Meet the squishy moderate Republicans threatening to derail ObamaCare repeal

For seven years – four straight election cycles – Republicans ran on repealing ObamaCare.

Even the so-called moderates . . .


  1. Indeed, the compassionate outreach to those truly in need is NOT a function of government bureaucrats far removed from the need. Let’s return to the bad old days when the neighbors of someone in need SUPPLIED the need, not because of a stack of rules and regulations about who could qualify for what, but because the neighbor could SEE the need and did not feel restricted in their ability to fill that need without failing to fill out the proper form(s).

  2. I agree with Lindsey Graham send health care back to the states get Fed Gov out of it. The governors know more what their people in their states need.

  3. The Maggot McCain, a obama Judas, screwed the REpublican faithful with his evidently damaged half brain. The Jonah Keating Senator of Arizona, will not be forgotten by those who voted for the Jerk. Watching his fat face, trying to defend his backstabbing of the “skinney vote”, made you want to puke. Never again will I defend that pieco of crap and I hope the majority will now try to do everything they are able to assist his half brain into seclusion where he can wonder where he went wrong. I blame McConnell and Ryan for the tortured 8 years of broken promises and back stabbings.

  4. The current healthcare system is set up not to “fix” or cure anything. It is set up to “allow” the doctors to treat your symptoms with overpriced drugs, which must be replaced every 20 years when the patent runs out. If, despite the best efforts of all these drugs, you die anyway….oh well, on to the next victim — er, “patient”.

  5. I don’t trust government in my healthcare. Haven’t been to Dr. since its came about. I have Medicare but I know it efects everyone but government right now. Over priced and not worth much, can’t fix hardly anything just god awful drugs.

  6. What a tragic situation. the country seems full of people who mistakenly believe that the federal government has money!So many seem to not realize that the government has only money that it takes from hardworking people. That money should not be redistributed to other less productive people; not in the form of free and or subsidized health care or in any other way.Additionally nobody seems aware that the government cannot control costs of anything! Only a free market can do that!I am 83. When my generation is gone, nobody will be alive to remember when we had free enterprise insurance businesses controlled only by market demand; independent professional doctors, nurses, and hospitals with nor federal government involvement, and charity health care totally separate from health insurance. In 1955, when I was a young mom with a dying husband, We all received excellent free health care from the estate of wealthy phillanthropist Robert B. Green and county taxes. There was no insurance involved and no federal government involved.We need a sane, sensible, ethical repeal of obamacare with no replacement. we need to take at least minimal baby steps back to the free enterprise insurance, professional independent medical care, and charity like we once had. Government controlled health care is leading us to bankruptcy and destruction. May God have mercy!

  7. How can you say that about Pocohantis – the Indian that never was – she used that to obtain a position at Harvard and used it to get elected to Congress it appears she is not only a fake Indian but also a fake Senator. She doesn’t even reflect Democrstic principles – she only runs her mouth she might as well be Rosie O’Donnell. Neither of them give a damn about anyone but themselves – they only want to be in the spotlight. What a waste of hot air.

  8. Just a Liberal way to keep our great country headed to a one world government. People like Ryan and McConnell who have fooled their constituents into believing they are Republicans but have not stood up for our Conservative agenda. They both have given lip service to our elected President and the mandates he ran on and was elected on. They need to be removed from the leadership positions they currently occupy if they are not going to perform our Presidents promise’s to the American voters that agreed with his platform. Each SoCalled Republican that does not honor the voters that put them their need to do so or get removed and be replaced with true Republicans instead of the Rhino’s they are.

  9. Well said – every politician who won,t vote to eliminate a program that was meant to fail in order to force a single payer system on all of us. What ever the Congress imposes on the American people should be the same for everyone of them.

  10. Looks like the insurance lobby is getting to them. Only answer is repeal, and, then keep politics out of any new bill that maybe somebody can figure out how to reduce costs with better health care. Again, it is 20-30 million dictating to the rest of us (with aid of liberal dems and soft conservatives) what our health care will be while the politicians have the best. This fact is simply going over the politicians heads. Greed is a factor to. Insurance companies are loosing money, but want to recoup their loses, so they are pressuring for a bill with more funds for them. To hell with them. After all, they pushed for Obamacare with promise of riches from the uninsured, but as they said the uninsured are really sick (playing system for all can get to), and insurers are taking a bath. So do we give the insurance industry a bail out???!!!! Well, I believe after hurricane Katrina one of the big insurers talked congress into everyone contributing to their hurricane loses!!!! Now, wonder where this insurance companies money went for the last 30 years of collecting premiums with compound interest and investments. Did anyone ask about this? Apparently not. Leaders far and few between; crooks and greedy people abound. There in lies the problem!!!!!!

  11. Added to your comment , I think that they are a class of wusses, and nerds, or Numbnuts. Republicans should adhere to each other like the dumbocrats do. The dumbocrats always vote along party lines. RINO need to get a life….

  12. Anyone who votes NOT to repeal Obamacare needs to be voted out of office. This shows that we need term limits. Power corrupts.
    Our economy cannot improve with the albatross of Obamacare in place. I am disgusted with these Republicans, including McConnell and Ryan.


  14. YOu aught to here talk radio talk about these 4 senators. Finally we can get rid of the horrible bill that has HURT everyone. Medicaid is not going away under this repeal. However there is one amendment I wish people would consider to the straight repeal that I think everyone would agree with. Pre-existing condition people who have cancer are using that policy now and I don’t think it is right to take the rug out from under them by doing a straight repeal. Until the time that they can buy a catastrophic policy to continue with their care, we need to continue those people’s care until we figure out how to ‘replace their insurance plan’ I don’t think this is unreasonable for people who are currently using that insurance plan for care – do you?

  15. I think these republicans that are not voting for repeal of Obama Care are liberal implants. When I look at the problems in Maine and Alaska, these senators should be the first ones, voting for repeal. The states that these senators are from are in huge financial difficulties. They are mostly Democrat states. I wish they would get their heads out of their butts and repeal Obama Care.

  16. We recently moved to Maine and are registered Republicans. After listening to Susan Collins, I was actually ‘shocked’ to find she’s considered a ‘Republican’ representative!! I know I’ll never vote for her! She’s about as ‘far left’ as they come and the last thing I want is for her to be ‘representing’ ME!!

  17. ALL of the Republicans are USELESS as tits on a BULL! For years, when the Republicans had the majority in the House and the Senate, but Obama was in the White House, They proudly passed a bill to repeal Obamacare. The reason, THEY knew Obama would not sign the bill into law. NOW that the Republicans have ALL three branches, HOUSE, SENATE and The White House, THEY refuse to pass a bill to Repeal Obamacare because Trump would sign it into law. ALL they are doing is playing a game, with our money and our health and future! They are USELESS and need to leave Washington, go home and find a job and work like everyone else. TERM LIMITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Looks like repealing aca is not going to happen–it was never going to happen–all smoke and mirrows–Time to replace all Congressmen and Senators that have been in more than two terms- Too bad we cant sue them for breach of contract. We listened to their remarks and promices but they did not keep their word

  19. Do not understand why the dems will not work with the gop. I am sick of the obstruction, you are all voted in to do a job. We have not gotten ten cents worth of work out of all of you this year.

  20. If I remember correctly Susan Collins was a deciding vote that allowed the ACA to be enacted. I believe her excuse was to let it move on and see what happens. She is a liberal in Republican clothes.

  21. I can’t understand why we can’t go back to the way our insurance system used to be as far as purchasing insurance goes. The Government should just have oversignt when it comes to the costs of our medications, tests, operations, and hospital care. All of that seems to be overpriced as of late, and if the Government can do something about it, that would be great!! I liked having my insurance the “old-fashioned” way. For the Government to get involved now, and mess things up, is a little aggravating as well as costly. To have it tacked on to our Income Taxes is pretty dirty, too!! Not everyone is able to afford the charges that the Government expects us to pay for the Premiums. These fees are through the Stratosphere, and are more like House Payments than insurance premiums!! The Government can’t be trusted anymore with something as personal as insurance payments!!

  22. Darn it! Be An American! We voted YOU People “IN”, because We believed you would WORK, for US!

  23. i hope they all lose their jobs, because they can’t run on repealing obomacare any more so what will they run on they have nothing ,and they have bin exposed

  24. It looks like they HAD to run as “Republican” from their district because the Democratic candidate was already “chosen”. They don’t give a fig about what conservatism means, all that matters is that they have a nice cushy job…

  25. I am so glad that none are rom TN because they would not get my vote!!!!!!!!! I hope that the citizen in those states will take a long look at them and tell them good we do not need you any longer you are not representing us.


  27. This group is not made up of Republicans. It is a group of ‘seat holders’ who would join the garbage can party if they could live off of the tax payer and not be forced to work at a real job. ‘For ah that and ah that a fool’s a fool for ah that’.

  28. Voters in these states MUST CONTACT their senators and tell them to stand with our President and GET RID OF OBAMACARE!!! The federal government has NO BUSINESS being involved in our health care system. Let the free market and capitalism take its course and this monstrosity will be resolved in the best interests of all citizens of our great country. If these senators will not do the bidding of their constituents, then they must be VOTED OUT!!!

  29. These so called Republicans have a majority because the voters wanted the Trump agenda. They are against it so they must be voted out in the next elections.

  30. Lie, Lie, & more lies. No better than the Big D’s, they are the little d’s. Why support when you don’t know if they are straight or not. When do most of them lie? When they look you straight in the face and open their mouth.

  31. These so called Republicans must be defeated in their next elections.They are in place with a majority because of Donald Trump and the wishes of the voters for the Trump agenda.

  32. There should not be a liberal OR a conservative system dictating the form and implementation of healthcare. Polititians have long ago demonstrated that their ONLY skill is getting themselves elected! Any attempt by them to CONTROL anything is all but guaranteed to fail. The voters should have been warned when the scandals involving the VA hospital system first came to light. Imagine the single payer system that the liberals salivate over being extended from the veterans to EVERYBODY! The thought is enough to gag a maggot!

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