The liberal media just launched a vicious assault on Melania Trump

From the start, Melania Trump has been under fire from the liberal fake news media.

They openly speculated she and Donald Trump had marital problems when she and her son initially remained in New York City after Trump’s inauguration so Barron could finish out the school year.

Now one liberal rag, relying on anonymous sources, just launched the most vicious assault on Melania yet!

Vanity Fair quoted an alleged “longtime friend” who claimed Melania never wanted to be First Lady, though she allegedly pushed him to run.

RealClearLife summarizes the lengthy report:

But Melania, born Melanija Knavs in 1970 Slovenia, never actually thought he’d win, a longtime friend of the Trumps’ told Vanity Fair— and the magazine reports that even before his presidency, she and Donald lived essentially separate lives.

“This isn’t something she wanted and it isn’t something he ever thought he’d win,” the longtime friend reportedly said. “She didn’t want this come hell or high water. I don’t think she thought it was going to happen.”

This isn’t a new speculation; Melania has frequently been seen in public frowning, with a rigid posture, even swatting away her husband’s hand on multiple occasions as he reached out to hold hers. Even her cause as first lady — cyberbullying — is so ironic that some speculate it may be pointed.

“It’s unlikely but possible that she chose the cause by way of trolling her own husband.”

Unfortunately, the First Lady is often unfairly scrutinized and forced to respond to these attacks.

A spokeswoman for Melania issued a scathing statement:

“Once again part of the liberal media, this time Vanity Fair, has written a story riddled with unnamed sources and false assertions. As a magazine tailored to women it is shameful that they continue to write salacious and false stories meant to demean Mrs. Trump, rather than focus on her positive work as First Lady as a supportive wife and mother. As has been stated on the record many times before, she is honored by her role.”

After eight years of the liberal media fawning over Michelle Obama’s every move, the criticisms of Melania are truly unprecedented.

What are your thoughts on these sort of cheap shots at Melania Trump?

Let us know in the comments below.



  1. Since we had to endure mr/mrs obuma for the last eight years, I say it’s about time the tables were turned.
    Melania is stylish, classy, intelligent, caring ~ something we have not had for years in our FLOTUS.
    I pray that the Trumps go on to win again & serve their full eight years, just to at least “even the score” on the dems. If they don’t like it, at the very least they can’t say they don’t deserve it.

  2. It is utterly wrong to pick on our First Lady one who not even American Born loves our country and trying to do best for all of us. I for one will physically fight for her honor as a lady and First lady of our Nation. All this Liberals are a bunch of Cowards who pick on a woman. Only thing about them I feel bad about is that I have not heard any of them criticise and try to put her down in front of me because they would be swallowing their teeth. God Bless -Melania Trump a great Lady.

  3. I think a lot of people who don’t like Donald Trump just need someone to take it out on – so they choose Melania. And their son Barron, too. We have not had such a beautiful, classy and worldly first lady in the White House since Jacqueline Kennedy. And she’s so intelligent that I bet she just lets this fake stuff just roll off.

    • I think that the Liberal media is mean. The double standard between Liberals and Conservatives is mean in itself. Why should Melania Trump be scorched by the media What has she done that is so bad? I say they should leave her alone, and be thankful for the fact that she is one classy and smart lady.

  4. Melania is a true beautiful First lady. I’m sure she had made many people jealous and if so then they should be! They need to learn to accept on what she has become! I know she stand behind her husband and of course Trump do the talking. She is a very generous woman. People are also the way she dress up too! She does take care of herself. She is pretty to look and guess what there three more years to look at her! It could even be four more years after that! What could be better or who? A woman for the highest court. I salute you Melania! This goes for the same Mr. Trump! Amen!


  6. So JEALOUSY REARS ITS UGLY HEAD: Melania is a lovely person. People need two things in this life: Kindness and discipline. I have seen precious little of this when the left democrats speak.
    Our press displays neither kindness nor discipline; therefore, what we now see is a spread of tainted information. The twisting of truth and lies spread all around about everything. We need good people to tell the news as it is, instead of manipulators busy with trashing anything and everyone. Melania Trump has a grace about her that is seldom seen. We are exposed to too many Hollywood types that put the wrong face on society. Trump has revolutionized our time. He can pull out the good and identify the bad.

  7. Actually who would want to be first lady. I doubt not many. But I suppose Hillary did. But to me, Mellinia is one of the best. She has a lot of class and caring which I cannot say for some other recent first ladies.

    • She SHOULD sue them!! Defamation of character is a huge factor in a lot of lawsuits, and all she would need to do is show a copy of that stupid rag that published such crap to a judge, and sue them right out of business!!

      • A lawsuit would be a waste of time. Most lawyers and judges are democrats and would make a lawsuit drag on for a very long time and cause more trouble than it is worth. Face it, what they wrote is nothing they have not said in the past. Melania is smart enough and has enough class to ignore these types of accusations. In the long run she will get even and more than that on her own.

  8. The liberal media is made up of complete fools. They are full of bull dung and their lies, criticisms, and vicious assaults are not worth following.

  9. Let’s face it the word “Lady” really applies to Mrs. Trump. We are blessed to have a woman of grace, charm, beauty, and high intellect represent us to the world. She has conducted herself perfectly where ever she has been. I don’t doubt her love for her son AND her husband. They seem to compliment each other. I am grateful to have her as OUR First Lady and keep she, the President and their family in my prayers daily.

    • The Liberal Media can go screw themselves!

      They are disgusting!!! Picking on the President’s Wife!

      Unforgivable! They should be IMPEACHED and thrown off the air, and not allowed to publish this Garbage!!!

    • When there is an UNKNOWN SOURCE the comments should NOT be printed or stated at all. The cowards know they are lying and they hide behind the media that hates conservatives.

  10. First Lady with class, and beauty. The democrats don’t seem to know anything, but the field hand look. The White House has been decorated like a Christmas wonderland. She has shown knowledge about what is tasteful, and what the American people wanted. The White House is live for the first time in eight years, and Chirst is back in Chirstmas, and the House.

  11. I fear that someone has a thin skin and I bet it isn’t Melania. First of all no one said that there were marital problems, they just mused in jest that Melania was happy to have the extra time away from Donald for whatever time she could. I never saw it as anything serious and it sure wasn’t constant.

    I wouldn’t doubt it for a minute that she had doubts about being so in the limelight as the first lady. It doesn’t seem to be her style. She probably didn’t think it would ever happen and I don’t think this would have been her first choice in lifestyle.

    And ye of short memory. You didn’t see what the last three first ladies went through? Michelle and Hillary were always front and center and getting lots of bad press. Laura had to put up with all the negative things said about her husband and the question of how she could live with someone that inept. None of it was warranted. Thing is in order to just write this stupid article the way it was written just shows the thin skin of the administration. Melania is probably the only thing classy about the White House.

    • That she doesn’t need the limelight is what makes her particularly charming and classy!

      The Liberals are jealous as Hell that they never had such a wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, virtuous Real Lady like her!

  12. This just goes t oshow EVERYONE how far some will go to try to make Melania look bad when she is the best First Lady we have had in a LONG time. She is very classy and does much to help those who have very little. It would have been nice if Michelle had 1/10 the class that Melania has. Vanity Fair is NOT playing fair. Guess their name does NOT say it all for they do not know what FAIR really means. Why does the liberal media have to go this route? Well, we know they have NO class but lot’s of ASS.

  13. The temper tantrums continue! All I can do is laugh! While they continue to spew their hate President Trump is MAGA and Melania is representing our country with elegance, intelligence and grace. Thank God for President Trump and our beautiful First Lady Melania!

  14. Actually it was Moochele who hated being in the White House, don’t get the two confused. One is a beauty with brains, the other is well, you get the picture.

  15. The Liberals despise the gains in the Stock Market, along with the Military successes in defeating ISIS and the total economy and abundance of jobs being offered. The main idea of most Liberals is if they can’t control your every move, thought, idea, all the way down to your way of life, of how you want to live. they aren’t happy. Case in point, Al Gore, conserve electricity, while I power my 14 rooms in my house, George Soro’s, set up disruptions within the United States to dismantle progress, and elite known Celebrities, famous words of their wisdom: Conserve while I fly all over the World, skip customs, and get catered to while iI inform you of how you should live. There’s only two words to describe Liberals: Control Freaks !

    • Our First Lady is fantastic – I pay no attention to the msm not worth my time.
      Sure they would go after her today – after the beautiful Christmas-decorating at our WH.
      Don’t let the msm ruin Christmas – this is our President and our First Lady – Merry Christmas ❤️

  16. Who would waste their time reading Vanity Fair?
    As has been repeated many times on the A-Team:
    “I pity the fool”. Face it the leftist media is totally off
    the rails. You have to compare these people to streetwalkers to even begin to understand the total lack of morales among these so called journalists.

  17. All these anonymous sources are are probably the false journalist that are spouting all the lies. Any time the liberals can think of something to criticize The President and his family they will air. Honesty doesn’t enter the picture. Liars all!

  18. This lady is truly an asset in ways we never dreamed after the last 8 years. We appreciate the trump WH family while demos can only show jealousy. From the old school, we were taught: if you cannot say anything nice, shut up.

  19. Well, first off, Vanity Fair is a piece of garbage infected by its owner, a real swine, that likes to smear anyone he doesn’t like. and he does it under the cover of Vanity fair. This is a major left wing, bias and wrongly opinionated publication, spurred on by its owner. What a shame that some people feel the need to slander and hurt innocent and lovely people. Is it because they themselves feel inferior????

  20. The report may be true, but I can’t believe anything coming from one of those far-left rags unless it is indisputably proven with real names and places. There are thousands of these hit pieces coming from people who want to make Trump look bad. They just discredit themselves.

  21. After 8 yrs of the monkeys we’ve had in the WH, I think she is a breath of fresh air, plus being beautiful. She doesn’t brag about the things she is doing for society and for her husband. I think she is great.

  22. The liberal media has no respect from me or millions and millions of others. Nothing but a lot of lies and bulls@#$%t. They should stop their lies.

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