Meet the most hated woman in America who you’ve probably never heard of

The most hated woman in America right now is making headlines.

No, it’s not Nancy Pelosi, AOC, Kamala Harris, or even Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

It’s a little-known Trump Administration appointee who could possibly be the most hated, and most powerful, woman in America right now.

General Services Administration (GSA) Administer, Emily Murphy, is tasked with the role of signing the paperwork required to allow Joe Biden’s transition to officially move forward.

But after serving four years as GSA Administrator, why is Emily Murphy suddenly thrust into the national spotlight?

Because she refuses to sign the letter and release $9.9 million in federal funds until a winner has officially been determined.

As GSA spokesperson Pamela Pennington told a reporter at fake news CNN:

“An ascertainment has not yet been made. The GSA Administrator does not pick the winner in the Presidential election. In accordance with the Presidential Transition Act of 1963 (PTA), as amended, the GSA Administrator ascertains the apparent successful candidate once a winner is clear based on the process laid out in the Constitution.”

Of course, Pamela Pennington is right.

The fact is, President Trump is contesting the election due to allegations of massive, widespread voter fraud in key battleground states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

And just because Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and other members of the Fake News Media have prematurely declared Joe Biden the winner, as of right now, no one knows who the next President will be.

Of course, that’s not stopping the Fake News Media and other members of the radical Left from viciously attacking Emily Murphy in an effort to intimidate her into signing the letter and declaring Joe Biden the next President before the outcome has been officially determined.

In fact, Democrat Representative Gerald Connolly, who leads a House oversight panel on federal operations, blasted Emily Murphy, saying “her action now has to be condemned” because it’s “harmful to the orderly transition of power.”

Others on the Left had even more harsh words and threats for Emily Murphy.

One news organization called her a “traitor” and accused her of potentially causing “hundreds of thousands of deaths by preventing a peaceful transition of power during COVID.”

And, as usual, the most radical members of the Left are threatening to “dox” Emily Murphy, which means posting her address, phone number, and other personal information publicly on the Internet – potentially putting her life in danger.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters are hoping Emily Murphy stays strong and stands up to the Left until, as the law requires, an “apparent successful candidate” and “clear winner” is determined.

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