The media covered one story about Donald Trump that no one saw coming

Year one of Donald Trump’s Presidency has been consumed by him fighting back against the liberal media smears.

They are spreading fake news to try and bring him down.

But they unearthed the one story that no one could believe.

The House and the Senate passed Trump’s tax cut package.

This was a major victory for the President and capped his first year in office.

What no one expected was the media to reconsider how they viewed Trump’s first year.

It was 12 months of significant achievements.

Axios’ Mike Allen laid out all Trump accomplished:

“You might not like his words or actions. But measured in terms of what Republican voters want and expected, he’s winning on consequential and lasting fronts:

  • The tax bill passed with almost unanimous Republican support, before the end of the year, and in keeping with mostly mainstream conservative orthodoxy. Trump won a bigger corporate tax break than either Bush ever got, and will sign the most consequential new tax law in 30 years. And he followed through on cutting taxes for most small businesses and most Americans. He did this without losing a single GOP senator — even his harshest critics.
  • He failed to repeal all of Obama’s health-care law. But Trump axed the individual mandate with the tax bill, and has chipped away at other parts of the law’s foundation. Again, you might hate the outcome. But it’s a significant step to blowing up a program most Republicans demanded be destroyed.
  • Axios health-care editor Sam Baker emails: “The smaller administrative steps Trump has taken — an executive order, cuts to enrollment outreach, ending a critical stream of funding for insurers — [are cumulatively] weakening the ACA’s insurance exchanges and prompting some insurers to question whether those markets are worth the trouble.”
  • Trump has tilted the court rightward in lasting ways. Justice Neil Gorsuch was a substantial, conservative addition to the Supreme Court. And it wasn’t a one-off: The N.Y. Times notes that he has appointed eight appellate judges, the most this early in a presidency since Richard Nixon. The dozen new U.S. Circuit Court judges he has named is the most during a president’s first year in office in more than a century.
  • Trump has followed through on eviscerating regulations, many of them imposed by Obama. He has revoked 67, and delayed or derailed more than 1,500 others.
  • No matter that much of it is not of his doing, the economy has grown consistently under his watch.
  • ISIS is in retreat. The N.Y. Times’ Ross Douthat calls it “A War Trump Won.”

The media has schemed to portray Trump’s first year in office as a failure.

They want to drive down his approval numbers and help the Democrats win Congress.

So they focused on meaningless tweets and “process” stories instead of covering the substance of Trump’s year in office.

And he has done more to advance a conservative agenda on all fronts than any President in at least a generation.

Do you agree Trump’s first year in office was an historic success?

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