Megyn Kelly blindsided Donald Trump with this announcement about a comeback

Megyn Kelly made her name feuding with Donald Trump during the 2016 election.

She then jumped to NBC where her career went down in flames.

And now she just blindsided Trump and all of his supporters with a jaw dropping announcement about her comeback.

Megyn Kelly was unceremoniously fired by NBC after a controversy about racially charged remarks she made on the air.

Kelly walked away with tens of millions of dollars and everyone figured they had seen the last of her.

But that’s not the case.

Kelly recently told TMZ that viewers can expect to see her back on the air this year.

Mediaite reports:

Former NBC anchor Megyn Kelly told TMZ she’s ready to get back into television this year. Kelly was walking with her husband Doug Brunt in New York City when they ran into the cameramen.

“You’ll definitely see me back on,” said Kelly.

The television anchor was booted from NBC back in October for having stirred controversy after asking, on air, whether white kids should get in trouble for wearing blackface on Halloween. The cable network allegedly offered her a $38 million settlement in exchange for her signing a confidentially agreement.

Kelly said in addition to her TV aspirations for the new year, she plans to get a new dog. She added she was just recovering from mourning the death of Basha, her dog of 14 years, which had happened shortly before her firing.

Many insiders thought she was angling for a return to Fox News towards the end of her NBC run.

But Fox News President Lachlan Murdoch says he has no interest in bringing Kelly back into the Fox News fold.

Where do you think Megyn Kelly will end up?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. Megan, You are indeed a beautify person to watch… And for along time beautiful to hear. But the fire went out when you gambled that educated people would value your opinions rather than your marvelous reporting ability. You screwed the pooch lady. Find another profession that does not require your personal opinions. I don’t know you that well to be influenced.

  2. The Fox News president is a stoneass liberal. When Rupert shucks off this mortal coil expect the Fox network to transform into another CNN. Naturally, there would be no room on Fox then for a Megyn.

    • I’ve been waiting for someone to say this but I believe Murdoch likes money to well. We could have another soap opera brewing on Fox. Maddie really? We ha e that many sick people in the country that watches that freaks show. A tear in the eye after Trump won the Presidency means she should ha e been fired as a biased news reporter. Yet, they escalate the propaganda and feed this skank with Trump hating and she’s what. Worthy of a rope!

    • Likely because she’s only 1 of the 4% who are literate enough to to read what the deep state propagandists put on the teleprompter to be recited to the viewing demwits

  3. My bone to pick with Her Majesty Meagan, was her bald-faced legitimization of James Alefantis on her FOX show! She gave him a platform that will ensure more children & infants are harmed by him & those like him. She was his perfect tool to make conspiracies appear comical. Shame on her & her globalist views. She’ll meld well with AI applications.

  4. How in the world is this a blindsiding of Trump? Your headlines are off the wall. Clean it up if you want to have any credibility!

  5. I never watched her on NBC because I got tired of her arrogance and smugness when she was at Fox. She is beautiful but that is about all the positive I see about her.

    • No wonder she failed at NBC. She was hated by FOX viewers because of how she behaved during election. She was hated by MSNBC viewers because she came from FOX, so it wasn’t a surprise she failed…. plus she really isn’t very good at what she does. Pretty face, ego filled head doesn’t come across well on TV. While I don’t agree with WHY NBC fired her, I hope we have seen the last of her.

      • I agree with Paul B but I would like to add that Megan Kelly lost me when she got into a dispute with Newt Gingrich.Kelly implied President Trump was a sexual predator. Newt stated to Kelly “you have no documentation to back that up” which Kelly replied: “that’s what I heard”. In my opinion, Kelly because of her statement to Newt will never be a reporter, she is a distorter like those at CNN. Hey, she can probably get a job there.

    • We also NEVER watched her on any liberal station. Didn’t like her on Fox. She is one who made us stop watching as much of Fox. Like Newmax and OAN, much better Stations. She is TRASH to us.

    • I’m a Fox viewer and didn’t hate her. She questioned the President because that was her job and I always felt that she was a conservative at heart. Going to MSM was a mistake but , I’m no feminist, I think the Prez of Fox was a predator. If you don’t believe me, check out my twitter @amstergosh. No lib here

  6. She’s best at being a political pundit and I’d like to see her back at Fox. DT handled it, won the election and I hope he wins in 2020 and I hope to see Megyn back st Fox

        • Meghan made my day when I watched her face on Election Day 2016 Her duplicity could not be hidden. Trump won. Her arrogant questioning of CanidateTrump and smugness when having Fatface Moore shoved on use was enough for me. Nana is ashamed of you,, Meghan. Your first husband said he did not cheat on you, but you wanted a “wife” instead od a husband. We are tired of you.

  7. Whatever she does she will never regain the status she had and lost on Fox News. Her attack on candidate Trump was the beginning of her fall – Trump supporters won’t forget that. And the left won’t forget nor forgive her comments regarding black face. She’s basically done for.

  8. Megyn Kelly was never “feuding” with Donald Trump. She simply asked a very logical question about electoral strategy in light of Trump’s repeated well documented insults of women. If Trump really thinks that Megyn Kelly was “tough” on him, it’s no wonder he’s can’t stand up to Putin.

    • Definition of “ambush journalism” is, keep asking the same question over and over, hoping your target will change their answer. GOTCHA!

    • No, she wasn’t feuding with Trump. She, in thinking she was God’s gift to TV personalities, tried to humiliate Trump during the debates and make a name for herself. Conceit never goes over well and people start seeing through your self perceived good looks at the type of person you really are. I think she secretly had the hots for Trump and knew she could never have him.


      • i agree 100%Bigjoe, she thinks she`s gods gift, and she got broadsided. and she wasn’t the only one either, i think bret helped her with the questions, and he got away with it, there seems to be quite a few liberals on fox news, i wish the Republicans would start their own network, and get away from fox.

  9. She shouldn’t get a new dog and work those crazy hours. Unless she brings dig to work, it husband is home early in the day, or dog goes to day care if he loves it.

      • so, if you have an intruder in your house, and they hurt one of your family members, you’ll let them in again, and forgive them, to find out if they1ll do it again? and if they do, you’ll forgive them again? is that what you’re saying?…. just a hypothetical question! nothing meant by it!

  10. Nobody here is understanding. Megan was just a pleasant face and pleasant person on Fox and Friends. When she went to evening she was Fox’s first effort at getting a very pretty girl as an evening anchor. Fox viewers kept listening, but Megan’s intellect and interview style were lacking. She always made the interview about a point she was trying to make instead of trying to bring out the thoughts of the interviewee. Since her departure, Fox has uppped their game dramatically with women that were just as good looking but who were far superior as reporters, interviewers and commentators: Shannon Bream, Martha McCallum, Dana Perino, Ainsley Erheart and Laura Ingraham. When Megan got into her tiff with Donald Trump, NBC put on their unthinking anti Trump hat, and probably thought she was brilliant and courageous. Sad to say, no. She was just a pretty girl in intellectual water far over her head. Luckily for Megan, She got a big contract and a few millions of dollars; if she doesn’t squander it, it will be a great blessing for her and her family. We should all wish her well.

    • “She always made the interview about a point she was trying to make..” Excellent summation, Howard, thoughtful and well stated.

    • Hey Howard, what are you a guru or somethin? Pass that joint around your gettin a little too “I’m alright your alright kumbaya.” She’s a witch with a B dude!

  11. It sounds to me like poor Betty is either smoking something, drunk or deranged or all of the aforementioned possibilities. Normal people don’t rant the way she does with such unfounded hatred for a man who has accomplished in two yrs what Obuma never had the wits to pull off. Poor Pathetic Betty.

  12. Well, Choices, Choices! MSNBC or NBC better have lots of Money on Hand, For Law suits to follow at one Point and Time she Used to be Good at her Job! Got to Say! She No Lorie Due.

    • Maybe Megyn Kelly and Jim Acosta, can get Funded by Kiliary and Bill Clinton ( FAKE NEWS ). Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi, maybe! Oakland Mayor Libby Schaffer can help as a Reporter.

    • Was Thinking! Better Yet! Have Elizabeth Warren drop out of 2020 Presidential Race! Her News station would be Called! ( Jokahoness News ) her reporters would be Kamala Harris, Tlaib / with her Quran and Not ( THE BIBLE ).

  13. Talk about arrogance. It the class of the foreign exchange student, killary, the wicked witch of the west and dick head durbin. I could go on and on and on. But you get the picture.

  14. Megan Kelly’s an Opportunist, she will stop at Nothing, to get where she wants to go. And Go, is another stepping stone to her ultimate landing spot; Another Prime Time Slot. Unfortunately, No Prime Time Network will touch her, especially one that swings Right. And those on the Left, they’re not interested in her. However Streaming Networks, may be interested, and they’d have to be one of those Strange Left Wing Networks. MSNBC ? Never . … .
    Megyn Kelly’s like touching a HOT Potato and we all know, no one wants to get Burnt.

    Megyn Kelly, is a Taboo creature, she Burned FOX, and all who count, have come to realize she’s an opportunist, but more importantly, at the expense of others.

  15. I’ve heard that the Rosicrucians have arranged for her to reappear at the site of the magnetic North Pole just as soon as it reaches Siberia. This will come about as a result of runaway Global Warming which will extinguish all life on Earth with the exception of SOEZ’s (Spiders of Enormous Size) and camels, which with their ability to live in desert conditions will flourish. At that point the oceans will boil and the camels will all die from eating too many boiled fish. The spiders will be fine and inherit the Earth.

  16. I think Megan Kelly will easily return to “Objectifying Women,” she was so good at taking naked pictures…It won’t pay NBC or Fox News paychecks but it will be at the highest pay scale for pornography…

  17. Megan Kelly, is and always been full of herself, she has no respect for anyone. and since she doesn’t she has no respect for herself. she doesn’t deserve to be on any news show on television at all.

    • Best answer ever and you are correct………but…………they don’t like her much there, either. I never watch The View, only see very few, very short clips on some obscure network.

  18. She either makes amends with Trump and if not, she could have a future at CNN or MSNBC and continue to show anti Trump but i will not watch her no matter where she lands!

  19. Megan Kelly is an ugly women. She is rude, she has no class, she reminds me of a low class hooker. I might go $5:00 bucks, but only to sit her in a corner and shoot turds at her with a sling shot. Disgusting old hag.

  20. Megan Kelly;
    We all have choices. unfortunately, Megan chose the wrong one. Perhaps she was full of herself. In her position, she should have taken pause before digging a hole for herself. Moving forward she should regularly consult the scriptures.

  21. Don’t care. I watched her on NBC and she was too milk toast. She needs to be more alive but not put on. Looks don’t always carry you on TV.

  22. All these negative comments… sounds like some men feel threatened ?
    With a background as a corporate defense attorney, journalist and political commentator ( also Irish), I would have been surprised if she came across as a typical female interviewer.

  23. Why do you go the route of click bait? I didn’t see Trump mentioned anywhere except in the headline and one time at the beginning of the article. How did Trump get blindsided? None of us readers appreciate being teased into looking at an article that has NO content in line with the headline. Clickbait, Clickbait, Clickbait!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Totally forgot all about her until I saw this article. Once she left Fox, she lost all credibility. I’m sure Trump could give a rat’s ass. I wonder if she regrets it now.

    • Well she first passed off the conservatives. Then she pissed off and ripped off the liberals. I’m guessing maybe Canadian news or Mexican radio.

    • Hey, Jt. Like CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump who has proven again & again that he cares only for himself & cares less than Zero for America or the American People.

      • Hey, Betty, your terribly offensive blurb isn’t worthy of a reply, but perhaps you can give some specifics on your comments about the President of the U.S. It can be assumed that anyone worth $10 billion they’ve earned themselves can’t be dumb. Perhaps you’re just judging others by yourself.

  25. Maybe luckier than most. Do not watch T.V. so miss out on all this crap. Never read a news paper. But usually know more about what is going on in this country than the people spending their lives looking at a tube!

    • Megan is trying to create so much trouble that the companies will pay her to shut up– the pu8blic is tired of the trash.

      • Not half as the public is tired of that Pair of TRASH that presently lives in the White House, mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM & mrs. White House WORTHLESS WHORE. The goverment should pay them both to just Shut Up & Ship Out for good.

        • Betty, you are unbelievably crude and nasty. You show no respect. Use your energy to explain why the Dems. are vacationing instead of finding a solution to protecting the Southern border which they were previously in favor of. Get
          the government workers back to a paycheck status. In the meantime, GROW UP!

  26. Please!!!!! You and Killery PLEASE go away!!!! Between the two of you your egos are BIGGER then all the egos of ALL the politicians in Washington! Just go away we’re sick of both of you.

  27. President Trump could careless about this moron. Why would anyone else care?
    I would love to see her go to CNN thats where evil live they miss her frigging morons.

  28. I have yet to figure out why anybody in Conservative media should care and why Conservative Media feels they have to push the “poor me” Kelly inquiries! From my point of view, who cares what happens to Ms. Judas.

  29. I think she could bring some much needed ratings for CNN in the short term at least, and possibly longer, if she had a night time show, similar to what she had on FOX. She was in her comfort zone at FOX, she should have renewed there. She would still be relevant today.

  30. This over-paid witch thinks that she is so much better than person she was interviewing. She should keep her money in a safe place and fade out into the sunset! In a very short-time, people will say WHO? PRESIDENT TRUMP WAS CORRECT when she tried to berate him on TV!

    • I’m just a regular guy, and my advice to Megan Kelly probably means nothing. Anyway, here goes, money does not make you better than others, and thinking that your better than every person you interview is not only untrue, it makes you very unlikable.

  31. Megyn Kelly … a double agent in US politics.

    Don’t hire her, or she will deliberately sink your business. She has A red hourglass shape on her back. A black widow she is. Yea, she eats her mates. Woe to those that may fixate on her.

  32. She will not be back, if she does the Black Panthers will hou her ! Lmdao Actually I think everyone needs to be fired on NBC, CNN ,and MSNBC. All they do is fear monger, lie day in and day out with fake news! And they all should be held accountable for their damn diciet to the American people! It’s one thing to tell the truth, but they refuse to, just because they hate Trump, and they get raises by the Liberal news to lie and make up stories! They are Satan’s advicates, and speak with forked toungs! But I do believe in Karma, and she will come come with revenge! ????

  33. No matter where she ends up it won’t be for long. She is unable to keep her nasty and suggestive comments to herself. I won’t watch her no matter where she goes! She is evil & will do anything for attention. Her poor husband has to bear the embarrassment of being married to her! What a waste of time!

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