Megyn Kelly destroyed this Never-Trump traitor with one epic truth bomb

Never-Trump Republicans are settling in as reliable Democrats.

That’s becoming clearer every day.

And Megyn Kelly destroyed this Never-Trump traitor with one epic truth bomb.

Former George W. Bush speechwriter and now leading Never-Trumper David Frum reacted to the news that Pfizer claims its coronavirus vaccine is allegedly safe and effective for children ages 5 to 11 by demanding that states mandate the vaccine to attend school or participate in sports leagues.

Megyn Kelly responded to Frum on social media by blasting Frum – and other vaccine mandate extremists – as being ‘@ssholes’ for questioning parents who hold reservations about forcing their young children to submit to forced vaccination for a medicine that has no “long term testing.”

Never-Trumpers like Frum are now just solid Democrats.

And Democrats during the coronavirus outbreak turned into voracious peddlers of fear porn.

There isn’t any mandate or restriction the government could put in place to supposedly “slow the spread” of the virus that Democrats would not wholeheartedly endorse.

Parents have questions about their children taking this vaccine.

Children already suffered the most from the left’s COVID hysteria through school closures and forced masking that harms their social growth despite no real science that says masks in schools stopped the spread of the virus.

Now parents like Megyn Kelly worry their young children will be used in a science experiment without being given any choice in the matter.

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