections? Why was Obama caught on a hot mic telling one of Putin’s henchmen to tell Vlad (Putin) to wait until after the election when Obama would have more flexibility to deal? Does that sound like Obama and Putin had a “good friendly” relationship going on?
    You see John, this impeachment excrement is not about what DJT is doing or has done! It is about Hillary losing, it is about you Dems never being adult enough to accept it, it is about you Dems not being able to control DJT, it is about DJT not taking Dem crap and finding a way to keep his campaign promises and be successful inspite of you Dems! I could go on with this but, I’ll give you a break and stop, although you don’t deserve it!

  38. You know why she gradually changed her tone? Because like Schiff, Al Green, Comey, Brennan, Pelosi, Clapper, Tlaib and the deranged CNN and MSNBC and the rest of the Russia, Russia, Russia collusion actors, they will be called to testify under oath once Atty Durham prosecution court convenes.

  39. I’m a retired LAPD Detective Supervisor. Maxine Waters Represents one of the poorest Black sections in Los Angeles, yet lives in an absolute mansion. How is that even possible? She is a phony politician and a hypocrite Black.

  40. Have you ever wondered what is behind impeaching a President only because he exists? The odd thing is that they seem to be non-human. That, however, is not what is behind this fiasco. When Trump gets re-elected and the GOP takes the House and re-takes the Senate the ENTIRE Democratic Party is about to be exposed for felony after felony after felony. No longer ‘Deep State Protection’. It will be the end of that Party. THAT is why they ALL are psychotically afraid.

  41. I have not heard any election interference from Russia. What I think is the DNC and Hillary paid for interference from Ukraine. After Hillary list she started referencing Trump paid Russia to interfere. That is the only reason the Democrats would not let Chalupa testify. Also, Rudy Giuliani found proof the DNC did pay Ukraine.

  42. “Waters pointed out she has no facts to back up her belief…”

    Well, that’s never stopped her before! And, as the old joke goes; “A lie is as good as the truth, if you don’t get caught.” And in Waters’ case, as with many other Liberals, if you DO get caught, just LIE your way out of it.

  43. Not only is Mad Max Waters a treasonous demoncrap but she’s also dye in the wool race card throwing racist! One question Waters with or without a blindfold? Traitor!

  44. It is not possible for an outside leader to make you vote their way. You are the only one in the voting booth.Are voting violations, yes there are. such people climbing out of grave to vote democrat. Communities recording a lot more votes then there are people always going democrat and the list goes on.Misdirection from the truth are what democrats are good at.

  45. Maxine Waters has been getting paid two million dollars a year from Bhutan to make sure to watch out for their interests. This has been going on since she came to the house.
    I don’t have any proof but I feel it!

  46. Maxine Waters is a disgusting ugly old scumbag. She has some damn nerve spilling such vitriolic words about our President. Why doesn’t the old hag help her constituents, as her State is falling apart in disgrace. Somebody should het in her face and spit in it like she proposed to do to President Trump. I despise her and her ilk..?

  47. Hi everyone, number 45 is a good number in general. NO IMPEACHMENT. This number is good for everyone. If some of you would change this number to 46…WE ALL F…K…

  48. “I have not yet heard, factually, how Russia substantially interfered in our elections…” As I understood it, from the Mueller report: a couple of Russian’s/ Ukrainian’s were working out of Florida on the social web sites. With a total of $350,000 spent over a year or so they attempted to interfere in the USA elections. As I read, both President Trump and Hillary spent aprox 10 million a month on social media. Now, if these guys were able to actually change the direction of our election with their limited budget, then they should be selected as the marketing company of the century. If Putin was actually involved, would he have only spent $350,000? He would have spent billions. Also, when the Dem’s sound off about a foreign country influencing an election, lets remember Obama spent $400,00 (of US taxpayers money)to a Israeli marketing firm to attempt to get rid of Bibi Netanyahu the legally elected leader of their country.

  49. It’s all about overturning the election Susan. And it will continue through Trump’s second term.But that’s ok.

  50. Maxine Waters is proof positive that voters in southern Los Angeles are ignorant stupid uninformed disconnected pathetic people.

  51. Trump criticizes people he can’t use or can’t work with, so that’s why he criticizes democrats all the time. And they deserve every bit of it. They started the criticizing.
    Trump might need to work with Putin down the road at some point so he doesn’t want to burn bridges. Yes its crappy but that’s the way the world works.

  52. John it’s also interesting that a stupid monkey goes on TV and shoots off her mouth and says she doesn’t have the facts to prove it. And idiots like you believe it. Interesting!!!!!

  53. Her 17 agencies remark quote back to Hilary Clinton. If Putin and Trump agreed to work together to get Trump elected, Putin did not hold up his end since Hilary got the majority vote! And, not long before the election, the United States with Obama in knowledge got caught hacking Germany’s secured computer systems, and in being caught, Obama revealed that every first world nation attempted often successfully, to hack other countries’ systems, including China! I have not yet heard, factually, how Russia substantially interfered in our elections…

  54. I think Waters is right to suspect that Putin thought Trump would lift the sanctions. Why else did Putin help get Trump elected unless he could somehow benefit from it? It is quite strange how Trump will criticize so many of his fellow citizens yet never mention an unkind word towards the autocrat in the Kremlin.

  55. This former South side native of Chicago has a couple of words for M.Watters. You are too old to be in Congress. Terms limits should have been in place when you were participating in the impeachment of Blue dress Clinton.

  56. If the Republicans take back the House this “woman” should be impeached or sent a dementia examination.

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