Megyn Kelly crossed the line with this unforgivable attack on Trump

Megyn Kelly’s career is floundering since moving to NBC.

Her shows are failures and she launched a desperate move to salvage her future prospects.

But she crossed the line when she said this about Trump.

Megyn Kelly received her largest acclaim when she was feuding with Donald Trump during the 2016 election.

Her attacks alienated her Fox News audience, but she was warmly embraced by liberal media critics and executives.

Kelly parlayed her anti-Trump stance into a three year $69 million contract at NBC.

Her time at NBC has been a disaster.

The Sunday night magazine show she anchored was pulled from the schedule.

Kelly’s daytime talk show is a low-rated failure that is best known for production gaffes and bizarre confrontations with guests.

Now she is trying to recapture her old magic.

In the wake of the sexual harassment and rape allegations surrounding close Clinton and Obama confidante Harvey Weinstein, Kelly is trying to drag the scandal to connect to Trump.

Breitbart reports:

“Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” while discussing Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s ever-expanding sexual harassment allegations, NBC’s Megyn Kelly said one of her “main takeaways from 2016” was that we as women had “a long way to go.”

Kelly said, “One of my main takeaways from 2016, everything that happened in that campaign, is that we as women have a long way to go, a long way to go. And this is further evidence of that — you know, it’s like how many of these do we have to go through before industries become introspective? Why did the press have to break this? Why wasn’t it someone at the Weinstein Company?”

“If they didn’t know, why didn’t they know?” she continued. “How many more do we have to go through? How many women is it happening to right now until we can affect a real sea change? We might be at the beginning of that, but I don’t think we’re even close to the middle.”

Kelly’s only chance for relevance is for Trump to notice this outlandish statement and tweet about it.

It’s a final desperate bid to boost ratings by smearing the President of the United States.

And just like everything else Kelly has tried since moving to NBC, it will fail.


  1. Kelly is wearing a deeper and deeper V to get some male viewers. Meagan stop pretending to be a newscaster. You aren’t. You are a video opinionated and you are poor at that. Stay home and live off the money you’ve been paid.
    Evangelical Christian Minister Robert J Basile

  2. Megyn Kelly holloween is coming , she rides her broom and puts on her pointy hat , sad news reporter , vicious mean spirited no room in the inn for that personality !!!!
    The night she attacked candidate Trump and now Pres is the night I turned Kelly (black hearted witch ) Clinton looney off !!!!
    Joseph St.Clair

  3. Megyn Kelly jumped head first in that giant cesspool with her eyes wide open! So, I do not feel sorry for her dwindling career. She lost me when she said that Bruce Jenner was Courageous! I just wished that she could have taken NBC for more money! Stupid is, as Stupid does… Mrs. Gump!

  4. Ron Haave SR – You spelled Megyn’s name incorrectly. It sounds like you are jealous because she’s wealthy and you’re not. She left FOX to get away from indecent men like you.

    • And look where she landed… NBC had the Weinstein story first and spiked it…

      “Ronan Farrow, who works as a reporter for NBC News, confirmed he had started the story under the auspices of the network news, but ended up having it published in New Yorker mag.
      Mister Farrow’s comments came during an interview on Rachel Maddow’s show on MSNBC.
      Asked why the story was published in the Magazine, rather than broadcast by the network news department, Mr. Farrow said: “You would have to ask NBC and NBC executives about the details.”
      Great place to work indeed !!!..

  5. Earth to Megyn Kelly…..BECAUSE we women are our own worst problem. If these Harlotwood starlets had reported it 20-30 years ago when it happened to them….we would not be facing the Weinstein problem today. But no,they prostituted themselves and stayed quite hoping they would get a part……….a pay for play, theater, movie, fame/fortune.

  6. Megyn Kelly is a very intelligent and wonderful woman. We get up early on mornings to see her show. Compared to other shows at that time, Megyn’s show is outstanding. Long live the Megyn Kelly Show!

  7. Megan is a “has been” and will soon be out of the television business. She makes stupid attacks on people without any shred of evidence. Just let her sizzle a while and she will be gone.

  8. I don’t watch NBC alll they do it put out fake news it would be okay with me if president did. Make new nukes and send a few to Japan and south Kotea

  9. I used to like Megyn Kelly, then she got to full of herself thinking she was queen of Fox News. It won’t be long and she will be a total has been. As for her hatred for Trump, I’m sure he isn’t loosing any sleep over it. She just couldn’t handle the thought that not everyone thought the sun rose and set around her. Sucks to be you Megyn, and you deserve it.

  10. We liked her when she first came to FOX and we thought she was really beautiful. After the “debate”, she didn’t look so lovely and as a matter of fact, she didn’t look pretty to us at all and we stopped watching her long before she left! Yes, NBC got what it deserves!! None of my family has watched her — we don’t watch NBC!

  11. Megan is another loser that NBC has wasted money on that they thought would make them rich. NBC is the sucker and deserves all of the loses.

  12. Why oh why do today’s reporters have to become the news instead of reporting it. Huntley, Brinkley Murrow: these guys NEVER spoke of their fans. Kelly couldn’t shine Mike Wallace’s shoes. What hubris!

  13. Before the media, Kelly was a lawyer. Her questioning style has always been poor… she constantly gets stuck on minor issues that are off the point of her own interview and then hangs on to her point like a bull dog. She is reasonably pretty and as a conservative, Fox viewers put up with her interview incompetence. It was obvious during her last year at Fox that she was shifting her politics toward the left in preparation for a jump to NBC or CBS. They thought she would bring some fox listeners with her, but she didn’t. I love that NBC paid dearly for her. They got what they deserved. And at the least, Megan got a nest egg that with care, will last her family a generation or more.

  14. Never saw her cleavage like that on FOX NEWS. She’s showing BOTH little losers. Is this just a lame attempt to entice viewers?

    • Not by them but she claims she was sexually harrsssed by Roger Ailes! She was one of the women who were responsible for his fireing! She is too pretty to want to be left out of that scandal!

  15. Kelly reminds me of a wannabe media personality. Her attacks on the President can only be taken as trash talk leaning toward treason
    Liberals have for too long gotten away with fake news, lies and speculative banter that in most cases breach common decency and mostly border on treason. Kelly fails because she has no true basis for her guff and she mistakenly thinks her liberalism protects her
    News flash: it does not
    Forget her. She’d is a puff of wind that shortly will have blown itself out and is already forgotten


  16. How was this a stab at Trump? I must have missed that when I read it, twice. Fake headlines… not surprised.
    Kelly is on a downhill fall from being a darling on FOX to an outcast of a Fake Liberal media. Doesn’t hurt my feelings at all. She brought it all on herself.


  18. Many of the men and women in Hollywood Land have the moral fiber of a dish rag….that is why this continues. If Megyn Kelly doesn’t realize that she gained success due to her good looks,then she is either stupid or delusional.

  19. I’m still baffled. How can anyone NOT see that Trump is doing what’s best for the country? After 8 horrible years under Obama, they STILL want to cling to those tried-and-failed Obama policies? Losers! When the brains were passed out, they intentionally stayed away for fear that they would be expected to have honor, morals, and ethics. She sold out… but to whom?

  20. Birds of a feather flock together… or in this case…… lose together… LOL
    Anything else?…I don’t think so….Love it!!

    • Never saw her cleavage like that on FOX NEWS. She’s showing BOTH little losers. Is this just a lame attempt to entice viewers?

    • NBC should have its license revoked for trying to put fake news out! We knew Kelly was a loser from day 1 when she went at President Trump! She should be fired for her bias opinions, and being DUMMER THAN DIRT! God Bless President Trump for realizing that there’s a lot more swamp to empty!! GOOD BYE YOU TWO LOSERS!!

    • NBC should have its license revoked for trying to put fake news out! We knew Kelly was a loser from day 1 when she went at President Trump! She should be fired for her bias opinions, and being DUMMER THAN DIRT! God Bless President Trump for realizing that there’s a lot more swamp to empty!! GOOD BYE YOU TWO LOSERS!!

    • A very true statement. She and NBC deserve each other. I wonder, if at times, she regrets leaving FOX where she had it made. I never watch NBC but hope they are really unhappy with her. But bet they won’t admit to 69 mil mistake…

    • I received the following info from a trusted “insider” and my most dependable confidante (me). NBC just gave Megyn Kelly complete approval to initiate her next try for improved ratings. The additional cleavage exposure shown in the picture accompanying this article is proof positive. Megyn will begin a sequential strip tease. She will start with removing her shoes on camera. Each show she will remove another article until her Christmas show where she will be down to red panties and a cotton ball hanging from each nipple. If her ratings have not improved, she will be fired and sued for falsely claiming ability to draw an audience.


    • I agree she is a loser. Nothing good to say about her. She is such a stuck up person, in love with herself.
      I never watch any show she is on The first time I heard her speak was the last time I ever watch her.

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