Megyn Kelly destroyed Fox News for doing one dangerous thing

Megyn Kelly used to be one of the biggest stars on Fox News Channel.

But Kelly is worried about what she is now watching happen over at Fox.

And Megyn Kelly destroyed Fox News for doing one dangerous thing.

Megyn Kelly is among the growing number on the Right outraged over Fox News running a segment promoting a 14-year-old biological girl claiming to be a boy.

On her podcast, Kelly explained why Fox News promoting transgenderism among young children is so dangerous.

“If you look at the history of transgender – gender dysphoria, it affects mostly, almost exclusively, little boys who think that they’re actually girls,” Kelly stated.

Kelly added that 70 percent of children who experience gender dysphoria eventually grow out of it and accept that they are biological males or females.

Kelly also slammed Fox News for going against the network’s mission by airing talking points about transgenderism that would be better on left-wing outlets like MSNBC.

“The problem is, the Fox News Channel mission is not to do reports that sound like MSNBC, right? The Fox News Channel mission is to make sure that they include the context that gets ignored by all of the other stations. And in 2022 in particular, we know that there’s a lot more to this story,” Kelly stated.

In the Fox News segment, the biological girl’s mother cited the high suicide rates for transgenders as to why she supported her daughter pretending to be a boy.

Kelly warned this was emotional blackmail that tricks parents into pushing their children into being transgender when the vast majority will outgrow gender dysphoria.

“That’s a very dangerous trope, because this is used by the LGBTQ activists to shame parents who know about that 70% statistic, that generally, if I stay out of it, my kid’s going to outgrow this, and in many cases, they just turn out to be gay,” she said.

Kelly told her listeners that transgenderism for young children is dangerous and leads to irreversible harms and potentially tragic outcomes.

“To not flag the significant downsides of what happens to these kids when they’re put on puberty blockers, when they’re put on cross gender hormones – by the way, when that’s done to girls, they’re sterile, they can’t have children anymore – and you can go down the list is irresponsible to their mission. I mean, I don’t expect any of the mainstream press to do it,” Kelly concluded.

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