The media was shocked this poll proved Donald Trump right

When Donald Trump defended statutes honoring Confederate Civil War generals, the media jumped for joy.

They thought they had caught Trump in a situation where he was defending a minority position against the overwhelming number of Americans who wanted to tear those statues down.


  1. They are working on that now, the petition has over 100 thousand signatures so it will be sent to the white house to do just what was asked, take his money, freeze his assets, and possibly take away his US citizenship. Should know in the next 60 days. Petition will be presented to white house this week.

  2. Al says he doesn’t want his taxpayer money for upkeep on national monuments. Come on Al, show us your tax returns marked paid for the last ten years then we can talk. Unless I am mistaken you still owe plenty in back taxes. Careful Al, I am sure we can find statues you care about we can demand be taken down also, because I am offended by them. If you owe on your taxes shut the hell up. I don’t believe you are a reverend anyway. You are nothing but a race baiter and agitator.

  3. Wonder if the useful idiots remember that Robert E. Lee had a very sucessful army career of 35 1/2 years in the U S Army?

    How can you deny he believed in State Rights to give that carrer up/?

  4. Richard
    You forgot to mention that when the ape’s proclamation was signed it excluded richards’ plantation.

    also believe mr richards was (gasp) BLACK.

    dark humor grant was asked why he waited to free his slaves he coined the phrase “hard help is hard to find’


  5. Hear Hear! My friend you have just put into words my feelings exactly! Also, Thank You for Your service to OUR great country!

  6. The only problem with that is; the FCC is in bed with them! Why do you think the FCC took TV channels that had been fine for over 60 years, sold their frequencies to Cellular companies, then forced new digital TV on the American people? To enrichen those in power even more!

  7. I’m beginning to believe “New World Order” should be renamed “No World Order” for the anarchy they have been spawning all over the world!

  8. You tell ’em, Cap’n! Your’s is one of the few reasonable voices to be heard in the land today. P.S. If AFVET is Air Force Veteran, I say You tell ’em brother!


  10. These people in these hate groups don’t know our history. It’s not taught in most of our schools. They want to eradicate our history. This explains how our country is in the state it’s in. Anarchy and Fascism prevails. These people have no direction. How can you know were you’re going if you don’t know were you’ve been! Preserve our past preserve our history.

  11. The General during WW II was Dwight David Eiesenhauer. Agree about the history aspect…the sad part is that the majority of today’s teachers appear to not teach history and social studies the way we were taught back in the day.

  12. Al Sharpton, does anyone listen to him or better yet care what he is saying? Sharpton claim to fame is Tawana Brauley, a faker (like CNN) of the first-class… President TRUMP is a healer, believing in American values of tolerance and fairness for all; TRUMP vehemently came out against the KKK; White Supremacy, bigotry, and all forms of racial discrimination; did Obama ever do the same? America must unite and be prous of one another.. but we can’t do this with the Anti-Hate America goons coming from the camp of Soros and the Anarchists… God Bless President TRUMP… JeB

  13. An excellent approach to a very difficult problem…..but one that can re resolved with help and the cooperation of We The People.

  14. This will not stop until they ( Leftists ) get another Demo-Commie in the White House OR unless we get rid of SOROS, OBAMA, HILLARY, CNN and the rest of Obama’s administration. They were and are Corrupt to the core. Just think what would happen if they did re-gain power, We The REAL People of this country would not be.

  15. U do know the media is bought…

    ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.

    CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.

    ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney

    ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary

    ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood

    CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.

    Ya think there might be a little bias in the news ???
    It also explains the cover up of Benghazi………and other scandals.

  16. Too late the Progressive indoctrination has already begun from kindergarten to High School by the time they go to college they are documented sum cum laud snowflakes no ideas of their own follow the Progressive Leader, use your coloring books when frustrated and suck your thumb when stress is over whelming you. The stress consists of someone with a different ideology that somehow was allowed to speak until the protestors came and closed the person down.

  17. I thought in this country the majority ruled why the hell is it the minority is telling us what to do and they are calling the shots, maybe we need to be directing the shots in a different direction

  18. The evil that needs to be torn down is Al Sharpton, a racist bigot who tries to get attention because he is such a selfie whore!He and Jesse Jackson have been trouble makers since the could not survive on their own merits. Both have been in trouble for tax evasion and lawlessness and Obama stained the White House by letting the little runt sleep over like a vagrant! These were guys that wanted equality but not for anyone else!

  19. Remind these democrap useful idiots ‘Those that don’t know history, are doomed to repeat it’, then offer to fit them for the their collar now and avoid the rush.

  20. This stupidity is supported by left wing liberal politicians. Like Obozo and Rahm Emmanuel said, “Never let a tragedy go to waste.” The leftists politicize it and even pay money to support it. How can these crazy people expect to be re-elected?

  21. And the kid that kill the women with his car was legally on the street. He was attracted by the violent Antifa hate group. He was forced to flee for fear of his life. He ran his car into the back of another car that was stopped by the evil Antifa Bigots. That car was pushed into the crowd that was illegally in the street. After the accident his car was again attacked. He was forced again to back away fearing for his life. This has been portrayed as a terrorist act by just one group on one side . Trump was right there were many sides several looking to cause violence some looking to peacefully protest to save statutes and other Right issues. The event was called “Unite the Right”. Even though it was a lefty set up for what happened.

  22. This just goes to show people how STUPID some of them still are. They forget this was done in our PAST and we were supposed to have LEARNED from it. Does not look like they did. THese people remind me why a General during WW11 when he came to where the Jews were being given their ‘SHOWER of DEATH’ told his people to photograph ALL of this for that way in the future they will NOT be able to say this never happened. Back in the day when Washington or Jefferson had slaves it was look at as normal. But people who talk about them forget the GREAT they did for ALL of us in todays world. These same people are NOT saying anything about the BLACK slave owners only the WHITE ones. Talk about racist people who ar e whining are the biggest racists in todays world and maybe people will LEARN from this. Leave the statues alone and LEARN what they were and are about. That is IF you have a working mind.

  23. Tyranny an the demoRATS:.

    Never forget that Stalin banned guns in 1929, then turned around and murdered over 20 million of his own people once they were defenseless!

    Hitler banned guns in 1938, then murdered 13 million people afterwards …

    And Mao Tse Tung banned guns in China, then murdered 40 million helpless citizens …

    We can NEVER let that happen in America.

  24. I wonder how long it will take them to tear down the statue of Dem Senator Robert Byrd, former KKK Grand Cyclops? Oh, oops, I guess that one’s okay!

  25. This over reaction to free speech and violence from antifa thugs attacking it and anyone they do not agree with will destroy and distort our history. Once our histories reminders are gone, it will be easier for the progressive socialist engineers to reform it in their own image not true history. Never let a manufactured tragedy go to waist. Slow this train before it derails into a true disaster. real bigots are an many sides and singling out a few small minorities to persecute is as wrong on one side as another. Learn from history don’t erase it or we will be doomed to repeat it! Don’t hate the historical and artistic statues take the kid down and explain what they mean to you and if you can explain what they mean to the other side too. That is how you educate instead if indoctrinate the future Americans.

  26. best bet ,vote them out and put people in office that will do what we want NOT what they want ,its we the people ,not a one man show

  27. Please no violence…convince all your family members and friends to vote those insane politicians our of office. I dropped all those who do not believe in America and our ways because I do not want to deal with their stupidity.

  28. Only 5% of southerners owned slaves.. The state of LA.had 10,689 freed black men. Of those over 3,000 owned slaves ( 29 % ,or 6 X the average) P.C.Richards owner of the largest sugar plantation in LA. owned 152 slaves , more than 99% of the major slaveholders in the entire Confederacy. Mayhaps the Alt Left should search out monuments to him, rather than Robert E Lee whose 3 slaves were freed before the beginning of the War. BTW U.S. Grant freed his 18 saves several months after the war.

  29. Solo los traidores de sus pueblos tratan de destruir su historia para poder surgir con el proposito de adquirir poder

  30. It woudnt surprise me if President Trump has a sixty percent approval rating at this point why else would the liberal left media attack him like no other President before.It just stands to reason the greater he attack him the greater his approval rating. If his approval rating was as low as the liberal media says why attack him at all…..By this sound reasoning his approval rating has to be we
    ll over 50 percent

  31. demoRAT party=abortion=kkk=slavery=muslim terrorists=high taxes=poverty=fixed elections,LIBERALISM Is It Mental Illness or Demonic Oppression?

  32. Mahatma Gandhi,”Among the many misdeeds
    of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act depriving a
    whole nation of arms as the blackest.”
    Mahatma Gandhi.
    Tyranny an the demoRATS:.
    Never forget that Stalin banned guns in 1929, then turned around and murdered over 20 million of his own people once they were defenseless!

    Hitler banned guns in 1938, then murdered 13 million people afterwards …

    And Mao Tse Tung banned guns in China, then murdered 40 million helpless citizens …

    We can NEVER let that happen in America. LIBERALISM Is It Mental Illness or Demonic Oppression?

  33. God is the ultimate and sovereign judge for sin. Homosexuality is sin by His order; it is not decided by public opinion or deceived/false clergy. Changing societies do not dictate God’s standards. Sin is defined by God for us in the Bible. It is the source for what God says is holy and righteous or sin and abomination. Hebrews 13:8 states that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever; he does not “go with the flow.”

    God’s Word says that homosexuality is unnatural, a perversion, an abomination, fornication, vile affections, and a great sin against Him. He states any sexual act outside of marriage is adultery (hetro or homo sexual). Sex is to be between “man and woman within marriage”. LIBERALISM Is It Mental Illness or Demonic Oppression?

  34. THE demoRATS,muslims and main stream media cnn,abc,nbc,cbs,msnbc r the WAR on American,long live President Trump! GOD bless the United States Of American!LIBERALISM Is It Mental Illness or Demonic Oppression?

  35. What has Happened to our Country in this Deal in Charlottesville from everything seen in the news The white supremacy was gathered in a peaceful Demonstration until the other Group showed up,with Bats,Chains,Bottles and Rocks and started what happened and yet the KKK and White Supremacy is getting all the Blame I agree with Our President there’s enough blame to go around.and anybody that doesn’t see that the should not hold a public office period

  36. I am encouraged by these comments and hope that someone can figure out how to get rid of our media! Perhaps some sensible voice will arise somewhere.
    We must vote the nuts out of Congress!

  37. Never doubt liberals eventual propensity to stick ones foot in their own mouths. They’ve made it an art form with embarrassing themselves.

  38. Slavery was a lower priority issue. The Civil War was fought over States Rights and self determination.

    Here is a list of some very Historical People the Democrats want to closet.

    Since most of the senior officers of the Confederate Army are ALL West Point Academy graduates, do we permanently CLOSE that institution and dismantle it?

    Robert E Lee, West Point grad 1829 Brevit Lt. U S Army Captain during Mexican American war 1846.
    West Point Superintendent Brevit Colonel.

    Joseph E Johnston West Point grad 1829 Brevit Lt. Brevit Colonel during Mexican American War

    Jefferson Davis West Point grad 1833 Brevit Lt. Resigned commission in 1835. Married Zachary Taylors Daughter. Joined Democratic party in 1840. Personally, owned more than a hundred slaves. Resigned state house seat to fight in Mexican American War, Brevet Lt. Colonel under former father-in-law Zachary Taylor. Appointed to Senate Seat from Mississippi in Dec. 1847 and was re- elected Dec. 1849. Resigned in 1851 to run for Governor of Mississippi, lost and returned to politics by being appointed Secretary of War in Franklin Pierce’s administration. Davis ran and was elected to the U. S. Senate in 1857,

    Braxton Bragg West Point grad 1837 Brevit Lt, Earned three Brevit promotions during Mexican American War, (Lt. Colonel) Resigned commission in 1856

    James Longstreet West Point grad 1842 Brevit Lt. Brevit Captain during Mexican American war
    Brevit Major in 1858 attached to 8th Infantry

    Richard H Anderson West Point grad 1842 Brevit Lt. 2nd Lt. in 1st US Dragoons (light cavalry)
    Brevit 1st Lt. during Mexican American War 1846

    Lafayette McLaws West Point grad 1842 Brevit Lt. Served in Mexican American War. Promoted to Captain US Army in late 1850s.

    George Pickett West Point grad 1846 Brevit Lt. Promoted to Captain during the Mexican American War. served in the Pig war of 1859

    Camdus M. Wilcox West Point grad 1846 Brevit Lt. Brevit 1st. Lt. during Mexican American War. Promoted to Captain in 1860 sent to New Mexico Territory

    J E B Stuart West Point grad 1854 Brevit Lt. Promoted to Captain in April 1861

    John Bell Hood West Point grad 1853 Brevit Lt. Promoted to 1st Lt. in 1858, Texas Indian wars

    William H. C. Whiting West Point grad 1st in class of 1845, promoted to Captain in 1858

    A P Hill West Point grad 1847 Brevit Lt. saw action in Seminole Wars Promoted to 1st. Lt. in 1851

    J. Johnston Pettigrew, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, after graduation was appointed assistant Professor at the United States Naval Observatory. He studied Law and became an accomplished Attorney. He was elected to the South Carolina Legislature in 1856.

    Since Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederacy, was a United States Senator from the State of Mississippi in the 1850’s, do we revoke the Statehood of Mississippi and allow its’ lands to be absorbed by the other border states? Oh but wait, weren’t most of those other states the ones that left the union as well?

    Since Mississippi is the HOME state of Jefferson DAVIS, then shouldn’t all the Congressional representatives, Senate and House RESIGN?- Do it NOW.

    If the Democrats want to erase all the signs of slavery, they must start the process of closing down West Point and the process of revoking Statehood Status on Mississippi.

    Failure to do so will show the entire world what the Democrats and specifically Nancy Pelosi really are: a bunch of race baiting hypocrites of the HIGHEST ORDER. They are NOTHING, but opportunists.

    While most of the men listed did not fully support Slavery, many came from well to do families that had plantations.
    All of the men shared a commonality of self determination and a strong desire for “States rights”.
    They did not agree that the Northern Abolitionist had a right to dictate terms to Southern States.
    Maybe the North and the South should have communicated more. Modernization for the South would have resulted in less reliance on Slave labor, (to pick cotton).
    Now again as before there is a failure in communications and a strong push from the Democrats to label all of their political adversaries as racist. Nothing could be further from the truth. Slavery was a Democratic institution from the beginning and it is still with us today.

    Brevet is a term used in the Military (specifically US Army) to describe Temporary promotions pending official advancement.

  39. Hi Larry, I do so agree with your post. Don’t you wish that was done with Obama the cause of most of this crap? Maybe things would not be as bad if he never got his 2nd term. WE the PEOPLE need to show them that TRUMP will WIN in 2020 and that WE the PEOPLE will back who he is backing for 2024. Now IF we could get the Media and the lefties off his butt he would REALLY get our country moving ahead and out of the hole Obummer put us/it in.
    Have a great day!!

  40. We must first know the history of our nation if we are to become agents of change in our time. Removing statuary and monuments does nothing to alter history. If we want to improve our understanding of others, we need to be reminded of history. Not all history is pleasant, but it is still history.
    If we, as a nation are to move forward, we must remember where we began.
    The idea that only white people can be racist is absurd – there is plenty of racism to go around, and there is an “Inconvenient Fact” that is universally ignored, and that is that none of us had anything to say in the color of our skin, so we can take neither credit nor blame for it. We must simply be proud of who we are, and grateful to have been born in America

  41. Liberals will stop at nothing in their evil zest to destroy America. Obama planted ISIS/islamic seed in the gullible and unreasoning and they’re flourishing in divers forms-gay,transgender,bathroom,muslims influx et al- all with the sole aim of bringing down the US since they can’t do it militarily. Well meaning Americans(including reasoning Liberals) should see beyond Trump to his lofty goals of rescuing/preserving America.

  42. I’m sure the media doesn’t mind to admit it was wrong. To save our history no matter what it represents is the American people’s way. That means both liberals and conservatives. Like Trump says there is a lot of blame going on. On both sides.

  43. Have Congress pass a law, and signed by the President, that anyone person or persons identified, on camera, that deliberately defaced or tore down a symbol of America’s past be arrested, brought before a court of law and then shoved his or her ass in jail.

  44. When communist Russia was changing system in Poland after the war they started from destroying polish national symbols ;many statues went down ,then they changed programs in schools , then they attacked religions , then they let abortions be perform whoever wanted it .. Here we are in the same situation – communism in worst form is created here.

  45. where does it end? How long before the Alamo is to be bulldozed down? I’m willing to bet that most of these protesters have never been in the military of the USA. I am an old vet that will probably not live to see it but this great country is doomed if they keep destroying history.

  46. This started with the removal of the Confederate Battle flag from states, citys and towns all over the south with the help of elected officials in an effort to pacify the liberals that think it is a racist symbol. Now the liberals have succeed in obtaining the removal of statues they deem to be of racist people from citys with the liberal officials help. They have now decided they can demand any statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson be removed. The next step is to delegitimize their Presidency’s which may sound far fetched but if they work hard enough but liberal leaders will help. The next step will be the Constitution as it was written by slave owners that are vile and evil to them. Soros will be very happy as America will have been taken down from within by her own people after President Trump has been neutered by his own party, rinos, liberals and of course the media with a gleam in their eye.

  47. as an American war veteran, I fought for the right of everyone in America to be treated equally. I did not fight the for the liberal left to sell our country out. I am very convinced that the liberal left and their money supporters are traitors to America and our constitution and should be treated as traitors. that means firing squad or permanent loss of citizenship and removal from our country to never return. Not wrapped up in court hearings just plain and swift justice, which any traitor should receive!!!!!

  48. until gay muslim illegal child traffcing obama is arrested indicted on death row the violence will never stop, i pray putin decides to take care of matters since obama made up lies about putin and russia

  49. Mt. Rushmore is going to look mighty lonely once the liberals demand it be eradicated to help them heal from God knows what.

  50. Tearing down statues is JUST LIKE BURNING BOOKS that Hitler called for in Nazi Germany. So who are the real Nazi-sympathizers? Those who want actions that are equivalent to Book Burning of the 1930’s Germany, the tearing down of statues showing America’s past, The Civil War. It wasn’t the best time in America, but it is what made America what it is today. Thank Goodness the Civil War took place, if it never had, then where would America be today? Why do minorities, think they are always the victim? Wouldn’t it be better to show how one overcomes adversity instead of perpetuating victimism? I think it is in the Liberal Handbook to perpetuate victimism, instead of showing how one can overcome and achieve goals, despite adversity by hard work and not using a ‘blame game’ tactic. But one’s own self determination to keep striving to achieve a goal and not fall prey to the govt. lies that people cannot help themselves, but that the govt. knows what is best for everyone. You see, who was the first ones to talk about having a new revolution in America? The ones who are against police, against common sense, against Trump, against everything that makes America great. The Liberal Left, and the biased media, based in New York City and LA, California, and Chicago, IL, are the ones at the helm, trying to lead this preposterous and un-American revolution. President Trump is the one who will make sure our military is strong enough to deter any of this Domestic Terrorists’ plots. This is indeed brought on by domestic enemies of America, aka progessivism / liberals. They must be stopped by any means necessary. New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo, another Liberal, is falling into the trap too, he wants to rename all the streets in NY that may have any similar link to the Confederate states. How in the world did these people ever get to be in public office? They lied and collected monies to further their corrupted morals and unethical behaviors. You see, none of the votes outside New York City were counted in the last gubernatorial election, so that is the only reason why Cuomo got re-elected. As all other counties outside of NYC, except for Erie County where Buffalo, NY is, were NO votes for Cuomo. There are no term limits for his position either. Another Liberal tactic to keep American enemies in power.

  51. like trump said were does it stop , tare down the washington monument , take down mt. rushmore, the linclon memorial, they even had to place guards around ex mayor of philly today because they want that statue taken down

  52. truth is the left wants to wipe out the white race and the useful white idiots will feel the wrath at the end just like hitlers brown shirts

  53. I so agree with AFGUS, and also with others who have stated “live and learn” from history. Just think, people, if Robert E. Lee and the Confederates had been the victors in the bloody Civil War, where would those in the South, who wish to see statues and monuments destroyed, be today. So very sad. Maybe the young people who support the activity today will gain some wisdom with age and realize the awful mistakes they’ve made. Or, will they simply forget.

  54. The Civil War was NOT about slavery, it was about tariff problems between the northern states and the southern states. The statues commemorate the great sacrifice made by the many southern, and northern, military men who were killed, and those who survived, the bloody conflict. If you got your incorrect information from a ‘Professor’, you would be well advised to change that spelling to ‘Perfesser’.

  55. troy all that the U.S. stands for much like some past dictators have. Theeople will go to the extreme of whatever they can think of. If we let them they want to eliminate all statue
    August 17, 2017 at 7:30 pm

    I agree with Trump wholeheartedly. We cannot erase history but learn from it. These people want to eventually destroy all the US stands for much like some other tyrants in the past and Isis is doing now. I seems that this faction is using this as an excuse to undermine the Trump presidency just because they don’t agree with him. I feel all democrats should be voted out of office. I know not all feel this way but the democrats that don’t aren’t speaking up.

  56. Confederate soldiers are by federal statute considered to b ‘veterans’, and are therefore protected veterans. Defacing or unlawfully removing monuments to these veterans is a federal crime. The likes of Al ‘not so sharp’ Sharpton should be imprisoned for inciting to riot, among other crimes he has commited. The left wing idiots need to get over their loss of the presidency, and move on, rethinking the Democatic Party. Just my thoughts…

  57. It is a false narrative that the civil war was fought over slavery. It was fought over states rights. I so wish the south had won, and slavery would have ended even then. Slavery was on the way out and would have happened shortly with or without the civil war. Slavery was stopped because of the lifetime work of William Wilberforce. Slavery was brought to the colonies, which eventually became the United States, from England. Britain made all slaves brought to England free when they arrived in England. At first even Africans brought to England were free, but wealthy merchants finally got African slaves to be kept slaves in Englad. In England there were debtor slaves and other types of slaves for centuries. It was the Romans who originally brought slavery to England, and that slavery was not based on race in any way shape or form. So to put the proper blame on slavery in western civilization should be blamed on the Romans.

  58. We should pay no attention at all to the liberal left. simply ignore them because they are idiots and traitors. Just watch what they do and say every day to know exactly who they are.


  60. No history-no culture, no culture-no state, no state-anarchy, anarchy-tribes at war. If you don’t know what I am talking about- no history.

  61. We need to stop letting mindless idiots. and paid thugs, dictate what we can and can not do. The average citizen knows what is right and what is wrong. We must not and can not allow, people we would never allow in our home dictate our speech and our behavior. Trump did and said the right thing. The only thing he could say that would make these people happy is “I Quit” they could not steal the election, so now they are trying to steal the presidency. We must make sure these traitors are not re-elected.

  62. The left is re-writing American history, they think, to make it look more like communism and socialism. Pretty messed up bunch of people.

  63. I agree with President Trump that the statue should remain where it is. It is part of our history and our history can not be hidden away. The good, bad and the ugly is part of America we must all live in peace with it.

  64. Mao Zedong burned the culture of China when he took over. Books, monuments, history, all gone to be rewritten as he pleased. It’s as if illiar had won. The left is erasing and rewriting American history.

  65. I agree with our President, Tearing down statues won’t do anything but cause more trouble, besides, most of the people don’t want this. It’s time for everyone to come together.

  66. Did you notice North Korea backs down and MSM not a word–after skewering President Trump for his tough talk—what hypocrites, bias Trump resistant snow flakes–they melt when truth is spoken and never, never do they apologize for their fake news and LIES. THEY SHOULD BE SUED FOR LIBEL

  67. Totally agree with President Trump, this is the history of this nation. We should learn from it. Tearing them down will not change it.

  68. The media’s loud voice is just the elite’s money talking and it does not represent what REAL Americans think and want.

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