Meet the squishy moderate Republicans threatening to derail ObamaCare repeal

For seven years – four straight election cycles – Republicans ran on repealing ObamaCare.

Even the so-called moderates . . .



  1. Indeed, the compassionate outreach to those truly in need is NOT a function of government bureaucrats far removed from the need. Let’s return to the bad old days when the neighbors of someone in need SUPPLIED the need, not because of a stack of rules and regulations about who could qualify for what, but because the neighbor could SEE the need and did not feel restricted in their ability to fill that need without failing to fill out the proper form(s).

  2. I agree with Lindsey Graham send health care back to the states get Fed Gov out of it. The governors know more what their people in their states need.

  3. The Maggot McCain, a obama Judas, screwed the REpublican faithful with his evidently damaged half brain. The Jonah Keating Senator of Arizona, will not be forgotten by those who voted for the Jerk. Watching his fat face, trying to defend his backstabbing of the “skinney vote”, made you want to puke. Never again will I defend that pieco of crap and I hope the majority will now try to do everything they are able to assist his half brain into seclusion where he can wonder where he went wrong. I blame McConnell and Ryan for the tortured 8 years of broken promises and back stabbings.

  4. The current healthcare system is set up not to “fix” or cure anything. It is set up to “allow” the doctors to treat your symptoms with overpriced drugs, which must be replaced every 20 years when the patent runs out. If, despite the best efforts of all these drugs, you die anyway….oh well, on to the next victim — er, “patient”.

  5. I don’t trust government in my healthcare. Haven’t been to Dr. since its came about. I have Medicare but I know it efects everyone but government right now. Over priced and not worth much, can’t fix hardly anything just god awful drugs.

  6. What a tragic situation. the country seems full of people who mistakenly believe that the federal government has money!So many seem to not realize that the government has only money that it takes from hardworking people. That money should not be redistributed to other less productive people; not in the form of free and or subsidized health care or in any other way.Additionally nobody seems aware that the government cannot control costs of anything! Only a free market can do that!I am 83. When my generation is gone, nobody will be alive to remember when we had free enterprise insurance businesses controlled only by market demand; independent professional doctors, nurses, and hospitals with nor federal government involvement, and charity health care totally separate from health insurance. In 1955, when I was a young mom with a dying husband, We all received excellent free health care from the estate of wealthy phillanthropist Robert B. Green and county taxes. There was no insurance involved and no federal government involved.We need a sane, sensible, ethical repeal of obamacare with no replacement. we need to take at least minimal baby steps back to the free enterprise insurance, professional independent medical care, and charity like we once had. Government controlled health care is leading us to bankruptcy and destruction. May God have mercy!

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