Maxine Waters went on TV and said something she immediately regretted

Maxine Waters is the leader of the impeachment caucus within the Democrat Party.

She never misses an opportunity to use the media to push Nancy Pelosi and her leadership team to take up the fight to remove Donald Trump from office.

But that is a high-risk strategy and it blew up when Waters went on TV and said something she instantly regretted.

During an interview on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” host Chris Matthews asked Waters why Democrats would not introduce articles of impeachment even though Matthews claimed Trump was acting like a king.

That set Waters off.

She launched a bizarre tirade about how 90 percent of the calls to her office support impeachment and that the will of the people is demanding Congress take steps to nullify the results of the 2016 election.

“I don’t know when they will come to that conclusion. I know that as leaders, they have the responsibility to try and hold our caucus together and to try and do and lead in the best way they think will help us to be successful,” Waters ranted.

Waters continued, “If they believe that now is not the time for impeachment, they will keep trying and go down that road. The American people, in the final analysis, is going to push on the Congress to do the impeachment. My calls are overwhelming in my office about impeachment. I have so many calls and 90 percent of all the calls that I’m getting, people see me on the street and they are talking about impeachment. ‘When are you going to impeach?’”

“I think as the level of interest and the level of not putting up with this president any longer comes to the forefront and lays on and leans on and pressures the Congress of the United States, we are going have to do it,” Waters added. “We are going to have to impeach. I just wish it was sooner than later.”

This is a huge mistake for Waters.

If Democrats move on impeachment thinking the phone calls to Waters office are representative of the sentiment in the broader American public, they are walking into a trap.

Waters represents one of the most far-left districts in Congress.

Polls show only a small minority of Americans support impeachment.

If Democrats listen to Maxine Waters, they would be taking up a fight that they have no hope of winning and could end up bolstering Donald Trump’s chances of winning re-election in 2020.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Maxine Waters is a Caucasion Wanne’ Be…….How did she come into her money???? American Taxpayers. She is a disgrace. I pray she is not voted back into office.

  2. They need to ship that ugly ass baboon back to Africa where she can reunite with her kinfolk out in the jungle. That old senile communist pos couldn’t tell you what day it is if her life depended on it. Get a rope!

  3. Maxine Waters should be receiving monthly distemper shots!
    When you look at the members of that party they appear
    Almost comical. When you think one of them is insane
    Another one pops up worse!

  4. Yes we need change, PRESIDENT TRUMP CAN DO IT.
    LETS DRAIN THE SWAMP, these people have become millionaires, and that’s what they are fighting for.
    REMEMBER,…….they will do, or say anything to protect the lifestyle they have created, and built.

  5. Yes we need change, PRESIDENT TRUMP CAN DO IT.
    LETS DRAIN THE SWAMP, these people have become millionaires, and that’s what they are fighting for.
    REMEMBER,…….they will do, or say anything to protect the lifestyle they have created, and built.


  7. Just read the comments above.
    To quote Maxie 99% of them are right on.
    AFTER we take of Hillary, Obama and the rest of them let’s start inventigating HOW these idiots get elected, who is paying for it, where did their large homes and travel costs come from and especially what are the dirty real estate deals that made hubby all the $$$$$ and for WHAT.
    The dems was investigations let’s go for it on ALL the congress and senate get rich quick schemes. Must be a reason they love being on the dole for their lifetime and NEVER getting a real job.

  8. it really huts to try to read what Waters id trying to say. Her comments do not represent lucid thoughts.

  9. FurtherMore, Maxine Goes Directly Against
    her own HS Pelosi. Pelosi said manty x’s & couldn’t
    make it more clear ” No Impeachement, & 0FF ‘the Table’.
    Why doesn’t Pelosi ‘slap her’. Italian style ‘smack her
    upside the head’.

  10. Actually she needs to get into an English Grammar book and bone up on subject/verb agreement. People IS is incorrect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Maxine Waters is not known as a math wiz or as an honest person. Her 90% could be an exaggeration. If she believes impeachment is the right thing, she should serve her constituents’ requests. I think Waters is crazy and demented.

  12. Steven, that doesn’t even begin to cover it. Rats and mice and cockroaches infesting the LA.county court house and offices. People camping out in the streets in downtown LA and San Fran, so thick that you cannot walk on the sidewalks or park your cars. A hepatitis plague, and about every disease the human condition could support. Gang violence, armed robbery, rape and murder. Despite being one of least firearms states and one of the most restrictive cities, gun deaths are rampant. LA is a sanctuary city. I guess that is why by March of 2017 the Orange.County sheriff’s department had exhausted their budget for the entire year. Yep. Hell of a REPRESENTATIVE. Takes real good care.of.her community.

  13. That racist old hide has gotta go. She has no ideas on how to move America forward, no reason to. She wants things to stagnate so she has more time to steal. The people in her district don’t call about impeachment. Hell they are so apathetic she only had a fifty two percent turn out for her election. As long as they get their welfare checks free housing, Medicaid and social security benefits they never paid a dime into they are happy. They couldn’t care less if Trump is President and so long as this old biddy brings home the freebies she will run uncontested. She is not smart, but brother she is very adept at working the system. She knows as a lot of Dems like Schumer and Blumenthal that as long as they keep up the impeachment and threats of criminal charges they have a license to steal.

  14. Mad Maxine needs to have her banking records for the last 20 years subpoenaed and she needs to be IMPEACHED herself. I understand she gave 1,000 throw away phones to 20 people so they could call into her office and urge impeachment of Pres Trump.
    Mad Maxine needs to go to prison……

  15. I want her face, and her rants on live television every day from now until the next election cycle. Thus we will be able to see what a House of Representatives with only Republicans can get done. She is clearly a poison pill for the Democrat party in the House. I just love it.

  16. Let’s face it. Mad Maxine had a lobotomy and no one told her!!
    If “BS” was music Maxine is a brass band!!
    God save America from the progressive liberal madness!
    Trump,2020. Our only hope!!

  17. I believe that’s pronounced “IMPASH” (that’s pronounced with a LONG “A”) as she screeches it out of that unbelievably UGLY “face?”. But you have to give the ape some credit, she has risen above the rest of them ON THEIR BACKS! She uses them to climb to the top of the heap leaving them to grovel in her wake and they don’t even realize it! How does one own two mansions on a salary of $170 per annum?

  18. Tim, she is from the Granola State, what do you expect? If you get rid of the fruits and the flakes you still have all the nuts.

  19. Small problem Krymson, it doesn’t work that way. Treaties are agreed to by the Executive Branch and then brought before the Senate for ratification. If the Senate doesn’t vote on it, the US can back out at anytime before there is a vote. That is what Trump did with Iran, did with the Paris Climate Change Agreement, and now is doing with the UN Small Arms Agreement. If the Senate says no in a vote on the agreement, then it is automatically revoked as to the US being a party to it.

    But Obozo sure did use his pen a lot for worthless things such as these.

  20. Maxine has been programmed to say, “IMPEACH 45, IMPEACH 45, IMPEACH 45″…. if you turn her key she will repeatedly bang her cymbals together and screech, “IMPEACH 45, IMPEACH 45, IMPEACH 45.” Someone needs to throw away Maxine’s key!

  21. If you believe normal Americans are calling Maxine Waters office I’ve got some bridge property in Brooklyn for sale and you’d probably want to buy it. She is as looney as they come.

  22. Let them try and impeach DJT. This would probably finish them for good. Useless pieces of s– that they are. They are only political welfare crook

  23. That’s the truth,all they, The Democrats do is run their mouths,they don’t give a damn for America or Americans, money in the bank for them, Soros pays them well.communist.

  24. The people who keep voting these idiots in office are living in poverty and depression and hoping it’s gonna change its not look around you these democrats only want your votes they don’t give a damn about you and your families.

  25. It’s time to vote this trash out America stand up and be counted for. Show your allegiance to the United States of America and its citizens.

  26. Maxine Waters is to be pitied. She doesn’t know what she doesn’t know. I shudder to think she has any power in our government. She is totally powered by hate and revenge toward others. She is the laughing stock of the Democratic Party even if she thinks she is a leader. She has done well to feather her nest and those of her family and above all she is dishonest and not too bright.

  27. If Maxine thinks that people asking, ‘When are you going to impeach?’ is fully supportive of impeachment I would think her to be wrong. I could be asking ‘When are you going to impeach?’ just hoping they make the mistake to actually start it.

  28. Mad Maxine Waters needs to be retired by her constituents. They have a great Republican Candidate for that district named Omar Navaro. And he actually LIVES in the district, not in a 4 million dollar mansion in a gated community somewhere North of the district. And he truly wants to make things better but for some reason they keep voting for the same thing. When was the last time Maxine did ANYTHING for the community? When was the last time she introduced any legislation that would help Democrats? We know she has paid her daughter’s “company” over $600,000 dollars! But all she can do for her constituents is talk about impeachment? Did anyone else catch the hearing she had with the heads of the banks? She made a complete and total fool of herself questioning them about the student loan “crisis” and what were they doing about it. But she must not have gotten the memo that the government took over the student loan program in 2009 and all the banks are out of it now! It was so funny! Just shows she isn’t paying attention to her job. And perhaps she shouldn’t be in that position!!!

  29. Yes, I agree Krymson….I call Obama the most dictatorial president we have had! It was not a presidency….it was an out and out dictatorship…but the blind do not want to see, apparently. They will go about their business ignoring all his downfalls. TRUMP 2020!!

  30. Mad Maxie represents a district of takers. Almost 100% of her consituents are on taxpayer assistance. Maxie has 3 mansions. Mad Maxie is a moron, a demented leftist Democrat. I hope the Democrats will pursue impeachment. That is the way they can most insure Trump’s landslide victory in 2020.


  32. Mad Max Muddy Waters is by far the dumbest ape I’ve ever had the displeasure of hearing screeching. Those big innertube lips are always flapping and that giant banana hole mouth is continuously wide open. The only thing that tiny simian brain is capable is hate President Trump and hate conservatives. When are they going to put that extremely ugly monkey back in the zoo??

  33. I totally agree! What Waters did was in direct violation of everything members of Congress are sworn to uphold. Waters, Pelosi, and Democrats control the House, but have introduced not one bill to better this nation. Nothing on the economy! Nothing on help to veterans! Nothing to protect the United States worker from foreign completion! All they (Democrats) have done is seek to impeach a President who has committed no impeachable offenses! Waters should be expelled from Congress and tried for “hate crimes” against a sitting President.

  34. Obama also entered into a treaty with Iran where Iran received billions of funds, access to nuclear materials, and the U.S. received nothing but a promise of peace efforts in return. Where were the screams for impeachment from Pelosi and Waters when Obama, once again, by-passed Congress while breaking his “Oath of Office”? Waters is a racist, lying, stupid individual who is active because she is supported by people more ignorant and stupid than she is.

  35. Democrat leaders refer to President Trump’s actions as being “King-Like” but said nothing about the enormous number of “Executive Orders” issued by Barack Obama. When Barack Obama sent Secretary of State Kerry to sign the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, he did so without consulting Congress or getting congressional approval; both of which are needed for the U.S. to enter into any treaty. Obama broke his “Oath of Office” and presidential protocol by doing this and Waters said nothing about impeaching Obama!

  36. To understand Maxine threat to incite a civil war against Trump and many red-hat supporters, she had her experience with Rodney King trial that led to a city-wide riot that resulted in 63 death. She’s not afraid to sic her liberal dogs after the biggest conservative voices.

    Many liberal crazies went to the restaurants/movie theaters to chase out the conservative politicians. They even went to their private home property.

    I’m disappointed that the government did not act to prosecute her. She should be permanently expelled from the national level. I’m holding her responsible for many violent attacks that occurred throughout the nation.

  37. And to think I’m still a democrat, not changing it either, they think they have my vote hahahahaha wrong. I was going to change it, but then thought , why? They think they have numbers. Hahahaha not from this dem. It’s my way of saying F- u dems

  38. Nobody with a brain gives a shi-t-t-t whether Waters is shot today or tomorrow when the Supremacists finally rule. She’s that much a joke in DC. But when will Sanderites from Boston shoot Biden or the gay-blade?

  39. Broken record this all she can say? I’ve heard this drumbeat till my ears ache.
    I would like to know Mad Max if you impeach what does your fellow dems plan on doing?
    What is your agenda? You and your hippy party have spent 2 1/2 years bashing Trump and have put forth no actual plan on carrying out the office. You’re woefully unprepared if the candidates that are stepping up to run are any indication. A homosexual(basically a rebel against the natural order) a very angry old man,a woman of ill repute who slept her way to the top, a liar, a man who’s made a great city a cesspool and bankrupted it,a guy who STILL believes in climate change what a circus of fools.

  40. One look at her district says it all !!!! Los Angeles has turned into a human garbage dump while Mad Maxipad has gotten rich , and San Francisco is no different. Trash ,human feces ,dirty needles and the homeless have ruined both cities while Pelosi and Waters do nothing but line their pockets.

  41. “Raging” Waters says 90% of the people who call back her questfor impeachment.
    90% of the people who wrote to Charles Manson backed up his way of life, too.
    It doesn’t makeher right, it means that the nuts congregat toward the head nut.

  42. No one I no is in favor of u guys not accepting our vote for Donald Trump to be our president.have you ppl even done any work at all in the last two tears or just waste our money. We want this madness to stop. Thx u

  43. Pls go back and look at the opening photo. Now, honestly, is that a face you want representing you in our government? I don’t care what your political position or racial leaning, surely we Americans can put forth a better image than that to the world. Surely, there are Americans who are happier? And I am not responsible for any slavery or oppression. I am an American and proud of it – are you?

  44. They should make the Democratic Party reimburse the taxpayers out of their own pockets who paid the bill for all of these anti-Trump witch hunts that came up with nothing.

  45. This impeachment thing Democrats continue screaming about will go nowhere. More waste of time /money and proves how stupid the Democratic Party can act! They are in desperation mode 2020 will be here soon and they have NOTHING. Nothing to run on, nothing to inflict enough pain on The Presidency for any lasting effect on our President. So they will throw as much mud as possible to see how much they can get to stick. SAD. Issues need to be made in a non-partisan means and they won’t lift a finger. What a waste of tax-payer dollars. Remember it when you vote, The People can change things.

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