The media is covering up this one fact about Donald Trump, Jr. and Russia

The so-called “mainstream” media feeding frenzy has descended upon Donald Trump, Jr.

They are pointing to a meeting with a Russian lawyer as evidence of collusion.


  1. In addition, lamestream media is NOT revealing the female ruskie lawyer had connections to the DNC AND she did not have a “valid visa” to enter the USA, but fraudbama’s DOJ permitted her to do so anyway.

  2. Well, let’s see what else they can come up with. They’re so desperate to try to ruin Trump. This is getting ridiculous.

  3. I am shocked and amazed at how many stupid people exist in this country and believe the MSM. Something needs to be done – like brain implants for half of the people in this country. The stupidity is overwhelming and nothing seems to be able to reach these people.

  4. Thank you for accepting my comments. I really do appreciate it.It would seem both logically and ethically that anyone campaigning for office or assisting one campaigning for office would gladly and quckly respond to any offersto provide some bad or damaging info about their opponent. What could possibly be wrong about that? The fact that the supposed informant was from russia is irrelevent!If indeed the woman had given Trump Jr. valid damaging info about Hilary, that would have been good. The fact she did not was dissappointing.None of that is in any way truly a black mark of any kind against Trump Jr. Why are people yelling treason? Insane!

  5. Linda Anderson needs to take off her rose colored glasses and see what is right in front of her face..what the demorats are saying the repubs are doing is really what the liberal demorat mental retards are doing..

  6. Adopted Children from where? They can’t adopt them from here just because they have young adults who are drunks they are running out of soldiers. I know this was not about Russia for there are lots of children in homes to be adopted so what country are they talking about???

  7. You know, if the Russians really wanted to influence the our country in a way beneficial to them, they would have done everything they could to get Hillary in, not Trump. Hillary is easily bought.

    • I doubt that most people are buying the so-called Russian collusion BS story. The media keep peddling that dead-horse story…it’s really lame and as they say, the story IS a Nothing-burger. Let’s face it, the only people believing it are the die-hard Libtards and those that watch CNN. A top CNN official was also recently caught on tape saying that the whole Russian collusion story was BS! And it was only done for ratings! BUT as usual the lie…continues on with the other so-called mainstream media who are proving to everyone they are nothing but LIARS! They have been LIARS for years! Another thing I like about Trump is, is that he has been able to expose the media for the LIARS that they are.

  8. So why didn’t the Trumps own up to the meeting at first and why would his son come up with such disclosure at a time when his father was being investigated over Russia contacts? Don’t always leave questions to the readers.

    • How many of the people that YOU have come into contact with during the course of the days of your life can you recall and give an account of?

  9. The media and the Democrats led by George Soros halfbreed puppet are trying to ruin our great Country.I have many friends who are honest Democrats it is a damn shame there don’t seem to be any of them in WA DC

  10. No one seems concerned about all that has happened during the precious administration, and there was very much happening. In fact, they became very advanced in their NWO agenda and the selling off of our country. It is truly a disgrace how the American people were so mistreated and misrepresented but they only worry about a man who wants to bring our country back to her greatness but who is a thorn in their side because he does not agree with their agenda.

    • Sophie: this country is already great. Trump can’t make it “great again” He is a blind, blundering idiot whose only accomplishment has been to alienate the rest of the world against us. What happened to all those campaign promises? He’s got a Republican Congress. Can’t get anything passed. Congress has been controlled by Republicans for the past 4 years, so if you want to talk about mistreatment and misrepresentation, look no further than the GOP. All Trump supporters can do when confronted with the facts are go back to bashing Hilary. You can’t fight the truth about your weak, pathic, Narcissistic excuse for a man. God help the United States of America.

      • Ms. Anderson is right about 1 thing. The GOP hasn’t done anything and neither have the Democrats. Obama was a disgrace. Trump is not a politician and that is why he is a better President than we have had in decades. If we want change in this country: more jobs that pay a living wage; effective healthcare; effective responses to foreign and domestic terrorism; stronger economy; etc. then we need more people like Donald Trump and none like Hillary.

        • Linda Anderson – And you saw nothing wrong with the previous 0bama administration? This country was subjected to absolute tyranny under dictator 0bama. He was and IS guilty of treason many times over and yet you and the other libtards saw nothing wrong with all he did and all the crimes he committed?! Take off your blinders and come back to reality! The last thing this country neeed was another DemoNcrat President! Thank God Donald Trump won! Otherwise this country would have been over!

    • You had a typo that read “precious administration” – -I’m certain you meant “previous administration” and I agree with that. However Linda Anderson has been listening to the lamestream media propaganda machine and has no clue about the accomplishments of the “current administration”! God IS helping America AND President Trump – -in spite of the liberal lying bigots in Congress and the press.

  11. The lawyer was lying in her interview. Seems like the DNC was doing everything they could to save their cow from losing after the steers in her campaign screwed everything up! Once more the bias media still trying to have a fake news impact! They all suck! It is time for everyone to investigate the dang DNC for their crimes and stop covering up for those crooks!

    • The DNC absolutely NEEDS to be investigated. A person shot in the back with NOTHING missing from his wallet. A debate question given to Hitlery prior to the debate. The list goes one with Hitlery for years and years prior to this election cycle. Those that don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it is a remark I’ve heard for years. Apparently the Dems have a very short memory.

  12. Then the crazy world of liberals , lefties , dumbrats wonder why the normal people of this country hate them so much !

    • Totally agree. If any of them would actually have a functioning brain…well never mind….we all know we know that will never happen.

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